14 Must-Know Casino Tips To Learn How to Gamble

14 Must-Know Casino Tips To Learn How to Gamble

Casino Tips - How to Win at The Casino?

Gambling online is as popular of an activity as it gets, but many people that do so are not fully aware of how much more fun they could be having, or how they could improve their experience by knowing just one or two of these simple tips. Many people underestimate the importance of knowing the basics, so we’ve created this guide to teach you some simple tips that every gambler should know!

1. Always Claim Reliable Casino Bonuses

You should always pay attention to which online casino is offering the best online casino bonuses and rewards. If you want to make sure that you’ll end up with a large profit, there’s no better way to do so than getting a head start thanks to one of those crazy casino bonuses that online casinos offer.

1 Up to Free 5 BTC + 300 Free Spins Claim bonus
2 20 Free Spins No Deposit Check current bonus
3 30 Free Spins No Deposit
30 Free Spins No Deposit
Show bonus code
Claim bonus
4 100 Free Spins for $10
100 Free Spins for $10
Show bonus code
Claim bonus
5 50 Free Spins No Deposit Claim bonus

If you still don't know where to begin your search, don't worry - here are the best casino bonuses that I and the Casino Wizard team have ever tried, so you can jump straight into the best casinos and claim them now:

2. The Casino Site that You Pick Matters – Test More than One!

Do not underestimate the importance of picking one of the best online casinos. Some people think that you can just log in to any online site and start enjoying their lucrative deals, while it’s actually super important to select reputable online sites that are licensed by at least one prestigious gambling regulatory entity in the world. 

1 mBit Casino
Visit сasino
2 Wild.io Casino
Visit сasino
3 BitStarz Casino
Visit сasino
4 7Bit Casino
Visit сasino
5 Super Slots Casino
Visit сasino

Here are some of the clearest benefits that come with playing in more than one online casino:

  • Playing in different casinos give you the opportunity to try out different bonuses and claim multiple free money rewards, which could result in you earning more money by spending less of your own!
  • Being able to visit more than one casino and being active in each of them will also qualify you to earn loyalty rewards on more than one site. These rewards are the most lucrative prizes offered by casinos;
  • Your presence in more than one reputable gambling site will allow you to select when to visit each casino based on current trends, new games, tournaments, events, and more.

icon Casino Wizard Tip
Always play in online casinos that have a licence.

3. Check Bonus Wagering Requirements Before Claiming Them

We know that there are some casino bonuses that sound incredibly tempting, but please, be sure to read the requirements of the offer first. Better yet, only claim amazing bonuses from online casinos that are licensed and hold at least some degree of reputation to their names.

gambling tips casino bonuses
Wild.io Casino bonuses come with very low wagering requirements. Claim them here.

We don’t want you to be disappointed at the end of the day, or even worse yet, scammed.

  • A wagering requirement of 30 times the amount of bonus money, or less, is often considered a low wagering requirement and highly favorable for the player
  • Keep an eye out for no-wagering casino bonuses - these rewards help you earn free cash without having to make a deposit or even play with the bonus cash in the casino!
  • Some casino bonuses come with a seemingly low wagering requirement of 25x, but it counts both the amount of cash deposited and the amount of cash earned with the bonus

icon Casino Wizard Tip
Avoid bonuses with a wagering requirement of 60 times or more the amount of bonus cash earned. It's likely that you'll never withdraw that money.

4. Play with Bonuses in High RTP Games

Games with a high RTP rate give you the best odds of beating the house in the short term. That means that, if you have an active casino bonus, you should always try to spend it on games with high return rates so you can quickly turn the bonus cash into real money.

Here are some fantastic high RTP games that you should spend your bonuses at if the bonus rules allow for it:

  • Mega Joker - 99.00% RTP
  • Book of 99 - 99.00% RTP
  • 1429 Uncharted Seas - 98.60% RTP
gambling tips high rtp slots
Play the 99.00% RTP Mega Joker Slot at Betsson Casino

5. Check the RTP of Games

Another important aspect of online gambling that many players seem to be ignoring is the RTP, which means "Return to Player" and represents the amount of money that you can expect to keep and therefore how profitable a casino game is. It is the opposite of house edge, which is, as its name suggests, the advantage that the house has over you when gambling on any given game.

For example, there are some online casino games that offer a, RTP of 90%, which means that the house edge would be, 10%. So, in such games, the casino expects to keep €10 out of every €90 that players wager.

gambling tricks blackjack
Multi-hand blackjack comes with an RTP of over 99.00%

However, the best online casinos tend to offer you the chance to play games with a much fairer house edge. We’ve come across online casinos that offer players the chance to enjoy games with a 98% house edge or, at times, an even higher edge. This allows you to have a much better chance of making a profit. In most cases, house edge depends greatly on the type of game that you're playing.

  • Online slots have an average RTP of 96%, but always check it before you play - some games come with an RTP of up to 99%, such as Mega Joker
  • Table games tend to have an RTP of at least 97%, but that depends on the game that you're playing. American Roulette has an RTP of around 94%, whilst blackjack offers an RTP of 99%
  • Games like Keno and Bingo are fun but highly unfavorable for players. Keno has an RTP of around 70%, making it the least profitable game in modern online casinos.

6. Chasing Your Losses Is a Good Way to Lose More Money

We know – it’s very frustrating to keep losing money. But, honestly, what is there to gain for you if you just keep going after your losses and you just end up losing more? Part of gambling online, and one of the most important aspects of it, it’s knowing how and when to control yourself and stop gambling so you won’t lose more money than you should.


There are times when losing is inevitable, but chasing your losses is a great way to ensure that you’ll never make a decent profit in the long run. Here are some pieces of advice that will help you avoid "bleeding" money:

  • If you feel like you’re in a bad streak or if you start playing out of desperation, the best advice that we can give you is to take a break. Stop, rest, maybe even turn off your computer and come back later or even the following day.
  • Chasing your losses won’t help you think clearly and you’ll just end up throwing away all of your money and losing it all.
  • Keep your head between your shoulders – and try not to drink when you gamble! It tends to loosen you up a bit and helps relieve stress, but you might end up making wrong judgement calls because of the alcohol.

7. Playing Table Games? Strategize!

Regardless of which table game you’re playing, you need to learn strategies for it. Slots are a matter of luck, as in fact are many casino games, but those where skill is involved require you to have at least some sort of strategy in place. Strategies are prone to failure, of course, but sticking to a game plan often leads for you to make a profit at the end of the session!


Be that as it may, try to find strategies online and study them, or if you want to get even more serious, buy yourself a book and start trying to become a better player. Games like Poker and Blackjack often have strategies that require you to pay attention while gambling, but you might end up winning constantly and it pays off. Strategies only work if you put the best into practice: here are the best online casino strategies as well as the best Ultimate Texas Hold em Strategy!

8. Follow the Footsteps of Giants

There's no better way to achieve success than trying to replicate strategies that have already worked for other players. Use proven gambling strategies, try out gambling systems (but don't get too overconfident with them), play slots that are proven to pay more than average, and claim bonuses that other gamblers approve of.

"If it isn't broke, don't fix it" is one of the online casino industry's biggest resounding truths amongst players. Try out strategies that have worked for others and your chances of winning will unilaterally increase.

9. Play Jackpot Games, but Only if They’re Worth It

We know that playing online jackpot games is quite the temptation. Spinning slots once and earning over one million euros for such little effort is one of the most tempting things that you can do in an online casino. However, do keep in mind that your chances of winning are very low, and you might need to go through hours and hours of worthless rewards until your investment finally pays off.

Be sure to find progressive slots that either pay out a lot of money in the long run or that reward you with small sums of cash as you advance through the game. These are some of the best jackpot games in the world:

  • Mega Moolah
  • Major Millions
  • Wheel of Wishes
  • Age of the Gods
  • Divine Fortune

icon Casino Wizard Tip
Jackpot games have lower return rates than average. Keep in mind that you're more likely to lose money playing them than in other casino slot games

10. Use Gambling Techniques That Work

Although gambling is a matter of luck, that doesn't mean that you can visit any casino of your choice and play whatever game without giving some thought to strategies and techniques. There are many ways to optimzie the way you spend your time in a casino, and I'm going to tell you the ones that work best for me:

  • Visit an online casino and claim the no deposit bonus before the welcome bonus. Always try to play with free cash first, whenever possible
  • Pay attention to the rules of a casino. Breaking the rules, be it bonus rules or playing rules, could result in the removal of your casino funds. Always read the rules and gamble freely.
  • Stick to playing games with high return rates. Avoid titles that give the house a huge edge, such as keno, as they will likely result in you losing most of your money
mbitcasino gambling tips
Casinos like mBit have a ton of reward-packed activities to enjoy. Don't miss out!

11. Skill-Based Games are Your Best Choice if You’re a Talented Player

This should almost go unsaid, but if you’re a good poker player, please go and spend your money on those games.

This is especially true for players that love to go head-to-head against others. If you’re good at skill-based games, chances are that you’ll be one of the lucky ones that will end up walking away with a ton of money from the table. Don’t lose your chance to do so and try to beat the others!

icon Casino Wizard Tip
Blackjack is one of the highest-paying games in the entire casino industry, but Poker doesn't not fall behind too much.

12. Sportsbooks Are Your Friends

Feeling stressed out but you want to wager some cash without visiting any online casino game site? Then pay a quick visit to a sportsbook and kick back at home while watching sports!


There are many sportsbook casinos that are considered to be some of the best websites on the planet, all of which allow you to enjoy some of the best online casino games and promotions that you’ll find online. Some sportsbooks let you try out their services with over €20 in free rewards, while others double the amount of your first winnings on the site. They’re super cool, and they provide an amazing alternative to players who just don’t feel like wagering in online casino games. Being knowledgeable in a sport could help you turn that into a very neat profit!

13. Check Casino Bet Tips for Sportsbook Betting

Some players claim to have a high level of expertise but they end up being nothing but charlatans. However, there are some people who all gamblers call "tipsters" that tell you how to place bets in a smart manner. These tipsters usually have a high degree of knowledge about lesser popular leagues, and paying attention to what they have to say will likely help you win big in the short or even long term.

betting tricks betsson
Casinos like Betsson offer fantastic odds for lower league games

14. Don’t Wager Too Much at Once

If you truly want to spend a lot of time in an online casino without spending too much money, then start wagering small sums of cash. That’s the best way for you to not waste too much money – even if you’re losing. Place bets that don’t reach the sum of a single euro if you wish to stay gambling for a while even if you only deposit €10 at first.

icon Casino Wizard Tip
Never wager more than 1/100 of your budget per wager if you wish to play for extended periods of time.

Gamblers Tips on What NOT to Do

You know how to make the best of your casino experience, but there are other gambling tricks that will help you out - knowing what never to do in an online casino or when playing online casino games. Here are my tips on things to always avoid:

  • Never claim a bonus without first reading its rules. Some offers are intentionally deceiving and will end up in heartbreak!
  • Don't count on bonuses to always turn into free money. It could prove to be harder than you think;
  • Don't play games without knowing the rules. Sitting at a poker or baccarat table without knowing how to play is annoying for the dealer and for other players - and it'll end up costing you money;
  • Avoid prolonged game sessions - especially so if you're on a streak of bad results. This will help you prevent frustration and burning through your budget too quickly.

Put Into Practice The Best Ways to Gamble Online

No, it doesn’t matter if red and black have each come once during the last 20 rolls of the roulette, the next roll will always be random. Do not believe in superstitions if you want to be a successful online gambler. These are truly your worst enemies! They will make you believe in stuff that isn’t true, and you might deter yourself from wagering on occasions where you should, or you might wager at times when it isn’t right to do so.

Stick to the pieces of advice that we've given you in this article and get be smart about the way you gamble. The best online casinos are there for the taking - visit them and win!

Last updated  May 5, 2023
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