There are few things as addictive as playing online slots. The thrill of having a world of fun while also making a good profit while doing so is just too good to be overlooked, and hundreds of players from all over the world make the decision to try new slots on a daily basis. However, as good as some things are, nothing is ever good when done in excess.

There are a few clear signs that you need a break from online slots, which often manifest themselves when you’ve been playing for too long and you need to stop. Even when you’re winning too much, there are times when it’s better to go off on a high. The question is: how exactly do you know when to stop gambling?

Don’t worry, your friends at The Casino Wizard are here to tell you some signs that often mean you need to take a break from playing online slots.

1 – You’re Making Reckless Wagers in Your Slot Lines

Sure, there are many online slots that don’t offer follow-up events or chain rewards. However, some online slots allow players to get streaks of wins that could see them earn large sums of cash in just a few lines, as long as they play them smart. Whenever you’ve been playing for too long, it gets very difficult for you to think straight, which leads you to make dumb decisions and lose out on epic rewards.

This is why it’s very important to take a break from time to time. If you see yourself making many wrong decisions in a row and playing lines that don’t really make sense, you might need to call it a night or rest for a few hours before continuing to gamble.

Always remember that your mind is your own worst enemy. You’re always going to make poor decisions when you get tired, as your brain will not be able to think as straight as it does when you feel fresh. Who knows? You might even end up making a larger profit if you take a break from online slots for a while!

2 – Playing for Too Long is Never Good – Take a Break After a Few Hours

Spending continuous amounts of time glued to a screen will not only tire you out as if you were doing a strenuous activity, it might also cause damage to your eyes and wear out your concentration. You might want to avoid playing for a long period of time if you need to do something else after gambling.

For example, if you need to go to work but you have a couple of hours to spare first, you might be better off spending half of that time gambling and the other half resting. Subjecting your mind to demanding activities for prolonged periods of time is not good, and chaining those activities with one another is just asking for trouble.

It’s advisable not to spend over three or four hours in a row gambling in online slots. However, this is quite a difficult thing to achieve if you’re on a roll and hitting a lot of good lines. If that’s the case for you, just be sure to stop once your luck seems to be running out. The game might be telling you that it’s time for a break, so learn how to read the signs!

3 – Playing Online Slots with Money You Can’t Lose? It’s Time for a Break!

One of the worse and most detrimental things that a gambler can do is wager with cash that they really can’t afford to lose. Many gamblers resort to using rent money or cash that they have saved up to pay for services in order to keep playing online slots, so if you find yourself starting to use cash that you would otherwise not spend on leisure, you might want to take a break from playing slots.

You might think that the money spent will be recouped if you play your cards right and, to be fair, there’s a chance that such a thing happens. However, you always need to keep in mind the worst-case scenario: what if you lose all of your rent money? You might get kicked out of your house, or you might not be able to afford to pay for next month’s internet bill.

4 – You Start Wagering to Cover Your Loses (You Might Suffer a Gambling Addiction)

Things might get to a point where you start losing a lot of money and think that wagering more cash is the best way to get it back. This is a common issue amongst gamblers, and one that you must know how to deal with when it happens. Sometimes the best thing that you can do is cut your losses and simply stop wagering for the day.

If you keep gambling in hopes of recovering what you lost, you’re most likely going to lose even more. The worst thing that a gambler can do is think that throwing more money at the games will solve their issues, and whenever you start thinking that way, you might want to stop playing online slots for a while.

One of the clearest signs that you need to stop is when you stop having fun and you’re just rolling those slot lines in order to win money. Never forget that wagering in online slots is mainly a source of entertainment, and you might want to avoid it taking over your economic freedom.

5 – Each Bet Is Significantly Higher than the Previous One – Taking a Break from Online Slots Will Help You a Lot

This is one of the signs that you’re starting to lose a grip of your gambling. You might start betting small sums of cash and then move on to larger amounts uncontrollably. The worst thing is that this issue happens both to people who are winning and to those who are losing, so it can cause a lot of economic distress and cause people to lose more money than they intend.

For example, a gambler who’s winning might start to think that bigger bets will earn him higher sums of money, therefore upping the amount of cash that they’re willing to wager. This can lead to better wins, but it also puts the gambler at risk of losing the money that they’ve already earned. If the gambler is losing, then it’s more likely for the player to think that betting more money will solve his problem.

This is a similar problem to the one we referred in the previous point, but it’s arguably more dangerous as it can happen both to the winners and losers of a gambling establishment. Whenever you start seeing your bets increase in size exponentially, you might be better off resting for a while and quitting those online slots until your head goes back between your shoulders.

6 – Take a Break from Gambling if You Can’t Find Time for Other Activities

Some people find themselves lost at gambling for hours at a time. Always make time to do other things and don’t let gambling take hold of all of your free time.

Furthermore, if you start noticing that gambling in online slots starts taking over time that cannot be spent in games, you need to put a stop to it as soon as possible. It’s important for gamblers not to give up their work or other important activities under any circumstances – if that’s happening to you, you might suffer from a gambling addiction issue.

7 – If You’re Asking Others for Money, It’s Time to Stop Gambling

The most damning fact that will help you know that it’s time to stop is when you start asking your friends or family for money. If you can’t seem to afford to gamble but you still feel the need to do it, then you’d be better off quitting for a while. If you’ve reached this point, however, it could prove to be quite difficult to stop and you might need to seek professional help.

Just remember that gambling should be something that you do for fun – especially if you’re playing online slots. There are other types of skill-based gambling games that might help you get a bigger profit if you’re good at them, but slots require much more luck than any other type of online casino game.

That’s why most casinos encourage players to partake in slots – the casino is far more likely to keep some of your cash than it would be if you wagered it on poker or blackjack.

Asking for more money to gamble will not only be detrimental for your own well-being, you’ll also end up making a lot of enemies and losing friendships. These effects can be quite difficult to overcome, and you’ll struggle to turn your back on gambling once this point has been reached.

We care about you here at The Casino Wizard, so please take care of your own mental health and keep a hold of your life when gambling. We love to do it and it’s super fun, but don’t let online slots take over your life!


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