Evolution Gaming Taking Over NetEnt - What the Future Holds

Evolution Gaming Taking Over NetEnt - What the Future Holds

Evolution Gaming and NetEnt are two of the biggest companies in the world of online gambling. In fact, one could say that these two companies have been responsible for supplying the industry with the best casino games in the past 20 years, with Evolution Gaming being the main supplier of live casino games and NetEnt creating some of the finest and most played slots on the planet. As things stand, the industry of online casinos is about to be shaken to its core. Evolution Gaming is on the verge of taking over NetEnt, creating the single biggest merger in the online casino industry. There simply hasn’t been a merger of this magnitude ever happening in the world of iGaming and it could shape the future of online casinos in a fantastic way – should nothing go south, that is. It is expected that the merger would cost Evolution Gaming approximately €2 billion, which is half of what Disney paid for Star Wars. It’s one of the biggest mergers in the industry and it is expected to happen unless it doesn’t get sanctioned by UK authorities, which seem to be monitoring the case to ensure that no monopoly issues occur.

Why this Takeover Could Be Huge for the Industry

The main reason why this has been so largely anticipated is that it could cause some rather large repercussions across the online gambling industry. Two of the biggest companies joining their powers to create new games could mean that some absolutely fantastic new titles might await in the future, combining the Live Dealer capabilities of Evolution with the fantastic slot developers of NetEnt. Not only that, but the merger could go on to be extremely defining for the industry as a whole. The new number of games that people could expect to be released on a constant basis is set to keep growing, and quality won’t be an issue for the large number of experts that both companies have. Not everything is poised to be positive, though. The merger could also create issues for other companies, which would force them to change their approach in order to avoid being massively overtaken by NetEnt + Evolution Gaming. We don’t know how the industry might react to these changes, but we can only expect it to be positive.

Why is Evolution Gaming Purchasing NetEnt if They Develop Live Casino Games?

The purchase of NetEnt is a strategic one for Evolution Gaming. The company has created some of the most played live dealer games in the industry and never ventured into the world of online slots, but chances are that they will keep NetEnt’s staff almost intact. NetEnt has created some of the most played games on the planet, which means that it would be pointless to replace something that is already working. The purchase of NetEnt would also mean that the new company would have the largest profit in the online casino industry by a country mile. There wouldn’t be anyone making as much revenue when it comes to online game developers, and only online casinos would come close to generating as big a profit as the new company. This would also make Microgaming, arguably the third-largest developer in the industry, fall behind the new would-be company, with almost zero hopes of overtaking it in the new future.

What are the Best NetEnt Games?

NetEnt has developed some of the most played games in the industry, which means that you’ll be enjoying the finest of online slots if you’re looking for these titles. Among the most popular titles, you’ll find Gonzo’s Quest (and the recently released Gonzo’s Quest Megaways, which is proving to be quite a hit early on) and other fantastic games like Starburst (read our Starburst slot review here). Mega Fortune and Divine Fortune (two of the most lucrative jackpot games out there) and the popular Guns N Roses online themed slot game. NetEnt also develops some amazing live dealer games and provides the industry with dealers, but we can expect these to merge with the Evo Gaming staff when/if the deal gets sealed.

Here is Where to Play the Best Games from NetEnt and Evolution Gaming

As appealing as the merger sounds, you might still want to get a better idea of the types of online casinos that you can expect to find if searching for games made by either of these companies. You should get down to business in either of these sites and you’ll be good to go:


The Betsson Casino is home to some of the best online casino games on the planet. Its section of slots has the most popular games created by NetEnt, which makes it one of the best online casinos to visit if you want to enjoy them. There’s also a large selection fantastic live dealer games provided by the awesome people of Evolution Gaming, which will allow you to discover just how good it is to have access to as many casino games in the same spot. Start your journey with the Betsson welcome bonus and discover why this is one of the most visited online casinos on the planet!

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Wildz is another one of those casinos that come packed with so many features that you won’t know which ones to enjoy first. NetEnt slots fill this online casino with the best titles to enjoy, plus its selection of live dealer games seems to be curated from the best titles created by Evolution Gaming and NetEnt itself. Two of the world’s largest iGaming companies unite to provide Wildz with the best games in the industry. We can expect the merger to have a similar effect across the entire online casino industry as online casinos expect to be shaken to their core.

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Last updated  February 2, 2024
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