The Casino Wizard has been awarded the GPWA Seal of Approval

The Casino Wizard has been awarded the GPWA Seal of Approval

Every online casino website likes to be recognized for their high-quality services, and it is with great pride that The Casino Wizard can announce its reception of the GPWA Seal of Approval. The site has always remained professional in its practices, and now that we’ve been helping you find the best online bonuses for quite some time, The Casino Wizard can now claim to be a proud holder of this prestigious award. The GPWA is known to only give this award to websites that have proven to be fully professional towards users, using non-scammy practices to promote online casinos. We’ve always proud ourselves in the way we approach online gambling, always keeping our users safe from scams and letting them know of the dangers that they face when gambling on the internet. As such, it’s only natural to feel a ton of pride to be recognized by the way we approach gambling. The Casino Wizard will always strive to do the best it can to keep users aware of all the latest casino bonuses while also caring for their well-being. Wagering on sites promoted by The Casino Wizard ensures maximum user satisfaction, and the GPWA Seal of Approval is a testament of it!

What is the GPWA Seal of Approval?

The GPWA Seal of Approval is a reward given away by the GPWA (Gambling Portal Webmaster’s Association) to every online casino website that complies with their regulations and continuously provides top-quality services for every single one of its visitors. The GPWA has always given the utmost importance to rating online casino websites and approving them so readers can be sure that the site is fully trusted and offers the best services possible. As such, sites with the GPWA Seal of Approval rank amongst the best online casino-related websites on the internet. The Casino Wizard is extremely proud to have been admitted to such a prestigious group of sites, and we’ll strive to provide the best available bonuses and online casino promotions on the planet for as long as we continue existing.

Conditions to Receive the GPWA Seal of Approval

As you’d expect, there are a series of conditions with which every online casino website must comply in order to be eligible to receive the Seal of Approval. The Casino Wizard has been sticking to these conditions since its very beginning, so being awarded this seal serves to show that we’ve been doing things the right way.

Avoiding Copies by All Means

The worst thing that an online casino website can do is copy content from other sites, or even plagiarize what’s found by simply copying it directly into a different website. All the content that you find in The Casino Wizard has been written by our team of professional writers and gambling experts, all of which always strive to produce the best casino content to suit your needs.

Keeping Users Free from Spam

Spamming users’ email addresses or even their computer when they visit an online casino site is one of the most annoying practices that casino websites like to employ. We’ve always frowned upon those who do it, and it would be hypocritical for us to engage in similar practices. As such, we’ve strived clear of spamming our readers with trash ads in any way possible. You’ll find the promotions that you’ll want to find on The Casino Wizard. We won’t impose our personal agenda on you – our goal is to help you decide for yourself what you want to do and which casino games you want to play. We’re just here to show you around and let you know of the best online casino promotions and bonuses on the planet – it’s up to you to make a final decision on which games you love the most!

Always Keeping Users Informed Beyond Casino Promotions

Many websites only focus on giving players the necessary info that they want to read in terms of bonuses and online casinos available for them. However, just encouraging people to spend their money is a rather unprofessional approach, and it’s always important to keep people informed of what they’re getting into. There’s a reason why sites that only care about promotion online casinos don’t have the GPWA Seal of Approval and we do! Please refer to our section of articles to find out everything you need to know about online gambling and how you can avoid becoming an addict but still enjoy the best online casinos on the internet without a thing to worry about.

Professional Business Practices

Acting professional in every way is one of those things that every reader wants from its online casino provider. We will always be as straightforward with you as possible and we won’t try to convince you to play on websites that we wouldn’t play on. The sites that we review on The Casino Wizard have all been tried out by professionals and gambling experts before the reviews are written, so we know what we’re talking about! In any case, The Casino Wizard strives to remain professional regardless of how the online casino industry evolves. If things go bad, we’ll always strive for the best we can do.

Avoiding Showing Pornographic Advertisement

The trend of showing porn ads in most online casino sites is very common and even less surprising. Many people associate gambling to adult-related activities such as alcohol consumption and sex, but in reality, the last thing you’ll want to see when visiting a portal to find out about the best online casinos on the planet is porn. Pornography makes websites look unprofessional regardless of what the yare about. However, porn ads tend to pay a lot, which is why many online casino websites tend to show porn ads on their portals. The Casino Wizard would much rather not earn those extra euros and keep the site clean, looking professional for every online gambler to enjoy.

Last updated  April 1, 2024
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