The NBA 2021 season is seemingly starting in January of 2021, and with many teams currently being considered as options for which to bet, we’ve decided to make a list of the top teams that are expected to make a title run next year and some teams that could, potentially, cause an upset depending on how the draft goes and how the following season unfolds.

Naturally, this list will exclude the Knicks for the sake of staying trustworthy. There’s just no way that they make a title run in the near future, and it’s always relevant to talk about the Knicks’ failure when monitoring the start of an NBA season.

We will be focusing on the five favorite teams that could potentially clinch the title next year and we’ll be telling you the reasons why we think that’s likely to happen, before finishing everything off by telling you the top teams that could cause an upset if things go right for them.

We’ll be taking our odds from the amazing Betsson Sportsbook, which is the place to visit if you’re looking to place bets on the NBA season or any other sports league in the world.

Los Angeles Lakers – 4.50 Payout

It would be insane not to see the Lakers as favorites now that Anthony Davis seems to be on the verge of committing his near future to the club and with an unstoppable LeBron James having won another Finals MVP to add to his tally.

Not only that, but the Lakers have also shown that their bench is more than up to standard, proving many of the doubters wrong. Rondo has, once again, showing how much of a big-game player he is by performing extremely well in the finals, even though many argue that he is past his prime already.

The Lakers might be able to win a second championship in a row if everyone manages to stay fit – especially David and LeBron. With one of the most lethal combinations in NBA history at the Lakers’ disposal, it’s pretty clear that the team will try to take one more title to their name.

Not only that, but the Lakers seem to be on the verge of tying up another start to the team. Rumor has it that Chris Paul could make a move to Los Angeles, further creating a team capable of establishing an almighty NBA dynasty.

Los Angeles Clippers – 5.50 Payout

The Clippers might’ve been a terrible disappointment in this year’s title run, but credit where it’s due: The Nuggets outplayed them by the hands of the almighty Joker.

The Clippers still have one of the strongest teams in the NBA and Kawhi Leonard is going to be out for blood next season. It just makes sense for the Clippers to reinforce the squad and try to get back together after having blown a 3-1 lead against the Nuggets.

The dynamic duo of Paul George and Kawhi Leonard will have to do much better next year than they did this season, but two of the best players in the league might be able to lead the Clippers to a title in 2021 – it remains to be seen who they bring and how the season unfolds.

Milwaukee Bucks – 7.50 Payout

The Milwaukee Bucks had the second-worst elimination in this year’s championship playoffs after they collapsed against the Miami Heat in a game where they were more than clear favorites to win. Butler and Adebayo, alongside the powerful Miami bench, were just too much for MVP Giannis and the rest of the Bucks’ squad.

With that said, two-time Player of the Year Giannis Antetokounmpo will be looking forward to the next season with an urge to make a statement.

Besides, rumors say that Giannis will be looking to leave Milwaukee after he wins a title with them. It might be the time to do it or he’s going to have to jump ship to another team without a title. It’s going to be much less climatic than LeBron leaving the Cavs after leading them to a win – that’s for sure!

Golden State Warriors – 6.50 Payout

According to Betsson, the Golden State Warriors are edging favoritism over the Bucks, but it remains to be seen how the team responds after an injury-ridden season which has seen them unintentionally tank it, if you will. Now, Golden State has access to the Draft’s second first-round pick, which will likely see James Wiseman join an already strong team lead by 3-point specialist Stephen Curry.

Whether the Golden State Warriors will be able to bounce back after a disastrous season remains to be seen, but we truly believe them to be just below Milwaukee in terms of favorite teams to win the 2021 championship. Let’s see how it goes for the Warriors, but they’re certainly a team to root for and one that isn’t an outsider to win next year’s competition.

Brooklyn Nets – 12.00 Payout

Yes, Kevin Durant is back, and that means that the Nets are once again favorites to contend for the title. Will they be able to do it? Well, it’s unlikely seeing how strong the Clippers and the Lakers seem to be, but they’re definitely the fifth favorite team in the league to win it.

The Nets had quite a mediocre season last year as they saw their two stars, Durant and Irving, out for the majority of the season. Next year, chances are that both players will be looking to fire all of their guns, which means that the Nets will once again make their way to the playoffs – or that’s what we’re betting to happen, at least.

Worth a Shot? Three Outsider Bets that Could Win You a Fortune

Sure, those five teams are the favorite ones to win the NBA championship in 2021, but that doesn’t mean that other teams don’t have the chance to do it, right? Well, as low as the odds seem to be, there’s always an upset waiting to happen in the NBA, much like it happens in the largest football European leagues that we see every season.

As such, we’ve picked three teams that are not favorites to win it but could potentially clinch the title if the stars align for them.

As a small disclaimer, we would like to point out that these are very risky bets and they aren’t likely going to happen, but we know that some of you love the thrill of placing improbable bets and these are the ones that we would place if we were in your shoes!

A Risky Bet on the Houston Rockets – 21.00 Payout

The Rockets are in an absolute state of turmoil. They had a terrible season in 2020 and their GM just walked out the door. In fact, we would expect the Rockets’ odds to drop even lower as the season draws near. However, as long as they have Westbrook and Harden on the team, chances are that they could pull something out of the hat and, maybe, get their hands on some NBA silverware.

As improbable as this seems to be right now, we have to wait and see how the Rockets do before the season starts.

A Second Miami Heat Run – 17.00 Payout

Miami showed that their young players all had what it takes to make it to the NBA finals. Now, having barely lost to the Lakers even after losing Dragic for the better part of the finals and with Bam out for a game in which they won thanks to a Butler masterclass, it’s safe to say that the Heat will try to make another run this year.

Their youngsters are now ready and with more character than ever. They have tasted what it’s like to play in a final and they know how to handle the pressure much better. This could help Herro’s consistency, and it could be a boost for the entire team’s season knowing that they already made it to the finals -and barely won it- without some of their key players.

A Cheeky Bet on the Atlanta Hawks – 101 Payout

This is probably not going to be the year for Atlanta. They have been building towards this point for a while now, and with them having access to the fifth draft pick, it remains to be seen who they’re going to get their hands on as the season draws near.

Atlanta has many of their players in their first NBA contract, which puts them in a very advantageous position if they are to get their hands on free agents to reinforce the squad for the upcoming year.

Will they sacrifice some of the youth drives and bring in a couple of veterans to complement the rest of the team? It’s unlikely. But a bet of $5 on the Hawks could turn into a $500 profit if the impossible happens.

Placing the Right Bets and Understanding NBA Betting Guide

You now know all about the 2021 season favorite teams and we’ve even told you what you needed to know about some outsiders that could make a statement in the upcoming season. However, you might still want to consider other factors if your intention is to place bets on games that happen during the season and not the championship winner per se.

You might want to read out guide of basketball betting tips, which will help you make more informed decisions as to which games might be winnable by some teams and which games you might be better off voting for the underdogs.

Just remember that the NBA is a wild ride and you could end up losing a lot of money if you do not pay attention to the bets that you place. As things stand, the NBA 2021 championship is an uncertain one and we’re going to have to wait until after the draft happens, as well as the new contracts and waivers, to have a clearer picture of what we can expect.

Only one thing is clear so far, though: LeBron’s Lakers still stand as favorites even after everything that has happened this year. If they manage to get Davis tied to a new contract and a new reinforcement to bolster the squad, chances are that they’re going to walk away with a second title in a row.

Where to Bet on the NBA? – The Best NBA Sportsbooks & Online Bookies

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