If you’re one of those people who looks for online casinos to play for a long while, then you can rest assured that you’ve come to the right place with Astralbet. The site offers every player the chance to claim amazing bonuses, and the only requirement that they ask is loyalty. You can play on the site for a while and watch your reward points build up, and then claim the most exclusive promotions on the site.

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The Astralbet loyalty program is based around Astral Points, which are points given to loyal players as they spend time on the site. The Astralbet website is one of those online casinos that vows to take you on an interstellar journey through a galaxy of rewards, and with hundreds of players having already claimed incredible bonus rewards, it would be wise for you to visit the site and see what they offer.

We’re here, though, to guide you through the basics of the Astralbet loyalty program and to show you why you might want to visit the site and spend your money here. We know that some conditions are not the best for every player, but if you think that you’re ready to take on the challenge, then have no doubts that this awesome casino is going to reward you diligently.

The Astralbet Loyalty Program – How Does It Work?

The Astralbet casino rewards players that wager their cash on the site as constantly as possible. The way the system works is that the site will give you rewards depending on how much money you spend. Basically, the more you play on the site, the bigger and better your rewards will be. There aren’t any hidden conditions or terms – simply play and enjoy your rewards!

Naturally, as you might’ve expected, the rewards aren’t as easy to obtain. Points take a long time to build up, and since the VIP scheme of this casino is built into different tiers, it does take a long while to move up a tier unless you’re a high roller that spends thousands of dollars a week on the site. In any case, loyal players will have no problem building up rewards on the site.

Most games on the Astralbet casino will grant you points with each bet that you make. However, certain games offer fewer points as rewards when compared to others. Slots will give you one point with every €10 that you bet on them, whilst table games like poker will only give you a point with every €1000 bet that you place.

The Astralbet loyalty program is all about understanding which bets are better for you and which ones give you the most rewards in the long run. If you’re really good at video poker, you might make more points playing that game instead of slots. You have to judge this on your own, though, depending on how skillful you feel playing each game.

Do keep in mind, however, that table games do not contribute towards your point tally. You can only play games where luck is a major factor! Jackpot games don’t count either.

Obtaining Astral Points and Reward Tiers

You’ll be able to collect a ton of Astral points if you’re a frequent Astralbet player. It will take a while, but that’s the entire point of the loyalty system of the website. Once you’ve collected enough points, you can decide whether you’d like to claim them or collect them to help you advance on the tier system of the site.

There are three main tiers that you can belong to, depending on the total number of points that you’ve collected. Each tier will also accelerate the number of points that you can get on each type of game. For starters, when you first log in to the website, you’ll be sitting at the Bronze tier. You’ll belong to this tier until you’ve managed to collect 1000 points.

After you’ve collected 1000 points, you can decide whether to claim them or keep them – if you keep them, you’ll be changed to the Silver tier. In here, you can then obtain points 5% faster than you did before. That means that each point that you used to get will now become 1,05. For example, if you bet €10 on slots, you will now receive 1,05 instead of 1.

This increase in points might not look like much, but in the long run, you’ll notice how much of a difference it really makes!

The next tier, called Gold, will be reached once you get 2500 unclaimed points, whilst the last category, Platinum, is reached once you hold a total of 5000 unclaimed points.

Converting Astral Points to Cash

You can also choose to convert the Astral points that the website awards you into cash instead of keeping them. As the site notes, you can only convert 500 points or upwards into cash. Every 100 points that you collect become €5 or their equivalent in other foreign currency. You can then use the money earned with the points redeemed to play the best games on the Astral bet website and earn more cash and even more points!

Do keep in mind, however, that points expire after 30 days. You’ll need to claim them before the month passes or they will be removed from your account. This also makes it a bit difficult to sit on the points to keep yourself high in the tier system, but you can just claim all of the points when the 30 days are about to expire to collect as many bonus euros as possible!

All of the bonus cash obtained with this promotion are not subjected to any wagering requirements. That means that all of the bonus cash claimed with the points will be instantly awarded to your account as part of your regular balance, and you won’t need to do any betting with it to be able to call it your own!

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