Like many other online casinos, GoWild likes to offer special bonuses to their players from time to time. Although these bonuses vary, they sometimes come packed with a ton of cool benefits and easy ways to make money. They have some of the most creative promotions in the world, with wagering conditions that many other casinos would envy.

GoWild has a special type of offers that trigger on specific days of the week. You might’ve not heard of this type of offers before, as this practice isn’t entirely common among online casinos, but it’s a good way to encourage players to deposit money during the week while also giving them a chance to earn easy and free additional money.

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These daily offers require you to make a deposit before they get triggered. Say, for example, you want to deposit €20 to play a few slots on the GoWild casino on Wednesday. If they have an offer for that day, you may get an extra €10 for your deposit, or you could get a bunch of free spins to play with.

In this article, we’ll be looking at how reputable GoWild is, and how much money you can make with their 100 free spin GoWild bonus.

What is a Free Spin Bonus?

A free spin bonus is a special type of bonus that casinos like to offer their players, which allows you to play a selection of slots without having to use your own money to do it. As such, this gives you a great chance of earning money without having to pay for it, but these bonuses are sometimes locked with a wagering requirement (which varies depending on how much you earn from the bonus).

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For example, you might get 100 free spins on a particular selection of games. From those 100 free spins, you may win €250. The wagering requirements of some casinos will make you bet that amount at least 150 times before you’re able to withdraw your winnings. The reasoning behind this is that you may have gotten too lucky with your winnings, and the casino wants to see you wager them before you earn them.

This might not sound too good, but free spins don’t cost you any money. The casino is willing to give you a chance to earn free cash, but you’ll have to wager smartly to do it.

Considerations with Free Spin Bonuses

Just like with any other free spin bonus, the GoWild bonus allows you to play a ton of games without having to wager your money. However, given their high wagering requirement of a minimum of 100 times, you may want to know some tips that will allow you to keep the cash even after having bet it hundreds of times.

  • Consider Your Luck – Although luck may seem like an ambiguous concept, it does play a part to some extent when it comes to betting. Free spins allow you to select one of a variety of games, so if you see you’re being too unlucky, you may want to change to another game before you keep losing money. Even if you’re using free spins, changing games might help you earn more additional cash.
  • Limited Winnings – Most casinos limit the number of winnings that you can get from a free spin bonus. Although this isn’t the case with the GoWild bonus, it’s still an important aspect to consider when betting online. If you’ve gone over the permitted amount of earnings per bonus, try to wager a bit more to lower it. That way you won’t feel like you’ve lost cash.
  • Change Your Slots – Some slots are more volatile than others. Some will make you feel like you’re constantly winning, while others might feel like you’re winning sporadically, but you’ll get more money with each win. In order to avoid mental fatigue, it’s important that you change slot games constantly.

Other Types of Bonuses

Free spins allow you to win big, and the GoWild bonus is made for exactly that. However, this isn’t the only type of bonus that online casinos offer, nor is it the only bonus that you’ll find in the GoWild casino. Some casinos like to offer similar bonuses but with specific variations, while others give away other types of bonuses altogether. We’ve made a list of what to expect when you look for a casino bonus.

GoWild Casino

Cash Match Bonuses

Cash match bonuses are deals that casinos make to players willing to deposit money. The GoWild bonus that we’re reviewing isn’t directly a cash match bonus, but GoWild does offer a few benefits to players willing to make a deposit (they have other cash match bonuses in place, which aren’t tied to a day of the week like their free spin bonus).

With a cash match bonus, you can expect a casino to give you the same amount of money you deposited in the form of bonus balance. Usually, casinos tend to give players additional money to encourage them to make a larger deposit.

For example, a cash match bonus of 150% will guarantee that you receive more than twice the amount of money you deposited. If you deposit €100, the casino will give you an additional €150, making your account balance go up to €250 with a single deposit. These bonuses are always tied to wagering requirements as well, much as it happens with free spin bonuses.

Free Play Bonuses

At times, casinos give players the chance to play for a set amount of time without having to fear for their cash. This is called a free play bonus, and much like the other two types of bonus we discussed, you will have a wagering requirement depending on how much money you win on the casino during the free play time.

There are other ways in which casinos reward players with free play bonuses. The GoWild bonus doesn’t involve direct money or playtime rewards, but it’s a way in which you can try their services for free.

Another popular type of free play bonus is when you receive any given amount of cash in the form of account balance, with which you’ll be able to play games on the casino almost freely.

When casinos give bonuses like this one, they often make games like poker, blackjack or roulette count less towards your wagering requirements than slots. This is mainly because these games are much more in your control, but slots can also give you a lot more money.

Things to Consider Before Playing in an Online Casino

There are a couple of things that you should always consider before trying the services of a new online casino. Some offers might sound incredibly tempting and you may feel like you want to try them out as soon as possible, but it’s smarter to slow down a bit and consider some things before giving your credit card information to any given casino.

Consider Their Reputation

GoWild Casino is a very reputable online gambling company, and you’d do good by taking their GoWild bonus. However, not every company is as trustworthy as this one, and you’ll have to watch your back when you’re presented with an online casino bonus offer.

Whenever you read that any given casino is offering a new bonus, the best thing you can do is check any info about them that you can find here at Casino Wizard. We’ve worked closely with the most reputable online casinos on the planet, so it’s easy for us to guide you in the right direction.

Always Consider Wagering Requirements

Not every casino is willing to give you bonus earnings with a low wagering requirement. As such, some casinos place very high wagering demands on their bonuses. The GoWild bonus does this, but the rewards are still far too good to be ignored. In fact, you’re probably going to walk out with much more cash than you would with other bonuses with less wagering requirements.

There’s an easy way to know when a high wagering bonus is worth taking. Take a look at the games that the casino offers – if the games have a low house edge, you’ll probably walk out with cash after you’ve fully spent the bonus. However, if you feel like you can’t win in any of the games, the offer might be a tad deceiving.

It’s also a matter of perspective, however. You may just want to use the free spins or free bonus to try the games for yourself. When it comes to the GoWild bonus, it’s good to know that you’ll be able to walk out with a ton of winnings apart from being able to try the games without using your deposited cash.

What is a Casino Bonus Code?

Casinos like to give out special codes which can be entered in their site whenever you’re about to make a deposit, or sometimes without even having to make one. The GoWild bonus has some of those principles in place – you have to make a deposit before you’re able to receive your 100 free spins bonus, but there’s a code that has to be entered as well.

Some casinos offer bonus codes as part of promotions, too. For example, loyal players may receive promotional bonus codes via email. Casinos often reward loyalty with free play bonuses and other stuff that can be redeemed by using the codes that you receive via email.

Not every bonus code does the same, and the effects of each one depend on what the casino is willing to give to their players. Thankfully, the GoWild bonus grants you a bunch of free spins that you’ll be able to spend in some of their most popular games. We’ll go into further details about their offer right now.

GoWild On Tuesdays with 100 Free Spins – The GoWild Offer

The GoWild free spin bonus is not valid all the time. In order to cash out on 100 free spins on the site, you’ll need to make a deposit of at least €20 on a given Tuesday. You’ll then be able to use your free spins on most of their slot games, with the chance to win amazing jackpots and a ton of cash.

The bonus is subjected to a series of requirements, however. You will need to wager whichever mount you win with your free spins for a minimum of 100 times. Then, you can withdraw the money that you have in your account balance. Attempting to withdraw the funds before fully spending the bonus or before wagering requirements are met will forfeit your chance to complete the challenge.

Get GoWild Bonus

The GoWild free spin bonus can only be obtained if you deposit the money during a specific day of the week (Tuesday, in this case). However, they also offer other promotions for other days of the week, as well as other cool bonused for new players that will help you get started with your bets if you haven’t yet registered on their casino.

How to Get the GoWild Offer – Full Guide

Obtaining your free spins in the GoWild casino is very easy. We’ve made a detailed list with every step you need to follow in order to receive the free spin bonuses (and maybe even other cool bonuses along the way).

Create an Account

The first thing you need to do is visit GoWild and set yourself a personal account. Provide the site with all the necessary information that they ask for, including your credit card details and other personal financial info. They’re a trustworthy company, so you don’t have to worry about your data being stolen.

Make a Deposit

The GoWild bonus requires you to make an original minimum deposit before you’re able to obtain the free spins or any other cash match bonus that they offer. There’s also a minimum amount of money that you must deposit to obtain the bonus. As long as you deposit over €20, you should receive your bonus as soon as possible.

Get GoWild Bonus

The GoWild Casino Terms & Conditions

The most important thing you might want to do before taking up the GoWild bonus is to thoroughly read the terms and conditions that you can find on their site. However, we understand that the list of conditions is very long, and you may not want to waste time reading it. To help you out, here at Casino Wizard we’ve made a list of the most GoWild important terms and conditions that you should know.

  • Game Wagering Requirements – The free spin bonus requires you to gamble your earnings over 30 times, but some games don’t count towards the total wagering requirements. Jackpot games, for example, are excluded from this specific offer because of the high probability of a big win. You’ll have to play classic slots, except for a small list of unavailable games listed on the site. Table games only count 10% towards the progress of the wagers!
  • Play For Fun – GoWild offers users the chance to try their games by betting free money. However, if you select this option while your bonus is available, your earnings won’t count towards the wagering requirements
  • Withdrawal Limitation – You cannot withdraw any of your earnings before having completed the wagering requirements put in place by GoWild Casino. You may forfeit your bet if you try to withdraw bonus earnings before having met the wagering requirements
  • Some countries are not eligible for the offer. This is the complete list of ineligible countries: Brazil, China, Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Mexico, Pakistan, Thailand, India and Hungary, Portugal, Poland, Mauritius.

How Good is the GoldWild Offer? Should You Take It?

Considering that you get the GoWild offer by simply making a deposit, the GoWild bonus is completely worth it and you should take it by all accounts. You have nothing to lose by getting it, and much to win thanks to the relatively low wagering requirements given the number of free spins that the casino offers to you for free.

Although it would be better if the wagering requirements were lower, there’s still a huge chance for you to make a ton of cash on slot games without risking a single euro of your own money. We do recommend sticking to the games with a lower house edge to make sure you’ll be maximizing your profits on the casino.

It’s hard to come by such generous offers, so if you’re willing to make a deposit on the GoWild casino, make sure you take up on their free GoWild free spins bonus.

Our Final Verdict

GoWild is offering one of the most generous free spin bonuses in the online casino community, and the fact that you can get it by simply depositing a small amount of cash on your account makes it even better. The offer isn’t restricted to new users or even loyal clients – all you must do is deposit on a Tuesday, and you’ll be eligible to receive it.

If you’re eager to start your online wagering life with a cool bonus, or if you’ve already started but you’re looking to earn some free cash, make sure you visit GoWild Casino and make a deposit now!

Read our full GoWild Casino Review here.

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