Convert Cash Points to FREE Rewards at Casino Cruise!

Are you eager to claim free rewards at one of the world’s best online casinos? Then go and pay a visit to Casino Cruise, take a trip around the world of online gambling, and claim the best online casino bonuses for free without having to spend a single dime to get them. All you need is to make regular deposits on the site and you will get the best rewards as part of their loyalty program. Pretty neat, isn’t it?  

Cash points are basically the equivalent of a loyalty program at the Casino Cruise. You will be able to collect these points normally without even having to bat an eye for them. Simply play on the online casino as you would and you will start gathering them all together. It’s truly amazing, and they’re worth quite a lot of cash! Most of the bonuses obtained with the Casino Cruise cash points can be used in many of the website’s best online casino games, and if you’re a fan of slots, then rejoice – these bonus points will allow you to claim free spins and bonus cash that can be spent on NetEnt’s best online games, all of which can be found at the Casino Cruise!

What are Cash Points?

Cash points are basically a form of currency that you can only spend at the Casino Cruise, and it can only be obtained while playing games on the site. You can collect these points and they will be linked to your own Casino Cruise account, where you will also be able to claim all of the fantastic rewards that these points entitle you to claim. Your main goal at the Casino should be to collect as many points as possible before you trade them for rewards! As you collect more points, you will be able to claim better rewards. Do keep in mind that these points tend to expire after a while, so you will absolutely need to spend them before a period of three months or they will be removed from your account. You will obtain these points per $20 that you bet. That’s all it really takes. They’re super easy to obtain but you will struggle to collect them if you aren’t a consistent player! They are rewards meant for players that visit the casino on a weekly basis or that, at the least, make deposits of $200 or more per month. You may still claim cash points if you aren’t a high roller or a consistent player, but collecting enough of them to obtain bonus rewards will be much more difficult if so.

How to Get Cash Points at Casino Cruise?

The points are actually very easy to obtain. Each $20 that you bet will guarantee you 1 point, as long as you bet those $20 at slots or lottery games. Table games, live dealer games and any other game that doesn’t fall in any of these two categories will require you to bet $50 instead, so be prepared to wager if you wish to claim good rewards! The points are specifically made so you can enjoy the best casino promotions without having to actually spend additional money than what you usually spend on the site. However, you do need to accumulate 1000 points before you can claim any rewards at the Casino Cruise. That’s what makes this promotion more of a loyalty bonus than anything else. Every 100 points that you manage to obtain are worth $1, which means that the minimum payout of this bonus amounts to $10. That’s ten free bucks that you don’t need to even deposit, and that you’ll be getting completely for free with low wagering requirements. That’s a fantastic promotion however you look at it! Sure, it might take you a while to collect as many points as you need to claim your money, but you’ll get there eventually. Besides, you’re just wagering using your regular cash that you would be spending on the site anyway, and there are plenty of other fantastic promotions that you can try in the meantime.


These Games Won’t Get You Any Cash Points

Even though cash points are made for you to obtain them regardless of the game mode that you would rather be playing, there are a few restrictions that don’t allow you to earn these points in some games. They are specially made for you not to obtain them if you play with low-risk bets, just to guarantee that you aren’t exploiting the system to just get a ton of points. For example, if you bet $50 on the red and $50 on the black playing roulette, your odds of losing money are zero, which means that the bet is voided. Do this too many times and you might end up gaining a ban from the casino, as it is seen as bonus exploitation. The same rule applies to the double options of slots and video poker – they will count as regular bets towards the collection of cash points. The system is specifically made so it cannot be exploited, and if you’re seen trying to do it, your account is likely to get banned or your bonus cash points might at least get withdrawn from it. Furthermore, you are not allowed to accumulate cash points with the bonus money that you use on the site. You can only get these points while wagering money that you’ve deposited on the Casino Cruise. Regular bonus bets will count towards the fulfillment of wagering requirements for each bonus, but may not be used to fulfill

Cash Points Restrictions and Rules

We know that the cash points are super cool and they allow you to earn money for free, but that doesn’t mean they come with no strings attached. Wagering requirements play a particularly important role in the way these points work, so you might want to read up a bit on the subject before you dive straight into getting them.

Wagering Requirements

The Cash Points, once redeemed, will give you any given amount of money depending on how many of them you claim. This bonus cash will not be able to be withdrawn instantly. Instead, you will need to wager the money as if it was a regular bonus. Let us make this clear – the money claimed with the cash points WILL count as bonus money and will not be yours unless you fulfill the wagering requirements of it. As such, the bonus money is subjected to the same wagering requirements as most other bonuses on the site. You will need to wager your claimed cash 40 times before it can be withdrawn from your account. Cheer up, though! You will also be able to withdraw any bonus money won whilst fulfilling the requirements. So, you’re technically getting two bonuses at once!


Even though the bonus cash points are instantly credited to your account upon wagering $20 or $50 (depending on which game you’re playing), each bonus point will remain in your account for 90 days before vanishing forever. That means that you have 90 days to collect at least 1000 points so you can claim your bonus money without letting them go to waste! Once you trade the points for money, the bonus cash will remain in your account until you either lose it or complete the wagering recruitments. Should you complete the requirements, the bonus cash will become part of your account balance and you’ll be able to withdraw it.

Casino Cruise Promotions

Eager to see more? The Casino Cruise comes with many other fantastic promotions and bonuses, all of which can be claimed RIGHT NOW if you have an account on the site. In fact, it’s even better if you don’t have an account yet, as you can claim the Casino Cruise welcome bonus to get the best match deposit bonus offers as well as free spin rewards. casino cruise promotions The site is also sure to offer players the chance to get even larger rewards with their cashback bonuses, which are ideal to be used if you’ve had a rough week of wagering, or even their weekly weekend reward, which is obtained by depositing twice a week a minimum total amount of $50. If you love promotions, you’ll love the trip that you’re about to embark on with the Casino Cruise staff!

Casino Cruise Review – The Best Online Casino?

Whether or not the Casino Cruise is the best online casino is a point up for debate given how many quality sites you’ll find out there, but if you’re keen to try out what the casino has to offer, keep an eye out for our Casino Cruise review to see what awaits in one of the most played online casinos on the internet. Find the best games as well as the best online casino bonuses in once place by visiting the fantastic place that is the Casino Cruise. It’s just one click away - what are you waiting for?

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