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Get Free Spins and Cash with the mBit Casino Bitty Quiz

The mBit Casino Bitty Quiz is a one-of-a-kind offer that you’ll only find at the mBit Casino. This fantastic promotion makes it possible for users to participate in a weekly event where their knowledge will be tested and, should the results be positive for the gamblers, rewards will also be added to the winners’ accounts.

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Sites like mBit Make it really easy for players to get properly rewarded, and the mBitCasino Bitty Quiz is just one of the many ways in which you’ll be able to get those prizes.

Stay with us and learn all there is to be learned about this online casino, how to claim its fantastic rewards, and why this is one of the best bitcoin casinos that you can visit to claim cryptocurrency rewards.

What is the mBit Casino Bitty Quiz?

The mBitCasino Bitty Quiz is a special bonus & tournament that aims to encourage the mBit community to participate in an event where everyone can obtain fantastic prizes without the need to spend any money – all you need is to put your smarts to the test. This is how you can participate in the event:

  1. Create an account at the mBit Casino
  2. Follow the mBit Casino Discord Page
  3. Be ready to participate in the event – it takes place at 2:00 PM UTC
  4. Answer questions by clicking on the numbered emoji that corresponds to your preferred answer
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Random questions will test your knowledge with the mBit Bitty Quiz

How to Win at the Bitty Quiz?

The mBit Casino Bitty Quiz has plenty of winners as a way to allow plenty of players to get rewarded. You’ll be surprised by the number of people that are actively participating in the Bitty Quiz event, so the first thing you’ll need is quickness if you want to win at the event. Do not underestimate the speed of other users!

We’re going to give you some pieces of advice that are sure to help you get better and potentially win more cash at the event:

  • Do not read the question yourself. Just click on the answer that gets the most upvotes in the first two seconds. That way, you won’t waste time!
  • Be early whenever you can. The event doesn’t last more than a couple of minutes, so you may as well be ready on time
  • Be sure to be registered at the mBitCasino and have everything in place to get rewarded as soon as the event finishes. Be sure to link anything that needs to be linked with your casino account

Bitty Quiz Bonus Terms and Conditions

It’s important to know the rules of the game before you play it. As such, we’ve written a quick overview of the most important bonus terms of the offer for your own convenience:

  • You will need to answer all of the questions within 15 seconds. You will get better rewards by being quicker than the other competitors
  • You can participate in the promotion for free, even if you are not registered at the mBit Casino. You can try one round to test out how you do by simply joining the site’s Discord server
  • The rewards are given up to 48 hours after the competition ends. You will need to wait until then to see how you do.
  • You can form part of the global rankings of the quiz. The standings show up after every round is played!

How Often Can You Participate in the Quiz?

According to the site’s rules, the event should be twice a week, every Monday and Thursday. We played the Bitty Quiz on Thursday and the Discord Server states that the event is hosted bi-weekly. You will always get a notification whenever the event is about to start, and you’ll always see the date in advance.

Be on the lookout and be sure to remain an active member of the Discord Server of the casino if you want to avoid missing out on amazing rewards.

mbit casino bitty quiz
Some questions are easier than others - be ready to answer quickly!

A Unique Promotion at mBit

The mBitCasino Bitty Quiz promotion is unique to this online casino. There are no other sites that offer such a unique bonus, although it would be fantastic if there would be. This amazing promotion allows players to make a killing in fantastic rewards by simply being faster than others (or more knowledgeable if we’re sticking to the main purpose of the offer).

Be sure to give it a try and aim to win amazing rewards at mBit – this is just one of the many amazing bonuses that the site hosts!

Enjoy the Amazing mBitCasino with Incredible Bonuses

We know that this fantastic promotion looks like the crème the la crème, but this is all but the tip of the iceberg when you visit the mBitCasino. There are multiple other mBit bonuses that you can claim and get rewarded with fantastic prizes, on top of the world-class Bitty Quiz that awaits your first deposit at the casino.

Let’s take a look at the best bonuses of mBitCasino and how you can claim them:

1 mBit Casino
Up to 5 BTC + 300 Free Spins PLAY
2 mBit Casino
50 Free Spins PLAY
3 mBit Casino
150% to 2BTC + 100 FS PLAY

Click on your favorite reward and you’ll be redirected straight to where you can claim them. Get your free spins, bonus cash, and other fantastic prizes from the moment you create your mBitCasino account!

Smart Up and Win with the mBit Casino Bitty Quiz

Do you feel smarter than the rest? There’s no better way to test your knowledge than winning prizes doing so, and there’s no better casino to do it than mBit. You will get bombarded with questions that will test your general knowledge and get you rewards as per your knowledge.

The number of participants per event is rather large, so be sure to ready up and be on the edge of your seat from early on. You can piggyback on the answers of others, but remember: those who answer the quickest will be the ones to get more points than the rest!

Collect points and earn amazing prizes playing at the fantastic mBit Casino Bitty Quiz event.

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