What is LunaFi & How to Get It at Lunabets Casino (2023 Guide)

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LunaFI is a DeFi betting protocol built for mass adoption. It’s basically a platform that ensures the presence of a payment system that aims to distribute gaming winnings and pay out player withdrawals at all times by supporting the system on the cryptocurrency itself.

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It’s also the main cryptocurrency of Lunabets Casino, a safe crypto casino with a large variety of games created by some of the world’s best payment providers.

LunaFi Explained – Lunabets Custom Cryptocurrency

As the main currency of Lunabets, LunaFi’s smart contracts and liquidity pools ensure payouts. The protocol is used to guarantee players instant payouts because payouts are done by contracts and the platform is supported by the liquidity generated by LunaFi.

A part of the house profits is paid back to liquidity providers, ensuring that the site remains sustainable in the long run.

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The main problem with LunaFi is the same that other gaming cryptocurrencies face: players will look to sell their asset as soon as they get it to turn it into real cash, which decreases the value of the coin and causes a long-term loss of value.

However, an in-depth look into the docs and whitepaper of LFI is enough to let you know that there’s a good idea in there and that this isn’t a shitcoin. In fact, it’s an innovative project that combines gambling with platform growth, all while ensuring player payouts via smart contracts.

How to Get LunaFi

LunaFi is not only a crypto that you can buy or trade. This currency serves as an asset that is used to guarantee payments at Lunabets. As a member of the casino, you will have the chance to earn crypto by playing games like slots, poker, or blackjack.

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Naturally, you will be paid in the same crypto that you’re wagering, but each bet will also contribute towards your level of progress. Higher levels give players access to more LFI – and LFI is paid out regularly (whenever you want).

Thus, there are two main ways to get LunaFi:

Playing with LFI

You can buy LFI and deposit it into your casino account. The currency acts like any other crypto and the casino processes payouts and withdrawals in it if you wish, although you do need to keep in mind that the currency isn’t available in some of the major exchanges. After you buy it, you can wager it at Lunabets in games such as:

  • Slots
  • Blackjack
  • Poker
  • Baccarat
  • Roulette

Lunabets Loyalty Program

The Lunabets Casino loyalty program consists of 22 different levels. You will not receive free spins or free cash bonuses when leveling up – instead, the casino permits you to mine cryptocurrency quicker, increasing the percentage of LFI that is added to your account with each bet as you reach new levels within the program.

Let’s compare the first level of the program with the last one to give you an idea of how the site works:

  • Level 1 – Cadet 1 (With $5,000 wagered): LFI Mining Rate: 15%
  • Level 22 – Elon Musk (With $100,000,000 wagered): LFI Mining Rate: 55%

This is essentially a rakeback bonus that is paid in LFI!


LunaFI behaves like any other cryptocurrency, which means that you can buy it much like you can buy Bitcoin. It isn’t listed in some exchanges, though, so I recommend you use Quickswap if you want to buy it. You can link your wallet to Quickswap and visit the specific section of the page where you can buy LFI by clicking on the “Buy LunaFi” button on the Lunabets casino website.

Best Lunabets Casino Bonuses to Play & Earn LunaFi

Lunabets Casino does not offer as many bonuses as other websites. In fact, there is no Lunabets welcome bonus or no deposit bonuses to boost your balance from the get-go. The best ways to earn LunaFi with Lunabets bonuses and promotional rewards are:

  • Participating in “Race” tournaments and competitions, where rewards are paid out in withdrawable LFI
  • You can claim the loyalty rewards offered by the aforementioned program
  • You may earn referral benefits for recruiting new people to the Lunabets casino

Is It Safe to Claim LunaFi?

Yes, it’s safe to claim LunaFi and you lose nothing by doing it at the Lunabets casino. The cryptocurrency is used to pay out loyalty winnings, which means that playing in the casino is basically like mining the currency.

Since the profits are used to pay out providers and ensure the currency’s liquidity, it is a long-term safe asset that, even though it’s bound to fluctuate like any other crypto and its value was higher when it first launched, chances are that it will go back up or remain steady-ish for a long time.

Advantages of LunaFi & Why Play at Lunabets Casino

You’ll notice that the way the LunaFi price fluctuates is similar to how other new coin prizes vary, but this one has many advantages over other types of cryptocurrencies. Some of my favorite Lunabets benefits are as follows:

  • It can be sold and traded for real cash and other cryptocurrencies
  • It may gain more value as time goes by – especially if Lunabets keeps being successful
  • A clear roadmap and transparent whitepaper make it a safe crypto to invest in, even during a crypto winter

Do keep in mind that these types of currencies can drop at any point in time. Cryptocurrencies are volatile per se, and those that are tied to reward systems can fluctuate significantly – especially if players are allowed to cash out consistently.

Start Your Lunabets Journey – Get Free LFI!

Lunabets is a safe online casino that gives you the only pathway toward earning free LFI in the online casino industry. The casino states that LFI ensures that the house edge remains fair to the player, but remember: the house always has an advantage even if you’re collecting LunaFi in each of your wagers.

Regardless, the site packs a fair collection of casino rewards and makes it easy for players to trade the casino’s cryptocurrency with others at a reliable exchange like Quickswap. Create your Lunabets account, get your crypto wallet ready, and play your favorite casino games to earn LFI!

Last updated  February 24, 2023
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