Could a new Gambling Control Bill Pass in 2019?

Ireland has had a complicated history with gambling for a great number of years now. Strictly speaking, gambling in its many forms is illegal over there, but the actual enforcement of this law is tenuous at best, as anyone who’s gambled in the European country can attest. Could a new bill pass that would possibly bring order to the chaos that is Irish gambling, both offline and online, in 2019? We’ll soon see, as the best Irish casinos await.

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Gambling Control Bill 2013

The bill with the express purpose of controlling the gambling industry and would force casinos, online or otherwise, to be legally licensed in order to conduct their business. The Gambling Control Bill, as it is called, aims to give more power and protection to the players, safeguarding children and those with gambling problems specially.

Since regulators would be able to monitor advertisers and their effect on the gambling industry of Ireland, the promotion of gambling services would be prohibited if they were in any way aimed at underage citizens. Similarly, since the act of wagering on credit funds would be banned, those with gambling issues are less liable to make certain mistakes they could regret in their future.

Gambling would, in essence, be an all-around safer experience for players and consumers in Ireland.

Licensing and other ramifications in Ireland

While the positive effect of this bill for players in their offline and online casinos, there’s several aspects of it that remain controversial and contentious to those who work in the Irish gambling industry. The fact that staff will need to be licensed in order to work in an industry that hitherto required little education and documentation and was appropriately remunerated has many people on edge.

Furthermore, the topic of taxation is another that worries those in the industry. If the bill were to theoretically pass, the effects this would have for casinos regarding their taxes still remains a mystery, as no official numbers have ever been given.

Additionally, as of 2020, no actual motion has been decided when it comes to this new potential bill, meaning that any other effects it could have on Irish online casinos are still to be determined, leading to speculation from many.


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