How to Withdraw Bonus Money from an Online Casino - Step by Step Guide

Claiming bonus money from your favorite online casino might be the first thing that crosses your mind after you get your hands on that lucrative €100 welcome bonus. It’s yours, after all, so why wouldn’t you be able to claim it, right? The truth is that, when it comes to online casino bonuses (of all sorts), the money is never yours from the get-go. Even online casino bonuses that are free of any wagering requirements often require you to at least make another deposit before you get to withdraw money to your bank account. So, if you feel like it's time to play at the best casinos in the world, you might want to get a better grasp of casino bonuses first. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean that claiming these bonuses is impossible. In fact, most of the online casinos that we’ve rated highly here, at The Casino Wizard, tend to offer high-quality bonuses that allow players to get their hands on the cash sooner rather than later. You only need to follow the following list of steps, which are not necessarily in order (it depends on each online casino’s rules), if you wish to maximize your odds of claiming the money and withdrawing it to your bank account. Be sure to check out 7 best casino bonuses to claim, too, if you want to have some more extra money to withdraw.

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Fool-Proof Steps that You Need to Follow

The following list of steps, or tips, is made to help you get a better grasp of how each online casino bonus can be claimed. Remember that you’re going to need to adapt the following list of steps accordingly depending on the type of bonuses that you’re claiming, as well as the type of rules that oversee the offer of your choice. We haven’t made any specific statements on this list to keep it as broad as possible. Thus, this list of tips will serve you to claim the best casino bonuses on the internet whether those are no deposit bonuses, deposit money bonuses, or free spin bonuses.

Check Stake Weights

It is often customary for players to check the stake weights of an offer before deciding whether they’re going to spend their money at the tables or spin the reels to try their luck. Stake weights are the amount of your stake that counts towards the fulfillment of an offer’s wagering requirements. The vast majority of online casino bonuses come attached to wagering requirements, which is the amount of money that you need to wager in order to claim a bonus itself. These wagering requirements vary from offer to offer, but they tend to equal the amount of your bonus money multiplied by a given number. For example, you may get an offer for €100, with wagering requirements of 25 times the amount of money received. That means that you’ll get those €100 as bonus cash and you’d need to wager €2500 in order to withdraw the cash to your bank account. As such, stake weights are a fundamental part of an online casino bonus. In most online casinos, each bet that you place on slots contributes 100% towards the completion of the wagering requirements, whilst table games often contribute just 20% or less. That means that a €2 bet on slots would fully count towards the fulfillment of the requirements, whilst it would count as a €0.40 bet if you were playing table games.

Read the Bonus Requirements

It is of utmost importance that you read the overall requirements of an offer before claiming it, just to be sure that you’re eventually going to be able to get your hands on the cash. Some bonuses are made specifically for players to never be able to claim them, which only serves to draw people to the services of an online casino without the casino itself ever losing money. You cannot expect a welcome bonus, or any bonus in general, to be easy to withdraw. However, the bonus does need to offer players the chance to eventually get the money or you might as well not claim any offer at all. You should focus on the following list of bonus rules and judge their fairness before claiming a casino bonus:

  • The offer’s wagering requirements, which should be less than 50 times the amount of cash received with the offer in order for it to remain fair
  • The timeframe of the bonus. Most fair online casinos give you 30 days to claim the cash, and up to two weeks to spend any free spins. Be sure to comply with the requirements within the bonus timeframe
  • Stake weights. If you don’t want to play online slots, be sure to claim a bonus that allows you to spend the money elsewhere
  • The voidance conditions of the offer. Some non-reputable online casinos tend to make their offers extremely easy to void, which means that they will take your money away as soon as you get close to fulfilling the requirements. These bonuses need to be avoided at all costs.
  • Check whether you can spend the bonus cash or you need to play with your own money to fulfill the requirements

Thankfully, since these rules can be a bit overwhelming, you can always check out our selection of the best bonuses on the internet. We’ve broken down each offer and explained its most important conditions in thorough detail to keep you as informed as possible without you having to spend your time reading a long list of conditions.

Bet on the Best Games

There’s no reason for you to spend your money on average games when the online casino gives you the freedom to do whatever you want with the money. In bonuses that permit you to freely spend your cash, you might be better off doing it in games that offer good return rates or games that you really like. However, this is tied to the conditions of each online casino. If you’re visiting a site that properly allows you to spend your bonus cash in any way you want, then you’ll be able to do it. However, many online casinos impose limits as to how you can use the bonus money, as well as the bonus cash generated by free spin offers. You’ll want to consider this, as well as the stake weights, to see which games you would rather play with the money at hand. Keep in mind the timeframe and spend the money on various games – that’s what it’s for!

Distribute Your Money as Smartly as Possible

In most cases, you will be presented with quite a decent sum of cash whenever you claim a new bonus. It is up to you, however, to decide how you want to spend that money. There are multiple ways in which you can enjoy a welcome bonus or a deposit bonus in general, but you need to be smart about how you do it. Sure, online slots might contribute 100% towards the fulfillment of the requirements, but you might be very good at blackjack after reading our full blackjack guide and you want to spend your time and money playing at a table. In such cases, even though blackjack might only contribute 10% or 20% towards the fulfillment of the offer, you might want to spend some money on the game as it would guarantee you better return odds than playing slots. If you have the time to play different games, do it. You’ll be better off spending most of the bonus money on skill-based games rather than in slots, but you need to be sure that you’ll have enough time to comply with the bonus requirements.

Determine Which Games Yield Better Results

Use some of your bonus cash to determine which games are giving you better return rates and focus on playing in them. This is especially true for online casinos that don’t disclose the RTP of each of their games. You might need to test the waters to see how good you do in each of them. You should be able to walk away with some cash even if you’re a bit unlucky, as a bonus offer that gives you €100 and must be wagered 25 times should yield at least €10 as bonus money. This, of course, depends on how lucky you get. In any case, it’s important to determine which games provide you with better results if you are to be sure that the money is being well spent. If you're going to bet on sportsbooks, understand odds. You can use our baseball betting guide, for example. If you wish to spend some time playing blackjack instead, check out 10 blackjack betting tips to get better at winning this amazing card game.

Spend Free Spins on Games with High RTP

Many online casinos give you free spin bonuses, but the vast majority of them are locked to be spent on certain games. However, that doesn’t mean that all bonuses are the same. Some casinos give you free spins to be spent in any of the site’s slots. In casinos where the latter is the norm, you’ll want to quickly go through the games of the casino to check out which of them offers a better return rate and focus on playing that one. As we said before, it’s also important that you balance out games depending on your knowledge of each title. For example, a regular game of blackjack has an RTP of around 92% to 93%, but if you know how to play your cards right, it could be as high as 99.5%. You can also play roulette and get fantastic return rates with a few practical roulette betting tips, or get the best out of the game with a complete roulette guide. It’s up to you to decide how and where you spend your money.

Spend the Bonus Cash on Lucrative Games

Should you come across a sum of bonus money that can be freely spent, you’ll be better off doing it on games that are as lucrative as possible. Some online casino games offer extremely high payout rates, or some of them might not seem as lucrative on paper but playing them proves otherwise. Your main goal with the bonus money will be for it to be spent on games that provide you with great return rates. Some online casinos allow you to spend the money on jackpot slots, but we truly don’t recommend that, as they often have RTP rates lower than 90%. If you want to play online slots with bonus money, do it on slots that have decent return rates. If the online casino allows you to play other games, then be sure to play the ones that pay better. Aim for games at which you’re good and that offer decent payouts. In most cases, skill-based games tend to permit players to make a very good sum of cash if they’re even half as good as a pro.

Follow the Rules of the Offer as Strictly as Possible

Even though many people don’t pay enough attention to the rules, respecting them and abiding by them is going to play a crucial role in you being able to claim the money and not get it voided from your account. You need to keep in mind that many online casino bonuses, even though they are legit, are subjected to very strict rules. An online casino never likes to lose money, and even less so when they’re giving it away for free. As such, as boring as this might sound, you might have to go over the bonus rules of an online casino before claiming a bonus. There might be some rules that you’re unaware of but that they could determine whether you get to keep the money or not. Check out things like timeframes, max bet limits, forbidden games, and any other rule that could cause a bonus to be voided from your account.

Withdraw the Money Once You’re Sure You’ve Complied with Everything

There’s one general rule of thumb that is often detrimental for players whenever they claim a new bonus in an online casino; their money cannot be withdrawn until the wagering requirements of the bonus cash are fulfilled. Should they opt to make a withdrawal of their known-bonus cash, their bonus money will still be voided. That means that, even if you’re playing with the bonus cash and fulfilling its wagering requirements after activating a deposit bonus, you will need to keep your money in the casino account until the wagering requirements of the other offer have been met. Failing to do this will probably result in the full voidance of your bonus. We’ve not come across online casinos that offer you the chance to withdraw your money after claiming a bonus, which means that most of them that you find will be the same. Do not risk it and read the rules thoroughly.

Casino Bonuses – Which are the Best Casino Promotions?

We know that finding the perfect online casino bonus can be difficult. The world if iGaming is filled with hundreds upon hundreds of casinos and an even bigger number of bonuses, which makes it almost impossible to categorize a single bonus as the best of the bunch. However, now that you’re here with us, you don’t really need to do it. We’ve categorized the best bonuses for you, and ranked them accordingly. Check out our list of the best online casino bonuses and determine which of them seems best for you. Then, jump ahead and claim it. Sites like Betsson and BitStarz have some of the best casino promotions on the internet! You can also rank your favorite casino bonuses depending on what you prefer to do, as we have them categorized into various types of rewards. If you like to claim the best free spin no deposit bonuses, you can check out our particular list. Should you prefer to go for no deposit bonuses, we have you covered too.

Withdrawable Casino Bonuses vs Non-Withdrawable Rewards

Keep in mind that the internet is vast, and so are the type of bonuses that you’ll find. As such, you will come across anything and everything when looking for the best casino bonuses on the internet. You will come across offers that are fully withdrawable, but you’ll also come across other bonuses that simply don’t give you nearly enough assurances that you’ll make a profit. One thing that you always need to keep in mind, when wagering online, is that not all bonuses are withdrawable. Some online casinos give you the money so you can play with it but you will only be able to withdraw any profits made using the cash. These offers are not necessarily bad, but they tend to be less lucrative than bonuses that you can cash out. It all depends on how well you spend the cash, though.

Always Read the Terms and Conditions

We cannot stress this enough – the most important rules of a bonus will be found in its terms and conditions. You need to read the rules as thoroughly as possible if you are to walk away with a profit at the end of the day. If you fail to read the rules, chances are that you’re going to miss out on important bits of information that could cost you the totality of the bonus. We have listed the most important terms and conditions of all bonuses that we’ve reviewed. However, you can also check out the individual terms and conditions of bonuses by checking out their own page in their respective host online casinos.

Go to the Best Casino and Claim Your Cash Now!

Now that you know how bonuses work and how you can get the money out of your casino account and straight to your own bank account, it’s time for you to get down to business. Read the rules, get the bonus money, and spend your time however your heart desires by checking out the finest of online casinos in the world. Head straight to the best online casinos in the world and claim your favorite bonuses now – there’s no time to waste!

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