The Best Bitcoin Casinos in Canada

Wagering bitcoins is one of the best ways that modern gamblers have to bet their money from the comfort of their own homes without having to wait long and drawn-out processes to get and receive payments. Those who are willing to open a bitcoin wallet or use cryptos to wager money are prone to becoming far happier gamblers than anyone else thanks to the quick withdrawal times offered by modern gambling websites. 

The best bitcoin casinos in Canada are no different from the best online casinos in the world.

In fact, you’ll find that the best casinos where you can wager bitcoins in the upper half of North America are also rated amongst the best websites in the world. It’s not all about withdrawal times either – the best bitcoin casinos in Canada are sure to offer some of the most tempting promotions that we’ve seen so far.

In any case, getting scammed out of your bitcoin wallet cash is as easy as stealing candy from a baby if you don’t know where to play. We’ve made a list of the best bitcoin casinos in Canada to ensure that you won’t lose your cash while playing online and also receive the best bitcoin bonuses in the world while doing so.

Videoslots Casino – The Best Online Slots Website

The Videoslots casino is one of the best bitcoin casinos in Canada, but oddly enough, the site isn’t particularly known for its handling of bitcoin transactions and the use of cryptos. In fact, when you come across the Videoslots website, you’ll probably notice how their main focus is on showing you how many amazing games they have available for you. VideoSlots-Casino-Battle-Game-Slots-Extra-Cash-1246-767

Play at Videoslots Casino

Don’t be fooled by this, though. The Videoslots casino is a site that outshines competitors in terms of how many slot games they have at your disposal. The casino allows you to play a large variety of casino games, amongst which you’ll find the best titles developed by the best casino game developer in the industry.

That’s the least you can expect from the best bitcoin casinos in Canada, after all! Thankfully, Videoslots is not all about quantity. The site has shown, in recent times, how they are truly all about customer experience and having players try out their games and enjoy a fun time on the site. The fact that you can deposit and withdraw bitcoins is just a huge plus that the site offers!

In any case, it’s rather odd that none of the site’s promotions are available in bitcoins. They have informed every player registered on the platform that they would be accepting bitcoins from 2017 and onwards, though!

Games Galore and the Best Promotions

If you’re looking for a lot of online casino slots, then the Videoslots website is probably second to none in your list of casinos to try out. They offer as many games and promotions as you might want to try out in the near future. You won’t ever get bored in the Videoslots casino if you’re a fan of slot games in online casinos!

They do offer a lot of simple promotions for players to claim, including the simple yet tempting Videoslots welcome bonus that bodes to match up to 100% of your first deposit with a cap of €200. Sure, you might not earn thousands of euros with this reward cash, but you can rest assured that your first deposit will reload your account with a sum of cash that could last you for weeks if spent wisely.

Another awesome aspect that we truly enjoy about the Videoslots casino is that the site makes it very easy for you to navigate through its menus. You can simply visit the Videoslots casino and you’ll instantly know what you’re going to click. There are no hidden menus or any annoying paths that you’ll need to follow to get to your destination.

If you don’t know what you want to play, fear not – the catalog section of the slots available at the casino makes it very easy for you to find exactly what you want to play. There’s a reason why this is one of the best bitcoin casinos in Canada!

BitStarz Casino – One of the Best Bitcoin Casinos on Earth

Alright, we know you’ve heard of this casino before. BitStarz is arguably the best-known online casinos that deal with bitcoins on Earth. They have been around for as long as bitcoin gambling has been a thing, and they truly know what players want and how to offer it to them. With promotions that will blow your mind and games that you won’t find elsewhere, visiting BitStarz is a must if you want to try bitcoin gambling at any given time in your life. Disappointment surely won’t await for you there! BitStarz-Casino-Table-Wars-682-383

Play at BitStarz

With less than a decade of experience as of 2019, the BitStarz casino shows how new online casinos can work as if they were veterans in the online casino industry. The site is very well operated, and it shows on the way they deal with customer complaints and with how they treat people to some of the world’s best online casino promotions in bitcoins.

BitStarz has, in fact, become a hub for players who wish to wager with cryptocurrency regardless of where in the world they come from. You can claim promotions given away by the BitStarz casino from almost every corner on Earth, as the site doesn’t limit too much where people can visit it from. With a design that makes it aesthetically pleasing and games that won’t let you get bored, the BitStarz casino is one of the best bitcoin casinos in Canada and a leading member of the cryptocurrency gambling community in the world.

SoftSwiss – The Mastermind Behind the Best Bitcoin Casinos

If there’s one company that you can attribute the success of most bitcoin casinos, that is SoftSwiss. The company has quickly grown to become a provider of online casino games and compatibility software that makes any other game on the online casino industry deal with bitcoins and change their values in real-time.

It’s no surprise, then, that they are the main software providers of the BitStarz casino. They work with some of the world’s best online casino games and make them accept bitcoins as a form of payment, so every online casino that deals with cryptos can include these games on their catalog of titles.

You’ll find titles that work as intended in the BitStarz casino. No annoying bugs, no issues processing payments, and no inconveniences while wagering. However, if anything happens to go wrong, you know you can count on the BitStarz casino staff to help you through any issues that you may have.

Investing bitcoins is always a risky thing to do, but as long as you know you’re playing on a site like BitStarz, you can rest assured that there are no problems that won’t be resolved by the staff that works there. Enjoy the best casino games and play as much as you want with SoftSwiss standing behind the success of your favorite website in Canada!

7Bit Casino – Wager with Bitcoins on the 7Bit Site

Sure, the 7Bit casino might not be the most game-packed online casino on the market, but it’s one of the most reputable places where you can wager your bitcoins. The site has quickly grown to become one of the leading bitcoin casinos in the world after having joined the casino movement specifically for creating a platform to help people wager cryptos as they wish. 7Bit-Casino-Car-Cartoons-Welcome-Bonus-716-760

Play at 7BitCasino

The 7Bit casino is, therefore, one of the best Bitcoin casinos that you can visit in Canada. Players from all over the country are welcome to join and enjoy a variety of bitcoin promotions that not many other sites are capable of offering. In fact, bitcoin promotions are just one of the many advantages that you’ll find on the 7Bit website.

Games are not as plentiful as in other online casinos, but having a platform where you can gamble bitcoins freely in every game is as amazing as it gets. Just be sure to respect the rules of the site, abide by them, and enjoy a plethora of promotions that are constantly being refreshed as time goes by. New offers are always at the turn of the corner!

Bitcoin Slots – The Best Bitcoin Games on 7Bit

If there’s one thing that you’ll never be able to complain about when gambling on the 7Bit casino, that is the large variety of different slots that you’ll find on the site. With a collection comprising more than 500 games, slots are aplenty on this amazing site. If you’re a fan of slots over table games, then you should pay one of the best bitcoin casinos in Canada a visit at the 7Bit website.

What we truly love about 7Bit is that slots are always there regardless of your mood. You might feel like playing some traditional slots or maybe some more creative games with various reels and multiple winning lines. The 7Bit website has everything that you need to keep yourself gambling and entertained for the better part of your day.

As you might expect from such a varied website, the software developers that provide the 7Bit casino are amongst the best in the world. You’ll find games made by the most reputable companies that the online casino industry has ever seen, amongst which you’ll find the best titles made by NetEnt and the awesome people of Betsoft.

Some titles have a great level of detail that make you wonder why they haven’t been turned into blown-out console games or traditional platformers, as the amount of effort that some of these companies put in their slot titles is clearly seen while gambling on the platforms provided by 7Bit.

Worry not – if you’re one of those people who love to play those games that often go under the radar in the major scheme of things, then pay the 7Bit website a visit. They have games made by some lesser-known developers, providing users with the chance to try out new titles without fearing for scams.

7Bit Bitcoin Bonuses

Another amazing aspect of the 7Bit casino is that all of the promotions that the site offers might be claimed in bitcoins. As such, people who love to receive rewards in cryptos need to pay this site a visit as soon as possible. The website’s first bonus, for example, is a traditional match deposit bonus of 100% that will see your bitcoin value double with a single deposit on the site.

People looking for more intricate bonuses might also find them on the promotions section of the site. One thing’s for sure, though – the 7Bit casino staff truly know how to keep their playerbase happy, as bonuses are aplenty and offers keep getting renewed as time goes by.

7Bit Casino Mobile Gambling

If you’re looking for the best place on the internet to wager bitcoins from your phone or tablet, then you’ve found one of those sites that sit on the table with the best bitcoin casinos in Canada while also offering amazing services in mobile gaming. You can access the 7Bit casino website from the comfort of your phone or tablet and enjoy promotions on the go!

The site is fully supported to work on mobile and you won’t have to risk or compromise your data’s safety thanks to the data encryption mechanisms used by the site. It doesn’t matter if you prefer iOS or Android phones – both platforms are fully compatible with the games available at the 7Bit casino.

We’ve found that the 7Bit mobile website loads very quickly. The site offers no delay times when compared to other sites from competitors, which means that you’ll be able to log into your account from your phone and get to play the best games on the internet while wagering your bitcoins without having to encounter annoying loading screens.

Last updated  May 24, 2022
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