Top 10 Most Trusted Online Casinos of 2022 (incl. Bonuses!)

Online gambling is as entertaining as it can be profitable, but not every site works the same, nor every casino is as good as the next. Knowing how to pick the best online casino for you can be the defining moment on whether you’re going to have a quality experience or one to completely forget. One-Casino-Club-One-Slots-Machine-Green-Gem-Crown-627-474 The most defining characteristic of an online casino is whether the site is trustworthy or not. Quality bonuses and the best games are the second and third things you’ll want to keep your eyes out for, but a proper quality experience starts by finding a casino that can be trusted and that gives you those “nothing will happen to me here” vibes. This article will aim to tell you all about the best online casinos to play in 2021 according to how trustworthy they are. We have collected a list of 10 online casinos that stand out above the rest, giving you the chance to pick from the absolute best of the best. Oh, and remember: all of the casinos that we’re listing in this article are packed with fantastic bonuses and world-class promotions to claim. It’s up to you to choose the ones that suit the most!

Our List of Trustworthy Online Casinos in 2021

Before we tell you about the things that make or break an online casino’s trustworthiness, we’re going to go straight to the point and provide you with a list of our favorite online casinos of the year. These are trustworthy online casinos that have some of the best bonuses that we’ve ever tried, so make sure to make the best of them! [table_casino] On this list, you will find casinos with special bonuses, bitcoin casinos, and some of the most trusted online casinos in 2021 with exclusive rewards. It’s all up to you to pick one that suits your needs, but visit them all and be sure to choose wisely – especially if you’re on a budget.

What Makes an Online Casino Trustworthy?

Now that you know all about the world’s most trustworthy online casinos to visit in 2021, we are going to tell you the attributes that we’ve prioritized in order to truly create a world-class list of the most trustworthy casinos. Keep in mind that some online casinos are owned by the same Casino Group, but that doesn’t mean that they are as trustworthy. Independent management can often lead to different internal decisions, which could result in different outcomes for complaints and issues with the players. We want you to have the most secure casino experience out there, so we’ve made sure to prioritize the most important aspects of an online casino when picking a site that will make you feel whole. As such, these are the items that we’ve focused on finding in our top casinos:

Online Casino Licenses

Arguably the most important aspect of an online casino’s trustworthiness, online casino licenses are given away by the world’s most important regulatory entities to ensure that players will always be treated safely. Online casino licenses can be obtained after a thorough check by a gambling authority, but that doesn’t mean that you can trust them all, either. Some online casinos have licenses that are given away by less-strict entities, which you should not trust as blindly as others. You can check out our list of the world’s most trustworthy gambling authorities, which are behind the reliability of the most trusted casinos in 2021.

User Reviews

Another aspect to keep your eyes out for, which is one of the aspects that we used to pick the best casinos, is the presence of positive user reviews all over the internet. We’ve come across some online casinos that could seem to be trusted at first glance, but user reviews proved to show exactly the opposite. As such, checking out an online casino and the opinions of its players could go a long way into showing whether it can be trusted or not. Staying on that subject, we encourage you to always check out an online casino’s forums, should it have them, in order to see what players are saying about the way the casino deals with complaints and how good the bonuses are. In most cases, if an online casino has an open community where players can give feedback to the staff, it often means that the site can be trusted and that players are generally happy with the way the casino deals with issues within the site.

Game Providers

If you see an online casino that has games made by the world’s leading developers, chances are that the casino can be trusted. That’s not always the case, of course, as we’ve seen some rogue casinos hosting games created by some of the world’s most important game-makers. In general, we can assure you that casinos that have games created by companies like NetEnt tend to be on the reliable side more often than not. Not only that, but reliable game providers also ensure players that a quality casino experience awaits inside. Sure, having access to quality regulators is something that makes your experience a secure one, but what’s the point of a trustworthy online casino if the games that it offers are simply not good enough? Check out online casinos that host the best online slots from NetEnt, the finest of live dealer games created by Evolution Gaming, and the ultimate slots developed by the world-class staff of Playtech. If you want a more complete list of the most respected game developers on the planet, check out the one we have at The Casino Wizard!

Casino Bonus Terms

There’s nothing as important, when claiming casino bonuses, than ensuring that the terms are as fair as they come. You can see how some online casinos promise to give you sums of cash in excess of €2,000 upon making your first deposit on the site, but chances are that most of these offers are simply impossible to claim. We have made sure that all of the casinos mentioned in this article come packed with nothing but the best and most reliable terms and conditions that ensure players have the chance to get their hands on extra money without too much struggle. We have listed online casinos that provide players with world-class bonuses that can be claimed and with cashable, withdrawable rewards. We think that it doesn’t make sense for you to receive money that you will never have the chance of claiming in the end. The only exceptions that we often make are offering you bonuses from online casinos that are not claimable but that allows you to bet the cash and keep the rewards from its wagers.

Blacklists & Restrictions

We have also made sure to check some of the world’s largest casino backlists as we’ve created this piece of the 10 most trusted casinos of 2021. There are some blacklists created by world governments and gambling intuitions that have served us well as references to keep away untrustworthy online casinos from our list. You should always check the name of an online casino and search it online to make sure that it’s reliable and that the site isn’t restricted or placed in renowned blacklists. Sure, some online casinos are still placed on blacklists unfairly, but some blacklists are great indicators of how quality an online casino can be. Use the lists as references and enjoy online casinos in the best of ways, but be sure not to get carried away by some national blacklists like the Belgium casino blacklist, which is too strict for our liking.

Take a Pick and Claim Your Trusted Bonuses Now!

Now that you’ve come this far, you’re probably eager to get down to business. It’s time for you to choose one of the many quality casinos that we’ve selected for you and start your adventure into the world of iGaming right now. Don’t you worry, though – we want to take things a step further to help you out even more. That’s why we’ve created a list of the best bonuses that you’ll find in each of the casinos that we’ve mentioned in this article! Select the ones you like the most if you’d prefer to dive straight into the world of bonus-claiming even before making your account on any of the aforementioned casinos. There’s no time to waste. [table_bonus]

Last updated  May 24, 2022
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