Online Casino in New Jersey

Online Casino in New Jersey

Online gambling is one of the most popular activities that adults from NJ like to partake in, and the fact that New Jersey is home to Atlantic City makes this one of the most important gambling communities in America. As such, people from all over the country often visit it to play the best casino games made by mankind. 

1 Unibet Casino
100% up to €100 T&C apply PLAY
2 Betfair Casino
50 Free Spins T&C apply PLAY
3 888 Casino
100% up to €140 T&C apply PLAY

There are many states in the US that don’t allow online gambling as a legal activity, so the struggle to find a quality online casino can be real. However, with options aplenty in New Jersey, your main problem becomes finding the best online casino rather than finding a single online casino where you can play. This article will aim to show you everything you need to know about online casinos in New Jersey, how is it that New Jersey online gambling is legal, and the best online casinos you can play in NJ. If you’re just getting started with online gambling, you’ve come to the right place!

Gambling Laws in New Jersey

Online gambling is very much allowed inside New Jersey. The entire state has always been one of the most permissive when it comes to gambling inside the US, as federal laws don’t really prohibit the practice of gambling at all. Each state within the United States has its own set of laws, which means that you can find anything from restrictive gambling laws to states with a wide variety of permissions in US territory. Online-Gambling-Chips-Laptop-Table-680-356 The state of New Jersey has been known as one of the most important gambling states in the country for over two decades. It is home to Atlantic City, arguably the US’s second largest gambling city after Las Vegas in Nevada. This has allowed the gambling culture to flourish within the state, which means that it attracts gamblers from all backgrounds and preferences. New Jersey does have some types of gambling illegalized within the state, but in general, most common gambling practices are allowed to be performed here. The one thing that a casino or gambling intuition requires to offer services in the state is a license. As long as a casino or any gambling institution holds a license (special permission from the state), they will be able to offer services inside NJ with no problem whatsoever. However, practices like dog racing are not permitted within New Jersey. Thankfully, online gambling institutions are actually very popular within the state, which is not something common in America. Many US states do not permit online gambling or simply put too many regulations on it for online casinos to consider offering their services there.

Online Gambling in New Jersey

One of the best things about New Jersey is that most online casino games are legal to be played in the state, so online gambling has had a lot of room to grow in recent history. In fact, given that people from all over the country can come into the state go gamble in land-based casinos, it’s been quite easy for online sites to lure people with an interest in gambling. The state fully permits online casinos to operate. This has given room for online casinos to grow massively, and some of the best online casinos in the world have obtained licenses to operate within the state. Sites like the 888 Casino, which remains as one of the world’s best online casinos, has obtained a license to offer gambling services in NJ. Online gambling is fully permitted in New Jersey, and you will find that some of the best online casino games are there to be found and played in this state. The most common types of gambling done in NJ are regular table games and sportsbooks, though. You will find some of the best online sportsbooks in the state, and even though some of them are operated by lesser-known entities, you will also come across some amazing sportsbooks like the Hard Rock sportsbook and the official Fox betting app. However, the 888 Sportsbook takes the cake – it’s an amazing online sportsbook like no other!

Legal Deposits and Withdrawals in New Jersey

The fact that online casinos in New Jersey are fully legal also allows people from the state to withdraw and deposit money using whichever method they prefer. You don’t need to use bitcoins or any other sort of crypto because of some rule that doesn’t allow you to use direct bank transfers – you may use PayPal, wire transfers, or even credit cards to deposit money into your online casino accounts. As such, you shouldn’t struggle to find any quality online casinos whatsoever, regardless of the payment method of your choosing. Do keep in mind that most online casinos in New Jersey don’t accept PayPal payments, though, so you might want to stick to using traditional bank deposits, wire transfers, or direct credit card payments when gambling in the state. Some online casinos in New Jersey also have land-based casino partners, so you may also visit their buildings to deposit your money there directly. This isn’t a preferred payment method, though, as you would need to leave your house in order to deposit cash and then come back and play – that defeats the whole purpose of gambling online, don’t you think? Most online casinos in New Jersey accept America’s most famous credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard and even American Express in most cases. It doesn’t matter which credit card you use, you should be able to deposit and withdraw money freely as long as you are in NJ.

Are Casino Games Legal in New Jersey?

Even though there are some games that are not permitted to be wagered on in New Jersey, all of the games that you will find in most online casinos are fully accepted to be played in the state. Prohibitions are often imposed upon land-based casinos and wagering institutions when it comes to betting on animals, but online gambling is very freely allowed inside the state. You will find that most online casinos in New Jersey offer plenty of amazing games that you can try. Sportsbooks are very common and most online casinos allow sports betting in one form or another, but online slots are also extremely popular within most online casinos in New Jersey. If you’re a fan of table games, then you’re sure not to be disappointed in the state either. Every online casino game that you find in licensed casinos is fully supported and approved to be played legally in New Jersey. Table games are currently undergoing an increase in popularity in NJ as well, with many people joining the ranks of online poker tables all over the state.

3 Trustworthy Online Casinos New Jersey

Even though New Jersey has a lot of online casinos to offer, we would like to introduce you to our top 3 picks for the best online casino in the entire state. That way, if you’re unsure which online casino to visit first, you can simply use this list as a guide to help you determine which of them will be more enjoyable for you. Surely enough, we’re also giving you some links to our full in-depth reviews of each of these online casinos and, as if that wasn’t enough, we’ll also provide you with ways to claim the best welcome bonuses on each of them. Get started with the best casino bonuses on each of these amazing online sites!

Unibet Casino

The Unibet casino is one of the best online casinos in New Jersey. A thorough Unibet casino review will help you decide whether it’s the site for you or not, although we can safely say that this casino has a bit of everything for everyone: live dealer games, a quality sportsbook, games galore, and much more! Unibet-Casino-Online-Bet-App-640-400

Play at Unibet

The Unibet casino comes with over 1000 games that you can play and enjoy from the comfort of your home in NJ. The Unibet casino is available to be played both on regular computers (it works in most operative systems) as well as in mobile devices, as the site is fully designed to function in phones and tablets alike.

888 Casino

When we heard that the 888 Casino was available in New Jersey, we couldn’t have been happier for our readers. A quick glance at the 888 Casino review will help you know just why – this amazing online casino is one of the oldest in the online casino industry, which has allowed the site to build up a reputation unmatched by many of its top-quality competitors. 888-Casino-Chips-Woman-640-400 

Play at 888 Casino

As a veteran of the online casino industry, the 888 casino has been around ever since 1997, and it now offers an amazing sportsbook where you can bet on your favorite sports games, as well as plenty of amazing slots provided by the world’s most famous online casinos developers. Anything ranging from the best NetEnt games to the simplest of titles created by Evo Gaming are there to be found in the 888 Casino – and all of them are fully available to be played in New Jersey!

Betfair Casino

You might’ve heard of Betfair before, but our thorough Betfair Casino review will give you a more in-depth idea of what to expect from this amazing online casino. Betfair is one of the gambling giants inside the US, and they’ve made their way throughout the entire gambling world to become one of the better-known casinos in the industry. Betfair-Casino-Review-Online-Games-690-400 

Play at BetfairWith plenty of promotions and as many online games as some of the best online casinos in the world, you can access the Betfair casino from New Jersey and claim the site’s best promotions right now. The site has been fully certified as one of the safest online casinos out there, so those of you who prioritize security when gambling online might want to give this online casino a try.

Casino Bonuses New Jersey

Unibet Casino Welcome Bonus – 200% Match Deposit Bonus Up to €200

The Unibet welcome bonus brings a change of pace to the traditional 100% match deposit bonuses that most casinos often give away on your first deposit, as this one guarantees up to €200 with a breathtaking 200% match deposit bonus! The best thing about the Unibet casino is that it allows you to use your free bonus cash in many of its amazing casino games. Try out the best slots on the internet by visiting the Unibet website and claiming your match deposit bonus before the offer runs out – promotions like this one are hard to come by, and it’s only

888 Casino Welcome Bonus – €88 No Deposit Bonus + €140 Match Deposit Bonus

Free play cash and free spins are two of the things that make the clock tick for every gambler, and the 888 Casino welcome bonus allows you to play with more than €200 in free cash so you can make a profit on their games without spending a single cent of your money. Even though the 888 Casino has plenty of games to try and play, their welcome bonus is mainly designed to be spent on their online slots. You may also try out their other games, but you need to be aware that their bonus’ wagering requirements can be much more easily fulfilled if you do so in their online slots. Other games are not as profitable! [button link="" title="Get 888 Casino Bonus" id_casino="1328"]

Betfair Casino Welcome Bonus – €100 Match Deposit Bonus + 25 Free Spins No Deposit Bonus

The spectacular Betfair welcome bonus comes in two parts – an amazing free spin bonus that you can claim without making a deposit om the site, plus a magnificent 100% match deposit bonus of up to €100! Betfair-Casino-Welcome-Bonus-Chips-900-392 The Betfair casino allows people to withdraw and deposit large sums of cash per day, which makes it an ideal website if you’re looking to start making a profit with your online gambling. There’s no better way to get started than using the amazing Betfair welcome bonus to try out their slot games as well as the rest of the games on the site with the match deposit cash.

Get Betfair Bonus

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