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Legacy of the Wild 2 Slot Review - A Medieval Adventure

Legacy of the Wild 2 is an online slot that serves as the sequel to a very popular game that we all know and love, the classic Legacy of the Wild. This time, the new and revamped version of the game brings us the same type of features that we were used to seeing in the first installment of the series but with better graphics, enhanced gameplay, and new artwork. Is this game worth playing or should you rather stick to the original title? We’ll be making a full review of the game and tell you all about where you can play it (including online casinos that provide you with free money!) so you can have the best experience possible.

Legacy of the Wild 2 Overview

This fantastic title comes with a unique 5x6 setup and 60 ways to play it. It’s an amazing game albeit very similar to the first one, but it does provide you with dozens of winning ways for a slot that isn’t really anything more than a non-progressive jackpot game. The game is comprised of wild symbols everywhere, so those will be your main ways to obtain extra money in this fantastic casino game. In any case, Legacy of the Wild 2 sticks to a very simple concept and it’s not one of those games that we would recommend for high rollers but rather one that the casual player can really get to enjoy. There’s also a cool cascading feature with which you can win up to 50 in-game free spins, opening the door to a unique world of prizes that not many other slots are capable of offering you form the get-go.

Legacy of the Wild 2 Basics

The Legacy of the Wild 2 has some very basic features that make it a fun title to play, but the build of the game is also one that we need to take a look at if we are to truly appreciate it. We’ll be overviewing the game’s main features to help you see why we like it so much.


Legacy of the Wild 2 has some very fluid gameplay features that make the gem a must-try at least once – particularly if you’ve played the first installment before. The games might not be as different as one would hope when you play a sequel, but if you look at this game as a way to enhance the features of the first one, then you’ll love it as much as the former version of it. If you’re looking for craziness and innovation, this might not be the best game to try out. However, if you’re looking for a solid casino slot with decent return rates and some of the finest features out there, you’ll want to play Legacy of the Wild 2


The game’s graphics are on point. The drawings are world-class and everything that the game has seems to be extremely well animated. We’d say that this version of the game is worth playing more than the first one precisely because of the graphical enhancements. The symbols resemble the ones from the first game, but they’re far more “developed”. The drawing of the symbols are certainly the main forte of the game, and the animations that go alongside it are incredibly cool as well. You get to see some fantastic changes to the symbols as you land different combinations and that’s a great feature to have in any online slot.


The medieval theme that accompanies the game makes it feel extremely immersive. We really enjoy playing games that give us good music and don’t require us to turn our own to play, and the happy theme that this game has is definitely one of the reasons why we feel like coming back to it every now and then.

Legacy of the Wild 2 Gameplay Features

The two types of wild symbols that make this game so unique, on top of the collapsing reels feature, complement the game’s main feature (the Wave-O-Meter) to create a unique experience that is very similar to the one we had in the first game, but taking things to the next level in terms of graphics and bonus games. At the Legacy of the Wild 2 online slot, you will get to try out new features like enhanced gameplay mechanics, but the bonus features that made the first game such a great title to enjoy are still the same ones that are here to be found. In any case, the game is based on the removal of random symbols depending on where your wild symbols land. If you happen to land a symbol on top of the reels, or at the bottom, you’ll notice how different symbols change within the board. That’s not all, though. You also get to experience the magic of cascading reels whenever you win a round. Once all the winning symbols are gone from your screen, new ones will fall!

Our Conclusion – An Unparalleled Legacy Makes Its Comeback

We think that Legacy of the Wild II is not as big of an improvement from the first game as other titles have been to their originals, but it’s still a game worth giving a try if you love bonuses and exclusive features. In most rounds, you will be able to trigger at least one of the bonuses that come in this fantastic online slot, which will allow you to experience something completely new every time the reels go round. It’s a very fun game that anyone can play, but it’s definitely one of those titles that we wouldn’t necessarily recommend to a high roller. It’s a great game to play if you’re just getting started into the world of online casinos and a title that we think anyone would enjoy, but if you’re keen to place high bets, we’d suggest you look elsewhere.

Last updated  May 24, 2022
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