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We’ve always been keen to let our readers know about the best VIP schemes that any casino has to offer, but with how lucrative the Club One is, it was a no-brainer for us to provide you with this article. The Club One is how the One Casino calls its VIP program, and boy, is it one of the best online casino schemes that you’ll come across this year. Want to learn more about it? Stay with us! The One Casino has managed to earn a very high spot in our ranking of online casinos that you can enjoy in 2020, as you can see in our One Casino review, and that’s why we’ve decided to make this guide. It’s just not fair for you to not be aware of what you’re missing on if you’re not a One Casino member already. Becoming a member is as easy as the site’s promotions are great, so don’t miss out on how to get the best casino bonuses and the best casino rewards by reading this guide before hopping right into the site! One Casino One Club

Learn Everything with our Club One Overview

The Club One is a loyalty program sponsored by the One Casino, which serves as a way for players to get rewards by simply demonstrating that they’re loyal members of the site and that they stay gambling at the One Casino for as long as they want, without feeling like they’re running out of promotions or anything alike. This just goes to complement the fact that the Club One is offered together with the One Casino weekly bonuses (Matt, please link the other One Casino article here!) that you can earn on the One Casino, which means that you’ll be earning rewards regardless of how you spend your time on the site. Bonuses await every single player, and the random fact of how bonuses work at the One Casino makes it a fantastic online site. Playing on the site will allow you to get loyalty points, which in turn determine how many benefits your account will be subjected to as well as give you an estimate of how much money you can expect to make in the near future. Get points, get better rewards. It’s that simple! Getting access to the Club One will allow you to claim some fantastic bonuses and promotions, amongst which you’ll find benefits such as:

  • A tiered system where you’ll be able to progress as the time you spend on the site grows, getting access to even better rewards
  • Long-term benefits that will allow your balance to grow as time goes by
  • Bonus money to be earned with low wagering requirements, meaning more money in the long run
  • Some absolutely fantastic deposit bonuses in the higher tiers of the system
  • Personal account manager
  • Bonuses that get adapted to whatever you like the most on the website
  • Payouts quicker than any other place on the internet

How to Get Loyalty Points and How do They Work

You will get loyalty points at the One Casino according to how much money you choose to bet on the site. As such, the better rewards are set to be earned by those players who are willing to make larger bets. The entire system is made to favor those who are looking to wager a lot of money, as those will be able to progress quickly through the ranks of the One Club and its tier system. The more loyalty points you collect, the higher the tier that you’ll be assigned on the website. Guests are naturally not entitled to earn any loyalty points, and the only way in which you can obtain them is by making an account on the site.

Club One Tiers – Climb the Ranks and Win Big

Each tier that you can find in the Club One tier system gives you different rewards. Higher tiers require you to earn a lot of points, which means that you need to spend big if you want to win big. You don’t need to lose or win to collect points, though, the simple act of wagering is enough for you to earn loyalty points and climb up the tiers of the Club One. If you want to know how each tier works and how many rewards you get on each one, check this quick guide out!

Tier 1 – Member

You just need to earn 2000 points in order to become a member, which means that basically every player that wagers a bit at the Club One is able to become one. The benefits might be limited, but you get weekly rewards by simply playing on this site. What’s not to love about it?

  • Deposit bonuses that might see your account earn up to €100 per week
  • Cashback bonuses to get some of that lost money back (they are wager-free as well, which means that you REALLY get your money back)
  • Free money bonuses each week, even though these are subjected to some small wagering requirements
  • Gifts on your birthday!

Tier 2 - Special

The second tier of the Club One gives you the same benefits as the Member tier, but with one small difference – you need 6000 points in order to become a Tier 2 member, and it also sets you on your way to earn the best rewards at the highest tiers of the club.

Tier 3 - Major

The Major tier (gained when you reach 40,000 loyalty points) also gives you the same benefits as the former two tiers, with an extra bonus (it’s a surprise gift) that you earn every year on your anniversary date of having signed up for the site. That’s right, you get a birthday present as well as a present on the day in which you signed up for the casino and became a Club One member! Keep in mind that the quality of the rewards also grows, even though the concept of each bonus is similar (free bonus money received on a weekly basis is given to you in higher amounts the more you progress on the site, for example). One Casino One Club Major

Tier 4 - VIP

VIP is where things start to get even more interesting, but that also means that it requires a lot more points. You need to have 120,000 points to qualify for the VIP tier, which takes a while to sum up, but it ends up being completely worth it in the end. What do you get with the VIP tier treatment, you may ask?

  • Daily deposit bonuses that could see your account credited with up to €225 per week
  • Better free money rewards than the other tiers
  • Fantastic gifts on your birthday and site anniversary

Tier 5 - Famous

The Famous Tier (earned by obtaining 450,000 points) is the epitome of amazing rewards in an online casino. You will be able to get two fantastic extra features on top of all the amazing benefits that the site already offers in the other tiers, and they are some of the most coveted things that people look for in an online casino.

  • An amazing account manager dedicated exclusively to you, who will be your guide on the site now that you’ve become a very important member
  • Quick payouts! You will be placed on the priority list whenever you make a withdrawal, so all of your money will be given to you in a matter of hours

If you wish to keep advancing tiers, then get ready for what’s to come – you’re going to need a lot of points to get to the Supreme tier, and even though it’s super worth t given the fantastic rewards, you’ll need almost triple the number of points that you have if you wish to get there.

Tier 6 - Supreme

On top of all of the features that we’ve mentioned, becoming a Supreme member of the One Club (a deed that requires 1,250,000 points) will grant you something that no one else can get on the site: customized bonuses that completely suit the style of play that you prefer. As such, the best online casino offers on the internet are arguably found at the One Casino. The highest tier of the One Club shows just how much the staff of the casino cares for its players, and custom bonuses are not something to be taken lightly. You might be rewarded with free spin bonuses or free money bonuses to be spent at your favorite online casino games, played on the best online slots on the site, or even bonuses for games that aren’t allowed to be played with bonus money. What is there to expect with the Supreme tier is not something that everyone knows, and we certainly think that it’s completely worth it to become a Supreme member if you have the time and money to do so. The rewards are far too good to be ignored and the sheer fact of having custom bonuses is meant to keep you entertained for as long as possible. One Casino One Club Supreme

Club One Terms and Conditions

Now that you know literally everything there is to know about the Club One and all of its tiers, it’s time for you to get a better idea of the Club One terms and conditions that you’ll need to comply with if you wish to enjoy the full extent of this offer. Don’t worry, the terms are quite straightforward and simple, you just need to be aware of them if you are to have a successful time at the casino!

  • All of the regular terms and conditions of the website still apply to this offer and its bonuses
  • Most of the money that you receive in the Club One tier system is granted to you with a wagering requirement of 25 times the bonus money received
  • You will get bonus cash upon progressing through each tier of the system, and the money will be subjected to the aforementioned wagering requirements and must be fulfilled before withdrawing the cash
  • You may only request a withdrawal of the money once the terms are fulfilled or you risk losing it all with no further notice

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