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What are the Best 7Bit Casino Bonuses?

The 7Bit Casino currently stands as one of the best online casinos on the planet. Even though the site is still a few steps behind mBitcasino and BitStarz when it comes to being one of the best bitcoin casinos, it stands as one of the top online casinos that we’ve reviewed here on The Casino Wizard.

7bit casino home page

Actions speak louder than words, though, so we want to tell you where you can begin your journey on the 7Bit Casino if you truly want to get the best out of this fantastic online site. 

We’ve created this article with the sole purpose of giving you a quick guide on the 7Bit Casino and letting you know all about the fantastic promotions that this casino has in store for you, as well as the best games you can play there. This fantastic casino shares many features with mBit, which means you’ll love this site if you happen to be a fan of the classic mBit Casino, too. Stay with us and find out why you might prefer to visit 7Bit over any other site!


Claim the Best Bonuses at 7Bit

Like many other bitcoin casinos, you’ll find that 7Bit offers lucrative offers in euros. However, if you wish to claim even bigger rewards, you might want to make your deposits with bitcoins. Bitcoin bonuses are equal to those offered in traditional currency, but they are far more lucrative than their bank-regulated counterparts.

In any case, the first thing you’ll come across at the 7Bit casino is the wide selection of deposit bonuses available, which can earn you a total amount of money of up to 4.5 BTC with the 7Bit welcome bonus package. That offer is a tad lower than what you find at BitStarz, but with the presence of exclusive game modes at the 7Bit Casino, you might opt to pay this site a visit instead!

Reload Bonuses

Once you’ve fully spent the bonus cash given to you with the welcome bonuses of the casino, you will also have the chance to claim weekly reload bonuses at the 7Bit Casino. These bonuses are far less lucrative than the welcome bonus itself, but they still allow players to claim a substantial sum of cash on a weekly basis.

Free Spins

The 7Bit Casino also has a promotion in place that allows every player to claim free spins on Wednesdays. This promo, just like the Monday Reload Bonuses, has been around for quite some time and stand as two of the most lucrative bonuses on the website. You only need to make a small deposit in order to claim the spins, so do it and play the best online slots without spending your own money!

7bit casino bonuses 100 free spins

Cashback Bonuses

As if the last two bonuses weren’t more than enough, the 7Bit Casino also provides players with the chance to claim some lucrative cashback bonuses that are sure to reward those who have been unlucky on the casino. There are two cashback bonuses at 7Bit. One of the cashback bonuses gives you some of your money back on a daily basis, while there are larger cashback bonuses that get triggered during the weekend. The weekend cashback is very lucrative and gives you wager-free cash, although you must’ve lost a substantial sum of cash in the casino if you wish to activate it.

7bit casino cashback bonus

A Twist to Classic Games with 7Bit Bonuses & Races

The concept of Races has been one to experience many changes among the many casinos in the industry, but it’s safe to say that 7Bit has one of the most unique ways of presenting them that we’ve ever seen. With the 7Bit Races, you’ll be going head to head against other players as you try to collect more points on selected games.

For example, there was a 7Bit Race where you had to play card games over a certain period of time. The one player on the site that managed to collect the most points was rewarded with Comp Points, which are special points used to claim VIP rewards in the 7Bit Casino. In most cases, winners of races will be rewarded with Comp Points – regardless of what the race is about.

7bit casino bonus races

What we truly like about 7Bit Races is that they aren’t limited to those who want to play online slots. If you wish, you can play 7Bit Races in Card Games! The casino often hosts different types of races to suit the needs and likes of every player, which goes to show how caring the site is for all of its users.

7Bit Casino VIP Bonuses

The 7Bit Casino offers a level-based VIP program. Players who have spent the most time and money on the site will be able to get some of the best rewards without spending a single dime. Given that the 7Bit Casino has a level-centric offer, you will need to be quite active on the site if you wish to progress through the levels and get access to top-tier rewards.

You will earn Comp Points as you play the many games on the casino, and you will receive them regardless of whether you win or lose. That means that even those who get on unlucky streaks can count themselves lucky as they will be allowed to collect points and level up on the site.

7bit casino bonsues VIP

Winners get more points, but those who happen to lose a few times in a row will also get rewarded. It’s never as bad as it might seem at first when gambling at 7Bit! You can do two things with your VIP Rewards on the website. The first thing is keeping them until you level up and earn access to better exchange rates, and the second one is to simply trade them as soon as you get enough to claim special prizes on the site.

Level 1 will allow you to trade your Comp Points at their base rate, with each level growing its exchange rate exponentially. Level 10, which is the last level that can be reached at the 7Bit Casino, allows you to exchange your points at 130% the amount of their total value! In any case, the points will be collected as you level up. It’s up to you to trade them in for rewards whenever you feel like it.

How do Levels Work?

Apart from giving you access to better exchange rates and exclusive bonuses every Monday, each level also gives you a special bonus depending on how much you’ve progressed on the site. The levels are themed after cars, and you’ll see how the speedometer raises up the closer you get to the next level.

Get access to better rewards as you explore the magical features offered by the 7Bit Casino and claim rewards that can only be claimed by those in the VIP Club. Joining is quite simple: all you must do is sign up for a new account on the 7Bit website and choose the type of currency that you’ll be playing with.

Be sure to select bitcoins from the get-go, as the bonuses and promotional offers that the site has will be presented to you directly on cryptos. Get access to a special bitcoin wallet and start depositing money in one of the best online casinos today. The level-up process awaits!

Bitcoin Casinos and 7Bit – Is It the Best One to Visit?

When it comes to wagering with bitcoins, few sites come close to the 7Bit Casino in terms of how safe they are as well as how many games they offer. We would still recommend you check out the BitStarz casino and the mBit Casino if you wish to gamble with bitcoins with a different twist.

However, the 7Bit Casino stands out as one of the best bitcoin casinos in the world. The Races feature is just one of the many fantastic ones that this site has to offer. The VIP Club makes for a fantastic complement to an already feature-rich website, which makes 7Bit an even better site for veteran players than it is for newcomers to the online casino industry.

Many things found at 7Bit are similar to those found in other sites, but most have a special twist that makes them feel unique even when they aren’t. The whole site is themed around races and makes you feel like a speed demon when wagering towards obtaining the many rewards that this website has in store for all of us.

7Bit Game Browser

One thing that we simply couldn’t overlook was just how easy it was for us to search for our favorite games at the 7Bit Casino. We love how sites like this one, which have countless games on their galleries, allow players to find them with ease. The whole “race car” theme that surrounds this website makes its way to the game gallery and gives it a fresh look; and a quite unique one, too!

All of the games on the site are divided into many categories, which you can easily access and check regardless of which device you’re using to play. Those of you who prefer to use your phones or tablets will be able to easily select your favorite games using the same “velocimeter” that you see in the desktop version of the casino.

Take a Risk or Play It Safe with 7Bit

Are you feeling lucky and want to take risks, or would you rather take things more calmly and bet lower sums of money? It doesn’t matter what it is that you’re after, as the 7Bit Casino allows you to select high-risk games or low-risk games while browsing for the title that you’re looking for. If you’re unsure of what to play, this is a fantastic feature that’ll get you through the motions and right into finding your potentially new favorite game.

Such unique features will always get some love from us, as they make online casinos feel much more exclusive than others.

Visit 7Bit and Play Nothing but the Best Games

If you’ve read this entire guide, then chances are that you’ve fallen in love with the 7Bit Casino already. We know that you must be eager to play, but let us remind you to claim the welcome bonus before you visit other areas of the casino. You will want to earn yourself some free cash and the opportunity to claim the money without spending a dime in this online casino.

Head right over to the virtual halls of 7Bit and enjoy an experience like no other in one of the best bitcoin casinos to ever grace the online industry! Remember to start your adventure with the 7Bit welcome bonus! You won’t want to miss out on some of the most lucrative casino rewards on the market.

Last updated  September 7, 2022
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