Play the New Golden Cryptex Slot by Red Tiger in these Amazing Online Casinos

We knew that we could expect to play a quality game in Golden Cryptex as soon as we saw that RTG was behind its development. Red Tiger Gaming has quickly become one of our favorite online slot creators, as the company seems to work extremely hard to produce unique titles with some of the best graphics in the industry.

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The entire setting of the Golden Cryptex slot shows the level of quality upon which RETG operates. This game has stunning 3D features that make it look like one of those games that you buy on consoles or PC. It truly offers something that the rest don’t seem to have, even though you can’t really tell what it is at first. In any case, we’ll be overviewing this entire game and telling you all about its RTP, its features, and what is it that makes the Golden Cryptex slot one of the best online slots in 2020. Get ahead of the rest and play this title before other players by visiting any of the best online casinos that we’ve listed at the bottom of this article – Golden Cryptex is available in all of them!

Golden Cryptex Slot Review

The Golden Cryptex slot sets you upon an adventure to crack the code of the Cryptex, which is unknown to anyone in the world, but which comes with one promise: they who crack it will receive a handsome monetary reward that will set you on your way to earning riches like never before. The game was developed by RTG and it comes with high volatility and a decent RTP, combined with 3 paylines in 5 reels. This game is a small throwback to the days when 3 paylines was the most common thing in online slots, but it combines this with a sense of modernity with its 5 reels and a few features like extra free spins and the elusive Cryptex Cash to provide it with a sense of uniqueness.

Game Aesthetic & Theme

The aesthetic of the game is fantastic, and it’s amazingly well complemented by the musical and sound choices made by the creators of the game. The concept and theme are pretty simple: you will be presented with a small device that has a code that needs to be cracked. If you are one of the lucky ones to crack the code (done by landing symbols in a row), then you’ll be one of the ones to earn the amazing rewards hidden within the elusive Cryptex. The theme is unique, but the execution of the concept is just amazing.

Golden Cryptex Features

As a game with just 3 paylines, the Golden Cryptex slot aims to take you on a journey back to the origins of online slots, when multiple paylines weren’t such a common thing. However, the 3 paylines mean that you’ll only be able to land winning spins when 5 symbols land in a row. We won’t lie to you – that also means that winning is difficult, which is why the volatility of this game is so high. We’ve played for a long time and we never notice a single round in which we won less money than our original bet, which is something that never happens when you play games with more paylines. Fewer paylines also mean higher payouts, even though the tradeoff is higher volatility. Free Spins If you happen to land the A symbol a few times in a row, you will unlock a whole bunch of free spins (up to 10) that will have the same value as the amount of money that you bet to win the spins. We played for a while and we weren’t lucky enough to land the free spin round, so bear in mind it can be quite difficult – especially when there are only 3 paylines to do it. As you can imagine, you need to land the A symbols on a payline, and the game doesn’t have any scatters. There are wilds, though, but these don’t work for boosting the A symbols.

Music & Sounds

The entire game is made to make it seem quite relaxing to play, even though you’ll be trying to decode that Cryptex and get your hands on the best prizes that it has to offer. The sounds of slots landing make the game super satisfying for your ears! We’re not only going to praise the sounds of the game, though. The music itself is one of the most relaxing (yet quite exciting) that we’ve happened to come across while playing online slots. It gets repetitive too quickly, but that doesn’t take away from its quality. You might want to mute it halfway through your session, though, or you’ll be driven nuts for its relatively short length. It loops after it ends, so you’ll end up hearing the same music for a while. That can be annoying if you’re planning to spend a lot of time on the Golden Cryptex slot. The sounds that trigger whenever you land symbols in a row are really satisfying, but our favorite sound of this game is the one that triggers when you land the A symbol (which is the Free Spin trigger). It sounds really satisfying, and we’re sure that you’ll love it as much as we did. We only wished that there was an option to mute the music but keep the game sounds, as that would be the one we would be choosing!

RTP & Technical Features

The one complaint that we have about Golden Cryptex is not related to the graphics, the sound, or anything else that makes the game what it is. On the contrary, we think that the RTP of this game is the only thing that lets it down. It only comes with an RTP of 95.7%, which isn’t really the end of the world or anything, but it does mean that you can expect a lower return than in most modern online slots (most of which offer at least 96%). The fact that this game also has very high volatility makes the lower RTP seem even more drastic at times. When you happen to go on a streak of bad luck, it’ll truly seem like you’re never going to recover from it, which can make the game pretty frustrating if you’re chasing a profit alone (which you shouldn’t do!).

Red Tiger Gaming – Who Are They?

Red Tiger Gaming is consistently getting rated as one of the best online casino developers, and games like this one show exactly why that is. RTG was founded back in 2014, which makes it one of the newest success stories of the online casino industry. It’s to the surprise of no one, though, that this online casino developer has managed to grow so quickly. RTG develops online casino games that you won’t believe. The engineers focus on developing titles with the use of an exclusive 3D engine. This engine allows the company to create immersive games and set them in a very complex environment, which in turn makes RTG games some of the most enjoyable in the industry. If you’re after quality games and gameplay that you’ll never forget, then you can head straight to the best RTG casinos and enjoy their high-quality online slots and a small selection of table games.

Where Can You Play Golden Cryptex?

Given that the game is developed by RTG (also known as Red Tiger Gaming), you will be able to find this fantastic online slot in any online casino that hosts the latest games made by the company. Thankfully, we have narrowed down your list of possibilities to the three best online casinos in which you can play the game. As an added bonus, we’ll also tell you all about the best casino promotions that all of these casinos have in store for you, so you can play this amazing game with bonus cash to get the best bang for your buck. You may not be able to use the money directly on Golden Cryptex, but these bonuses will allow you to earn cash that can, indeed, be used in this amazing game! Waste no more time and head to any of the following casinos to enjoy nothing but the best rewards on the internet:


The Videoslots casino is one of the best online sites when it comes to providing people with the best online casino slots. Naturally, that means that you can expect to find all of the new and hottest games on the market right on this casino. It’s of no surprise that the Golden Cryptex slot, one of the finest new additions to the online casino scene in 2020, is here to be played. The Videoslots casino presents users with the chance to play games of all sorts as well as unique promotions such as the Battle of the Slots. We tend to recommend the Videoslots casino to readers that enjoy playing online slots and do so for the better part of their time online. This casino will provide you with a twist to such a popular practice, and keep you from getting bored – even if you’ve been playing for a long time. Aside from that, you’ll also encounter unique promotions and Videoslots bonuses that will grant you free spins and free bonus cash to be spent in the finest games that the site has to offer. If you’re on a hunt to find the right casino to enjoy promotions and rejoice on something different, for a change, then this might be the one you’ve been looking for. Waste no time and head straight to the virtual halls of Videoslots and try out the exclusive features that the site has in store for you!

Play at Videoslots


Our mBit Casino review goes into full depth as to what you can expect from this online casino, but one thing’s for sure: when it comes to cryptocurrency casinos, mBit is one of the best bitcoin casinos to grace the internet in the 2020s. Not many sites offer such a level of player-friendliness as the mBit Casino, and this one shows it straight from the get-go. As soon as you choose to create a new account on this online casino, you will notice that the process is extremely straightforward and seems to make every step easy for the player. mBit aims to keep this focus through the entire casino, and you will hardly struggle to do anything while on this site. Transactions are, by far, one of the best and quickest that you’ll come across while gambling online. Your account will be instantly given a bitcoin wallet, where you’ll be able to make deposits and withdrawals to your own bitcoin wallet and, subsequently, to your bank account. The entire process of making deposits and withdrawals has never been easier than it is at mBit. Bitcoin casinos can be hard to trust, but not this one. If you want to play Golden Cryptex with bitcoins, then you’ll want to check out this brilliant casino. The mBit casino bonuses are also some of the best bonuses on the internet, and we’re sure you won’t want to miss out on any of them.

Play at mBitCasino

Casino Winner

The Casino Winner doesn’t fall behind when it comes to being friendly to players, but the main advantage of this site is somewhere else. You’ll find that this brilliant online casino has everything in place to provide you with a unique experience, ranging from a selection of games that you haven’t seen before to exclusive bonuses for loyal players. Rewards are aplenty at the Casino Winner, and players can use their money to play some of the best online casino games to ever grace the industry. Arguably one of the best casinos to visit and play Golden Cryptex, the Casino Winner truly packs a punch with the number of exclusive features and bonuses that it has to offer. Don’t miss out on the amazing Casino Winner welcome bonus to kickstart your account with a loud bang! In any case, the Casino Winner has one feature that none other of our top-rated online casinos have: the inclusion of Virtual Sports. This fantastic type of game allows you to constantly bet on sports by watching live (simulated) games, packed with action and thrill. Once you’re done playing Virtual Football or Tennis, though, you’ll want to check out the gallery of online slots that the Casino Winner has to offer. Some of the best online casino games ever seen are here to be played and enjoyed by all visitors of the site.

Play at Casino Winner

Golden Cryptex – OUT NOW!

If you’re after a game set in a unique environment, then you’ll want to head to any of the best online casinos that we’ve mentioned here and enjoy the amazing Golden Cryptex slot. Paylines might not be aplenty at this slot, but apart from profitability, its twists and unique features make it a game worth your while. We know that many of our readers are after the best online slots on the planet, and we truly believe that they’ve come across one of the best in Golden Cryptex. The game is different from most video slots that we’ve been playing in the last few years, so head to any of these casinos looking forward to a unique and unforgettable experience. There’s no time to waste! Visit the Casino Winner, mBit, Videoslots or any other Red Tiger Gaming casinos that we have here, at The Casino Wizard, to play this new online slot and claim rewards like never before!

Last updated  May 24, 2022
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