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The Narcos slot is heading to GOWILD Casino, and good news travels fast. And why wouldn’t it be so when you consider the huge popularity of this record-breaking web and television series? It’s a big gamble to create a slot based on an Emmy-winning TV series, but everyone from software providers to online casinos have their hearts set on breaking all the release records-imaginable. Not only are the expectations enormous when it comes the Narcos slot, but also the introductive offers for trying this slot out. Just check out the offer below and immerse yourself in the Latin American universe of fun.

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GoWild Narcos Offer

Be sure to enjoy this brand-new release on GOWILD Casino with an exclusive bonus of 200% up to 50 EUR and 50 FREE spins on the Narcos slot. This game is regarded as being one of the most awaited in the past few months, so don’t hesitate to try it out! Every slot fan is just dying to take a look at this new release, and with such a big buzz created over the entire lunch, it’s almost a pity not to take advantage of this huge bonus offered by GOWILD.

Play Narcos at Gowild

The Narcos Universe

Narcos, created and produced by Chris Brancato, Carlo Bernard and Doug Miro, debuted on August 28, back in 2015, as a Netflix exclusive. The series’ season 1 became one of the most popular shows on Netflix and that quickly placed Narcos in the global spotlight. The same thing is expected to happen with the Narcos Slot, given the ever-growing number of fans the series has.

The entire action of the first two seasons of Narcos takes places in Colombia, where Pablo Escobar, history’s most influential drug kingpin becomes rich and powerful beyong any human expectations. This is where the United States’ DEA agents step into play, trying to capture and destroy the Medellin & Cali cartels which are responsible for too many crimes to count. Their work is not easy, given the national political landscape of the South American country. All these factors make Narcos a thrilling series, and the Narcos slot doesn’t fall short on the action it offers!

Play Narcos at Gowild

About Narcos Slot

The Narcos slot is a product of the top industry software provider – NetEnt. They have announced the Narcos game during the ICE 2018 world gaming conference held in London, UK, and since then, people have kept asking questions about Narcos the slot, the release date and software reviews. Well, ladies and gents, you can finally sit back, relax because the wait is over! NetEnt, in collaboration Gaumont (the producer of Narcos, the Netflix exclusive series), have signed a deal to bring this award-winning webseries into the iGaming world, for all slot lovers out there to enjoy.

Gaming enthusiasts worldwide will have the possibility to relieve Pablo Escobar’s glory days as one of the planet’s richest men, and try to build an even larger and powerful empire than the former Columbian drug lord managed to create. Just remember, the DEA is always on your back so be sure to leave no tracks behind. You need to cover your trails on your road to success and make sure that everyone in your cartel is being taken care of.

Prepare for listening to suave Colombian music and for very skilfully-crafted illustrations meant to bring back the golden age of the 1980’s. If you enjoy South American vibes and if you usually experience nostalgia about the past decades, you’ll easily get right into the mood and Narcos.
Top that off with the chance of earning a fortune and ruling not just over a city, or a country, but over the entire world, it’s pretty hard not to have fun on such a complex and enchanting game.

The entire experience will allow you to embark on this dangerous, yet very exciting adventure, where the risks are high, but the rewards are higher. What’s better than having a fun time on a cool new slot? Having fun on a cool new slot and playing with a bonus and free spins. That’s pretty obvious. Be sure to catch-up on your Spanish and get acquainted to that South American 80’s slang and start spinning on this brand-new release!

Play Narcos at Gowild

Why Play On GoWild Casino?

Not only is the Narcos game very anticipated all throughout the entire iGaming & gambling industry, but also by online casinos who want to make sure that they’re offering their fans the best deal ever. GOWILD Casino does not jump head first when it comes to creating offers for its players and this is why they did a very detailed research in order to provide the best introduction to the Narcos slot deal imaginable.

Players who choose to play the Narcos slot on GOWILD Casino will get this exclusive offer comprising of a 200% bonus up to 50 EUR (like mentioned above) and an additional 50 free spins to try out on this hot new release. Anybody who’s anybody inside the field of online games is talking about Narcos and there’s a reason for it. Everybody has huge expectations of what the game should look and feel like, and when you’re basing a slot on a popular TV series, letting people down is not an option.

About GoWild Casino

GOWILD casino has over a decade-long experience in the iGaming sector, managing to achieve a highly respectable status in its field. Constantly looking forward towards the future, the casino prides itself on focusing on innovation, a unique gaming adventure, and pristine customer support in order to ensure that the player is always at the centre of the entire experience.

Play Narcos at Gowild


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