The Web's Most Complete Guide on Bitcoin Gambling

The Ultimate Bitcoin Gambling Guide, on Your Screen

The growth of bitcoin gambling, ever since 2017, is undeniable. As such, we have decided to create the web’s most complete guide on bitcoin gambling to help you get a strong grasp of the features that make it such a popular practice. Bitcoin-Casinos-Chips-Bitcoins-1200-750

We want to show you how easy it is to play casino games with bitcoins, but we’re taking it a step further beyond. Our aim is to tell you how to get started in any bitcoin casino from scratch, so even the most amateur of gamblers should be able to register in a bitcoin casino and play as soon as they’re done reading this guide.

Our complete guide on bitcoin gambling is here to tell you all you need to know about bitcoin gambling, crypto casinos, how to withdraw and deposit bitcoins in online casinos, and much more!

What is Bitcoin Gambling?

Bitcoin gambling is the art of using your bitcoins to wager in different chance-based games such as slots, table games, keno, scratch cards, dice, sic bo, live dealer casino games, and even in sportsbooks. Bitcoin gambling is a practice that is almost as old as bitcoins themselves, with the first instance of bitcoin gambling happening just a couple of years after bitcoin came to be.

Currently, modern online casinos are opting to take payments in bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies to ensure that almost anyone can play in them. Bitcoin gambling is an evolved form of online gambling, as it allows players to claim better bonuses, play with much more money than usual, and receive incredible rewards that will keep their accounts packed with cash in the best bitcoin casinos.

The History of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Casinos

Ever since bitcoin came to be in the late 2000s, people have found ways to spend bitcoin in exchange for monetary rewards. As such, the history of bitcoin and bitcoin casinos is pretty much interlaced. The modern bitcoin casinos that you know have been regulated and prominent since 2016, but bitcoin gambling started taking shape in 2011.

The first instance of bitcoin gambling was seen in the form of poker rooms that took bitcoin payments back in 2011. However, bitcoin dice became an even more popular form of bitcoin gambling that is still seen as one of the most played bitcoin games over a decade after its release. Modern online casinos are wise to offer bitcoin payments and cryptocurrencies in general given the way that bitcoin casinos have evolved through the years.

You can read our complete overview of bitcoin gambling and bitcoin casino history right here.

What You Should Know on How to Gamble with Bitcoin

Gambling with bitcoin rarely differs from standard gambling in the world’s best online casinos. The main difference between both types of gambling resides in the payment and withdrawal methods that these sites use. Here are some tips that will help you understand how to gamble with bitcoin in a much easier fashion:

  • You’ll want to get a bitcoin wallet to maximize the effectiveness and speed of payments
  • Make sure to know the exact value of your bitcoin in USD or EUR as to not overspend
  • Always maximize bitcoin deposit bonuses if given the chance
  • Only play in regulated bitcoin casinos or risk losing your money

These are just some tips, though. You can read our complete guide on how to gamble with bitcoin to get an even stronger grasp of the steps to take in order to begin your crypto gambling journey.

How to Buy Bitcoin and How to Get Easily Get Them

Before you can get started in the world of bitcoin gambling in the best cryptocurrency casinos, it’s important that you know how to get your hands on bitcoin if you don’t already own some. This part of the guide is meant for those that haven’t bought bitcoin before, and serves as simple guidelines to

First and Foremost, Create Your Wallet

The first step that you’ll need to take in order to have a successful and rewarding bitcoin gambling experience is to create a bitcoin wallet. Never trust your money to remain safe in an exchange (even though they are good places to store your bitcoins and cryptos temporarily). Always use a bitcoin wallet to play in bitcoin casinos. We recommend you to check out the following:

  • Exodus
  • Electrum
  • Mycelium
  • Coinbase (exchange and wallet)

Bitcoin Exchanges

If you don’t own bitcoins or the crypto casino that you want to visit only offers bitcoin payments and you have other cryptos, head over to a crypto exchange and trade with other people. Cryptocurrency exchanges require you to verify your identity to make sure that you’re not a scammer and to hold you accountable for any issues that may occur during a trade. The best and easiest to use bitcoin exchanges that we recommend are the following:

  • Coinbase
  • Bisq
  • Binance

Mining Your Own Bitcoin

There’s also the possibility for you to mine your own bitcoins or cryptos and then get them out into your bitcoin wallet to use the money as you please. Sure, you might take way longer to mine a dollar than to spend it, but you would be playing for “free”. You might be a little late to the world of Bitcoin mining, but it’s never too late to try. Keep in mind that it’s not going to be as easy as it was in the early 2010s.

Purchase Bitcoin or Other Cryptos

Just like we said before, one of the best ways to get your hands on cryptos is to simply buy them or trade cryptos between one another. Bitcoin exchanges allow you to trade bitcoin, Doge, Eth, and many other types of cryptos for standard currency or between one another.

The Types of Bitcoin Gambling Explained

Crypto casinos and bitcoin casinos offer a selection of incredible games that make it easy for you to get lost in the world of casino gambling by selecting the most relevant bitcoin games.

Bitcoin Slots

The best bitcoin slots on the internet don’t differ from the best overall slot games that you can find. Why? Because companies have made it easy for players to enjoy all sorts of reel-based games regardless of their payment method of choice. You can check out some of our top picks for the best slots in the world, all of which can be played with bitcoin in bitcoin casinos, right here.

Bitcoin Roulette

Bitcoin roulette allows you to spin the wheel and earn massive rewards while spending your bitcoins and cryptos in bitcoin casinos.

Almost every single bitcoin casino allows you to play roulette, which makes total sense because this is one of the most popular games in the iGaming world! Learn all about bitcoin roulette and enjoy the best bitcoin roulette games on the internet and make the best of your time as a wheel-spinning master when gambling with cryptos!

You can play bitcoin roulette at the 7Bit Casino by following this link.

Bitcoin Dice

Bitcoin dice is one of the first bitcoin games that came to prominence, but the popularity of this fantastic casino game is still as high as ever. Exclusive bitcoin dice sites are aplenty, but there are many online casinos that offer bitcoin dice as one of their flagship games. The classic bitcoin dice game awaits those who want to enjoy a fine gambling experience. Learn more about this fantastic title, and where to play it, with our bitcoin dice guide.

Bitcoin Blackjack

Almost every single bitcoin casino allows gamblers to spend their cryptos on blackjack. Crypto blackjack allows you to spend a lot of cash on high-stakes tables and is widely available in both virtual and live-dealer forms. You can choose which game you like the most and spend your cash accordingly on the finest bitcoin blackjack tables on the internet. Play blackjack with bitcoins in the best crypto casinos with our complete bitcoin blackjack guide.

Bitcoin Poker

Playing poker with bitcoin can open up a doorway towards a world of high-stakes gambling tables where you’ll compete against the most serious of poker gamblers on the internet. Choose your tables wisely and play with others in a game that is touted as one of the most competitive on the internet. Learn more about bitcoin poker, why the game is so popular, and why you may want to play it, with our bitcoin poker guide.

A Short Guide on Bitcoin Sports Betting

Bitcoin sports betting has been on an exponential growth curve in the past few years. Currently, many of the worlds’ best sportsbooks are offering bitcoin payments and withdrawals, as well as bets made directly in BTC. Here’s what you’ll need to do if you want to have a satisfying sports betting experience with bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies:

  • Find a casino that offers bitcoin sportsbook bonuses
  • Make sure that the sportsbook is well regulated by respectable entities
  • Check out the types of bets that you can make in the sportsbook. Some bitcoin sportsbooks don’t offer a ton of betting options and can become stale rather quickly
  • Create your account in the casino and claim any bitcoin sports bonuses available
  • Wager in sports with bitcoin!

This is a short summary, but you can read our more complete guide to bitcoin sports betting here, if you want to learn more about the perks of using bitcoin and cryptos to bet on sports.

The Best Casino Games to Play with Bitcoins

Bitcoin gambling has come to a point in which the best games of the industry have become widely available to gamblers from all corners of Earth. As such, you will be able to select the most lucrative casino games to play either with bitcoin or with your own cash. We have made a list of the best slot games, based on their RTP, for you to have a better idea of which games will yield better return rates.

Furthermore, we have a curated list of the best bitcoin games that you can play this year! However, you should also keep in mind that some bitcoin casinos offer users the chance to play exclusive bitcoin games that are not offered in other parts of the iGaming industry. Here are some tips on how to find the best games to play:

  • Look for games with good return rates and low house edge
  • Understand that jackpot slots tend to offer lower return rates in general
  • Always play games with bitcoin bonuses or bitcoin free spins that provide bitcoin rewards

Provably Fair in Bitcoin Gambling – A Must-Have for a Safe Experience

Provably Fair is a gambling system that is currently being used in every major online casino. Even the best bitcoin casinos use the Provably Fair tool to ensure that every player is subjected to the same rules, the same results, the same rolls, and the same advantages and disadvantages.

Basically, it’s a tool that ensures that every play that you make in a casino is deemed as fair. It ensures total randomness with the basic statistical rules that oversee each casino game. Casinos with the Provably Fair tool and protocols are the safest casinos in the industry. Seeing as how bitcoin casinos used to be regarded as unreliable, it makes sense to see these sites proudly waving the Provably Fair banner in modern times.

Advantages of Bitcoin Gambling

Bitcoin gambling and crypto casinos tend to be seen as some of the most lucrative ways in which you can gamble on the internet. Here are some of our favorite advantages of bitcoin gambling and why we think that bitcoin gambling is better than gambling with standard currencies:

Play in Casinos from All Over the World

There’s nothing more disappointing than trying to register in a new casino only to find out that your payment method of choice can’t be verified because the site doesn’t operate with your country’s banks. This issue is completely forgotten when gambling with bitcoin. Many casinos operate worldwide and leave it in the hands of the player to choose whether they are right or wrong to play there. It will be a matter of judging whether it’s legal to play where you live, as payments won’t be an issue at all.

Fast Bitcoin Transactions

Bitcoin transactions tend to be processed extremely quickly given the absence of banks and third-party companies that interfere in your payments and withdrawals. As such, the reputation of quick payments and withdrawals in bitcoin casinos is true and legit. All you have to do is choose a payment method and decide how much cash you want to deposit in the casino of your choice. The transfers will be processed in a matter of minutes and you’ll have the cash in your account (or in your wallet) quicker than on any other site.

Non-Existent Fees and Low Fees in General

Crypto casinos offer low fees in most transactions. Some transactions are even free of any annoying fees and charges. The fact that you can play and make transfers whilst also avoiding annoying commissions takes bitcoin gambling to a place where no standard casino can get; a place where players are free to make deposits and withdrawals as they see fit, free of extra charges.

Trade Your Cryptos and Gamble with Them

You can gamble on any bitcoin casino that you want and use your own cryptos in order to obtain prizes or even more cryptos in return. Bitcoin casinos usually take different cryptos as payments, so you can usually play with bitcoins and then withdraw the winnings in Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, or even dollars or euros!

Extremely High Bonuses are Must-Tries if They’re Fair

You’ll notice that the best bitcoin casino bonuses come packed with rewards worth thousands of bitcoin-free spins and up to 5 BTC (that’s the standard max bonus in a bitcoin casino). If you come across one of these bonuses, such as the fantastic BitStarz welcome bonus or the mBitCasino welcome bonus, you’d be wise to give them a try (especially the mBitCasino 50 free spin bonus).

Always make sure that the casino bonuses come with fair terms and conditions if you truly want to fulfill the wagering requirements and earn the promised rewards. Learn how to quickly fulfill the wagering requirements of fair bonuses here.

Learn How to Deposit Bitcoins in a Crypto Casino

The most important part about making a bitcoin deposit in a bitcoin casino is paying attention to all the small details that come with it. You cannot take your eyes off your screen and always make sure that you are transferring the money to the right place. Basically, bitcoin casino deposits work very similarly to how you would transfer your bitcoin to someone else’s bitcoin wallet.

As such, the steps that you need to follow are far more in your control than they are in a standard casino. Pay attention and follow these steps closely and your bitcoin will be credited to your account sooner than you imagine:

  • Get a bitcoin wallet. Any reputable wallet service will do
  • Go to your casino account and visit the cashier
  • Select the option to make a deposit
  • Make sure to enter any bitcoin bonus codes that you have available
  • Select the amount of money that you want to deposit. Limits differ depending on the selected payment method
  • You will be sent the link where you have to transfer the money. Go to your wallet and make the transfer. Note that you are in control there, so be careful with what you do

How Bitcoin Deposits Work

Have you ever wondered how bitcoin casinos manage to keep your money balance in your account even if the bitcoin price fluctuates? There’s a secret that you may not know: bitcoin casinos often convert your bitcoin into USD at the moment of your deposit, depending on how the site operates.

Some casinos that don’t operate with USD or EUR do keep your cash in your preferred crypto, but the “big boys” of the industry tend to turn your money into dollars and then convert it back into your preferred crypto of choice when making a withdrawal.

Withdrawing Your Bitcoin from a Bitcoins Casino

Even though making a bitcoin deposit is easy, withdrawing bitcoin from a bitcoin casino is easier yet. The steps that you need to follow can be done by almost anyone, and all you have to do is:

  • Open your account on the bitcoin casino of your choice
  • Select the option “Withdrawal” on your casino’s cashier
  • Choose a withdrawal method and the cryptocurrency/currency in which you want to withdraw the money
  • Select how much cash you want to cash out (bitcoin casinos have withdrawal minimums)
  • Choose the option to withdraw the money
  • In a few minutes, the money should have been sent to your bitcoin wallet or withdrawal method of choice

How to Avoid Being Scammed when Bitcoin Gambling

Thankfully, most aspects that make bitcoin gambling safe are rather intuitive and most gamblers should have access to all features that they need in order to keep their experience safe. We want to give you some tips on this bitcoin gambling guide to help you determine how to make the best of your time as a bitcoin gambler and avoid getting scammed altogether:

Play in Legit Bitcoin Casinos

The most important and relevant way to keep your bitcoin safe when gambling online is to make sure that you only play in regulated bitcoin casinos. Legal bitcoin casinos are a fundamental part of any gambler’s legal bitcoin gambling experience. Legit bitcoin casinos can be easily identified taking into account the following factors:

  • Reliable casino licenses. A bitcoin casino with a gambling license given by Curacao, the UK, or Malta, is sure to be a safe place to visit
  • Bitcoin game software provider. Casinos with games made by the top content creators of the industry are sure to be among the safest and most legitimate that you can visit
  • Terms and conditions. Fair terms and conditions for bitcoin bonuses and bitcoin withdrawals make it easy for you to understand that a site is legit

Don’t Share Your Bitcoin Info with Anyone

This should go almost without saying, but one of the most important aspects of bitcoin gambling and owning bitcoin, in general, is for you to keep your bitcoin safe. To do that, you must not share the information with anyone – not even with a bitcoin casino. Remember that you can use this complete guide on bitcoin gambling to learn all about how to deposit bitcoin in a casino and how to withdraw it. None of that involves giving away your sensible bitcoin information.

Play at BitStarz Casino

Other Ways to Keep Your Bitcoin Safe

Those might be the two most relevant ways to keep your bitcoin safe when gambling online, but bitcoin safety measures don’t end up there. Here are some additional tips that will help you take care of your cryptos when gambling in crypto casinos:

  • Avoid claiming bonuses that are sure to lock you out of your bitcoin balance. Some casinos offer lucrative rewards, but your chances of losing the cash are way bigger than your chances of withdrawing the bonus
  • Only play games with respectable return rates. Bitcoin games with low RTP are likely going to make you lose a lot of money
  • Never make deposits before reading the reviews of a bitcoin casino and be sure to read the rules in advance

Bitcoin Software Providers

In the early days of bitcoin casinos, the best bitcoin games had to be made by companies that weren’t among the most reputable in the casino software industry. However, as time has gone by and the popularity of bitcoin gambling has increased, the chances for you to play the best casino games with bitcoin have grown exponentially. You can now play games from the following developers in the best bitcoin casinos in the world:

  • Playtech (read our Playtech review here)
  • Microgaming (read our Microgaming review here)
  • NetEnt (read our NetEnt review here)
  • RTG (read our Real Time Gaming review here)
  • Play N’ Go (read our Play N’ Go review here)

Gone are the days of playing mediocre games with bitcoin. Now, the best casino software providers offer games that can be played in bitcoin casinos. All games are regulated with Provably Fair protocols, which means that your chances of winning will be as fair as they come in any casino on Earth.

What are the Best Bitcoin Casinos?

There are many aspects of a casino that contribute towards making it a fantastic all-around gambling website. There are various candidates that could compete for the title of best bitcoin casino on the planet, but few would actually overcome the odds and beat standard casinos in their quest for greatness.

You can find all about the best bitcoin casinos here, but we’ve made a special list of bitcoin casinos for this article comprised of the most relevant and lucrative bitcoin casinos for you to visit in 2021 and beyond. Find it here, choose a site, and play:

1 Up to Free 5 BTC + 300 Free Spins Claim bonus
2 100% up to $/€500 / 5 BTC + 180 Free Spins Claim bonus
3 100% up to €350 + 100 Free Spins Claim bonus
4 Up to $/€500 (or 5 BTC) + 100 Spins Claim bonus

The Best Bitcoin Bonuses on the Internet

Now you know where and how to gamble with bitcoins, but your journey is not ready to start quite yet. You also need to get a better grasp of the bets bitcoin bonuses so you can start your adventure with the chance to earn 5 BTC, or even more, while enjoying some of the best bitcoin games on the internet.

We have discussed which are the best bitcoin bonuses before, but we’ve taken a step further beyond to pick the absolute top bonuses for you to being your journey in style. Where will the bitcoin adventure take you?


Alternatively, you can also check out our list of 5 recommended bitcoin bonuses to claim and play with - as well as why we recommend them!

Bitcoin Casinos FAQ

Bitcoin casinos are online casinos that accept BTC as a form of payment. You can use money stored in your crypto wallet to transfer cash into your casino account to play casino games, claim crypto bonuses, and play like you would in any standard casino that operates with FIAT currencies.

Bitcoin gambling is legal in every country where bitcoin and online gambling are both legal. Claiming bitcoin bonuses is legal as well, as long as there aren’t any national laws restricting citizens from gambling with bitcoin or using cryptos on online websites.

Bitcoin casinos can be used to exchange cryptos if they accept other cryptocurrencies as payment or withdrawal methods. However, keep in mind that most bitcoin casinos need you to wager your deposit before withdrawing it in an attempt to prevent users from laundering money on their websites.

It depends on what you have access to. However, gambling with bitcoin means that you’ll have access to bitcoin bonuses, which in turn means that you’ll get better and more lucrative rewards in return. Bitcoin casinos also provide users with faster withdrawals and higher betting limits.

Bitcoin casinos want to encourage gamblers to bet with bitcoins – even when other payment methods are also available. That’s why bitcoin bonuses are far more lucrative than standard casino bonuses. The best bitcoin bonuses can let you earn thousands of euros worth of free cash.

Bitcoin gambling is safe as long as you only visit reputable online casinos. The best bitcoin casinos are safe and provide users with the chance to gamble with bitcoins safely.

You should only visit bitcoin casinos that are reputable and licensed by gambling regulators that stand out in the industry. You should only visit regulated bitcoin casinos with Provably Fair protocols that ensure a safe gambling experience for all members of the site.

Most modern online casino games can be played with bitcoin. You just need to find a casino that accepts bitcoin payments, as all of the games within the casino will be available to be played as bitcoin games. Some games are specifically developed to be played with bitcoins!

Most bitcoin casinos offer various payment methods. Traditional payment methods tend to be made available for players, which is why many people choose to deposit standard currencies in bitcoin casinos, play on the site, and then withdraw the money in BTC or other cryptos. Most bitcoin casinos offer other cryptocurrencies as payment methods. The most commonly accepted cryptos in bitcoin casinos are Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash.

If you play in legit online casinos, your money is almost risk-free. Illegitimate and illegal bitcoin casinos are some of the most unsafe gambling sites on the planet – even more unsafe than standard casinos. This is because bitcoin transactions cannot be subjected to cashbacks, which means that players are unable to get their money back if it’s stolen from them.

You can always keep your bitcoin in a bitcoin exchange, but we recommend you open a bitcoin wallet to avoid any issues in the future. Bitcoin wallets make it far easier for you to transfer money in and out of them, which means that you can easily deposit and receive money in and from your bitcoin casino of choice.

Play Risk-Free in the World’s Best Bitcoin Casinos!

This guide serves as the best way for you to discover where you can gamble with bitcoins, safely and in the best bitcoin casinos, without you having to worry about any risks. In the same vein, you can rest assured that all bitcoin casinos found in The Casino Wizard stand as some of the most reputable gambling websites on the planet. Play in safe bitcoin casinos and discover the magic of bitcoin gambling with the most lucrative bitcoin bonuses on the planet. Use our guide and ensure a safe gambling experience all around.

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