Enjoy The Punk Rocker Slot at BitStarz and Revive the Vibe of the 80s to Win INCREDIBLE Rewards!

Have you ever been a fan of punk rock? If so, then you’ve probably just come across the best online casino slot that you could ever wish to find. If not, then don’t worry: this game truly puts the punk vibe into another dimension and brings you an experience that you will never forget – even if you aren’t too much into punk rock or the 80s vibe per se.

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We do recommend this fantastic new title to those who love punk rock or, at least, we recommend it to those who like the punk theme per se. If you’re a fan of online slots, this one brings a plethora of fantastic features to the table that you’ll surely love.

The game was released on March 10th on the BitStarz casino, and we’re sure that it’s going to be a big hit for years to come. It might not dethrone legendary titles like Starburst or Book of Dead, but if you’re keen on trying out new games that pack fantastic rewards, then you’re going to love the Punk Rocker slot!

Punk Rocker Slot – What It’s All About

This fantastic new game changes the way you perceive online slots and brings a tone of much-needed rebellion to the online casino scene. Gone are the days of you playing slots that aim to replicate historical and mythological situations; it’s time for you to enjoy an online slot that is going to take you on a joyride throughout one of the most fantastic eras in Britain.

The game has a high level of volatility, and you will often find yourself playing some rounds where no rewards are on sight. However, the slot comes with a bonus multiplier that could see a single spin get you a whole lot of money in a single try.

The game shows how highly volatile it is by even providing you with the chance to spend a ton of money on a special bonus round in which you will be able to claim various bonuses at once. The “bonus” symbols on the board work as any other wild symbol in slots; they give you the chance to substitute them for other symbols and make a huge profit with the small bets that you can place.

Wagers in Punk Rocker – How Far Can You Go?

One of the things we loved the most about this slot game was that that it truly allowed us to wager however we wanted. If you feel that you don’t want to bet too much cash, then don’t worry. You can simply place wagers that are as small as €0.25 each. You could also go as high as €25 each. The game allows you to set the tone for your wagers and decide how much money you want to bet.

You could also purchase bonus rounds on the left-hand side of the screen. These rounds tend to be quite expensive, but like we said before, they basically guarantee that you’ll land a few bonus symbols on your screen. Three bonus symbols will be positioned at random in different parts of each line (sometimes you might see two on the same line) and this will allow you to create even more winning ways than you thought possible at first.

The game comes with a “dynamic winning ways” feature, too. Depending on how the round goes, you will notice that the number changes. The game starts at 243 winning ways, which is the minimum and standard of Punk Rocker. However, as the round progresses, you will see the number rise depending on how many bonus symbols you manage to land. It gives the game a much-needed level of depth.

The Game’s Soundtrack is What Makes It Great

Sure, the slot might be extremely lucrative and you can earn thousands with a single spin, but that’s not the best part of the game. The game’s soundtrack truly makes you reminisce of the good old days of punk rock. It takes you back to the days when London was filled with punk rockers all over the city, and you will feel like you fit right in with them if you give this game a chance.

The sound of the spinning per se is very vanilla, but the game’s music -especially when you get a bonus- is as good as it gets. The sounds are just perfect when it comes to mixing punk rock with traditional game music. No insane lyrics, no annoying melodies – just a plethora of insane riffs that connect perfectly with one another.

Punk Rocker Graphics and Fast-Paced Gameplay

The game’s design is as good as the music. You will notice how the figures of each symbol represent someone culturally important. Churchill, the Mona Lisa, and even Elton John are all there to be seen in the various symbols that you can get as lines in the slots. The traditional chimpanzee that has become a pop culture icon, is also there to be found – and he’ll flip you off if you get three of his symbols in the same line!

The game truly brings something else to the table and makes it really fun for everyone to enjoy punk once again – even in the 2020s.

Punk Rocker is a fast-paced slot that can be played as quickly as you want to play it. It doesn’t matter how many times you give that button a go – you will never get tired of watching those symbols spin and your rewards stack up.

The game has a win potential that can’t be found in too many online slots that don’t come with a traditional jackpot. You will be able to make up to €226,000 on a single spin, provided that you’re lucky enough to land enough symbols in a row. In any case, if rewards are what you’re after, then the Punk Rocker slot is a blessing for you!

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