Betchan Casino's Sprint Promo - Claim Your Share of €2,021 + 2,021 FS!

The Betchan Casino has started a new promotion in 2021 that is sure to provide many users with the chance to win a large amount of money. It’s going to take some time and effort for you to win the Betchan Casino Sprint 2021, but those that manage to get their hands on some rewards will be able to earn free spins and free cash to be spent on their favorite games or withdrawn to their bank account!

What is the Sprint 2021 Promo at the Betchan Casino?

The Sprint tournament gets its name because of its format. The tournament consists of two-day ‘sprints’ where players will be looking to collect as many points as they can in a short span of time. Winners of the tournament will receive prizes every two days and have the chance to go at it again in the next two! As such, there will be a total of 60 winners for the tournament. You will be sharing prizes with the many other members of the casino that participate. There’s just a small catch: the only games that will give you points for the tournament leaderboards are online slots. Table games and other titles will not allow you to collect any points.

The Magic of the Sprint - Prizes Every Two Days!

The best thing about this tournament is that there really are more winners than any other tournament in the iGaming world. With new prizes every two days and the leaderboards resetting, this truly is one of the best casino tournaments that you can participate in.

Where to Spend the Free Spins?

The free spins earned with the Betchan Sprint promotion must be spent on one specific game that we’ll talk about shortly. However, you can use the bonus cash generated with the free spins to be spent on any other casino game that you like – including table games and live dealer games! The only thing that you will need to take into account is that the wagering requirements of the bonuses must be fulfilled in advance. They only come with a wagering requirement of 3 times the amount of money received, so that should be done as quickly as you can imagine.

John Hunter and the Book of Darkness

Even though this online slot doesn’t come packed with as many rewards as one would wish, it still comes with a decent 96.5% RTP that puts it above other games in the industry and far above the industry average (0.5% is a huge difference in slots). This is the game upon which you will have to spend your tournament free spins, so get acquainted with it and play now!

Collecting Points to Win the Betchan Sprint 2021

Every €1 bet that you place will award you with 1 point. You can play any online slot that you want and you’ll rest assured that every bet will give you the chance to earn points. It’s as simple as that – rewards are all but ready for you to claim them and points are easy to collect, so get down to business! You may also use some of the money earned with Betchan bonus codes to collect extra points for the Sprint 2021.

Betchan Casino Sprint Terms and Conditions

There are just a couple of rules that you’ll need to take into account when participating in this tournament, on top of the regular Betchan casino terms and conditions that we already know a lot about. These terms and conditions are:

Qualifying Conditions

You need to have made at least one deposit with your Betchan account in order to be eligible to revoice rewards. No deposit bonuses will not count – even if you have fulfilled their wagering requirements.

Wagering Requirements

All wins come with a simple wagering requirement of 3 times the amount of money received or the amount of money generated with the free spins. You have 7 days to fulfill those requirements, although it shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours considering how easy they are to fulfill.

Total Winners

Up to 60 people can win prizes with the promotion. These are divided according to the site’s leaderboards. Take a look at the standings to see for which rewards you qualify!

Play Slots and Win at Betchan!

Now that you can enjoy the best slots at Betchan whilst also collecting points to win in a tournament every two days, we know that you’re ready to get the adventure started. Choose the online casino slot that you like the most and start wagering that cash to earn yourself a spot among the glorious members of Betchan who will be rewarded at the end of the Sprint. This is just one of the many Betchan tournaments that await those who visit the casino! Ready. Set. Play!

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