This game, which is actually called by its full name of Bob The Epic Viking Quest for the Sword of Tullemutt but will be referred to by its shortened name, is one of the best online slots in the world when it comes to RTP. It might not be the most popular online slot in the world, but RTP hunters know this game and are aware of its payout consistency.

Even though Bob the Epic Viking Quest is not as popular as some of the other NetEnt games that we’ve tried, it is clear that this slot is another one of NetEnt’s attempts to bring players who love high RTP into their gallery of online slots.

Let’s take a closer look at this fantastic game and see what the fuzz is all about!

Looking at the Game’s 98% RTP – A Hidden Gem

We’ve mentioned this game in our list of the online slots with the highest payouts on the planet and the main reason as to why you’re here is probably because you’re looking to take advantage of its RTP as well.

NetEnt has found the balance between amazing payouts and fantastic gameplay once again, achieving a majestic combination that takes you on an adventure with the hopes of earning a massive reward at the end.

Bob the Epic Viking Quest will not only shower you with classic in-game bonuses that have made a mark within the online casino industry, but the game is also meant to take you on a journey where entertainment is all but guaranteed. Its massive 98% is well reflected with its low volatility, free spin rounds, and wilds.

Bob: The Epic Viking Quest Features – Why is it So Good?

Bob: The Epic Viking Quest doesn’t really offer many innovative features. In fact, we’d even say that the game is rather simple. We recommend those looking for a completely new experience to simply avoid playing this game, but those that really care for the RTP are in for a world of fun.

This is a common path taken by games with high RTP rates, too. If you take a moment to notice it, most games with a high RTP offer very simple features. It is through this simplicity that the games become so fun to play, though!

Wild Symbols for the Win

Arguably the game’s most relevant feature, Bob: The Epic Viking Quest is all about the wilds. Wild symbols show up in many rounds and they provide you with the chance to earn multiple winning lines every time that you spin the reels.

Like we said: wilds are a very simple symbol and one that has been around the online casino industry for ages, but it is this feeling of simplicity that provides this slot with its enormous RTP. It’s a simple game, but one that truly promises a profit with a little bit of luck.

Amazing Scatter Rewards

If you happen to land 3 scatter symbols in a single spin, then we recommend you to get ready for one of the best bonus rounds in the world of online slots. You will be able to unlock some fantastic free spins that will help you earn extra in-game rewards without having to use your own cash to watch those reels spin.

Most of the free spins in Bob: The Epic Viking Quest come with built-in multipliers, which further enhances your opportunity for making a profit at this amazing game.

Triple Free Spin Prizes!

Whenever you unlock free spin rounds, there’s a good chance that each spin will also provide you with an x3 multiplier on each of your wins. That makes it almost impossible for players not to get excited whenever they get free spin rounds in the game, and it’s just too good of a feature not to make the best of. In fact, we’d say that this game’s free spins are some of the best ones that we’ve claimed.

A 1-Coin Game

We’ve all come across some of those modern online slots where you can play up to 5 coins per spin, with high coin values assigned to each one, too. However, with this online slot, things are kept at a much simpler setup. You only need to place a bet and you will only be able to place it on a single coin.

As such, Bob the Epic Viking Quest provides all players with a similar experience. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to place a large bet or if you don’t intend to play as a high roller – the game is made for all players to enjoy it equally.

That’s also one of the reasons why this game seems to flow in the same way regardless of whether you’re a high roller or a low roller. Other games, like Mega Joker, are extremely profitable but you need to play as a high roller if you want to truly make the best of it.

The Game’s Concept is Just Too Cool

It has to be said that one of the coolest things about the game is its concept. The free spins and scatters might not be obtained doing anything out of the ordinary, but it is very clear that the game’s theme and aesthetic are part of what has made this title such a popular one among online casino faithful.

It remains to be seen whether or not the title will stand the test of time, as it has lost a lot of popularity in recent years, but it’s clear that this fantastic slot is one of the best high-paying casino games in the industry.

Can You Play Bob: The Epic Viking Quest on Mobile?

Yes. The game might not have a mobile version per se, but Bob: The Epic Viking Quest can be played on mobile devices thanks to the fact that most modern online casinos are browser-compatible. In fact, all of the casinos that we’re going to list below are mobile compatible. Visit any of them and play this amazing game wherever you go!

Best Casinos to Play Bob: The Epic Viking Quest

Bob: The Epic Viking Quest can be played in many of the world’s best online casinos. The fact that the game isn’t as popular as some of the other NetEnt creations doesn’t mean that this amazing game isn’t there to be found in the best NetEnt Casinos. In fact, it’s the contrary: if you’ve ever visited NetEnt Casinos, chances are that this game was there and you didn’t even notice.

Most online casinos don’t tend to heavily advertise games with an RTP of 98% or higher (ever wonder why games like Mega Joker aren’t spammed all over the place? That’s the reason). It’s only natural that you may have missed Bob: The Epic Viking Quest.

Don’t you worry, though – we’re here to tell you all about the best online casinos to play this fantastic game. They are as follows:

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