One of the most common questions that we’ve seen on the internet is whether you should play in online casinos or if you’d be better off visiting one of those local casinos that you’ll find in your hometown. We’ve already spoken about the subject before, but now that online casinos are becoming even more popular than ever, we feel that it’s relevant for us to tell you more about it again.

The world of online casinos is huge and not one to be underestimated. Of course, you cannot play in just about any online casino as there are some sites that are extremely unreliable and provide unsafe experiences for all.

If you’re keen to play in the best online casinos in the world, then you’ll have an edge over people who play in land-based casinos. We’ll be taking a look at the pros of playing in online casinos and weighing them against the pros of playing in land-based sites so you can make a decision on your own!

Don’t worry, though – we’ll also tell you which are the best online casinos to kickstart your journey in a heartbeat.

Why You Should Play Online

Given that playing online has many more benefits compared to playing in land-based casinos, we’re going to start this article by telling you the reasons why we believe that online play is superior to physical-casino gambling.

There are 7 reasons why we truly think that, which are as follows:

Casino Bonuses are Just Too Good

One of the things that land-based casinos will never be able to top is the ability for online casinos to give players online casino bonuses. This allows gamers to get extra cash that, even though it’s tied to wagering requirements, it is often a great way to promote free-play within an online casino regardless of where it’s from.

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Instant Access to Games – A Feature Not to Take for Granted

Another huge aspect of online casinos that cannot be matched by any land-based site is that you will always have access to every game. You don’t have to wait around for the casino to enable certain areas, nor will you have to do anything other than open a game browser, type in the name of the game that you want to play, and dive straight into the action.

The fact that every game is always available is just a huge advantage that no land-based site can match. You will never have to wait around for dealer changes, full tables, or anything of the likes. Choose the game that you want to play and get down to business. That’s all there is.

Many More Games are Found Online

Even though there are some absolutely massive physical casinos, the number of games that they offer will never compare to the large number of titles that you’ll find in a land-based establishment. The world’s best online casinos are home to thousands of games. You will even find casinos that are home to more than 3,000 online slots, something that no land-based casino on Earth could possibly match.

You can open them and play them with free spins from your home, or you could visit other parts of the online casino to play games for free. Table games, slots, live dealer games, contest games, and more; the world of iGaming is home to the best titles on the planet.

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No Waiting Times in Most Games (Except Live Dealer Tables)

There’s a common issue that tends to be detrimental in the world of gambling, and that is having to wait for other people to finish so you can play a game of your choice. In online casinos, this issue is non-existent. Visit any game that you want and play it – no waiting times allowed!

Multiple Payment Methods and Currencies

The world’s best online casinos accept players to play with many types of currencies, and your money will also be given to you in any currency of your choice – including cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins or Ethereum!

No Commuting – Play Anywhere!

Arguably the main reason as to why online casinos are so popular is because you can kill the urge to play regardless of where you are. If you’re at home, you can sit in front of your computer and start playing any game that you want, at any time that you want. If you’re at a work break, then you can sit down and wager a bit before returning back to business.

Online casinos can be accessed from mobile devices and you get to play whichever game you want regardless of where you are. It’s one of the main reasons as to why they are so popular one of the reasons why their popularity will always keep growing: everyone has access to them and all you need is a device with an internet browser and internet connection.

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Licensing – A Must-Have in Today’s Gambling World

In the past, it was common not to think that online casinos were far more unsafe than land-based casinos because there wasn’t a proper regulatory entity that could keep the sites in check.

Now that online casinos have advanced so much and now that online gambling is so widely popular in the world, there are many authorities that have taken the time to provide sites with licenses, which ensure that the sites are safe locations to visit regardless of where you live.

Licensing ensures that an online casino has been fully audited. Check out the licenses of an online casino and, should they have been provided by one of the world’s leading gambling authorities, you can rest assured that the site of your choice is a safe one to visit.

Why You Might Prefer Local Casinos

Now, with all of that said, that doesn’t mean that land-based casinos are not good places in which you can spend your cash and keep yourself entertained. These are the two reasons why you might want to visit a land-based casino over an online site:

The Experience is One of a Kind

Arguably the main reason as to why we still enjoy our occasional run to our local casinos, the experience of visiting a casino and living the life of a gambler is just one that you need to try at least once in your life. If you’re truly passionate about gambling, then it’s a must for you to visit a land-based casino and see what the fuzz is all about.

In fact, even if you’ve already visited casinos before, it might be good to go to one from time to time. The experience is one of a kind and even though you might end up losing more money than you would in an online casino, playing with other people around you might do you a world of good.

You Might Get Free Food and Drinks, but Beware!

Land-based casinos are known to offer free drinks and food to players, but you need to be very aware of this seemingly huge advantage of land-based casinos.

The main reason why land-based casinos offer players free alcohol is because their judgment gets clouded, which ends up meaning that they’ll overspend and probably make a judgment error whilst at the casino’s premises.

This means that the casino sees alcohol and food as a sort of short-time investment that could potentially generate a huge profit for the establishment.

If you’re going to visit a casino to take advantage of this, be sure that you have a budget and that you don’t exceed it or else you could end up being the one taken advantage of.

The Best Online Casinos to Start Your Journey

Starting your online casino journey in the best online casinos in the world will go a long way in shaping your experience towards what you want it to be. However, if you play in online casinos that aren’t reputable or if you play in sites that simply do not offer what you’re looking for, then chances are that you’ll be in for a world of disappointment at your doorstep.

Finding the best online casinos in the world might not be as easy as it may seem at first glance, but don’t you worry – you have us. We have created a curated list of the best online casinos that we have ever visited, all of which offer players the chance to claim some of the best bonuses out there.

As such, not only will you be playing with free bonus cash, but you’ll also be doing it in the best sites in the world. Visit any of these casinos, check out what they’re all about, and play the best and most profitable casino games in the industry without leaving the comfort of your home!

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