“Fruits Go Bananas” will be exclusively available on all GoWild casino brands for the entire month of June, 2019. What better way to kick of your summer than by taking a few sips of this delicious fruit cocktail blended to meet every taste. If you were feeling fruity this June, this is the exact game you need to keep you going all through the summer. “Fruits Go Bananas” by Wazdan is one of the most anticipated slots of the season and GoWild players are ever so lucky to have exclusivity on this hot game all month long.

If you’re not already registered to one of the GoWild casino brands but you’re interested in giving this fresh slot a go, be sure to register right here and make those fruits go bananas all day long. Play on GoWild casino, WildJackpots or AstralBet and let the fun times roll with this fruit-themed slot.

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The Fruits Go Bananas Bonus Offer

Not only will you join an exclusive selection of players by registering to one of the GoWild casino brands, but you’ll also get to enjoy “Fruits Go Bananas” the entire month of June and get an upper edge on players from other casinos. If you choose to try “Fruits Go Bananas” on WildJackpots casino, not only will you have fun spinning these fruity reels, but you’ll also get an exclusive starting bonus of 200% up to $100 and 50 free spins. While the spins will be issued on a different game so you can further explore the newly discovered universe at WildJackpots, you can play your bonus on “Fruits Go Bananas” or wherever you want. How’s that for an exclusive bonus?

The Fruits Go Bananas Slot

“Fruits Go Bananas” is, as the name of the slot suggests, a fruit-themed gamed created by the creative people at Wazdan. This slot was first launched in 2018, so in terms of online gaming, it’s a rather new release. Although this game is new, being a fruit-themed slot, it hints back to the golden era of Vegas, where all initial slots had fruits on them, making the entire casino experience a very colourful and enjoyable one.

The symbols players will find on “Fruits Go Bananas” are extremely entertaining and hilarious. They have loads of flashy and colourful characters that will keep you laughing all through your spinning adventure on the reels. Each fruity persona comes to life and starts partying with you whenever you win (and whenever they were a part of your win). However, even when they don’t complete a winning combo, they don’t sit still. They keep moving, blinking and browsing around, making the entire slot design to be very dynamic. “Fruits Go Bananas” is really well-designed when it comes to keeping players entertained, and we all know how hard it is to find such a slot in this oversaturated environment.

The gameplay is a little more complex than the ones you usually find on fruit-themed slots, but each player can adjust the game’s settings to make it as simple, or as complex as he wishes. If you’re not interested in checking out the advanced settings this slot comes complete with, you can easily opt for playing “Fruits Go Bananas” in standard mode. The game has only 5 fixed paylines so players don’t need to worry about changing and rearranging the paylines they play. Every spin, every bet is made on 5 paylines so this keeps things easy to understand.

If you’re interested in starting your “Fruits Go Bananas” experience today, be sure to register to any GoWild Casino brand and play this popular game exclusively here with this special offer for joining the WildJackpots casino: 200% bonus up to $100 and 50 free spins. Ready to start playing on of the freshest slots this summer? Join the GoWildFamily now and make it a memorable summer!
Play Fruits Go Bananas

Why Play on GoWild Casinos?

Not only is the “Fruits Go Bananas” game very anticipated all throughout the entire iGaming & gambling industry, but also by online casinos who want to make sure that their players are getting the most fruitful experience possible. All GoWild Casino brands have welcome offers and special weekly deals (and sometimes even daily offers) very well-crafted in order to meet their players needs. The people at GoWild understand that every player has his own style of playing and his unique needs. This is why you can’t make only general offers and expect people to enjoy them as much as they would take advantage of something personal. All GoWild casino brands: GoWild, WildJackpots and AstralBet, have the player at the centre of the entire gaming experience, understanding that he is the key to a successful and entertaining journey for all parties involved.

About The GoWild Casino Brands

The GoWild Casino Family has over a decade-long experience in the iGaming sector, managing to achieve a highly respectable status in its field. Constantly looking forward towards the future, the casino prides itself on focusing on innovation, a unique gaming adventure, and pristine customer support in order to ensure that the player is always at the centre of the entire experience. With brands like GoWild, WildJackpots and AstralBet, it’s safe to say that this online casino family is one of the most entertaining and complex places out of all the iGaming industry. Don’t shy away from sneaking a peek at their casinos and offers because you might just find your new online gaming home!

About Wazdan Slots

Wazdan Slots are one of the most up and coming online slot providers. Although they have not reached the popularity of NetEnt, Playtech, or Microgaming just yet, with releases such as “Fruits Go Bananas”, it’s safe to say that Wazdan is on its way to winning the hearts of players worldwide. With their attention to detail and with an eye for creating an entertaining and rounded experience, their games are getting popular by the minute. Stay tuned for more releases from Wazdan Slots, because you might just find your new favourite games.

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