Keno is one of the most popular gambling games in the world. It is not only found in some of the best online casinos on the planet, but the game is also widely popular across countries, often being hosted by government entities themselves for all citizens to play it.

Keno is basically the version of the lottery that we all know and love, which has been widely internationalized by the Chinese ever since it was introduced over two centuries ago.

The game is really fun to play but it’s also one of those games where you really don’t have much of a chance to do anything other than put yourself at the mercy of statistics. It’s hard to sway the odds in your favor in a regular casino game, let alone in Keno.

We have decided to create this article to tell you all about the most popular Keno strategies, the numbers that often show up the most, the most popular winning patterns, and what you can do to increase your chances of winning at the game.

Origins of Keno and Where It Stands Today

The game we know as keno has its origins set in relatively-old China. In Asia, the game has been played for well over three decades, and it was only back in the mid-19th century where it made its way to America and became a widespread gambling activity to partake in many of the US states.

In fact, Keno is one of the few gambling activities that is widely allowed to be played in many parts of the world where even casinos and online casinos are banned. It has become part of gambling pop culture, so it’s far less likely to be considered addictive than other games in the industry.

If you’ve ever played the lottery before, there’s a good chance that you’ve played a variation of Keno. In many parts of the world, national lotteries take Keno as their prime example of how the game is played!

Keno Catches – What Are They?

Catching numbers in keno is the name given to the act of correctly guessing one of the numbers in a Keno card. As you may know, there are a total of 80 numbers in a Keno card, and you have 20 “spots” (chances to guess numbers correctly). Catching a number means that one of your spots was correct, which increases your chances of winning some money.

In most traditional games of keno, you would need to have a total of 15 catches in order to achieve a jackpot. Getting right 15 catches out of 20, in a board of 80 numbers, is extremely difficult to do on its own. In fact, odds that you hit a jackpot in a game of keno are 1 in more than 380 million, which explains why the game is so widely popular among casinos and entities.

Catching numbers is so difficult that it makes Keno one of the most profitable games for an online casino!

Hottest Keno Numbers – The Ones that Come Up the Most

You may often see that, whenever you’re playing a round of keno in an online or otherwise land-based casino, some numbers may seem to come up much more often than others. This is all down to luck and it really doesn’t mean much in the general scheme of things, but catching “hot numbers” is often one of the most common techniques that keno players tend to use.

Given that the game is completely at the mercy of odds and statistics, it is only likely that some numbers will show up more often than others – even when all the numbers have the same odds of being drawn.

This makes room for different keno plays and allows players to get creative in their decision-making, further making keno an entertaining game and a really easy one to play and enjoy regardless of your level of gambling expertise.

The Meaning of Hot and Cold in Keno

There are two very common terms that get used in Keno to refer to the numbers that are drawn into the board, which are hot numbers and cold numbers.

  • Hot – Hot numbers are numbers that seem to be appearing more than once in a round of keno
  • Cold – Cold numbers are the numbers that still haven’t been a draw. It is common for many of these numbers to exist during a handful of keno rounds, as some will simply fail to show up in a game altogether.

Keep in mind that the likelihood of drawn numbers is the same no matter how many times a number has been drawn.

Keno Number Consistency

In Keno, the numbers that will get drawn into a board are always different. That means that it’s almost impossible to predict which numbers will appear or which numbers to spot. At the end of the day, it all comes down to luck and hunch.

There is no way to tell how consistent some numbers will be, which means that predicting a good keno play is impossible. You will need to rely on numbers that catch your attention or numbers that you like to play the most. That’s the best way to play keno and there is simply no way to avoid the luck of the draw.

You may attempt to spot hot numbers, but keep in mind that the odds of them showing up are the same as the odds of them not showing up ever again.

Keno Math – The Actual Statistics Behind the Game

As one of the most popular gambling games in the world, one would expect keno to massively favor the odds of the casino keeping the money at the end of the day. In every single casino game, the casino has the house edge to prevent players from winning too much cash. However, Keno takes it to another level.

If we take a closer look into Keno statistics, you will realize why so many people fail to make money while playing this game. You will also find out why it’s one of the better-paying online casino games, and overall gambling games, on the planet.

Chances of Guessing a Number

You have a chance of 1 in 80 to correctly spot one of the numbers on a game of keno. That means that, whenever you’re playing a traditional game of keno with 80 numbers to choose from, the odds are very much stacked against you.

Keep in mind that these odds will keep adding up all the time, and getting one of your spots right will not mean much in the grand scheme of things. You will need to keep having exponential amounts of good luck to win money, and a ton of luck if you were to guess 15 out of 20 numbers right. Guessing 15 numbers right will unlock a jackpot win, but the odds of that happening are very low.

Keno House Edge and RTP

Keno tends to have a house edge that varies depending on the rules of the game, but it’s usually from 40% to 70%. That makes its RTP one of the lowest out of any online casino game in the industry!

On average, the Keno house edge stands at a massive 43%. The RTP of a game of keno is around 30% to 60%, which makes it one of the lowest RTP rates in the industry but also explains why keno winners tend to receive so much money whenever they manage to win.

It needs to be noted, though, that keno is one of the casino games where you lose the most money on average – if not the one where you lose the most, depending on how much money you’re willing to spend yourself.

Do Keno Strategies & Winning Patterns Work?

The short answer is no. There really aren’t any special strategies or patterns that you could apply to your game to increase your chances of winning. However, they do work for one thing: they make the game way more fun than it would otherwise be if you played with no strategies at all.

If you ever come across a keno strategy that promises to increase your chances of winning at the game, even if it provides “proven” data, then you’re being lied to.

There really isn’t a way to predict the outcome of a game of keno and basing your strategies on cold and hot numbers is nothing but an exponential way of propelling the famous Gambler’s Fallacy.

Just because something has happened plenty of times doesn’t mean that it’s likely to happen again – the odds of something happening are always the same no matter the previous outcomes of the same event.

The Best Keno Strategies

Now that we’ve gotten the Gambler’s Fallacy argument out of the way and told you that there aren’t any winning strategies that will ensure money at keno, it’s time to look at some of the best ways to play the game.

Naturally, these strategies that we’ll be focusing on are strategies that you can put into practice in the world’s leading online casinos. We won’t be focusing on keno strategies that you can use in lottery-style keno, as those simply consist of buying as many tickets as you can in order to increase your odds of winning.

Keno is fun regardless of how unlikely it is to win money whilst playing it, but let’s take a look at 5 ways to make keno one of the best casino experiences that you can have on the internet!

Buy Multiple Game Cards – If You’re Allowed

Regardless of what type of keno game you’re playing, your chances of winning will always increase if you buy more than one card to play the game.

Playing keno with a single keno card will give you standard chances of winning, but buying more than one card will also mean that you’ll spend more money. If you have the chance to bet a ton of cash on each of your cards, then do so. However, keep in mind that you should always bet according to your budget if you don’t wish to run out of money too soon!

Pick Your Lucky Numbers!

Since any keno number has the same chances of being drawn as the next one, the best thing you can do to make the game more entertaining for you is to pick your lucky numbers when you’re going to spot new digits in a card.

Picking your lucky numbers will give you a sense of security that, even though it isn’t entirely accurate, it does provide you with enough motivation to keep trying even if you’re not on a roll.

Always pick your lucky numbers if you have the chance or see which numbers show up the most and have them set as your new lucky ones.

Random Numbers vs Consecutive Numbers

There is a very common thought amongst keno players that says that consecutive numbers should not be bet on at all. In fact, some people think that getting consecutive numbers in a row is very unlikely.

However, that is as far from the truth as possible.

Any number has the same chances of being drawn, which means that you will the same chance of winning at keno with any of these two spotting examples:

  • 2, 35, 64, 74, 69, 22, 26, 48, 41, 36, 80, 1, 6, 40, 25, 21, 60, 3, 7, 66
  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20

The odds of catching 15 out of 20 numbers in either of those keno examples are the same. Again, it all comes down to the gambler’s fallacy at the end of the day.

Some people prefer to play consecutive numbers as it provides them with a false sense of security that they have the first quarter of the board completely covered.

Double Your Losing Bet – The Martingale Applied to Keno

If you’ve ever played online roulette using the Martingale system, then you probably know what we’re talking about here. The Martingale is a betting system where you should always double your bet whenever you lose, which means that you will increase your chances of recouping your losses after every win.

However, unlike online roulette, using a variation of the Martingale system in Keno is far riskier as your chances of winning are much lower.

The Martingale is already a risky system in roulette, but doubling your bet and keeping the same numbers in a game of keno is even riskier because the odds of you winning back some of the money is far lower than they are in a game of roulette – especially as betting on the red or black give you an almost 50% chance of getting your money back and doubled.

It is a fun way to play, though. The best way to do it is by starting out with small bets and then doubling them whenever you lose – regardless of how many keno cards you’re buying each round. Always double your bets and see if you can win!

Spread the Risk on Multiple Cards

If you don’t have as much of a budget but you still want to play Keno and enjoy the game to the fullest, one of the best things that you can do is buy a lot of keno cards and spread the risk of losing across many of them. Do not bet a large sum of cash on a single keno card, but rather buy multiple cards and bet the minimum amount of money allowed in each of them.

This is one of the best ways to play the game and reduce the odds of losing a lot of money on a single round.

Why You Should Play with Keno Strategies

Now that you’re here, you know that keno strategies are nothing out of the ordinary. You may even be wondering why should you use them if they don’t increase your chances of winning the game at all.

There are some reasons why, even though these strategies are nothing that will improve your odds, we prefer to play with them instead of playing keno using random numbers and meaningless spots.

We do want you to keep in mind that these strategies will not improve your odds at all, but they will give you the chance to make the best of your money when playing online keno by maximizing your chances of having fun at the game!

They Make the Game More Fun

Even though the odds of you winning are always the same regardless of which strategies you use, there is one thing that keno strategies do have in their favor: they make the game way more fun than it would otherwise be if you didn’t empty any sort of strategy at all.

They give you a purpose or something to look forward to, which is more than you would get with random bets.

Strategies make the game more fun, but you always need to keep in mind that your odds of winning will not change whether your use strategies or not.

A Strategy Gives Your Game an Identity

Using strategies is also a great way to give your game a purpose. You will start shaping your keno playstyle as you develop strategies of your own or use some of the strategies that we have listed in this article.

Given that keno is a game where players tend to lose money more often than not, developing a gaming identity to play it is one of the best ways to ensure that you won’t feel burnt out or disappointed at the fact that you aren’t winning too often.

Make the best of your time playing keno by giving your game a shape that you will be able to mold on your own. It’s all about having fun, at the end of the day, and there’s no better way for you to do it than by using a keno strategy.

It Keeps You from Losing Interest

We know how tame a game of keno can be if you only have the budget to buy a card or two per round. This can make the game feel boring very easily – especially if you do not have any luck with the spots that you’re trying out. As such, if you really want to ensure that you’re not going to turn out of interest too soon, there’s no better way to do it than using keno strategies.

Strategies will make you look forward to your next round more than you think. They make you wonder whether the ideas that you’re implementing will work or not, which will ensure you to feel more focused when playing keno even if you’re not winning any money consistently. Give strategies a try and you’ll notice how the game is way more fun.

Things to be Aware if Winning Patterns and Strategies

Betting patterns and strategies can be very fun to employ, but there are some fundamental things that you need to know before you go into a game of keno with the high hopes of making a killing in rewards.

We have compiled 4 tips that will ensure that you won’t be disappointed at any keno strategy that you employ.

Furthermore, always keep in mind that you’re far more likely to lose money in a game of keno than any other casino game – even if you take scratch cards and slots into consideration. There’s a good reason why online casinos allow you to play keno with bonus money!

It’s Still All Random at the End of the Day

Even though keno strategies could give you a sense of security or betting stability, you must be aware that they follow betting patterns and they take into consideration the Gambler’s Fallacy more than any other casino strategy out there.

Unlike the best poker strategies or the most common blackjack betting methods, keno gambling is always going to depend on the randomness of the draw. You may bet on consecutive numbers or random numbers – the odds will always be the same. Your odds won’t vary at all regardless of how you choose to spot.

Strategies are Meant to be Fun

Always keep in mind that the main purpose of keno strategies is to make the game more fun for you. They aren’t meant to increase your chances of winning, but some so-called experts might sell you winning keno strategies that would “ensure” you make a profit one way or another.

The truth is that this simply will not happen.

Look at strategies as fun ways to improve your game and you will enjoy them. Look at them as ways to make a profit and you will be disappointed.

Winning Patterns are a Mirage

You may have originally clicked in this article to see whether winning patterns in keno are true or not. We can safely tell you that anything that resembles a winning pattern in a game of keno is nothing more than a coincidence.

As such, if you want to let yourself be guided by a hunch, be sure to not set the bar too high when it comes to your own expectations. It’s better if you make the best of your money and spend it however you want without thinking that you’ll end up a rich person after a few rounds of keno.

Hot & Cold Bets are Deceiving

You may come across certain numbers in keno that seems to be hot or cold, as we’ve explained above. However, as likely as these numbers seem to be, betting on a cold number will give you the same odds of winning that betting on a hot number. There isn’t a difference at all.

You need to be aware that betting on hot numbers is not a magic way to win more money at keno. The odds are always the same regardless of how many times a number has been drawn.

5 Things You Should Know Before Playing Keno

A lot of people look at keno and see a game where they can multiply their initial bet by tenfold in a matter of a few minutes. As much as this is true, the odds of winning in a game of keno are so low that we feel the need to tell you 5 things that you should know about keno before playing it.

If you’re fully aware of these tips and tricks, your chances of being disappointed at the game will drop to almost zero.

You do need to understand, though, that keno is still worth playing if you’re on board with all of these pieces of advice.

There are No Tricks to Win More

It doesn’t matter if you think that you’ve hit a winning strategy or if you spoke to a supposed keno expert who told you what you need to do to win more consistently: there is nothing you can do to increase your chances of winning in a game of keno.

Your odds of winning will always be much lower than your odds of losing. It doesn’t matter whether you want to spend a ton of cash betting in the same numbers or if you would rather do something else with your cash. Keno tricks don’t exist.

The Game Has Some of the Worst Odds Out There – Even Though it IS Fun

The fact that keno is such a popular game that has produced winners left and right doesn’t mean that the game has positive odds. In fact, with an RTP as low as 30%, it’s the one casino game where you can almost always expect to lose your money.

Why do so many people play keno, then? What makes the game so appealing to play for the masses?

Keno gives you a sense of you having control of your bets and places the odds of betting in random numbers completely in your hands. It’s fun, but the odds of winning are very, VERY low.

Walk Away after a Win – That’s How Unlikely They Are!

If you ever manage to win money while playing keno, then we suggest you to stop playing at the minute that you do it.

The chances of you repeating a win in a keno session are extremely low. If the chances of you winning are already low on their own, imagine how low they are if you’ve already won!

The odds will always be against you if you’re playing in any online casino or any casino game, but keno has some of the worst odds out there. If you happen to win, let go of your pride and be sure to walk away with a profit while you can.

Online Keno has a Much Faster Pace than Land-Based Keno

It doesn’t matter whether you intend to play keno at a land-based casino or at one of the world’s best online casinos; the game has similar rules and it should be similar to you regardless of how you want to play it.

However, playing online keno means that you don’t have to wait for a dealer to perform any actions. There isn’t a host pulling balls out of a wheel or anyone drawing numbers and slowing down the game.

When it comes to online keno, you will be able to play many more rounds in a row than you would in a classic land-based casino.

This also means that you could run out of cash much quicker if you have a smaller budget and bad luck, though. You may opt to play with smaller bets in the world of online casinos if you don’t have too much money to spend in a game of keno. Refer to our strategy guide for more tips on this.

Keno and Lottery are Similar but Fundamentally Different

Depending on where you come from, you may know your local lottery as “Keno”. However, Keno and Lottery are different. In most online casinos, Keno is all about having a board in front of you where you will be able to select the numbers that you want to “spot” on your own.

Lottery-based keno is different. In these sort of keno games, you will need to buy boards that don’t allow you to spot any numbers but rather boards that come with numbers pre-assigned to them. You will then need to watch the draw to see if you’re lucky enough to land some of these numbers and win if you’ve landed more than “x” amount, depending on your local lottery rules.

The Best Online Casinos to Play Keno

Even though keno wasn’t originally one of the main types of games played in online casinos, you can now visit some of the best sites in the world and make the best of your time gambling at keno to ensure a top-quality gambling experience for yourself.

Some of the best online casinos in the world are now home to the most fun variants of keno that you can try out.

Thankfully, with keno being a game that offers such low RTP, you may also use most of the bonuses of the world’s best online casinos to play this game and aim to earn a good portion of the bonus cash for yourself.

If you really want to make sure that your cash is well-spent, then try out the best games of keno in the world’s best online casinos. There’s nothing to lose, too much to gain, and a lot of these strategies to try out and see which one works best for you. A world of possibilities awaits in one of the best keno casinos:

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Is Keno Worth Playing at Online Casinos? – Our Conclusion!

Arguably one of the most common questions that you’ll see when you play online keno is whether the game is worth playing online or if you’re better off playing it at land-based casinos. The answer is simple: online keno gives you the chance to play much more often than you would play in a land-based site, at a much faster pace, and the ability to purchase cards more often than you otherwise would.

The odds of winning are virtually the same, so playing online is a wise choice if you intend to make the best of your time as a keno player.

Try out your luck and see whether it is on your side or not in the world’s best online casinos. Use the bonus money to make the best of your time as a keno player and ensure a journey towards glory at the world’s best online casinos. What you do with your money is in your hands, but spending it on keno is a wise choice if you love the thrill.

Get down to business and play now – the world’s best online casinos are waiting for you with the best bonuses in the iGaming world!


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