The world of online gambling has grown exponentially ever since online casinos starting coming into prominence in the mid-90s. As time has gone by, thousands of new players from all corners of the world have gotten more accustomed to betting in online casinos and a vast majority of them are far more comfortable playing online than doing so at their local land-based establishments.

However, as the world of online gambling has grown, so has the world of land-based gambling. No activity seems to be coming to a stop any time soon – so should we expect online casinos to overcome land-based gambling?

In general, it wouldn’t make sense to think that land-based casinos would stop existing like that. The prominence of online casinos has certainly redistributed the gambling profits of the world, but it would be too drastic to assume that land-based gambling as going to come to an end.

Let’s take a closer look at the world of gambling and why online gambling has become so prominent in recent years.

The Growth of Online Casinos

Online casinos started out in the mid-90s (circa 1996) as online establishments where people would go to spend their money on online slots and other games. They have now grown to become places in which you can claim amazing rewards thanks to the best bonuses in the world, as well as places where you can now play a large selection of casino games that aren’t limited to slots.

This growth in variety is what has made these casinos so popular; knowing that you don’t need to leave your home to play poker, blackjack, and even bingo, are good enough reasons for some people to opt-out of land-based casinos in favor of staying home and spending their extra money in the best online casinos in the world.

As the saying goes, “with great power comes great responsibility”. The surge of online casinos has also required a ton of work to be put together by regulatory entities to ensure player safety in all of the biggest online casinos in the world. Now that certain rules cannot be enforced in person, they must be enforced online.


Regulatory Entities and Their Influence in Online Casinos

Thankfully, the surge of online casinos has also increased the controls that regulatory entities now put upon these websites. The most important gambling authorities in the world have made sure to create special programs to keep track of online casinos and ensure that they are properly running, providing players with the same level of safety as land-based establishments.

Some people argue that online casinos are even safer than their land-based counterparts given how strict some of these controls seem to be.

You can check out a list of the most important and reliable online gambling authorities on the planet if you wish to know which are the most trustworthy of the bunch, which will help you get a much better idea of which online casinos to visit.

If you visit online casinos that have legitimate licenses, your chances of being a victim of any wrongdoing by the casino are almost zero. If something bad happens, you can count on the gambling authority to intercede via their customer support services.

Benefits of Online Casinos

Online casinos offer many benefits that newcomers often overlook, which is why some people are misled to visit certain land-based casinos instead of their quality online casino competitors. With that said, there are some features that online casinos have that simply cannot be matched by their land-based counterparts, but it works both ways.

In fact, some might argue that the environment of a land-based casino is enough to convince them not to try out online websites.

To show you why so many people are opting to play online and stray further away from land-based sites, we’re going to look at the benefits of online gambling. Then, we’ll show you the benefits of land-based gambling so you can compare them both.

Once you’re done reading all of these benefits, you’ll find out why so many people are opting to play online and why the online gambling industry is becoming a huge threat to the land-based gambling industry. The trend will continue to grow in the next decade, so you might as well be aware of why this is happening right now.

Online Casinos are Better for New Players

Online casinos can be accessed very easily, and they provide new players with a lean learning curve that allows them to get a strong grasp of all casino-related activities without feeling overwhelmed. This is not possible to do in land-based casinos, as the pressure you’ll get from being surrounded by casino staff and gambling experts is just too much and can make you feel overwhelmed from the start.

As such, even if you eventually intend to visit a land-based gambling establishment, one of the best ways to start your journey is by visiting an online casino first and getting a grasp of all the activities that you can partake in such a site. Take a look at the best online slots and learn how to play all games before going to a land-based establishment.

There’s also one additional fact that makes online casinos great for new players: you can play most of the games for free. You don’t need to spend real money to play the best slots on the site, nor do you need to even enter your credit card details to do so.

Online casinos permit players to try out games for free thanks to the trial mode that most games include. This is ideal if you’re new and don’t know which games are your favorites.

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Bonuses of Online Casinos are Just too Good

Another huge advantage of online casinos is that these sites come packed with a plethora of different bonuses. These bonuses allow you to claim free money or free cash without batting as much as an eye – all you need to do is either register an account and claim free money or make a deposit to activate some of these highly-lucrative rewards.

These bonuses can be presented in the form of no deposit bonuses or deposit bonuses, with some of these giving you free spins and others giving you free cash.

Regardless of which type of bonuses you choose to claim, online casinos provide you with these fantastic rewards that no land-based casino is going to give you. Most online sites come packed with these bonuses, whilst you’ll be lucky to claim any sort of reward when playing in a land-based site.


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No Transportation

Some people love the commuting that takes them from their home to their favorite casino, but let’s face it: there’s nothing better than being able to dive straight into the action. With online casinos, you don’t need to spend any money on gas or a taxi if you want to gamble some of your cash.

The one thing you need to play online is a device with an internet connection and a browser – that’s it. You’ll be saving yourself an extra expense by playing in an online casino, which will also allow you to spend some extra money on other games, should you choose to do so yourself.

Even if you’d rather not spend the commuting money in the online casino, you’ll still be saving yourself an extra expense that could result in you not wasting more cash than expected.

Another Level of Convenience

The best thing about online casinos is that they’re convenient in every sense of the word. Not only will you be able to play from home, but you’ll also have the chance to play regardless of the time of the day. These sites never close, which gives you full access to all of their services regardless of where in the world you live.

You just need to make sure that the online casino that you want to visit is fully available in your country. Some sites restrict players from certain addresses from registering on their premises. As long as your favorite online casino is available in your country, there’s no need for you to head to any land-based casino at all.

You can even choose the type of online casino at which you’d rather play depending on the specific needs that you’re looking to fulfill. For example, if you’re a fan of online slots on mobile devices, look for sires that specialize in these, such as LeoVegas.

If you’re keen to play on other sorts of websites, you can do that as well. Some sites are known for their world-class sportsbooks (like Betsson and Royal Panda), whilst others take pride in their selection of exclusive games, like Slottica.

Many More Available Games

There are some fantastic land-based casinos that have a large selection of online slots available, which makes them appealing to gamblers even if they have visited the premises over 10 or 20 times a year.

However, no level of game availability comes close to what you can find in the best online casinos in the world. Some online casinos add games as often as every week, which makes them feel new and fresh for all players – including the most constant ones.

The games that get released tend to offer a high degree of quality, and unpopular games get filtered out to the point where some are taken out. Land-based casinos do not have the luxury of doing this, which often results in them having fewer slot machines even if they are among the most popular ones.

Part of the reason why so many people opt to play in online casinos is the fact that they have access to a large variety of games and unique titles found in no land-based casino.

Regardless of which online casino you choose to visit, the most popular sites in the world are sure to reward you with new games at least once a month.

Multilingual Websites

Online casinos are far more international than regular land-based casinos – even those you find in Las Vegas, which welcome players from all over the world. The best online casinos in the world give you access to language options that vary greatly and are tied to where they’re available to be visited.

For example, if you visit an online casino that is available in Finland, you should expect the site to be available in Finnish. Canadian French, English, German, Dutch, Swede, Spanish, and Danish are the most common languages at which you’ll find online casinos for the fact that countries, where these languages are spoken, tend to be the ones with the largest availability of online gambling sites.

Benefits of Land-Based Casinos

The best land-based casinos in the world also have a lot of benefits that no online casino will be able to match. Some of these benefits make people prefer these casinos over their online counterparts, but they all depend on the personal preferences of each player and what each person would rather have when gambling.

For example, the physical limitations of online casinos make it impossible for them to offer the same type of experience that their online counterparts do offer. Online casinos will always take the upper hand when it comes to the features that they offer, but exclusive environments and the social potential of land-based sites are almost unparalleled in the industry.

Unparalleled Atmosphere

Speaking about unparalleled features, the atmosphere of a land-based casino is the sole reason why so many people will always continue to visit them and why so many players will never opt to play online if they have the chance to visit a land-based establishment.

Walking through the doors of a land-based casino and getting to see the large number of machines that await inside is just something else. The way so many people rush from one side to another, the croupiers, the halls filled with games, the tables – everything adds to create such a unique experience that players are not too keen on trading for anything else.

As such, the atmosphere of a land-based casino is a single feature that ensures that they will never be replaced by their online counterparts. There’s no amount of virtual reality features or anything like it that could make online casinos replace their land-based counterparts altogether.

Players are More Confident When Playing Here

Even though online casinos are currently as safe as they have ever been, players will always feel more comfortable when they play at an actual establishment than when they do so from home.

There are a couple of reasons why this happens. The first one is that players on a land-based casino will get a first-hand experience of other people winning, whilst a streak of bad luck will always make them feel that they’ve been subjected to wrongdoing because they just feel that they’re being scammed out of their money.

The second reason is more trivial but equally as important. Players still get the perception that online casinos are run differently and by shadier companies, which is not true at all. In fact, it’s far easier to get scammed out of your money in a non-legit land-based casino than in an online casino!

Naturally, this perception is changing more and more as time goes by. As things stand, people still prefer to play in land-based casinos for the simplicity of getting to see the environment that surrounds them.

Free Drinks – A Pro and a Con

We’d like to mention the topic of free drinks, and freebies in general when you play in land-based casinos. Most land-based casinos will offer you free drinks and free stuff when you visit them, but there’s a caveat – if you drink, you’re more likely to make bad decisions when gambling. This will probably lead to you losing more money, and that’s where the casino gets the cashback.

As long as you’re capable of keeping a cool head while gambling, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy these free rewards given to you by land-based casinos. However, if you know that you struggle to control yourself while drinking, you might be better off avoiding these freebies given by land-based casinos.

Free food, however, is yours to enjoy – depending on which casino you’re visiting, of course.

Conclusion – What the Future of Online Gambling Holds

The world of online gambling is on a constant state of growth and we can expect the revenue to keep rising as the years go by. Naturally, the events of 2020 will have hampered the growth of the industry, but online casinos have been far less affected by these events than land-based sites.

The world of online gambling offers many benefits that land-based casinos will never be able to offer. Some people are in it for the experience and they’ll never let go of their traditional casinos with too much ease, but those who love practicality, bonuses, and comfort will always opt to play in online casinos rather than land-based establishments.

Now that you know all about why online casinos are quickly becoming stronger than land-based establishments in the gambling industry, it’s time for the fun part. You know get to choose which sites to visit and where to spend your money and claim the best bonuses on the planet.

To save you the time and trouble of looking for sites on your own, we’ve curated a list of the best online casinos to kickstart your journey today. Where will you begin your adventure?


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