A Complete Guide to Bitcoin Casino Free Spins

The Web’s Most Complete Bitcoin Free Spin Guide

Bitcoin casino free spins are some of the most coveted offers in the crypto gaming world. Not only do these spins serve as player incentives to attract new members to online casinos, but they also provide players with the chance to earn free bitcoin when gambling online.

Bitcoin slot free spins

Any offer that comes with benefits to players is certainly one that you should take a close look at, and that’s why we’re bringing you our guide to the bitcoin casino free spins and free spin bonuses in the iGaming world.

Here, you will learn everything from the most basic (like how to get free spins and how to register in a bitcoin casino) to the most complex (like learning how to cash out free spin bonuses in BTC). Stay with us and learn how to play with BTC online.

What are Bitcoin Casino Free Spins?

Bitcoin casino free spins are bonuses that let you play online slots for free and earn bitcoins as payment rather than standard currencies. You can find these types of free spins in bitcoin casinos and crypto casinos alike.

They work just like standard free spin bonuses, but the only thing that changes is the fact that they yield bitcoins after you spend them.

Types of Bitcoin Free Spins

Much like standard free spin bonuses, the best bitcoin casino free spins come in different shapes, forms, and types. When exploring the iGaming world and gambling with BTC, you’ll come across some insane free spin bonuses to pack your account with extra cash. Some of the most popular types of bitcoin free spins are:

No Deposit Free Spins

As the most coveted free spins on the internet, no deposit free spins are bonuses that you don’t need to spend any money on. When you claim them in bitcoin casinos, these offers become no deposit free spins that yield BTC rewards.

You can use your BTC to play other games on the casino and fulfill the requirements of the bonus, or you can keep the cash and fulfill the requirements with your own BTC. It depends on what you want to do and on the bonus rules of the casino, as some sites won’t allow you to spend any cash

Match Deposit Free Spins

You can also deposit cash in some online casinos and get a percentage of your money rewarded in BTC, but some online casinos give you match deposit bonuses and add free spins to the rewards that you earn.

These types of bonuses are very common. You will come across them in the form of welcome bonuses (in most cases) or you can also find them as reload bonuses.

Sites like BitStarz and mBitCasino offer weekly bonuses where you can earn free spins with your deposits.

Loyalty Free Spins

As part of an online bitcoin casino, you will be encouraged to make constant deposits and to play games on a weekly basis.

Doing so will allow you to walk into a casino’s loyalty program. You will love the loyalty rewards that you can earn in reputable bitcoin casinos, which often include free spins and highly lucrative cashback bonuses.

casitsu casino loyalty program btc rewards
The loyalty program format of a top-quality bitcoin casino, Casitsu

Find free spins without overspending thanks to bitcoin casino VIP programs!

Tournament & Promotional Free Spins

You can also earn free spins that yield BTC rewards by participating in tournaments or leaderboard-based competitions that online casinos often host. Sites like BitStarz and mBitCasino offer constant tournaments with leaderboards that reward the top 100 with free spins and bonus cash!

How to Gamble with Bitcoin and Claim BTC Free Spins

As great as bitcoin casino free spins are, the most important aspect of bitcoin gambling is knowing how to wager with bitcoin. There's no need to feel lost: be sure to pay a quick read to our guide on bitcoin gambling to be fully aware of how this conundrum works. You will be better off having a complete understanding of the best bitcoin games before spending your free spins in BTC games.

Bitcoin Free Spins No Deposit – Why Our Readers Love Them

The most notable types of free spins to earn free BTC are the so-called no deposit free spins. You can obtain these rewards without having to make a deposit; precisely the reason why people go after these bonuses as soon as they find them.

Earn BTC for Free

No deposit bonus free spins in bitcoin casinos are not always easy to cash out, but even those that come with hefty wagering requirements are worth your time as you won’t be spending any money to get them.

bitstarz free spins
The BitStarz Casino no deposit spins

You can take advantage of BTC free spins with no deposit in order to earn prizes that you would otherwise need to spend real money if you were to claim them.

Try out your luck with no deposit bonuses and see if you can earn free bitcoin by fulfilling the wagering requirements after spending your free spins. It’s a win/win situation for the player. Worst case scenario, you can simply walk away without losing any money.

Try Out Exclusive Bitcoin Games

There’s no better way to play in an online casino than doing it for free. Crypto free spins allow you to do just that: you will be able to try out exclusive bitcoin games in online casinos that provide users with free spins.

Some free spin bonuses may allow you to spend them on classic games like Starburst or Book of Dead, while other bitcoin free spins will be better off being spent in games that are exclusive to the bitcoin casino that gives away the offer. You choose which bonuses to claim in the internet’s best crypto casinos!

Test the Waters in New Bitcoin Casinos

Every casino is a world of its own. Some sites are specialized in providing users with high wagering limits and lucrative bonuses, while other casinos are better off being visited and played without claiming any rewards.

A bitcoin free spins bonus will allow you to see the strength of an online casino and determine its pros without suffering its cons, at least when it comes to spending free spins instead of your own cash.

If you like how the site works, you can then continue spending your money to fulfill the wagering requirements of the offer. If you don’t like how the site works, then you can withdraw your cash and move on with your life. It’s that easy! 

Get No Deposit Free Spins in BTC Casinos

You may be here looking for bitcoin free spins of all sorts, but we’re going to tell you all you need to know about no deposit free spins that you can find in top-quality bitcoin casinos.

You won’t need to make any deposits to claim these free spin bonuses, but read the rules to ensure whether you need to make a deposit before cashing out any rewards (often the case) in these top-quality bitcoin casinos:

The Differences Between Standard Free Spins and Bitcoin Free Spins

Free spins that give you bitcoin and free spins claimed with standard currencies share a lot of similarities, but there are two intrinsic differences that make bitcoin bonuses stand out more than their counterparts.

Both differences are tied to the higher value of bitcoin and the fact that most people that wager with BTC tend to spend much more money, on average.

Potentially More Money Involved in Bitcoin Casino Free Spins

The vast majority of free spin bonuses are worth much more cash than a standard casino bonus. For that reason, your bitcoin free spins and crypto spins will have a higher value than standard free spin bonuses.

You may also find exclusive offers, such as the mBitCasino welcome bonus or any offer found at 7Bit Casino, that allow you to get more bitcoin free spins instead of match deposit cash if you’re a fan of reel-spinning games.

mbitcasino first deposit bonus up to 1 BTC
The mBitCasino First Deposit Bonus: Up to 1BTC + 300 Free Spins!

The worth of your spins depends on each casino’s individual offer, but the general rule of thumb is that bitcoin free spins are much more worth it than standard casino spins.

Higher Winning Limits when Claiming BTC Bonuses

In the same vein of the higher worth of these spins, your casino free spins earned with BTC tend to have much higher winning limits, at least when it comes to match deposit bonuses.

No deposit bonuses always have winning limits – especially when they have low wagering requirements.

In any case, winning limits with BTC bonuses tend to be higher. This includes free spin wins and the amount of cash that you can turn from spins to real cryptocurrencies.

Cash Out Bitcoin Free Spin Bonuses

It’s possible to visit a bitcoin casino, claim a free spin bonus, spend the spins, and then withdraw the money generated with your game time. It’s not always an easy feat, but you will be able to do it if you follow the rules that online casinos give you.

Read the rules of online casinos to determine to which extent the following list of rules applies to your bitcoin casino free spins:

Fulfilling Wagering Requirements

The first part of obtaining the profits from bitcoin casino free spins is spending the spins, but as soon as that’s done, you will have to fulfill the offer’s wagering requirements.

Always read about a bonus and its wagering requirements before you claim it to ensure that the offer will be worth your time. Any wagering requirement of 70 times or above is simply not worth it as you will most likely never be able to cash out any winnings.

Making a Deposit Before Withdrawing No Deposit Bonuses

This is a rule that we recommend you pay attention to if you’re claiming a no deposit free spin bonus – especially when it comes to bitcoin casinos.

You are likely going to need to make a deposit before you can withdraw the winnings from a no deposit free spin bonus. This is done as a way for the casino to ensure that:

  • You’re a real person
  • You’re committed to the casino
  • You spend some money before you get your rewards

You always need to keep this in mind when claiming a no deposit bonus. There’s a good chance that you will still need to make a deposit – even after fulfilling the wagering rules. Some casinos even need you to fulfill the requirements with your own cash and not with the bonus money generated with the spins.

Ensuring Bonuses are Cashable – A Must in Any Bitcoin Casino Free Spin Bonus

This might seem like an obvious rule, but if you’re new to the iGaming industry, you should learn that some bonuses are cashable and others are non-cashable.

Non-cashable bonuses are often referred to as “sticky bonuses” and you will only be able to withdraw the profits that you make from them, not the bonus per se. Non-sticky bonuses are naturally our favorites.

You can learn more about this with our guide on how to withdraw bonus cash.

Bitcoin Free Spins & What You Must Know About Them

Bitcoin free spin bonuses are aplenty on the internet. You will come across multiple offers in your iGaming journey, which is why it’s important that you fully understand the intrinsic aspects of these bonuses to ensure that you don’t miss out on any rewards.

A lucrative free spin bonus at Casitsu, the ninja-themed BTC casino

There are four key aspects of bitcoin free spins that you have to master, which are:

Free Spin Wagering Requirements in Bitcoin Casinos

You always need to pay attention to the wagering requirements of a bonus when you visit a bitcoin casino. Free spins always need to be spent and then have the profits of the bonus wagered within the casino before you cash out any rewards.

Bitcoin free spins are the same as standard free spins in this regard, so let’s look at the key factors that you should pay attention to when looking to fulfill bonus wagering requirements:

  • Check the site’s general bonus terms and conditions
  • Check the specific offer wagering requirements
  • See if the bonus wagering requirements for the free spins are the same as they are for the bonus cash. Most casinos have different rules for both types of bonuses

Bitcoin Free Spin Usage Timeframes

You can’t always spend your bonus free spins in the way that we’d like. Casinos often limit the games in which you can spend free spins and the games that you can play as you look to fulfill the wagering requirements of the bonus money.

Coupled with gameplay, you should also look for bonus timeframe usage limits. Free spins usually need to be spent within 24 to 72 hours of receiving them, and the bonus cash must be spent rather quickly as well (usually within 7 to 14 days).

Cash-Out Limits: A Free Spin Rule

The vast majority of bitcoin casino free spins are tied to wagering requirements, but some of them are also tied to cash-out limits. As such, you won’t be able to cash out all of your winnings with a free spin bonus if you happen to go on a lucky streak and earn thousands of euros in BTC with a bonus of 50 free spins.

As a general rule of thumb, no deposit free spins tend to come with a winning limit of around €100 (or its equivalent in your crypto of choice) whilst deposit free spin bonuses tend to be more flexible in the amount of cash that you can win.

Deposit free spins can come with no winning limits.

Slot Usage: Are All Slots Worth It?

Not all bonus free spins present players with guaranteed profits, but you will come across certain offers that are much more worth it than others. These are our thoughts on bitcoin free spins:

  • The RTP and the quality of an online slot only really matters if you’re claiming a free spin bonus that requires a deposit
  • Some games may offer lower RTP rates but higher payouts (look for bonuses for high volatility slots if you like how this sounds!)
  • Free spins for low RTP games may be given with match deposit bonus cash to be spent more freely. Hybrid bitcoin free spin bonuses are fantastic offers to claim

The Best Bitcoin Casinos to Claim Free Spins

Before we go on any further, we want to present you with our list of casinos (and bonuses!) that offer bitcoin as a form of payment.

All of these casinos have been reviewed by us, so you can also read our opinion on each site before you go and spend your hard-earned money on it. They also offer free spin bonuses for you to pick whichever offer you prefer to claim.

Among the highest rater bitcoin casinos that we can recommend, you’ll find:

How We Analyze Bitcoin Casinos for Free Spin Bonuses

As we’ve said, you will come across way too many free spin bonuses as you journey through the world of bitcoin casinos. We’ve come across hundreds of offers, so we want to share with you the characteristics that we look for in a free spin bonus before letting our readers know about it.

You can use these attributes to determine the qualities of a bitcoin casino free spin bonus yourself.

Free Spin Rules & Bonus Terms

Free spin bonuses are ruled by a set of conditions that interfere with the way payments and withdrawals work in relation to the offer. These are the payment-related terms that you’ll have to keep in mind when claiming a free spins bonus in a bitcoin casino:

  • Free spins tend to have higher wagering requirements than standard bonuses
  • No deposit bonuses come with higher wagering requirements
  • You may be limited to spend your spins in certain low-paying games (games below 96% RTP). Keep this in mind when claiming a bonus
  • The bonus terms of your free spins may differ from the ones of your bonus money

Bitcoin Casino Licensing

Ultimately, the quality of a bonus has a ceiling that equates to the quality of the casino itself. The best way to ensure that a free spin bonus is fair is by checking the casino’s licenses. There are three ways to ensure that a casino’s reputation is good enough, which are:

  • Ensure that the casino is licensed by at least one gambling entity with a worldwide recognition
  • Avoid playing in online casinos with unreputable licenses
  • Read ratings on sites like The Casino Wizard or Trustpilot to ensure that the site is worth your time

Available Slots for Free Spins & Bonus Play

Just like the quality of a casino, free spins and the fun you can have with them are often limited by the quality of the games that you can play. As such, we always look at the games in which we can spend our spins before claiming a match deposit bitcoin free spin bonus.

No deposit free spins are different. It doesn’t matter if you get to play games that you don’t know the qualities of, as you will be trying them out for free anyway!

Be more demanding with bonuses that require you to pay. That’s our golden rule.

Number of Bonus Free Spins

Looking at a new casino bonus, you always need to take into consideration the number of free spins of an offer. The number of free spins will ultimately determine just how much you will get to play for free, so we always prioritize the number of spins over the value of each spin – especially when it comes to no deposit bonuses.

If you go and claim a deposit bonus that gives you free spins, then you should also consider the value of each spin. Expect the equivalent amount of money to be around €0.10 to €0.20 in BTC or any other crypto, per spin.

Bitcoin Free Spins on Registration

We have a keen interest in online casinos that offer free spins on registration. No matter the rules that oversee the offer, no deposit free spins always give you the chance to try out new games and see how an online casino works before you make any deposits on the website.

mBit Casino No Deposit Bonus ▷ 50 Free Spins (No Deposit Required)
The mBitCasino Free Spins on registration bonus

We recommend you always claim these free spin bonuses if you come across them. They will help you see whether a casino is worth it or not and how the casino deals with player bonuses before you spend any of your cash to claim a bonus of your own. You won’t lose money even if you fail to make a profit. Check out the mBitCasino offer if you're interested in 25 no deposit spins!

Bitcoin Casinos with Free Spins: How to Start Playing

It’s quite easy to start playing in a bitcoin casino – even if you haven’t laid a hand on a bitcoin wallet in your life. Most of the steps that you’ll need to follow are quite intuitive, so follow them and you will not struggle in any part of the way:

  1. Create a bitcoin wallet
  2. Create an account in a bitcoin exchange
  3. Buy bitcoin in the exchange
  4. Transfer the BTC to your wallet
  5. Create an account in a Bitcoin casino
  6. Transfer the cash to your casino account via your wallet
  7. Claim your free spins
  8. Play slots for free!

Bear in mind that, before you start, you should always look for a bitcoin casino that you want to visit. You can use our list of top bitcoin casinos if you want to save yourself the trouble of searching.

Earning Bitcoin Free Spins with Standard Money

You can actually play in bitcoin casinos and use free spins with standard currencies and then cash out your winnings in BTC. It’s much easier than you think! All you have to do is follow a simple set of steps that we’ve collected here for your convenience:

  • Visit a bitcoin casino that offers bonuses
  • Make your deposit with standard cash (USD, EUR, GBP…)
  • Claim bonuses that give you free spins
  • Spend the free spins in the casino
  • Fulfill the wagering requirements
  • Make a withdrawal
  • Choose Bitcoin as your selected withdrawal currency
  • Transfer the BTC to your wallet

For this to work, you need to make sure that the bitcoin casino in which you’re playing accepts both BTC and standard currencies as payment methods. Here’s a list of casinos that do:

Is It Legal to Play in Bitcoin Casinos?

This fully depends on where you live. As long as gambling is legal in your country, you shouldn’t have any issues playing with bitcoin.

With that said, residents of countries where gambling is illegal (or unregulated, for that matter) tend to use bitcoin gambling as a way to spend their cash in online casinos and not get in trouble. Since bitcoin expenses are not regulated by the government, you won’t be getting in trouble even if your earnings get audited.

It’s still a risk doing so, so we recommend not trying your luck in that sense.

Spin the Reels of Crypto Magic in the World’s Best Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin casino free spins are a fundamental part of any bitcoin casino welcome bonus. These rewards serve to open up the doors towards any new casino that you find, no matter if they’re deposit free spins or no deposit free spins.

In any case, you will be doing yourself a favor by claiming one of these promotions. We’ve given you plenty of options, so now comes the most important part: choosing which of these bonuses will be the one responsible for kickstarting your journey.

Choose wisely and remember: the best bitcoin free spins are there for the taking. Begin your journey in one of the best bitcoin casinos now!   

Last updated  February 24, 2022
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