The awesome GoWild Casino offers players the chance to claim loyalty rewards by participating in their site and investing money on their services. GoWild is one of the most popular places to play slots on the internet, and it has thousands of visitors betting on their lines as time and days go by. As the site has grown, it has also developed better features in what refers to customer service and available bonuses.

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Today, the GoWild casino loyalty program is one of the best offered by online casinos. You can easily collect the points while playing your regular games and qualify for different bonuses and rewards depending on how much cash you wager on the site. They even have a tiered system that allows you to rank further up depending on your winnings!

However, as good as the system is, some people struggle to understand the basics of it. Our staff at The Casino Wizard has created a complete list to explain everything you need to know about the GoWild Casino loyalty rewards!

What Are the GoWild Loyalty Rewards

The GoWild loyalty program consists on giving players points as they gamble on the site. These points can then be exchanged for amazing rewards or kept in order to advance in tiers faster. The GoWild loyalty rewards are categorized into four different tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each tier makes the player earn points at a certain rate, with the rate being higher in the top categories.

The rewards can be earned simply by playing on the site. You don’t even need to play a specific game in order to obtain them, all you must do is wager as you normally would and reap the rewards once you collect enough points.

The GoWild casino has a system in place that gives value to the points generated by a player, which is what gives value to the features of the loyalty rewards. Every 100 points that you collect represent €1, and you may trade these points whenever you like as long as you exchange them for any available rewards in the store.

The Tier System

Each tier of the program will give you access to better rewards, as you will collect points quicker. The catch is, though, that you need to be holding a certain number of points in your account in order to be placed in a category. The basic category is bronze, and you don’t need any points to be classified inside it – all you need to do is play on the site.

However, the other categories require your account to hold a certain number of points which, if you happen to fall below of, will make you drop in the tier system. It’s basically a way to rank how much you spend on the site and how much money your account has as points.

The point tally that your account has won’t be removed until you cash it out, but keep in mind that the ranking for each point tier is done on a monthly basis. For example, you’ll need to earn 5000 monthly points in order to qualify for Platinum.

The Silver tier requires your account to be holding at least 1000 points, which would equate to €10 in rewards. Silver will allow you to earn points 5% faster, but you must not drop below the monthly 1000-point threshold in order to stay there.

The Gold category allows your account to earn points 10% faster, but it requires you to be holding at least 2500 points (the equivalent of €25). Finally, the Platinum category allows your account to obtain points at a rate 15% faster than the average Bronze player, but your account needs to hold at least 5000 points to qualify in it.

You get to choose whether to keep the points to climb up in the tier system or spend them in rewards. You’re going to be winning either way!

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How to Claim the GoWild Loyalty Rewards – Obtaining Points

The loyalty reward points are given to players who participate in the many games available at the casino. The GoWild website provides a list of games and how much the points contribute towards point progression. Use this table as a guide to determine which types of games you’d rather play:

  • Slots, Scratch Cards, Online Bingo and Arcade Games: $/€10 – 1 Point
  • Table Games, except for Video Poker and Craps Games: $/€50 – 1 Point
  • Sic Bo & All Roulette Games: $/€100 – 1 Point
  • Video Poker and Craps Games: $/€200 – 1 Point
  • Classic Blackjack and All Aces Video Poker: $/€1000 – 1 Point

It takes a while to accumulate points, but these rewards are intended to be claimed in the long run. You’ll earn them as you play, so don’t try to hard to earn points. You should just play naturally in the casino and the GoWild loyalty rewards will be granted as time goes by!

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Loyalty Points – How to Redeem the GoWild Loyalty Points

The easiest part of the GoWild loyalty reward system is how easy it is to claim the points. You just need to head straight to the promotion tab section of the casino and you’ll see a button that lets you convert these rewards to money. Keep in mind that the money received as part of the loyalty program of GoWild will be given to you in the form of bonus cash, which means that you’ll have to comply with bonus terms before you can withdraw the money to your bank account.

In any case, claiming the rewards is incredibly easy and won’t take you more than a couple of minutes to do. Just be sure that you have enough points available in your account and keep in mind that claiming the points means that you might drop in the tier system of the site.

The best way for you to get points and collect them is by playing slots, but high stakes poker and any other type of high stakes game will allow you to build a point tally quite quickly. The best way to use the loyalty points is by collecting as many of them as you can and reaching the Platinum tier. That will enable you to earn points much quicker!

Keep in mind that tiers are earned in a period of 30 days. For example, you’ll need to collect 5000 points within 30 days in order to qualify for Platinum and maintain the rate of points as time goes by. Every 30 days you’ll need to collect 5000 points to stay in the Platinum tier, and the same principle applies to the other categories.

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GoWild Loyalty Rewards Terms and Conditions

As you might expect, the free money that you get with the GoWild loyalty rewards is granted to your account but restricted to a series of conditions that must be met before the money is truly yours. The conditions aren’t difficult to meet, but you need to be fully aware of them to know what you must do before joining the GoWild casino.

Keep in mind that the casino can remove any points from your account if it detects that you’re collecting them in a fraudulent manner (for example, if you’re placing bets that won’t give you any winnings or losses).

You might also not be eligible to claim the bonus rewards depending on your country of origin. Players from the following countries are not eligible to participate in the GoWild casino rewards system nor play in the GoWild casino itself: Aruba, Australia, Belgium, Bonaire, Curacao, Czech Republic, Denmark, France and the French Territories, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, Romania, Saba, Serbia, Singapore, Spain, St Martin, Sweden, United Kingdom, and the United States

Wagering Requirements

Once the money is granted to your account, you’ll need to wager it 50 times on the site before you can claim it to your bank account. As such, the wagering requirements of the loyalty points are equal to those of every bonus offer that the GoWild casino has in store for you.

Most slots have a stake weight of 100% for the wagering requirements, but other games (such as Poker and Blackjack) have a much more limited contribution rate. You might be better off playing with the bonus cash in the many online slots that the GoWild casino has available to every player on the site.

Bonus Timeframe

The bonus money received by cashing out the points of the loyalty rewards must all be spent and wagered through within 30 days of receiving it. Failing to do so means that every single euro left in your account that belongs to the promotion will be removed. Be sure to play the games with high stake weights if you intend to comply with the requirements as soon as possible.

You’ll need to earn the point requirement for each tier in a period of 30 days and maintain it as time goes by – if you fall below the threshold for Platinum, you will be placed in Gold.

Redeeming Conditions

You can redeem the points almost as soon as you want, but the minimum number of points that your account must have is 500. Furthermore, the points need to be claimed in bulks of 500, which means that you can’t claim 700 even if you have them. Be sure to have enough points before clicking the redeem button!

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