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    • Live Chat Available
    • UK Gambling License
    • More than 500 games
    • Desktop & Mobile Friendly


    • Only support for registered customers
    • Wire Transfers under €500 are charged a fee

    PlayOJO Casino Details

    Casino summary

    Deposit & Withdrawals

    • Maximum WithdrawalNo maximum withdrawal

    Contact information

    • Live ChatNo
    • Support emailsupport@playojo.com

    PlayOJO Casino Review

    The PlayOJO Casino has been gaining a lot of plaudits recently, and it’s only fair that we make an in-depth review of this site to help you get a better idea of why it has been rising through the ranks of the online casino industry so quickly. It’s now as highly rated as some of our website’s best online casinos, and for what we’ve seen so far, we know you’re absolutely going to love it.

    For one thing, the PlayOJO Casino promises something different than its competitors and, unlike many other online casinos, PlayOJO delivers. They offer a fantastic welcome bonus which gives users the chance to claim a ton of free spins on their first deposit, and this is the main reason why the casino has been growing so quickly.

    Play at PlayOJO

    Free spins as welcome bonuses are fairly common. What’s the big deal with the PlayOJO welcome bonus spins?”, you probably wonder. Well, they come with NO WAGERING REQUIREMENTS at all. That’s right – this is free bonus money that is actually free bonus money.

    It’s a fantastic welcome bonus without a single shadow of a doubt, but does the rest of the casino live up to the same expectations of quality that such a welcome bonus often generates? Stick with us and find out!

    PlayOJO Overview – A Strong Pro-Player Casino Policy

    Every single online casino that we’ve rated highly on this website has its set of reasons, which you can see on our individual reviews of each site. However, it’s safe to say that the PlayOJO casino does offer something entirely different and innovative in the online casino industry. It’s probably the first time that you’re hearing about bonuses that require no wagering to cash out, and trust us, those are very hard to find.

    The PlayOJO casino, as many other amazing websites that you’ll find online, has a selection of great casino games provided by some of the world’s best casino game developers. There is, however, an additional focus that the PlayOJO casino takes, and it’s one that differentiates it from the rest. This online casino offers better odds than other websites, and they have a particular focus on building up player satisfaction with such a friendly policy.

    It might even sound a bit ridiculous, but the one thing that you could really complain about the PlayOJO Casino is that its welcome bonus isn’t really too lucrative. You would expect so, though, given that it literally just gives you money for free, with no wagering requirements or winning limitations.

    There are plenty of online casino promotions available at PlayOJO, and you will be able to use the bonus cash and spins at some of the world’s best online casino games! The site has a massive selection of titles that puts it among the most varied online casinos on this website, which says a lot about how many games it offers when we have sites like Videoslots that boast a gallery that surpasses the 2000 casino games.

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    The PlayOJO Welcome Bonus – An Absolute Must Have

    We often tend to talk about the online casino games that a website offers before explaining to you their welcome bonuses, but we need to make an exception with the PlayOJO casino. Don’t worry, we’ll talk about their 2000+ casino games a bit later on. The PlayOJO welcome bonus is one of its kind, and it deserves a spot as one of the best welcome bonuses on the internet.

    The PlayOJO welcome bonus isn’t a match deposit bonus. It does require you to make a deposit to get it, as the site doesn’t give away any no deposit bonuses, but you don’t really get additional cash after making a deposit. Instead, you get 50 bonus free spins that you can use in none other than the fantastic Book of Dead slot, which is one of the most played online slot games on the internet.

    These aren’t any ordinary free spins, though. You’re getting 50 free spins with no wagering requirements attached, which means that as soon as you spend the spins you will be able to withdraw all of the money made from playing with them. They don’t give you any bonus money – instead, the free spins give you straight-up cash, which you can choose to keep on the site or simply withdraw.

    If you think that sounds good, wait until you hear the rest! These free spins don’t only allow you to play the game and take the money home, they also come with no limit to your winnings. You could get on a lucky streak and earn over €200 using these basic 50 free spins and none of the cash would be removed from your account upon withdrawal.

    Both of these practices are very unusual and hard to come by in the online casino industry, so be sure to take full advantage of the PlayOJO welcome bonus!

    Play at PlayOJO

    PlayOJO Casino Games – Slots and More at PlayOJO

    People often come to the PlayOJO casino to enjoy the best online casino bonuses on the planet. After all, that’s mainly why so many people hear about the casino for the first time. However, their selection of games is not something that falls behind in terms of quality. You may come to PlayOJO for their bonuses, but you’ll stay for their games.

    Many of the internet’s best online casino software developers provide their games to PlayOJO. That means that you get to play the best Amaya, NetEnt, Play N’ Go, and Microgaming titles, all in one place. There’s just too many games too choose from, and even though it can be a bit overwhelming, you will also get to play the best online casino games that the industry has to offer on this site.

    Starburst, Jackpot Raiders, Legacy of Egypt, Rise of Olympus and Star Joker are some of the website’s most popular online casino games. You can play whichever game you want here, and if you’re into slots, you’re surely not going to end up disappointed after visiting this site for the first time.

    PlayOJO Live Dealer Games – Live Games Galore

    The Live Dealer Casino that you’ll find at PlayOJO is one to behold. They have created a fantastic selection of games by combining two of the world’s best live dealer developers into a single casino, creating a fantastic experience for users of all wants and needs. The PlayOJO live dealer games are powered by NetEnt and Evo Gaming, making it one of the best live dealer casinos on the internet.

    Evo Gaming is widely regarded as the best live dealer provider in the online casino industry, as they have a major selection of games to offer to their online casinos, and the best Evo Gaming titles can all be found at PlayOJO.

    However, NetEnt doesn’t fall behind in this regard. The company has been evolving its live dealer offerings to compete with Evo Gaming and offer something different to the latter, which is something that we can say they’ve been achieving quite well.

    Thanks to the fact that PlayOJO combines both companies’ games, they have one of the largest selections of blackjack games that we’ve come across. They have plenty of blackjack tables as well as VIP roulette tables for those of you looking for a high roller experience.

    As if that wasn’t enough, there are also some online live dealer games made by other developers that complement the total number of games that their section has. Pragmatic Play makes some quality live dealer games too, and some can be found at the PlayOJO live dealer casino!

    The Live Dealer games at the site can also be played in a variety of ways. You’ll notice how some games offer you the chance to see the croupier in an animated background, while other games give you more serious alternatives that might better suit the needs of an elegant gambler. In any case, it’s fantastic to know that the casino provides enough options for the player to choose whatever suits them best.

    PlayOJO Interface

    In terms of navigating through the site, there could be some improvements when it comes to the way things are laid out. The site’s design could do with some improvements, especially on the browsing bar that’s just at the left bottom part of your screen. Browsing there seems a bit too awkward, as the scrolling bar doesn’t make things easier for the player.

    In any case, the site does present everything cleanly and the right part of the screen is fully operational. Whenever you’re browsing for games, the site presents them all in the best manner possible, and in fairness, the left browsing bar also allows you to change the type of games that the site displays for your searching comfort.

    One of the things we like the most about PlayOJO’s design is that the games are all easily distinguishable from one another. A major problem that many online casinos have and don’t seem to address is that having a ton of games makes it difficult for the player to differentiate them, which also makes it more difficult to search for a specific game.

    With PlayOJO, even though there are over two thousand games on the site, finding a title that you like isn’t difficult at all. Games are all displayed differently and some have bigger sizes than others, which catches your eye and also creates sort of sub-sections within your search, giving you more depth and chances to find other games.

    The PlayOJO interface could be summed in a few bullet points:

    • A search bar on the left that could do with some interface improvements
    • A full screen on the right that displays whatever you’re doing at the casino
    • Your user information on the top left corner of the page
    Play at PlayOJO

    PlayOJO Licenses

    The PlayOJO casino is expected to have a reliable gambling license considering its now gigantic reputation, and they duly deliver. The site holds a license given to them by the UK Gambling Commission, making this casino an approved website by one of the world’s strictest gambling entities.

    The owners of this online casino rate the UKGC license better than any other license in the world, and rightly so. The PlayOJO website holds, in any case, a Malta gambling license as well. In fact, the site is operated mainly under the usage of this license, but it is fully available to be played by players in the United Kingdom.

    This also makes the PlayOJO Casino unavailable in some jurisdictions, so you might need to give the Terms and Conditions sections a visit if you want to find out whether your country is allowed to access PlayOJO or not.

    PlayOJO Mobile App – The Best Mobile Casino App?

    PlayOJO has something different from the rest of online casinos when it comes to offering mobile services. If you’ve read other reviews of ours, you’ve probably noticed that most online casinos offer mobile gambling services by optimizing their websites to make them work much better when you opened them from a phone, often using HTML5 configs to allow this.

    Online casinos tend to avoid creating apps because they can sometimes have issues getting into the Play Store or the App Store, so they simply optimize their websites to make them work much better with phones and avoid any issues with device compatibility. This often also makes them useful in tablets, so they work as a sort of app without you having to download one.

    However, PlayOJO takes a different approach by actually developing a mobile app that you can download on your Android or iPhone devices in either of the stores. The app is completely free and it allows you to play the best PlayOJO games from any device that you own, allowing you to take your gambling with you even if your mobile browser isn’t too good.

    Play at PlayOJO

    Mobile Interface

    The PlayOJO Mobile App seems to have a better interface than its website counterpart! Everything is presented really cleanly, and the fact that the left-sided menu has to be accessed by opening it by hand, it makes it much easier for the player to select when to have the menu showing and when not to have it there.

    You will be able to see your balance pretty cleanly as well as any online casino promotions that might be available at the moment. Browsing through the mobile app is a much more straightforward experience than it is on the website, and we absolutely loved how easy it was for us to go through the menus and find the best games on our mobile phones.

    PlayOJO shows why other online casinos should take note and create their own custom mobile apps. It truly enhances the way you play on mobile and makes things easier for every user, which should always be the ultimate goal of an online casino. The app is also fully secured and allows you to make payments and withdrawals without worrying about your data, much like the entire PlayOJO casino itself.

    Play at PlayOJO

    PlayOJO Payments and Withdrawals

    The PlayOJO Casino gives you all the options that you need when it comes to taking money off the site and depositing it. You will be able to make traditional deposits using your credit cards or debit cards if you wish, or you could resort to using any of their digital payment methods, including the most popular e-wallets in the world.

    When it comes to payout speed, there are some online casinos that often process payments faster than PlayOJO. That’s not to say that this site is slow, though – it just isn’t the quickest when it comes to processing payments. In any case, this is compensated by the security that they provide during the whole process, where you can rest assured that your money is in safe hands.

    You know that an online casino is trustworthy as soon as you see that they allow PayPal transactions. You can deposit and withdraw money through the world’s most popular e-wallet service, and choosing to do so will also enable you to make payments and withdrawal much faster than if you did them using bank transfers or credit card payments.

    They also allow other popular payment methods such as Paysafecard and the two major alternatives to PayPal in Skrill and Neteller. It’s truly a great website and it shows how much the owners care about providing users with the best experience possible when they offer so many options to them.

    Play at PlayOJO

    PlayOJO Customer Service & Payout Rates

    The PlayOJO Casino offers players a fantastic customer service experience, with the website’s staff ready to assist whoever needs it throughout most periods of the day. They offer a couple of ways in which you can get in touch with the hosts of the casino. You could try to send them an email and they would answer it as soon as they can.

    They have a chat on their website that you can write on as well, which will allow you to get in touch with them as soon as they read it. You should receive an answer promptly.

    We do think that there should be other ways in which you could contact them, and the site would do well with offering users the chance to fill a special for mand send it to them to let you know what’s bothering you. Adding a designated phone number that you can call would also be a fantastic improvement and would do wonders for the customer experience.

    The good thing about PlayOJO is that players rarely have to resort to talking to anyone involved with the website, so you shouldn’t need to send them emails unless something out of the ordinary happens. Their customer representative as very active and helpful as well, so even though they don’t offer as many options as there could be, you can count on the available options to be sufficient!

    Payout rates are also some of the highest in the entire online casino industry, with RTP percentages ranging from 96% to 99%!

    Play at PlayOJO

    PlayOJO Security – A Safe and Reliable Site?

    The fact that PlayOJO holds a UK gambling license should tell you everything you need to know about the security on this website. The online casino offers users the chance to gamble freely in a secure environment, where your payments are always encrypted and you’re very hard to track down thanks to the SSL encryption of the site.

    PlayOJO knows that players value their safety, and the owners of the site have worked to create an environment in which people can feel safe at all times. It doesn’t matter what activity you’re performing on the casino; you will not feel the need the use a VPN or any additional protection feature on your computer as your money and data are always safe.

    There haven’t even been cases of scandals with the PlayOJO casino, and even though the site has been operating for a few years, it says a lot about customer satisfaction and contempt with the safety measures used by the site.

    Conclusion – Does PlayOJO Live Up to Its Reputation?

    There’s no way in which you can look at PlayOJO and say that the casino is not up to its high standards. The site offers as many features as you’d like to see in the most complete online casino in the world, and you can access the site wherever you are thanks to the fantastic mobile app that they have taken the time and money to develop.

    The features of the PlayOJO casino are truly fantastic and make this site one of the best online casinos on the planet, and being an up-and-coming website, it does say a lot about how quickly the PlayOJO casino has positioned itself among the finest in the industry.

    Their large selection of games and their outstanding bonuses that require no wagering to withdraw simply put this casino on another level when compared to the rest of its competitors. Bonuses, games, live dealer titles and an easy-to-navigate interface. What more could you want?!


    SlotsMillion Casino BONUSES


    • Happy Hour every Friday
    • Special bonus for ladies on Mondays
    • Special bonus for guys on Wednesdays
    • Large portfolio of online slots
    • Mobile-friendly


    • Bonus expires 7 days after activation
    • Live chat works only from 09:00 to 00:00 CET

    SlotsMillion Casino Details

    Deposit & Withdrawals

    • Maximum WithdrawalNo maximum withdrawal
    • Withdrawal limit50 000 EUR per month
    • Withdrawal limit50 000 EUR per month
    • Withdrawal times E-wallets0-1 hour
    • Withdrawal times Credit Cards0-1 hour
    • Withdrawal times Bank Transfers0-1 hour

    Contact information

    • Live ChatNo
    • Support emailsupport@slotsmillion.com

    SlotsMillion Casino Review

    SlotsMillion casino is an award-winning online gambling den dedicated to the provision of nothing but the best gaming environment for its users. The site continues to attract an ever increasing number of clients due to its easy to use features and a solid reputation as a dependable supplier of best quality gambling club recreations, particularly on the slots niche.

    Play at SlotsMillion

    SlotsMillion casino is powered and operated by the Alea Gaming Ltd with a sole aim of providing its players with the biggest number of quality casino games in a manner that is both flawless and thrilling. It is licensed and authorized by the Curacao government and the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). As such, regulated by two of the most highly regarded authorizing and administrative bodies in the online casino gambling scene, SlotsMillion casino games are completely secure and safe.

    Moreover, SlotsMillion casino diversions have been designed to work wonderfully, seamlessly & consistently on any gadget be it a computer desktop, tablet or smartphone. It’s all about making the player comfortable at SlotsMillion casino. It’s about personified games that suit you, and that’s why SlotsMillion is always on the lookout for new and energizing slots plus other casino recreations that’ll bring you greater payouts, massive jackpots, and thrilling experience.

    SlotsMillion Casino takes pride as the premiere casino to venture into the world digital casino gaming. It is the first virtual reality online casino for real money.

    You can thus be sure to enjoy your favorite games in 3D via a virtual new world that makes the whole experience so real. It feels more or less like a physical brick and mortar casino you’re engaging with. SlotsMillion is a revolutionized & modernized online casino gaming adventure like never seen before. And as the saying goes, variety is the spice of life – the same way you can count on SlotsMillion casino for a benevolent, accommodating, and diversified online casino gaming experience.

    SlotsMillion Casino Games – The Site With the Most Slots

    As the name suggests, SlotsMillion casino is by and large a slots dominated domain that features a wide range of slot diversions from a variety of respectable & top of the line software providers. And although the casino claims to support other games like video poker, roulette, blackjack and so forth; I would specifically recommend SlotsMillion casino to mainly the avid players who are slot fan diehards. They will certainly be enchanted by the stunning assortment of titles they can discover here.

    Check SlotsMillion Games

    This is because the number of slots available at this casino is well over 2000, and counting. New titles are added every now and then. And as earlier highlighted all of them are proffered by top-flight gaming providers.

    Given that these are endless & unlimited slot amusements to choose from, SlotsMillion casino provides a sorting mechanism through which one can easily find his/her preferred games effortlessly. SlotsMillion casino categorizes all its available diversions into ‘’Classic Slots’’ ‘’Video Slots’’ ‘’3D Slots’’ ‘’New Slots’’ and ‘’Jackpot slots’’.

    Needless to say, regardless of whether you are a fan of video slots or classic slots, it’s easy to find your desired titles by just a click on either of the distinctive classifications. For an even enhanced efficiency, you can further apply filters like the number of paylines and favored themes in order to rapidly access the games of your liking.

    Does that feel like it’s not enough? Worry not, the site has recently expanded their library of slots and added a further 100 titles to the mix!

    SlotsMillion Table Games and Other Titles

    Aside from its immense library of slots, on the casino games tab, SlotsMillion casino also features a generally tolerable collection of the regular casino games such as Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat, Texas Hold ’em, and Craps. You will as well in similar fashion discover a miniature determination of live blackjack and roulette that you can play against live dealers.

    SlotsMillion Casino allows players to select games as per software providers in the event that one feels that a certain supplier delivers more superior games than the other.

    SlotsMillion Deposit Methods

    Depositing at SlotsMillion Casino is quick and easy. There equally plenty of deposit methods available to ensure secure and instant payments whenever the need for some action at the casino arises. You can deposit into your SlotsMillion casino account via the most popular credit card companies in the world as well as any international bank that supports payments to online entities. You can also find a few e-wallet options to suit your needs.

    Security & Fair Play

    Security is a primary concern at any casino. Every gamer wants to be reassured that his/her funds will remain safe & secure at all times. As such, SlotsMillion utilizes the most exceptional techniques and conventions to encrypt and transfer data securely. The site employs the latest SSL digital encryption technologies to guarantee that all individual data given by players is kept confidential and protected from all potential harmful third parties.

    SlotsMillion casino is an enthusiastic responsible gaming supporter that applies the MDS GNA random number generator (RNG) to ascertain delivery of arbitrary gambling outcomes. On these grounds, all gaming activities at SlotsMillion Casino culminate into a completely fair upshot and are wholly a result of both skill and luck. Talk of an unprejudiced, secure and fortified online gaming atmosphere – and you wouldn’t be more correct!

    SlotsMillion Casino Software

    SlotsMillion is an entirely flashy gambling club that doesn’t necessitate the need to download and install any software. Most of its games can be enjoyed directly from your browser in both demo and real money mode. You may be charmed to realize that SlotsMillion games are supplied by at least 20 software providers including NetEnt, Quickspin, Genesis, Gamesos, Leander, Betsoft, Playtech, Microgaming, Rival, Nektan, Wagermill, Play’n’Go, and many others.

    SlotsMillion Mobile Site and Compatibility

    Moreover, SlotsMillion Casino gaming platform is compatible with almost every operating system out there including iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, and Mac devices. The site doesn’t have a specific app, but it runs very well on almost every device that can access the internet via browser.

    SlotsMillion Casino Bonus – The Best Promotions to Fatten Your Wallet

    SlotsMillion has a really engaging and enticing welcome package for each of their newly registered players. This welcome bonus, howbeit, varies depending on one’s country of residence. You can reap a 100% match bonus plus 100 free spins for making a first deposit of up to €100 if you come from either of these countries: the United Kingdom, New Zealand or Germany.

    The free spins cover the following slot games; Gonzo’s Quest, Twin Spin Jack and Beanstalk, Spinata Grande, and Fruit Shop. It’s also important to note that they are credited into a player’s account in stacks of 20 spins per day for 5 consecutive days. You are required to use all the 20 spins within 24 hours after receipt.

    Unfortunately, for countries like Canada and Australia, players may not receive the free spins.

    Get SlotsMillion Bonus

    SlotsMillion Special Offers

    SlotsMillion casino regularly wheedles its players with energizing every day and week by week bonuses & promotions. Amongst the most popular ones you can expect to find the following promotions:

    • Between Monday and Friday from 1100hr to 1300h CET, you’ll receive 20 free spins for making a deposit of at least €20.
    • Friday happy hour – with a minimum deposit of €20 on Friday between 7 pm and 11 pm CET, you’re rewarded with a 50% Match Bonus.
    • Ladies Night – Monday is ladies night! With only a deposit of €25 between 7 and 11 pm as a lady, you’re eligible for a 40% bonus up to €100.
    • Gentlemen’s Night – Gentlemen’s night is Wednesday night. And the rules are as applied for the Ladies Night.
    • You may also receive special gifts by subscribing to the casino’s newsletter.

    SlotsMillion Casino Jackpots – Win Millions in a Few Spins!

    The SlotsMillion Casino Jackpot section encompasses appealing progressive jackpot slot games that are both winsome and exciting. Don’t miss to try your luck at with record-breaking masterpieces like Mega Moolah, Fruit Bonanza, Mega Fortune, Diamond Wild, Basic Instinct, Gift Shop, Lucky Clover, Wow Pot, Tunzamunni, LotsAloot, Geisha Wonders, and Mega Joker.

    The Mega Moolah jackpot is probably the one that players enjoy the most on the site, as it has helped some very lucky players to win a ton of money in their favorite casinos from around the world. Thankfully, you can find this popular title amongst many other awesome online jackpots that could earn you millions in a matter of seconds!

    Payment Methods

    SlotsMillion Casino supports EUR,GBP, USD, and SEK. There are many international and local payment methods available here although the most common ones of which can be applied for both making withdrawals and deposits include Bank Wire Transfer, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, Visa, and ecoPayz. Most importantly, all SlotsMillion payment methods are safe and secure. The minimum amount that you can be allowed to cash out is €10.

    Payout speed

    SlotsMillion Casino payout speed is typically 24 hours for most of the payment methods but e-wallet payments ought to be completed inside three hours. Even so, in the event that you have never requested for withdrawal before, you may be required to first verify your account which may delay the transaction to more than a day.

    Support & Contact

    In the event that you have any issues, you can contact the SlotsMillion support team through Live Chat, telephone or email. They are available from 09:00 – 23:00 CET and although it’s not a round the clock support, there is a call-back option which serves as a fantastic standby when you want to speak to a support agent directly.  Besides, there is a well-detailed FAQs page.

    You can also follow SlotsMillion on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and stay up-to-date with the latest in regards to club diversions, promotions & bonuses.

    Conclusion: Over 2000 Slots and Millions of Euros to be Won

    SlotsMillion is a stunning gambling club that meets all aspirations. From its significant diversions library featuring more than 2000 amusements to the refined searching mechanisms and remarkable promotions – SlotsMillion Casino is unrivaled. Everything here exudes class and the gameplay experience is a complete fulfillment!


    SlotsMillion Casino FAQ

    SlotsMillion Casino NEWS

    • Wagering requirements45x(d+b)
    • Maximum bonus amount400%
    • Bonus value€ 1000
    • ExclusiveNo
    • Country Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Sweden, USA
    • CashableNo

    Casino Superlines First Deposit Bonus

    It’s hard to find a first deposit bonus that matches over 200% of your cash in free money, but the Casino Superlines first deposit bonus is here to do just that. The Casino Superlines first deposit bonus gives you the chance to earn up to €1000 in free bonus cash without having to risk even half of that to receive it! That’s almost as nice as it gets, surely.

    The Casino Superlines first deposit bonus lets you play the most popular games available on this awesome online casino. Even though the site isn’t as popular per se, it’s owned by one of the largest gambling conglomerates on the planet. They are true to their word when it comes to complying with bonus conditions and other rules, so be sure to spend your time and money wisely – you’ll almost assuredly end up with a profit!

    The Casino Superlines first deposit bonus is subjected to a few wagering requirements and bonus conditions that can’t be overlooked when playing with the bonus cash. Just be sure to comply with them and you’ll end up with a large cash reward in return. This guide will help you understand the basic principles of the offer and how to get the best out of it!

    Get Casino Superlines Bonus

    How to Get the Casino Superlines First Deposit Bonus

    Obtaining the Casino Superlines first deposit bonus it’s the easiest part of the offer. All you need to do is make a deposit of at least €20 on the site, and you’ll receive 400% of your deposit in the shape of free bonus cash. There isn’t much more to it – no bonus codes and no notifications. Just make a deposit and you’ll be rewarded accordingly.

    The Casino Superlines first deposit bonus is only meant to be claimed once per player. As such, each player is only allowed to own one account on the Casino Superlines. If you somehow manage to register more than one account and the casino catches you doing so, all bonus funds will be removed from all account and you might end up getting permanently banned from the casino.

    Furthermore, if you don’t receive any bonus cash after making your first deposit on the site, please contact the Casino Superlines staff and ask them to solve the issue for you. Sometimes there might be glitches with the system and the staff might have to manually add the bonus amount to your account.

    Please refrain from using proxies or VPNs to claim multiple Casino Superlines first deposit bonus. You can end up getting all of your cash confiscated and you could also end up permanently banned from the casino and all of the other casinos owned by the conglomerate.

    What the Casino Superlines First Deposit Bonus is About

    The Casino Superlines first deposit bonus is an introductory but lucrative offer that could see even the most inexperienced of players net a large sum of cash. As such, it’s common for this offer to be protected by some rather strict terms and conditions. However, the promotion is rather seen as a way to let people know how it feels to wager with large sums of cash in such an incredible casino.

    You’re likely to walk away with a decent sum of money once the requirements are met, but even if you don’t, the Casino Superlines first deposit bonus allows you to try out some of the best online slots and the best online casino games on the planet without having to spend a lot of money to do it, and with the chance to earn a lot in return!

    Get Casino Superlines Bonus

    Casino Superlines First Deposit Bonus Terms and Conditions

    The Casino Superlines first deposit bonus is a very gargle match deposit bonus, offering users the chance to earn €1000 by just making a deposit of €250. As such, it’s only natural that the bonus is subjected to a series of terms and conditions that make the offer fair, both for the user and for the casino themselves. They aren’t going to willingly give away a ton of cash for free, after all.

    However, the terms and conditions of the Casino Superlines first deposit bonus are surprisingly fair – especially when you consider how much money there is at stake. As such, we’ve made this guide to help you understand the most important bonus terms and conditions of the offer.

    Wagering Requirements

    You’d probably expect the wagering requirements to include the actual amount of your deposit, but they don’t! You’ll only need to wager the bonus cash a total of 45 times before you can withdraw the winnings from the offer. Granted, the number is larger than what you get in other offers, but it’s more than fair if you consider how much cash you’re getting for free.

    Keep in mind that all bets are first deducted from your actual cash balance, so there’s a chance that you may lose your deposit when wagering towards the completion of the bonus. However, once the deposit cash runs out, you’ll get to play with the bonus funds themselves. This will give you a high chance of making a profit if you play your cards right – be careful with your bets and fatten that wallet!

    Bonus Timeframe

    You must fulfill the wagering requirements of the Casino Superlines first deposit bonus within 15 days. That gives you a little over two weeks to wager all your cash in the best online slots before the bonus cash is removed. If you fail to meet the wagering requirements of the offer within two weeks, the Casino Superlines first deposit bonus will be deducted from your account with no further notice.

    The clock starts ticking once the bonus cash is awarded to your account, which should happen almost instantaneously after you make the first cash deposit in the Casino Superlines website.

    Get Casino Superlines Bonus

    Withdrawal Restrictions

    Withdrawing your cash is where it gets tricky with the Casino Superlines first deposit bonus. You cannot withdraw more than 20 times the amount of your original deposit, which means that making a deposit of €250 signifies a maximum withdrawal amount of €5000. In any case, that leaves you two weeks to meet the requirements and earn €5000 for free.

    You may not request withdrawals of your deposit cash before the requirements of the bonus are met, as the deposit cash is meant to be used before the bonus balance in your account. Furthermore, if your deposit balance reaches 0, the wagering requirements of the offer will be reset – be careful when and how you wager your cash!

    The bonus cash itself cannot be withdrawn, but you can withdraw all bonus funds made using the Casino Superlines first deposit bonus €1000 offer. The money itself is what we call sticky currency, which means that it’s bound to your account until the bonus timeframe runs out or you fulfill the wagering requirements of the bonus.

    Stake Weights and Game Restrictions

    The Casino Superlines first deposit bonus is strictly meant to be played in slots and scratch cards. Wagering in other games may result in the full removal of all bonus funds from your account, or the voidance of all bets made outside slots and scratch cards whilst the bonus is active. Likewise, some games have higher contribution percentages than others to the fulfillment of the requirements. The list is as follows:

    • Slots and scratch cards – 100%
    • Pinocchio, Hansel and Gretel, Scruffy Duck, Copycats, Tiger Heart, Castle Blood, Miss Midas, The Spin Lab – 90%
    • Big Bang, Blood Suckers, Dead or Alive, Devil´s Delight, Eggomatic, Eye of the Kraken, Kings of Chicago, Pearls of India, Reel Steal, Robin Hood, The Wish Master, Tower Quest, Zombies, 300 Shields, Lucky 8 Line, Super Nudge 6000,Secrets of the Stones, Victorious, Jack Hammer 2, Jackpot Jester 6000, Jackpot Jester Wild Nudge, Viking Runecraft, Steam Tower, Demolition Squad, Hugo 2, Immortal Romance, Jack Hammer, Moon Princess, Reactoonz, Riches of RA, Creature from the Black Lagoon – 0%

    Games excluded from this list and games with a 0% rate of contribution may not be played whilst the Casino Superlines first deposit bonus is active in your account.

    Take a Chance with the Superlines

    The Casino Superlines first deposit bonus is right there, waiting for you to claim its awesome rewards. The bonus gives you the chance to earn an incredibly hefty sum of cash without having to risk much of your own, so be sure to deposit as much money as possible in order to claim the entirety of this awesome first deposit bonus.

    You don’t really need to deposit over €300 to claim this promotion, so commit some cash to the site and dedicate some time to fulfill the wagering requirements. You’ll end up making a large profit in no time! Visit the Casino Superlines and claim the Casino Superlines first deposit bonus before the offer gets removed from the site!

    Read our full Casino Superlines review here.

    Get Casino Superlines Bonus
    • Wagering requirements35x
    • Maximum bonus amount€100
    • Bonus value10 Free Spins
    • ExclusiveNo
    • Country Brazil, Canada, Finland, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, Sweden, United Kingdom, USA
    • CashableNo

    Casilando Free Spins No Deposit Bonus

    The Casilando no deposit bonus is a very simple offer that aims to encourage every player to enjoy the best online slots available in the casino. It doesn’t offer a large and lucrative reward like some of its counterparts, but this no deposit bonus has a small set of requirements and conditions that every player should easily comply with.

    Casilando is an awesome site with a slick look and a good presentation, which encourages users to play and spend as much time on the website as possible. The site has recently experienced significant growth in their player base, as thousands of gamblers from all around the world have visited the site and subscribed to the Casilando services. All of them have been met with the Casilando no deposit bonus.

    Albeit this promotion is one of the finest that you’ll encounter on your online travels, we still encourage you to read our full guide to make sure that you’ll be able to spend earn all the rewards needed to claim this awesome promotion to its fullest.

    Get Casilando Bonus

    How to Get the Casilando Free Spins No Deposit Bonus

    The Casilando no deposit bonus is granted to every player upon registering on the site. However, keep in mind that you won’t be able to meet the wagering requirements of the Casilando no deposit bonus until after you’ve made a deposit on your account. You will be able to play the free spins in the site, but the money will remain locked until you decide to make a deposit.

    This offer may only be claimed once per household and only once per player. You may not make multiple accounts in order to claim this offer multiple times as this is seen as bonus abuse and you risk losing all your funds for trying to commit fraud on the site. Furthermore, you may also want to keep in mind that every new player is entitled to receive the promotion.

    Please refrain from using IP address masks or any other sort of tool that may be interpreted as an attempt to deceive the bonus rules of this offer. The Casilando staff are wary and will make a full check of your account as well as all of your personal information to make sure that you’re not violating any terms and conditions.

    Likewise, you may be asked to provide additional information to the casino when attempting to claim the rewards of the Casilando no deposit bonus. This is done to ensure that you’re the person who you claim to be. You’ll likely be asked to add more information to the site if you manage to make the maximum amount of winnings that the offer permits.

    What the Casilando No Deposit Bonus is About

    The Casilando No Deposit bonus is part of the Casilando welcome bonus, as the no deposit rewards require you to make a deposit in order to fulfill the wagering conditions. However, the no deposit part of the Casilando welcome bonus still lets you spend your 10 free spins in the casino without having to use your own cash.

    All the free spins that you get with the Casilando no deposit bonus are meant to be spent in the Book of Dead game, which is one of the most popular slot games on the planet and one of the most lucrative online casino games that we’ve tried at The Casino Wizard. The bonus grants you the chance to spend your winnings as you see fit, but you have a limit of €5 per bet while this offer is active in your account.

    The Casilando no deposit bonus can be interpreted as a tool used by the casino to show players what they can do on the site, while also giving them the chance to make a maximum of €100. The offer is one of those deals that you’ll struggle to come by, but you still need to know its basic guidelines if you are to take full advantage of it.

    Get Casilando Bonus

    Casilando No Deposit Bonus Terms and Conditions

    The Casilando no deposit bonus has strict terms and conditions that you must understand before claiming the 10 free spins attached to this promotion. You’ll likely find other promotions that are more lenient, but the Casilando offer is still a good one to take if you’re willing to make a small deposit on the site after claiming it.

    We’ve listed the most important rules here to save you the time and trouble of going over each of these conditions individually.

    Wagering Requirements

    You’ll need to spend all 10 free spins before meeting the wagering requirements of the promotion, even if you have deposited money on the site. Furthermore, any money generated using the free spins must be wagered 35 times before you can withdraw the winnings to your account.

    Once the wagering requirements have been met, your bonus money will be converted into real cash and you’ll be able to fully withdraw it from the site as you see fit.

    Withdrawal Restrictions

    Any winnings made using the Casilando no deposit bonus free spins or the money generated by playing with them is limited to €100 in winnings. Your balance will keep rising even if you hit the €100 ceiling, but any surplus cash will be removed when you request a withdrawal from the site. You may still use the extra funds to complete any wagering requirements if you run out of deposit money in your account.

    Furthermore, it’s not permitted for players to request withdrawals of cash whilst the offer is still active in an account. This is important to notice as the no deposit bonus requires you to make a deposit if you want to wager towards the fulfillment of wagering requirements. Be sure not to request a withdrawal of your cash or the offer may get removed from your account.

    Keep in mind that the bonus money made strictly with the free spins is limited to €100 and it will not go past that cap. However, the money earned while wagering towards the fulfillment of the conditions will stack if you manage to earn enough cash. It will only be removed once the Casilando staff checks all the info when requesting a withdrawal.

    Bonus Timeframe

    The bonus free spins and the bonus money generated by playing with the free spins on Book of Dead must all be used within 10 days. This also includes the completion of the wagering requirements of the website. You must complete everything within one week and a half if you are to claim any winnings from this no deposit bonus.

    The 10-day timeframe should be long enough to allow people to fully complete the requirements, as they aren’t particularly high for the Casilando no deposit bonus. However, it’s important that you don’t get distracted playing other casino games in the meantime.


    Players residing in countries where gambling isn’t legal cannot apply for this welcome bonus, nor can they participate in any activity in the Casilando casino. Likewise, players from the United Kingdom may not claim the Casilando no deposit bonus by any means, as the country is excluded from the list of participants.

    Be wary that you cannot use IP address masks or proxies to overcome the restrictions imposed by the site. You’ll need to stick to the rules or your account will be banned.

    The Casilando no deposit bonus should be fully wagered in the Book of Dead game in order to save you the trouble of speaking with the casino staff about it. The offer is meant to be played in slots games only, so be sure not to attempt spending the bonus cash in other types of games. You may use your own deposit cash to wager in other games and fulfill the wagering requirements of the offer, though.

    Get Casilando Bonus

    The Land of Awesome Rewards

    The Casilando no deposit bonus might not be the most lucrative offer on the internet, but it’s an easy way to make €100 by playing with free cash and while also having fun in one of the best online casinos on the planet.

    The offer places you in a scenario where it’s very difficult to lose, and all you must do to fully appreciate it is making a small deposit on the site to ensure that the wagering requirements are being met with your money.

    If you’re happy with what you’ve seen so far from the Casilando no deposit bonus, then visit the site before it’s too late. The offer has been around for quite a while, but we can’t guarantee that Casilando will have it available much longer. Promotions like this one are difficult to come by, and those 10 free spins are just sitting there waiting for you to take them!

    Read our full Casilando Casino review here.

    Get Casilando Bonus
    • Wagering requirements35x
    • Maximum bonus amountno maximum cash out
    • Bonus value€ 300
    • ExclusiveNo
    • Country Brazil, Canada, Finland, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, Sweden, United Kingdom, USA
    • CashableNo

    Casilando Casino Welcome Bonus

    Book of Dead is one of the most popular casino slots on the planet, and the people of Casilando Casino know this. Thus, they are offering one of the most lucrative bonuses online to any player willing to register and make a deposit on the site while their offer is valid. The Casilando welcome bonus is sure to please even the most demanding of customers with its low wagering requirements and large profitability.

    The free spin offer presented by Casilando is also accompanied by a large match deposit bonus, which can reach a free money amount of up to €300 just by making an equal deposit to the site.

    If you’re looking to play with some free cash in a popular online casino, then Casilando is probably the one you want – they have some very lenient rules and low wagering requirements that have earned them a reputation for being one of the “good guys” of the industry. Just be sure to fully understand all of their terms and conditions before jumping into their service!

    Get Casilando Casino Bonus


    How to Get the Casilando Welcome Bonus?

    The process of obtaining the Casilando welcome bonus isn’t difficult by any means – mainly because the site simply gives it to you after your first deposit. As such, all you need to do is visit the Casilando official website and opt to create a new account there.

    Afterwards, simply confirm your email address and enter all the necessary banking info. Once your account is ready to go, make the first deposit with a minimum amount of €20 if you want to qualify for the bonus. Not doing so would mean that you’ll permanently forfeit the site’s offer.

    Casilando also offers a no deposit welcome bonus which can be claimed as soon as you join the site! The conditions that the Casilando welcome bonus is subjected to differ depending on which bonus are you opting for. The wagering requirements and demands of the no deposit bonus are much stricter than its deposit counterpart.

    Get Casilando Casino Bonus


    The Important Stuff About the Casilando Welcome Bonus

    As we mentioned before, the free spins offered on the Casilando welcome bonus are to be exclusively used in their Book of Dead game. Book of Dead is one of the most played slot games on the planet because of how much money you can make by playing it, the fun it gives to the players, and the fair house edge that it has.

    You will receive free spins for Book of Dead twice. The first time will be as soon as you create a new account on the site, whilst the second time will be as part of your first deposit bonus. This dual bonus package has become a trend for online casinos, and the Casilando welcome bonus is up there with the best of its kind.

    The match deposit bonus is a 100% cash match of up to €300, which means that any amount that you deposit over those €300 won’t be given to you in the form of free money. However, the €300 limit is very high for online casino standards – especially when considering that Casilando has a low wagering requirement of 35x. Most casinos willing to match €200 or more tend to put stricter wagering requirements.

    Reward Potential

    There’s plenty of opportunities to make a large profit out of your Casilando welcome bonus thanks to the possibilities offered by the site. The free spins are subjected to the same wagering requirements, regardless of how you got them, but the no deposit free spins have a very limited amount of money to be won. We’ll go into further details about this topic later.

    If you can spare €300 and keep them deposited on the site while you fulfill the conditions of the Casilando welcome bonus, then you’re very likely to end up a richer person once you’ve played through all the requirements. Possibilities are endless at Casilando, and it’d be foolish not to consider joining the site.

    Get Casilando Casino Bonus


    Casilando Bonus Terms and Conditions

    The rules of Casilando are very simple to understand, but you may miss out on some of the most important terms and conditions when you first visit the site. We’d like to save you some time in this matter, so we’ve made a list of the most important terms and conditions imposed for the Casilando welcome bonus – both for its no deposit bonus and its deposit rewards.

    Bonus Spins Timeframe & Restrictions

    Even though the offer has very lenient time restrictions, the free spins need to be used within 10 days after being received or they will be fully removed from your account.

    Apart from that, the only way to qualify for withdrawal of your bonus funds is by having made a deposit on the site – even if you use the free spins given to you as part of the no deposit welcome bonus. With that said, you can indeed use the free spins as soon as you want, but you need to make a deposit before you’re able to withdraw the winnings.

    The main rule is, however, that you must spend all of your free spins in the Book of Dead game. You cannot play with them on other games, but you can use the money that you get from said free spins by wagering it on other slots. That’s the only way to go around the game restriction put in place by the website.

    Maximum Bets & Wagering Requirements

    You cannot make bets higher than €5 when this bonus is in play. Any bet higher than that could result in a full forfeit of the bonus funds from your account.

    The free spins are also limited to a maximum winning of €100, as we mentioned before, but you will notice that the earned money will keep going up in your account even after hitting this milestone. The surplus money will be removed from your account after the casino’s staff reviews your winnings, once the Casilando welcome bonus has been fully played through.

    The free spins earned through the deposit bonus are not subjected to the same restrictions as the no deposit free spins, so you will notice how you can make more money with them and the site won’t confiscate any extra cash. That’s the only real difference between both sets of free spins, as both are limited to Book of Dead and cannot be used in other casino games.

    The wagering requirements for all bonus cash – be it the one you earn from the free spins or the one that you get in the form of match deposit money – must be wagered a total of 35 times before you can withdraw any winnings from the site. Attempting to withdraw the funds before this condition has been met will result in a forfeit of your bonus.

    Scratchcard Contribution

    One of the main aspects that make this bonus stand out from the rest is the fact that you can use the bonus money on scratchcards and keno, and your winnings will have a 100% contribution rate towards the conditions of the wagering requirements. However, the Casilando welcome bonus limits how much cash you can earn towards the wagering requirements in video poker to just 5%.

    Other table games, however, have a contribution rate of 10%. It’s not too ideal, but most online casinos do prefer players to spend their bonus cash on slots and not in other games where they have more control of the outcome. It’s still good that you get to play scratchcards here, though!

    Cashout Rules

    The no deposit free spins are limited to a maximum cashout of €100 (and that’s after you’ve made the first deposit on the site). However, you can make as much money as you want with the Casilando welcome bonus thanks to the deposit bonus free spins and the deposit cash match bonus. Everything related to the deposit bonus money has no withdrawal limitations.

    Even though the potential for profit is great, you must always keep in mind that you can’t make any bets hat surpass the €5 limit per wager, otherwise, the casino may confiscate all of your winnings and remove the bonus from your account.

    Take It or Leave It?

    Given how lenient the requirements for the Casilando welcome bonus are, it would not be wise to let it go. Casilando’s popularity rests on the efficiency of their bonuses and their awesome payouts – even if their winnings are limited to €250,000 per wager. The site’s player base continues to grow by the day, and each of them is always making sure to enjoy the benefits of their lucrative welcome bonus.

    If you’re cool with the 35x wagering requirements and the bonus that you’re being offered pleases you, then don’t waste more time and don’t let this offer run out! Simply visit Casilando right now and make your first deposit of at least €20 to cash out on one of the most lucrative welcome bonuses on the online casino community.

    Read our full Casilando Casino review here.

    Get Casilando Casino Bonus
    • Wagering requirements40xb
    • Maximum bonus amount20 free spins
    • ExclusiveNo
    • Country Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, Malta, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, USA
    • CashableNo

    BitStarz Casino Free Spins No Deposit Bonus

    BitStarz, one of the finest Bitcoin casinos on the planet, is offering users the chance to get started into their site with 20 awesome cashable free spins which can be enjoyed in some of the finest games available on the site. If you’re looking to play with free cash and try out the services of BitStarz for the first time, then their 20 free spin bonus is exactly what you need.

    The best thing about the BitStarz no deposit bonus free spins is that the bonus is fully cashable and not exclusive – every new player is entitled to get it. It doesn’t matter if you intend to wager as a high roller or as a low roller, you’ll be able to take full advantage of the bonus as you see fit. The wagering requirements and other conditions are well explained by the casino, which helps consolidate the quality of the bonus.

    However, you should still be aware of how these bonus terms and conditions work if you want to enjoy the BitStarz no deposit bonus – so stay with us in this article and learn everything you need about it!

    Get Bitstarz Casino Bonus


    How to Get the BitStarz No Deposit Bonus

    There aren’t too many steps that you need to follow in order to receive the BitStarz no deposit bonus. It’s not part of a welcome package per se, but it’s a bonus given to every new user that joins the site as a sign of good faith and in willingness by the casino to demonstrate what can be achieved on the site. As such, all you need to do is register a new account on BitStarz and earn your free spins.

    There aren’t any conditions related to this bonus that limit the games that can be played with the free spins. As such, we advise you to use the free spins gained with your BitStarz no deposit bonus in games where the house edge is low. However, keep in mind that you’ll always need to use the free spins in slots, but after winning any given amount of money, you’ll be able to use the cash in other games.

    Does the BitStarz No Deposit Bonus Require Any Specific Steps?

    The best thing about the BitStarz no deposit bonus is that you don’t need to do anything other than registering a new account on the site in order to obtain the rewards. You don’t even need to access the promotions tab in order to claim them – as the casino explains, all you have to do is create a new account and you’ll be entitled to receive the 20 free spins.

    Keep in mind, however, that you may not open multiple accounts in order to claim the bonus multiple times. A player may only claim a bonus once, and it’s not a smart move to try to bypass this rule – if you get found out doing it, the casino will confiscate any winnings made with the bonus and prevent you from making any further winnings.

    Get Bitstarz Casino Bonus


    The BitStarz No Deposit Bonus – What it Does

    The BitStarz no deposit bonus grants you the chance to play the awesome slot games offered by one of the most popular Bitcoin casinos on the planet. The amount of money that you can earn with the bonus is limited, of course, but it’s still nice knowing that you can make some free cash by using more free cash that doesn’t require a deposit in order to obtain it.

    The BitStarz no deposit bonus is not part of a welcome package, as this is mainly focused on the four deposit bonuses that the site offers. It’s part of a generous offer made by the site in which every new player is entitled to receive 20 free spins. What’s even more exciting is that you have a large selection of slots (created by some of the best developers in the world) to choose from!

    The BitStarz no deposit bonus is capped at 30mBTC, and the site also works with other types of cryptocurrency if you’d rather cash out in, let’s say, Doge or LTC. The options are yours for the taking – all you must do is become a new player in the BitStarz casino and allow the flow of cash to start rolling.

    Get Bitstarz Casino Bonus


    BitStarz No Deposit Bonus Terms and Conditions

    The BitStarz no deposit bonus doesn’t have any specific rules on its own, but it is subjected to the free bonus rules that the BitStarz casino has in place. As such, your free spin winnings must be wagered a certain amount of times before you can cash out the money. There are other important rules that also apply, so please read this section thoroughly as we go over the most important T&Cs.

    Wagering Requirements

    The wagering requirements of the BitStarz no deposit offers are very low for a no deposit offer. Most free spins that are given away for free (with no deposit required) are often subjected to ridiculous wagering requirements of up to 100 times the amount made with the free spins.

    The BitStarz no deposit free spins are only subjected to a wagering requirement of 40 times the amount made from the bonus. Let’s say that, for example, you manage to make €70 with the free spins that you’re given. You’ll need to wager €70 a total of 40 times, which would equal €2800. It’s very likely that you manage to do that by only using the original €70 earned, which is why this offer is so good.

    Withdrawal Rules

    You may not withdraw any funds from your account for as long as the BitStarz no deposit bonus is still part of your profile. This includes the free spins as well as the money earned by playing slots with those free spins. You must fulfill the wagering requirements of the bonus before withdrawing any bonus funds from your account (in case you have deposited anything on the site).

    As an additional rule, no winnings can be cashed out of the site if you haven’t made a deposit of at least €20 to your account. The offer is totally free, and you can fulfill the wagering requirements without depositing any money to your account, but you must make a small deposit before being able to withdraw the winnings – even after the wagering conditions have been met.

    The no deposit bonuses may not be withdrawn in the form of a bank transfer, as per the casino states. You may request withdrawal of your funds via other methods after fulfilling the wagering requirements of the casino.

    KYC Exceptions

    BitStarz has a policy in place which works as a way to ensure that every player using a free bonus is legit. The KYC rule (which stands for “Know Your Customer”), allows the casino to ask for more documentation to a certain user if they deem it worth it. Some people may create multiple profiles and claim the free spins various times, and the KYC rule is there to prevent it.

    Any attempt that a user makes to claim the same bonus multiple times, or if the casino catches a user trying to cheat their way into more free spins in any shape or form, may and probably will result in the full removal of bonus funds from the account. The BitStarz welcome bonus may only be claimed once per household and this rule has no exceptions.

    Earning Limitations

    The BitStarz no deposit free spins may not produce a reward higher than €100 or 30mBTC, depending on the currency that you’re using to wager on the site. If you somehow manage to make anything over that amount of money while wagering with your free spins, the surplus money will be forfeited automatically during the withdrawal process.

    There is one exception to this rule, though, but it only applies to those claiming a Friday Loyalty Bonus. The BitStarz no deposit bonus must not exceed 30mBTC under any circumstances.

    Excluded Countries

    The list of countries ineligible to participate in this offer is fairly large and can be found on the BitStarz official website. If you happen to live or reside in any country from this list, you may not claim any free spins when registering into the casino for the first time.

    Become a Star

    Are you still wondering whether to claim the BitStarz no deposit bonus or not? There is nothing to lose! You don’t even need to make a deposit on the site in order to qualify for the offer. The casino wants you to find out for yourself how it feels to wager on the site, so you don’t really need to anything but create a new account and receive the rewards. It’s free cash and the offer isn’t permanent – don’t let it go!

    You may need to make other deposits further down the road if you want to qualify for additional offers, but the BitStarz no deposit bonus lets you get started on the site with 20 awesome free spins at your disposal. Don’t wait any longer and register on the BitStarz casino today!

    Read our full Bitstarz Casino review here.

    Get Bitstarz Casino Bonus

    DealersCasino BONUSES

    Dealers Casino Pros

    • Vast array of video slots and casino games
    • Live chat support available
    • Available on desktop and mobile
    • Utilizes an SSL Encryption technology
    • Proven fair gameplay by iTech Labs

    Dealers Casino Cons

    • Chat support not available 24/7
    • Limited table game selection

    Dealers Casino Details

    Casino summary

    Deposit & Withdrawals

    • Maximum WithdrawalNo maximum withdrawal
    • Withdrawal limit7000 GBP per month (higher sum amount for VIP, Platinum members only)
    • Withdrawal limit7000 GBP per month (higher sum amount for VIP, Platinum members only)
    • Withdrawal times E-wallets0-1 hour
    • Withdrawal times Credit Cards0-1 hour
    • Withdrawal times Bank Transfers0-1 hour

    Contact information

    • Live ChatNo
    • Support emailcare@DealersCasino.com

    DealersCasino Review

    Dealers Casino is an online casino brand owned by EM Online ApS established in 2014. Anchored on its main tag-line of C.A.R.E which stands for Customers are Really Everything, this casino pulls all the stops to ensure that all the right games and the best services are given to its guests and members. The quality and the security of games are assured, thanks to a license provided by the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority.

    Play at Dealers Casino

    Supporting the casino in delivering the games are some of the leading software vendors in the industry that includes Microgaming, Netent, Amaya, Neogames, and Evolution. As an evolving casino that aims for continual improvement and success, Dealers Casino comes with only the best promotions and bonuses deserved by existing and new players. The casino currently supports five languages including Swedish, German, Norwegian, Finnish and English.

    Dealers Casino Games – A Game for Every Day

    Dealers Casino promises a casino world of fun and excitement with its perfect assortment of classic slots, video slots, table games, live games, scratch cards and other casino favorites. Games are available in instant play and on mobile Android devices. Games are powered by top software developers including Microgaming, Netent, Amaya, Neogames, and Evolution. A quick check of the portfolio reveals that Dealers Casino is home to some of the best slot games in the industry.

    Check Dealers Casino Games

    Some of the popular slot titles that can be explored here include Big Apple, Dress Up Diva, Circus Mania, Pirates Paradise and the Castle Slot. Other popular video slots waiting to be discovered are Five Pirates, Sword of Destiny, Prosperity Palace, Blood Queen, and Lightning Gems. Aside from slots, Dealers Casino also offers the test table games around like Immersive Roulette, Live Blackjack VIP, Auto Roulette, Baccarat Squeeze, Roulette Royal, and the Jacks or Better.

    The casino also offers scratch card games including the Wings of Cash, Cash Rumble X10, Wild Win Doubler, Lucky Moments, Numero Uno, Hit the Bank, Monte Carlo Dice, and the Christmas Cheer.

    A number of featured games at Dealers Casino can also be enjoyed. Top titles include Fortunes of the Dead, Super Lucky Frog, Mighty Sphinx, Egyptian Magic, and Jewel Request Riches. Additions of new games will surely attract players to have an account and continue playing with the casino. Some of the new selections are Gnome Wood, Thai Sunrise Classix, Enchanting Spells Slots, Life or Riches, Wild Play Super Bet, and the While on the Nile.

    You can also make a lot of money on the roulette games that Dealers Casino has to offer. If you want tips on how to win in online roulette, you can check out our article on it!

    Dealers Casino Bonus Offers and Promotions

    Dealers Casino offers extraordinary welcome bonus to new players. Creating an account with the casino is fast and simple with a promising match up deposit bonus. For the first deposit a player makes, he is entitled to 100% match up bonus with the addition of 200 spins. There are 20 spins distributed in 10 days right after first deposit was made. Welcome bonus is subject for wagering requirements before it can be claimed.

    Get Dealers Casino Bonus

    Dealers Casino Deposit Methods

    Banking at Dealers Casino is fast, easy and secured as it utilizes SSL encryption technology. Players can rely on the casino’s secured banking facilities and popular payment options that include MasterCard and Neteller. The casino charges no fee for the deposit transactions made by players. To make deposits, players can click on any Deposit method symbol. Deposits are instantly credited to player’s account for almost all the deposit methods except for the wire transfer which may take up to 6 days.

    Dealers Casino Security and Fair Play

    The casino keeps personal information secured and confidential with its 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology. Through the use of this technology, the transferring of sensitive data is done securely over the internet towards the secured server protected by the recent firewall. Players can be assured that personal information will not be shared or used for commercial purposes. When it comes to fair game play, the results of every game played at Dealers Casino are publicly audited.

    Each game is uniquely played and encrypted by the casino’s system. The casino utilizes a Random Number Generator (RNG) which means all results are free from fraud and they are randomly generated.

    Dealers Casino Software – The Best Developers, All in One Place

    Most of the games at Dealers Casino are advanced as the casino works with only the best software developers including Microgaming, Netent, Amaya, Neogames, and Evolution. The games at Dealers Casino are operated by Malta-based company Aspire Global International LTD.

    Dealers Casino VIP Programme – Rewards for Those Who Stay

    Even if it is not a lucky day to win the jackpot, players will always feel luck with the casino’s monthly cash back as part of the exclusive VIP offer. The more games played, the more monthly cash back can be earned by the player. This reward is given to the top level VIP player that works like a sort of insurance.

    Cash back bonus can be claimed on the third Monday of the following month. VIP Players eligible for this benefit are those in Platinum, Premium, and Prestige VIP level. Its VIP exclusive club is intended to provide extra benefits and privileges to loyal players. Tier starts from the Bronze level, and moves up to the Silver level, Gold level, Platinum level, Premium level and the Prestige level. Free games are awarded to VIP players and as the VIP level increases, free games increases, too.

    A total of 25 free games are given to Bronze VIP players, 50 free games for Silver VIP players, and 50 free games plus 50 percent bonus for Gold VIP players. Platinum, Premium and Prestige VIP players get the best deals at Dealers Casino including $50 Bonus on the first day, bonuses on all deposits on the second day, and exclusive personal offers. Cash out processing for these top three tiers are on express mode. Only those Premium and Prestige VIP members can receive personal invitation.

    Dealers Casino Jackpot – Millions to be Made!

    Dealers Casino offers massive jackpots with its promising jackpot games. One of the mostly played jackpot slots is the Jackpot Jester. In this game, players can choose whether to bet on 10, 20 or 100. Other games to give players massive winnings are Jungle Jackpots, Jackpot Jester Wild Nudge, Dolphin Golds, and Wish Upon a Jackpot. The casino displays winners of each jackpot game at the right portion of the game section. Once the jackpot prize is won, it will go back to the base jackpot.

    Get Dealers Casino Jackpots

    Dealers Casino Payment Methods

    The casino accepts payments using varied methods with the highest level of convenience to players. Dealers Casino accepts currencies in Australian dollars, Canadian dollars, Brazilian reals, Euros, British pounds sterling, Swedish kronor, Norwegian kroner, and US dollars. Funds can be deposited through Sofort banking, Trustly, Giropay, among others. Withdrawals can be mainly done through debit cards and other virtual waller methods.

    Dealers Casino Payout Speed

    Payout transaction starts by clicking on the Cashier button, Cash Out button, and choosing the preferred cash out method. Once the required information has been filled out, player needs to click on the Cash Out Request button. Cash out processing period differs depending on the payment method chosen.

    Cash outs can be transacted through Neteller, Wire Transfer, Skrill, Credit and Debit Cards, Bank Draft, Eco Card, and ClickandBuy. Pending time for the approval of cash out requests at Dealers Casino is up to 48 hours. For Neteller, Skrill, Eco Card and ClickandBuy, players need to wait for 3 business days for the transaction to be completed.

    It may take 6-8 business days for wire transfer, credit and debit cards while 8-10 business days for bank draft. No fee is charged for cash out services. The Cash Out Request status will only be changed to “Processing” after two business days and this cannot be canceled. Notification will be received by players upon the completion of their cash out transaction. No additional fee is charged by the casino for every withdrawal transaction.

    Dealers Casino Support & Contact

    Physically located at Malta, this casino operates under the laws of Denmark. The casino shows care to its customers with its full customer support services in varied channels. Players can contact e-mail support team. Customer representatives are also one chat away as the casino offers live chat support services.

    Concerns involving gameplay and financial transactions are accommodated with the best possible support. The casino can also be reached through its support phone, making sure that its members and guests will get the support and attention they need, every time.

    Conclusion: A Well-Rounded Site for the Modern Gamer

    From the exciting games, welcome offers, promotions and bonuses, payment methods, customer service, down to the security, Dealers Casino offers a great deal to players. The casino website offers an all-in-one guide and provides excellent gaming environment to new and existing players.

    The well-rounded support system also works well which can keep everyone safe and satisfied when exploring the games. Get the best deal when it comes to casino entertainment, choose Dealers Casino today, and enjoy 200 percent welcome bonus plus 200 distributed spins in 10 days.


    DealersCasino FAQ

    • Wagering requirements35xb
    • Maximum bonus amount100%
    • Bonus value€ 200
    • ExclusiveNo
    • Country Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, USA
    • CashableNo

    DealersCasino Welcome Bonus

    Welcome bonus packages are easy to love, and the Dealers Casino welcome bonus is one of those bonuses that you won’t regret using at any time in your life as a gambler. Dealers Casino has grown a lot in recent years, and that’s particularly because of how well-trusted the casino is in the eyes of its fans.

    Players from all over the world (except Sweden) can simply enjoy playing in the casino without having to worry about being scammed, and the Dealers Casino welcome bonus has helped hundreds to get a good amount of free cash while also having fun in the site.

    Get Bonus

    The Dealers Casino welcome package includes a match deposit bonus and a large variety of free spins (which you can use to play various games – not just the one!). As enjoyable as the bonus might seem, there are still some things that you need to consider before opting to take it, and you might still want to know the full extent of the bonus before getting too excited.

    How to Get the Dealers Casino Welcome Bonus

    Getting the bonus is the easy part. The registration process of the Dealers Casino is as straightforward as you’d want it to be. All you must do is enter the required information and confirm your account, and you’re all set and good to go. There isn’t any requirement in the way your money is credited to your account either – just make your first deposit and the site will match 100% of your money as free cash, going up to €200.

    How to Receive the Free Spins

    However, the free spins won’t be granted to you all at once. The bonus offer allows you to get up to 200 free spins that you’ll be able to use in certain games, but the money you earn will be distributed throughout a span of 10 days. When you first make your deposit, the site will credit you with 20 free spins, and you’ll keep getting 20 per day until the 10th day has passed.

    Get Free Spins

    The free spins are credited to your account as part of the Dealers Casino welcome bonus every day at 12:00 p.m. If you haven’t received them by that time, contact customer support and ask them to check for any mistakes that could’ve been made. There’s a 24/7 customer support in place that will gladly help you out with any issues that may arise.

    All About the Dealers Casino Welcome Bonus

    The Dealers Casino welcome bonus is approved by two of the world’s largest gambling commissions, and the player satisfaction that the bonus has given to those who have used it is second to none. The bonus consists of two things – a first deposit bonus of up to €200 in the form of a match deposit bonus of 100%, and 200 free spins that the user will receive in the span of 10 days, with 20 free spins being given each day.

    However, you cannot play the free spins in whichever slot you prefer. You must comply with the list of games that the site gives you. The free spins of each day are assigned to different games, so each day you’ll get to play something different!

    Even though the bonus promises too much, the fact that it’s approved by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission makes users rest assured that the bonus pays what it promises to pay and that the Dealers Casino welcome bonus is one of the best and most reliable bonuses on the internet.

    The free spins are limited to some games, though, which may not be the ones where you want to spend them. However, the games offered are very entertaining and, in fact, some of the best games in the online casino world. They’re developed by high-tier companies like NetEnt.

    Furthermore, you can use whichever money you produce with the free spins of the Dealers Casino welcome bonus in whichever game you want! All you need to do is deposit at least €10 to qualify for the offer and you’re good to go – you’ll be credited with your extra cash and free pins in no time.

    Get Bonus

    The Terms and Conditions of the Dealers Casino Welcome Bonus

    Like any other casino bonus, the Dealers Casino welcome bonus has a few strings attached to it. The conditions which you’ll have to meet in order to cash out the offer are lenient, and even if the offer itself doesn’t seem to be one of the most lucrative ones on the internet, there’s a lot of opportunities for you to make bank on what the Dealers Casino has to offer.

    We’ve compiled a list of the most important terms and conditions that the Dealers Casino welcome bonus has in place to save you the time of reading through them all. However, if you wish to fully understand what the Dealers Casino welcome bonus is all about, you must read the most important terms and conditions of the offer. We’ve compiled them here for you.

    Game Limitations

    You can only play certain slot games with the Dealers Casino welcome bonus. Each day you will receive 20 free spins until you’re awarded the complete 200. There will be a different game available to play each day. The most popular game of the site is Starburst, which means that in many occasions you’ll be presented the opportunity to play it. You’ll also get to play other awesome games like Astrodice and Gonzo’s Quest.

    However, it’s important to keep in mind that the free spins cannot be freely spent – you need to stick to the list of games that Dealers Casino gives you.

    Distribution and Requirements

    Regarding the free spins, it’s important to note that the casino requires you to log in on a daily basis until the entire bonus is received. Once you get the bonus, you’ll have to log in for 10 consecutive days in order to receive all the promised free spins – missing out on one day means that you won’t receive 20 free spins of the total 200.

    You may not obtain more than one of these bonuses per household. Even if two or three members of your household use different login information, details, and credit cards, only one of you may claim the welcome bonus. Trying to bypass this restriction with a VPN or proxy may result in a permanent ban of the site and full removal of your account’s funds – not to mention a probable confiscation of your own funds.

    Automatic Bonus Conditions

    The bonus should be reflected in your account as soon as you make the first deposit on the site. This means that you don’t need to input any additional codes or select anything after you’ve made your €10+ deposit.

    However, if there were any issues that arose while the deposit was being processed (such as any issues with your bank), the bonus may not be automatically given to you and you’ll need to directly contact the Dealers Casino staff in order to receive the Dealers Casino welcome bonus. You can do this by simply selecting the option to talk to their staff or by directly emailing them.

    Wagering Requirements and Conditions

    You cannot place any bets that exceed €4 while this bonus is being played. This will likely mean that you’ll have to spend a lot of time playing the bonus, but the site does offer enough time for you to fully complete the 35x wagering requirements of the Dealers Casino welcome bonus.

    You must wager the amount of free cash that your account receives a total of 35 times before you can withdraw the winnings, and you must do something similar with any money that you make using the 200 free spins that the site grants you upon making your first deposit, but that cash must be wagered 50 times. Do keep in mind, however, that the max bonus that can be received is €200.

    In the same way, not every game has the same contribution to the wagering requirement progress. Slots contribute almost 100% towards it, though, but other table games and video poker have restrictions of 5% to 20%.

    If you attempt to abuse any bet while the Dealers Casino welcome bonus is being wagered in your account, the casino could remove all your winnings from your profile and fully confiscate the welcome bonus as a whole. Do not attempt to place bets higher than €4 while the bonus is being played or you risk losing it entirely.


    As an important note, some games will not help you progress with the wagering requirements at all. These games include: All Video Poker games, All Roulette games, All Quick Play games, All Blackjack games, All Rush games, Hi Lo Fever, All Baccarat games, 3 Card Poker, Blood Suckers, Jackpot 6000, Keno, Big Bang, Blood Suckers, The Wish Master, Dead or Alive, Lucky Angler, Jack Hammer 2, Cloud Quest, Tower Quest, Pearls of India, Treasure Island, Mega Moolah.

    You may not be able to withdraw winnings from your welcome bonus if you choose to bet it on any of those games, as per the casino’s policies!

    Deal It or Leave It?

    It’s difficult to find anything wrong with the Dealers Casino welcome bonus, and it wouldn’t make any sense not to ask for it if you intend to play in the Dealers Casino. The bonus is tailor-made for players looking to make a lot of money with their free rewards, and it can be easily achieved thanks to the site’s low wagering requirements.

    If you’re a fan of welcome bonuses and you love to make a quick buck, do not hesitate anymore and register into the Dealers Casino right now!

    Read our full <a href=”https://thecasinowizard.com/casinos/dealers-casino/”>Dealers Casino review</a> here.

    Get Bonus

    Casino Superlines BONUSES

    Casino Superlines Pros

    • Abundant selection of games
    • 24/7 live chat support
    • Wide selection of payment options
    • Excellent customer service
    • Promising welcome bonuses and promotions
    • Uses 128-bit SSL encryption technology for security
    • Proven fair by independent auditor, GLI

    Casino Superlines Cons

    • Restrictions to other countries
    • Longer pending time
    • Limited selection of baccarat games

    Casino Superlines Details

    Casino summary

    Deposit & Withdrawals

    • Maximum WithdrawalNo maximum withdrawal
    • Withdrawal limit5000 EUR per month
    • Withdrawal limit5000 EUR per month
    • Withdrawal times E-wallets0-1 hour
    • Withdrawal times Credit Cards0-1 hour
    • Withdrawal times Bank Transfers0-1 hour

    Contact information

    • Live ChatNo
    • Support emailsupport@casinosuperlines.com

    Casino Superlines Review

    Casino Superlines is an online casino established in 2017 by Equinox Dynamic N.V. with abundant game choices from leading developers such as NetEnt and Elk Studios.

    Play at Casino Superlines

    Casino Superlines is owned by Equinox Dynamic N.V. and regulated by the laws and rules provided by the Government of Curacao. Playable both on desktop and mobile device, the games at Casino Superlines are creations of leading software suppliers such as NetEnt and Elk Studios. Top game selections include video slots, live casino, card and table games, classic slots, video poker, micro bet, VIP games, jackpot games and action games. It can be played in real money mode and fun mode.

    The only currency accepted by the casino is Euro, but players can expect the great service and attention, thanks to its support for a number of languages. Today, the customer support team of this casino supports multiple languages, and when it comes to security and privacy, Casino Superlines clearly know where it stands. It offers a secure gaming environment, and provides top-notch protection for its players.

    The casino is equipped with high standard encryption technology for security and safety and utilizes random number generator (RNG) for fair game play. The casino has a competent system in place to ensure that only players of legal age can create an account. With these offers, playing at Casino Superlines can be an unforgettable and excellent with its pretty offers.

    Casino Superlines Games – The Best Online Slots!

    Casino Superlines comes in with a superb collection of game variations from different gaming software developers such as Playson, NetEnt, Spinomenal, and Betsoft. Categories of games include video slots, live casino, card and table games, classic slots, video poker, micro bet, VIP games, jackpot games and action games.

    Check Casino Superlines Games

    Top titles in the video slot category are Abundance Spell, Plagues of Egypt, Slot’n’Roll, 88 Wild Dragon, and Wild Jester. The casino offers both the classic and current versions of blackjack, baccarat, and European Roulette. For players who prefer the classic slots than any other game, then the casino has abundant selection for that category.

    Top picks are Flower Slots, Motor Slots, Wild West Slots, and Bow Wow Slots. Another game category to look after is the video poker selection. Players can try their luck with Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, Wild Sevens, and Deuces on the Rocks. VIP players can enjoy access to VIP games such as Pharaoh Fortune, VIP Pin-up Girls, and VIP Non-Stop Party.

    The casino takes high pride of their micro bet games and action games adding up excitement to the gaming experience. Micro bet game titles include Mad Scientist, Micro Burning Cherry, and Paco and the Popping Peppers. Jackpot games are also available with alluring jackpots and fun. Top picks are the Carousel, Books of Tattoo, Fear the Zombies, and the Trump It.

    Casino Superlines Welcome Bonus – The Best Welcome Offers for Online Slots

    Casino Superlines comes in with an an excitingly impressive welcome bonus of 400%. This bonus can only be redeemed upon initial approved deposit made by players. Players can receive up to a maximum of €1000.  For instance, if a €50 deposit was made, then a welcome bonus of €200 will be rewarded so your total available balance will be €250.

    When it comes to claiming this bonus, player needs to wager 30 times prior to withdrawal. Besides the 400% welcome bonus, the casino also offers Enhanced High Roller Welcome Bonus. In this welcome bonus, once deposit is more than €500, players will be invited by the customer support team. He will then be evaluated if he is qualified for the enhanced bonus.  Once the support team makes a decision, it is irreversible and final. Just like the other welcome offer, this bonus is also subject for 30 times wagering.

    Claim the Casino Superlines Bonus

    Casino Superlines Bonus Offers and Promotions

    The fun and excitement never stops at Casino Superlines as it provides more bonuses and prizes. For the first deposit made, 400% bonus can be enjoyed. For the second deposit, 100% bonus up to €1000 will be given to players.

    As for the third deposit, the casino triples the money by offering 200 percent bonus. Additionally, Casino Superlines also reward players with Extra Deposit Bonus on selected deposit methods. When players opted for PostePay, Giropay, Sofort, UKash, and Skrill as their deposit method, they can qualify for the 15 percent additional bonus. To qualify for the bonus, minimum deposit should be equal or more than €20 and equivalent currencies.

    Casino Superlines Deposit Methods – The Euro Hub

    The casino allows deposits through a number of methods. However, do keep in mind that you’ll need to make your deposits in euros if you wish to be accepted into the site. This shouldn’t be an issue as long as your bank works quickyl when it comes to processing payments in other currencies, so fear not. You’ll be able to make your deposits by regular bank transfers, credit card payments, and even some e-wallet services. PayPal isn’t accpeted, though!

    Casino Superlines Mobile

    Thankfully, you can take your gambling wherever you go thanks to the Casino Superlines mobile compatibility. Just like many online casinos on our site, it doesn’t have a direct mobile app that you can download, but the site is fuly optimized to work with most devices as long as they have access to a mobile browser. Just hop on your phone or tablet with a mobile connection and visit the Casino Superlines website to make sure that the site is compatible with your device!

    Casino Superlines Security and Fair Play

    Games at Casino Superlines are fairly played and tested with its certified random number generator (RGN). This system is controlled and verified by third party auditor Gaming Laboratories International (GLI). Players can rely on the randomness and fairness of every game played at Casino Superlines with constant security.

    In terms of the security of financial and personal information of players, there is nothing to worry about as the casino uses 128-bit secure socket layer (SSL) encryption technology. This is to ensure that transfer of sensitive data is done securely to secure servers with firewall technology protection. Deposits and withdrawals can be done safely without having to worry about other people accessing it. The casino guarantees a secure gaming experience throughout the day.

    Casino Superlines Software

    The casino works with the finest software developers to ensure high level of gaming experience. Games offered at Casino Superlines are created by NetEnt, NextGen Gaming, Amaya (Chartwell), 1x2Gaming, Leander Games, Nektan, Elk Studios, Lightning Box, Ainsworth Gaming Technology and GameArt.  

    As you can see, the best game developers in the world have all come together to power one of the best online casinos in Casino Superlines, so be sure to take the chance and enjoy the vast selection of games!

    Casino Superlines Loyalty Program – Earn Points and Money by Playing Regularly!

    Casino Superlines proves to be superior when it comes to bonuses. This is transparent with its four-tiered VIP program consists of Bronze tier, Silver tier, Gold tier and the Platinum tier. For the bronze level, VIP players can enjoy numerous benefits including exclusive access to different loyalty offers, accumulated cash point for every €10 wagered, and dedicated account manager. For the Silver tier, players need to bet from €5001 – €15000 to be in this level.

    Upon enrollment, Silver-tiered VIP players can receive mystery gift, access to loyalty promotions plus 25 percent, accumulated cash point for €9.50 wagered, and dedicated account manager. The Gold tier is for players playing and betting €15001 – €25000. Gold-tiered VIP players can receive mystery gift upon enrollment, access to loyalty promotions plus 50 percent, accumulated cash point for €8.50 wagered, dedicated account manager and 5 percent monthly cash back.

    The highest tier is the Platinum level which requires aspiring players to play and bet equal or more than €25001. Upon enrollment, players will receive ultra-exclusive mystery gift, access to VIP promotions plus 75 percent, 24/7 VIP accounts manager, chance to join the Platinum Monthly Prize Draw. Platinum-tiered VIP players are also entitled for 1 cash point for wagering a minimum of €8 and for 10 percent monthly cashback.

    Casino Superlines Jackpot – Play Jackpot Games at Casino Superlines!

    The casino offers progressive jackpots with its assortment of jackpot games made available. Top titles include Cosa Nostra, Knockout the Last Fight, and The Giant. Jackpot prizes continue to increase until a player wins the game. Then it goes back to its base jackpot and continues to increase again until the top prize has been unlocked. Jackpot amounts are flashed in the site keeping players alert and motivated to hit the jackpot. Another popular offering is Dark Harbour Jackpot game, with its jackpot offering often exceeding €2 million.

    Casino Superlines Payment Methods

    The casino allows vast payment option for deposits and withdrawals. Players can have the chance to choose the best one considering their convenience and availability. When depositing funds to player account, they can choose from various selected options, amongs which you’ll most likely find whatever you’re looking for. There is no charge for deposits. For withdrawal transactions, the fee will vary based on the chosen method – and so will the time it takes to make payments!

    The Casino Superlines also deals with Bitcoin payments, so be sure to wager with your favorite type of cryptocurrency if you want your payments to be processed as quickly as possible! In fact, this is one of the best Bitcoin casinos in the world.

    Casino Superlines Payout Speed

    The casino payouts and procedures differ with the usual casino. For e-wallets method, withdrawals are transacted within 24 hours. It takes 10 days for credit and debit cards, and 5 days for bank transfers. The pending time is a bit longer than usual as it takes 5 days before a withdrawal is approved and released. Some players may find it a bit long since the usual pending time is from 24 to 48 hours only. The maximum withdrawal that can be made in a month is 5000 euros.

    Casino Superlines Support & Contact

    The casino is owned by is Equinox Dynamic NV. It is based in the Slovak Republic. The casino’s phone contact number can be reached anytime of the day. Players can also communicate with the casino with its official e-mail address if you’d rather receive an email!

    There’s also 24/7 live chat support from the support team is always made available by players. Casino Superlines also provides a FAQ section for players’ guide.  This section is regularly updated to ensure that players are given current and relevant information. Customers who need answers and assistance when it comes to account, games and payment options can check out this area.

    Conclusion: Slots, Promotions, and Much More

    Casino Superlines has a lot to offer in all aspects. The casino games are excellent from the live casino down to the virtual games. There’s always a great reason for playing at this spot, thanks to the quality of games, welcome bonus offers and promotions, VIP loyalty programs, round the clock customer support service, and jackpot prizes.  And with a strict policy when it comes to player approval and security, players can be sure that they are well-protected, at all times.

    Sign up now at Casino Superlines and get overwhelmed with its 400% welcome bonus. And if this is not enough, enhanced welcome bonus can also be enjoyed for high rollers like you!


    Casino Superlines NEWS

    • Wagering requirements45x(d+b)
    • Maximum bonus amount400%
    • Bonus value€ 3,000
    • ExclusiveNo
    • Country Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Sweden, USA
    • CashableNo

    Casino Superlines Welcome Bonus

    Here at The Casino Wizard we’ve always warned out users about those casinos that offer large bonuses, as they tend to be scams. However, not every single casino that offers lucrative deals has malicious intents – some are truly willing to give away a ton of cash with some wagering requirements in place. One of them is Casino Superlines, which boasts the popular Casino Superlines welcome bonus of up to €3000.

    Casino Superlines has an amazing loyalty program that compliments their already lucrative bonuses. The system is represented by special VIP points that you collect as you wager your cash, and which the bonus money can also generate as you bet more and more cash in the casino.

    Casino Superlines states that everyone that registers into the site begins as a winner, and their outstanding welcome bonus goes a long way into proving just that. If you’re looking for a lucrative and non-scammy welcome bonus, then the Casino Superlines welcome bonus is exactly what you need. We’ll guide you through everything you need to know about it!

    Get Casino Superlines Bonus


    How to Get the Casino Superlines Welcome Bonus

    You can get the Casino Superlines welcome bonus after you make your first three deposits on the site. Each deposit is made of a certain amount of bonus money, which you will receive depending on how much cash you deposit. To get the bonus, the first thing you need to do is access the website and make a new account.

    Obtaining the Bonus

    Even though you may be used to online casinos that ask you to do additional things for the bonus after making your deposit, one of the best things about the Casino Superlines welcome bonus is that the cash will be credited to your account as soon as the deposit is made. As such, you don’t need to do anything else but select an amount of money to pour into your account and start enjoying the bonus.

    If you make your deposit and you haven’t received the money, do keep in mind that you need to use at least €20 in order to qualify for the offer. An amount lower than that will mean that you fully miss the opportunity to take it. However, you may still enjoy the benefits of the second and third deposit bonuses included in the Casino Superlines package.

    You will obtain your bonus cash as you keep making deposits into the site, from your first deposit up to your third. You have the option to select how much of the bonus you’d like to take, which will be determined by how much money you deposit into the site.

    Get Casino Superlines Bonus


    The Casino Superlines Welcome Bonus Explained

    The prospect of earning up to €3000 in the form of free cash is tempting. However, you do need to understand how it truly works before you opt to take it. The first deposit bonus of the offer is by far the most lucrative that you’ll find on the site. It’s a match deposit bonus of 400% that promises to give you up to €1000 in free cash.

    Yes, you’ve read that alright. We always advise our readers to be wary of large cash match bonuses, as they’re often given to players by new casinos that are unwilling to pay out the withdrawal even after the gambler has met all the necessary conditions. However, the Casino Superlines welcome bonus is presented by one of those trusted online casinos that will surely pay out what they owe.

    The bonus cash can be used in a large variety of games, as the casino allows players to choose where they want to wager the money. In fact, the Casino Superlines welcome bonus can be used in over 350 slots, more than almost any other bonus is willing to offer to players. You can choose which games you like the most and spend your bonus cash there – no strings attached!

    Collecting Cash Points

    Casino Superlines allows players to collect cash points as they wager money in the site, as a way to thank players for their loyalty. The site grants players cash points which can then be traded by real money (free of wagering requirements) when enough points are collected. Each €10 bet grants you 1 cash point, and 100 cash points can be traded for €1.

    Even though this might not seem like much at first glance, long-term players could be seeing their account balance rise in the thousands – especially if you’re a high-roller willing to bet a ton of money into the site in a daily basis. The cash points can also be collected by using the bonus cash of the Casino Superlines welcome bonus, according to the site’s Terms and Conditions!

    Get Casino Superlines Bonus


    Casino Superlines Welcome Bonus Terms & Conditions

    Large casino bonuses must always be analyzed thoroughly before opting to take them or not. Thus, we always recommend our readers to pay special attention to the terms and conditions of bonuses that exceed a 200% cash match reward.

    Considering that the Casino Superlines welcome bonus has a cash match of up to 400% and you can make three thousand euros by simply making deposits on the site, we’ve singled out the most important rules that you need to understand before opting to take this casino. However, you may also find the full list of terms and conditions by visiting the Casino Superlines site.

    Total Amount Attention

    You need to be wary of how much money you receive with your welcome bonus. Sometimes, Casino Superlines may mistakenly credit your account with less bonus money than they should, and if you wager any of the received bonus in any of their games, you may not be entitled to receive the rest of the money afterwards.

    If you see that your account was credited with a low bonus even after making a large deposit, contact customer support and don’t spend a single euro of your free bonus. The site will gladly replenish your account and offer you the full bonus as promised.

    Wagering Requirements of the Casino Superlines Welcome Bonus

    Casino Superlines has different wagering requirements for their regular bonuses and their welcome bonus. The hefty fee that you receive is attached to a 45x wagering requirement which must be fulfilled in the games that the casino presents to you.

    The general terms and conditions of any other casino bonus apply to this bonus as well. However, you do need to understand that the wagering requirements are different solely because of the large amount of money that is usually involved in this bonus. You may cancel it at any given time if you’re not pleased with the offer, but keep in mind that you will not be able to ask for the bonus at a later date.

    Spins Worth

    The site encourages players to wager the free cash on slots and scratchcards. However, the value of each bet and wager that you place on slots is always going to be the minimum value allowed by the game in each slot, as long as your bonus money is still in your account. As such, you cannot wager large amounts of money in order to speed up the wagering requirement completion process.

    Game Limitations

    You will only be able to use the bonus money if you bet it on slots of scratchcard games. You will still be able to place wagers in other games, but the casino may remove any winnings made using your bonus money if you bet in other games before fulfilling the wagering requirements of your welcome bonus.

    This rule is not too good as it makes you pay a lot of attention to what you do, and fully commit yourself to fulfilling the bonus requirements before moving elsewhere. However, the large amount of money that the site gives you makes it worth it in the end.

    Bonus Type

    You will be able to withdraw any winnings that you make using the deposit bonus money once the wagering requirements are met, but you won’t be able to withdraw the free money itself. This is because the Casino Superlines welcome bonus is given to you in the shape of sticky cash, which means that you can make a ton of money using what you’re given, but you can’t withdraw the bonus itself.

    If you take full advantage of the bonus, though, making a lot of cash with €3000 is very easy, to begin with. You’ll probably leave way wealthier than you were in the beginning!

    Should You Enjoy the Superlines?

    By all accounts, yes. It doesn’t matter if you want to take full advantage of the €3000 match deposit bonus or if you just want to take a fraction of it, fans of slots and scratchcards will surely enjoy the benefits that the Casino Superlines welcome bonus has in store for them.

    If you like what you see and you’re happy with the bonus terms and conditions, then don’t wait any longer and dive straight into the largely-profitable action that is the Casino Superlines welcome bonus package!

    Read our full Casino Superlines review here.

    Get Casino Superlines Bonus
    • Wagering requirements40xb
    • Maximum bonus amount100%
    • Bonus value€ 100
    • ExclusiveNo
    • Country Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, Malta, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, USA
    • CashableNo
    • Wagering requirements40xb
    • Maximum bonus amount50%
    • Bonus value250 mBTC
    • ExclusiveNo
    • Country Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, Malta, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, USA
    • CashableNo
    • Wagering requirements40xb
    • Maximum bonus amount50%
    • Bonus value€ 50
    • ExclusiveNo
    • Country Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, Malta, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, USA
    • CashableNo
    • Wagering requirements40xb
    • Maximum bonus amount50%
    • Bonus value$2,000
    • ExclusiveNo
    • Country Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, Malta, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, USA
    • CashableNo
    • Wagering requirements40xb
    • Maximum bonus amount100%
    • Bonus value€ 500
    • ExclusiveNo
    • Country Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, Malta, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, USA
    • CashableNo

    BitStarz Casino Welcome Bonus

    It’s common for online casinos to offer cool cash offers to welcome players into their services, but Bitcoin casinos like Bitstarz are starting to profoundly innovate the way welcome bonuses are perceived by new players and gamblers willing to deposit Bitcoins into the sites. With the ever-growing Bitcoin market on the horizon, it might now be a good time to start wagering with the popular cryptocurrency.

    The Bitstarz Casino welcome bonus offers the chance for new players to enjoy a variety of different offers. They have a no deposit bonus in place, with which players can freely enjoy 20 free spins with low wagering requirements, but they also have lucrative deposit bonuses made for people to enjoy the excitement of betting their cryptos on this visually-pleasing site.

    If you want to turn your euros into Bitcoins without having to worry about any third-party involvement while also having a ton of fun, then the Bitstarz welcome bonus is all you’re going to need for it. Trusted Bitcoin casinos are hard to come by, so make sure that you take full advantage of the Bitstarz welcome bonus!

    There are things you should know before opting to take the Bitstarz casino welcome bonus, but if one thing’s for certain, it’s that their welcome offers live up to the hype created by their motto: Dream Big, Win Bigger.

    Get Bitstarz Casino Bonus


    How to Get the Bitstarz Casino Welcome Bonus?

    Since there are various welcome bonuses, you can get each of them differently. We’re going to let you know just how to get each of them so you can decide which welcome bonus you like the most! Keep in mind that some of the casino’s offers are exclusive, but you can claim the welcome bonus as well as their deposit bonuses with no hassle whatsoever.

    Regardless of which bonus you’re going to opt for, the first step that you must take is creating a new account in Bitstarz.

    Free Spins – No Deposit

    In order to get the free spins no deposit bonus from Bitstarz, all you must do is register into the site and you’ll be credited with all the promised free spins. The Bitstarz free spins welcome bonus is subjected to a series of particular wagering conditions as well as restrictions that differ from those that you’ll find in the deposit bonus offers.

    For example, the winnings that you can make with the free spins are very limiting. There’s a set amount of cash that you cannot surpass and, if you do, the exceeding money will be fully removed from your account and you won’t be able to withdraw it. We’ll go into more details about each welcome bonus’ restrictions later.

    Bitstarz Welcome Bonus Cash & Extra Free Spins

    The site offers two ways in which you can receive your free money, but both of them include the condition of making the first deposit. The best welcome bonus offered by Bitstarz is the cash that they give away on your first few deposits. They have a welcome package of 4 different deposit bonuses which could let you play over €500 in free cash, with an additional 180 free spin to obtain as well.

    To obtain all of this, all you must do is deposit money into Bitstarz and they will give you a 100% match deposit bonus, with which you’ll be able to play as much as you want until you fulfill their wagering requirements. The free spins will be credited to your account on a daily basis after your first deposit – you’ll receive 20 free spins every 24 hours until you have 180 in your account!

    Get Bitstarz Casino Bonus

    Bitstarz Welcome Bonus – What’s It All About

    Bitstarz is all about pleasing their players. They know that people love welcome bonuses and they offer a full package that covers your first four deposits on the site, which can help you obtain a large amount of free cash after having met the wagering requirements of the site.

    They offer a lucrative welcome bonus of 20 free spins for any player willing to join the site. It doesn’t require you to make any deposit or even link credit card info to your account. However, Bitstarz has very strict policies when it comes to dealing with free bonuses.

    They will use every tool at their disposal to make sure that you are who you say you are – meaning that they have very strict controls regarding personal information. They will ask you to confirm your identity and area of residence if you make good money with their free bonuses.

    Second and Third Deposit Bonuses

    The Bitstarz Casino welcome bonus package includes match deposit bonuses up to your fourth deposit. However, there are differences between each of them that make it crucial for you to take full advantage of each bonus. For example, the second and third deposit bonuses only match your deposit for an amount of 50%.

    This means that even if the third deposit bonus matches up to €200 in free cash, you’ll need to deposit €400 in order to obtain it. It’s a good offer nonetheless, but the most lucrative Bitstarz welcome bonus deposits are the first and fourth. The first deposit comes with 180 free spins, while the fourth also matches 100% of your deposit in the form of free cash.

    BTC Offer

    Like many other crypto casinos, Bitstarz allows players to deposit hard cash or Bitcoins into their accounts. As such, the welcome bonuses do vary depending on how much you’re willing to deposit on the site.

    You can get up to 5 BTC by simply depositing your cryptos on the site, but again, the rewards are distributed among every deposit that you make. For example, the first deposit lets you get a 100% match bonus of up to 1 BTC, while the second and third let you obtain a 50% match bonus of 1 and 2 BTC respectively. The fourth deposit also lets you obtain 1 BTC.

    You’ll need to deposit your own Bitcoins on the site in order to get the money in the form of cryptos, though. You may also be pleased to know that Bitstarz works with different types of cryptocurrency, which means that you may be able to play with DOGE and Ethereum as well. Chances are endless for you to dream big and win bigger!

    Get Bitstarz Casino Bonus

    Bitstarz Casino Welcome Bonus Terms & Conditions

    As profitable as all of this may sound, there are some conditions that must be known before jumping with your Bitcoins into one of the most respected crypto casinos on the planet. Their terms and conditions vary according to the type of offer that you’re opting for, so we’re going to sum up the most important T&C’s of the site.

    Free Spins T&C

    The terms and conditions of the free spins that you receive when you first register into the site are far stricter than the terms and conditions of the deposit free spins. You can’t make more than €100 with the no deposit free spins, for example, while the deposit free spins don’t have a set limit, but you need to wager your winnings at least 40 times before you can withdraw the cash.

    Thankfully, you don’t need to enter any bonus codes to qualify for these offers, which makes them accessible for anyone looking to make a quick start in the site.

    Any free spins that your account gets credited with must be used or claimed within 24 hours of their reception. Failing to do so will result in the full forfeit of all the free spins. You will get to keep the bonus cash, however, but there’s no way for you to get the free spins back – even if you decide to contact the site’s customer support.

    Cash and BTC T&C

    Just like it happens with the free spin profits, you need to wager at least 40 times your bonus cash before you’re able to withdraw it from your account. In the same way, the site strongly advises people not to use disposable emails when registering for the Bitstarz Casino welcome bonus, as the site fully reserves the right not to reward players using these types of emails.

    You need to make a minimum deposit of €20 in order to qualify for the deposit welcome bonuses as well! Any amount below that will prevent you from receiving it, and you can’t get your first deposit bonus at any other time if your first deposit doesn’t meet the site’s requirements.

    One Of The Best Cryptocurrency Welcome Bonuses?

    With not even one shadow of a doubt, Bitstarz is one of the best cryptocurrency casinos available for players all around the world. Their welcome bonus is comprised of no deposit offers as well as deposit bonuses which you can obtain in the form of euros, dollars, cryptos, and many other types of popular worldwide currency.

    Some of their conditions might not be of the liking of every player, but if one thing’s for certain, it’s that finding such lucrative offers in online Bitcoin casinos isn’t easy at all. It’s also hard to trust some sites with your Bitcoins, and there’s a common thought among gamblers that it’s always better to play on trusted sites over lucrative ones. Thankfully, Bitstarz is both lucrative and trusted!

    Do you feel tempted to play on the casino? Jump in right now and make bank by simply registering on Bitstarz and making your first deposit. You should be rolling in dough in no time!

    Read our full Bitstarz Casino review here.

    Get Bitstarz Casino Bonus
    • Wagering requirements40xb
    • Maximum bonus amount50%
    • Bonus value€ 100
    • ExclusiveNo
    • Country Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, Malta, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, USA
    • CashableNo
    • Wagering requirements40xb
    • Maximum bonus amount50%
    • Bonus value€ 200
    • ExclusiveNo
    • Country Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, Malta, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, USA
    • CashableNo
    • Wagering requirements35xb
    • Maximum bonus amount50%
    • Bonus value€ 250
    • ExclusiveNo
    • Country Brazil, Canada, Finland, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, Sweden, United Kingdom, USA
    • CashableNo

    BitStarz Casino BONUSES


    • Free Spins No Deposit Bonus
    • Available on both desktop & mobile
    • Live chat available 24/7 & e-mail support
    • Table & slots tournaments
    • 2600+ Games


    • Phone support only on request
    • No deposit free spins not available in some countries

    BitStarz Casino Details

    Casino summary

    Deposit & Withdrawals

    • Deposit methodsAlfa Click, Astropay, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, CashtoCode, Coinspaid, Comepay, Cubits, Dogecoin, EcoPayz, Ethereum, Evroset, iDebit, instaDebit, LAVA pay, Litecoin, Maestro, Mastercard, Neteller, Online Bank Transfer, Paysafe Card, Payvision, QIWI, Skrill, Skrill Rapid Transfer, Sofort, Svyaznoy, Trustly, Upaycard, Venus Point, Visa, WebMoney, Yandex Money, Zimpler, Neosurf, Perfect money, Promsvyazbank, PugglePay, UnionPay
    • Withdrawal methodsAlfa Click, Astropay, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Coinspaid, Comepay, Cubits, Dogecoin, EcoPayz, Ethereum, Evroset, iDebit, instaDebit, LAVA pay, Litecoin, Maestro, Mastercard, Neteller, Payvision, QIWI, Skrill, Skrill Rapid Transfer, Sofort, Svyaznoy, Trustly, Upaycard, Venus Point, Visa, WebMoney, Yandex Money, Zimpler, Bank Transfer, POLi
    • Maximum WithdrawalNo maximum withdrawal
    • Withdrawal limitNo Limits
    • Withdrawal limitNo Limits
    • Withdrawal times E-wallets1-24 hours
    • Withdrawal times Credit Cards2-3 days
    • Withdrawal times ChequesNot offered
    • Withdrawal times Bank Transfers2-3 days

    Contact information

    • Live ChatYes

    BitStarz Casino Review

    Creative and tastefully satisfying, BitStarz Casino is a standout amongst the most desired Bitcoin gambling casinos on the Internet. It offers players from around the globe a protected and engaging gaming atmosphere for real money play where payouts are virtually instant coupled with a customer support that is fast and productive. Regarding its gaming collection, BitStarz casino features a diverse assortment of impressive games capable of gratifying anyone’s tastes and preferences.

    Play at BitStarz

    Powered by the one-of-a-kind software giant, SoftSwiss; BitStarz casino gaming platform is home to over 2600 games including table games, slots and live dealer games. And as a cryptocurrency casino, BitStarz casino is open to players from across the globe and is accessible in a multitude of various languages including English.  The Bitcoin casino also accepts fiat currencies as well.

    Consolidating different alternatives for depositing and withdrawing funds, BitStarz has become a genuinely global gambling casino that puts emphasis not only entertainment and security but also accounts for the comfort & services delivered to her customer. Unlike some crypto casinos with a questionable reputation, BitStarz casino is devoted to ensuring fairness and transparency. It holds its permit for carrying out online betting from the Government of Curacao and is certified for responsible and fair gaming.

    Our Experience at BitStarz – A Summary of What to Expect

    Right from the get-go, we knew that our experience at the BitStarz casino was going to be a positive one. The site’s registration procedure is quite nice, and even though you can’t expect it to be as quick as others (it takes a few minutes instead of a couple), you have plenty of options that make it as less tedious as possible.

    For example, when you’re first getting down to registering on the site, you’ll be prompted to selected your favorite payment currency, and you’ll even be able to select if you have a bonus code available so any bonus can be included in your registration without you having to wait to enter the code after confirming your email (or phone number).

    Once you’ve entered the basic pieces of information that the casino asks of you, you can proceed to select any of the available bonuses that the site has in store for you. We think that it’s fantastic that you get to see the wagering requirements as well as the basic rules before claiming it, and the site even gives you the choice to opt out of them if you like.


    The browsing interface of the casino is truly fantastic. Everything seems to be in the right place – especially the progress bar, player profile menu, and the upper ‘options’ bar. Whenever you open a game on the site, you’ll still be able to check out anything that you need without having to go back to the menu. It’s a fantastic experience for the player, and one that we fully reccommend if you’re frustrated with online casinos that are great but not functional.

    Also, if you want to click elsewhere on the site while playing a game, you won’t lose your progress! BitStarz will minimize the game screen and put it on the bottom left cornet of your computer monitor so you can browse the site freely while playing your favorite games.


    BitStarz Casino Bonuses – Sign Up and get 30 Free Spins, Deposit and Get More!

    The BitStarz casino offers a large variety of bonuses, amongst which you’ll find incredible deposit promotions that could earn you a fair amount of Bitcoin by only depositing some money on the site. BitStarz has the best welcome bonuses that you’ll find amongst the top-rated  bitcoin casinos on the planet.

    Check BitStarz Bonuses

    Players who choose to deposit traditional money will be able to earn up to €500 (and 180 Free Spins), but those who would rather use Bitcoin instead will be able to earn up to 5 BTC! Bonus options are endless on the BitStarz casino, and so are the currencies in which you can claim the rewards! Players who are looking for a free spin no deposit bonus, get 20 Free Spins after Sign Up (you need to verify your account via email/sms).

    BitStarz No Deposit Free Spins! – Open an Account and Get Rewarded

    BitStarz is one of those fantastic bitcoin casinos that is willingly giving away money to their new players in the form of free spins. All you must do to earn them is register on the site with a valid email address as well as a valid phone number and you will be on your way to get a bunch of cool spins to enjoy the best online casino games that the site has to offer.

    The free spins are meant to be played on specific games, but thankfully, the ones that you get to choose are truly great titles and bring you a lot of enjoyment (as well as great rewards if you’re lucky!). You will get the free spins upon confirming your email address. It’s quite a simple process to follow, but these are the steps you’ll have to take:

    • Open a new account on the BitStarz Casino
    • Be sure to use a valid email address (the phone number should also be valid, but you’ll only require the email for the spins)
    • Wait to receive an email notifying you of your registration
    • Open the email, click on the link, and get your spins.
    • Choose whichever game you like to spend your spins at and play with them!

    From our experience, you should be able to make anything ranging from $5 to $15 with the 30 free spins provided to you upon registration. That isn’t considering that you might get extra lucky and net a few fantastic lines with the wild symbols that so often pop up in these games, so be ready to receive some amazing bonuses if you happen to get lucky!



    BitStarz Deposit Bonuses

    The BitStarz casino also offers a few deposit bonuses that are sure to keep you hooked to its services for the forseeable future. Just by making your first deposit on the site, you will be credited with 180 free spins plus up to 1 BTC or $100 (or €100), The next few deposits are nothing to shabby either, with plenty of money to be earned without having to bet any money on the site.

    We could go on an on about how fantastic these bonuses are, but you might be better off checking them out yourself. You’ll want to claim them anyway, so we’ll leave you a small guide on how to claim theme here:

    • Make an account on the BitStarz casino if you happen to not have one already
    • Play with the free spins that you get upon registration (you can’t have two offers at once)
    • Fulfill the wagering requirements of the free spins and keep the bonus cash to yourself
    • Get ready to make your first deposit on the site
    • Select how much money you’d like to deposit (at least €20 if you wish to claim the welcome bonus)
    • Make the deposit, get your bonus, and play with it!

    Remember that you get rewarded with free spins for your first and fourht deposits, and you’ll get rewarded with bonus cash for your first, second, third, and fourth deposits. It’s up to you to decide how much money you want to earn with them!

    Exclusive BitStarz Tournaments and Promotions

    If there’s one thing we’ve seen that the BitStarz casino does better than the rest of the online casinos on our lists, that has to be its wide range of promotions. They never settle for offering just enough to keep people happy; they will always have promotions available throughout the entire year, and with rewards that are hard to find in other online casinos. The uniqueness of these promotions is what makes BitStarz stand out, as they aren’t just regular giveaways – some of them can net you up to €50,000 in rewards!

    Some of the most popular tournaments that usually run on the site are “Path” promotions, where you earn points and make your way through different levels, with the first one making it to the last level earning the biggest reward. These types of tournaments are often seen during seasons (they usually run one of these tournaments every Christmas), but you can also see them at any other point through the year, such as the Space Adventure promo running January 2020.


    That’s far from the only promo you’ll find, though. Let’s go into a bit of detail with the BitStarz running promos so you can get a better grasp of what you’ll find on the site.

    BitStarz Slot Wars

    Slot Wars is an amazing competition hosted exclusively at the BitStarz casino, where you can earn points on your weekly slot plays and compete against other players on the site. The highest ranking players will get a share of the fantastic bonus that the BitStarz casino is willing to give away. The 50 players that win the most points in slots in one week will get rewards based on their weekly position on the rankings. Once the competition is over, a new one starts!


    BitStarz Rook’s Revenge Double Cash

    BitStarz always runs new Rook’s Revenge promos whenever the current one finishes, so this is one that you’ll love to check out if you enjoy playing the Rook’s Revenge slot. BitStarz gives you the chance to earn double your wins in Rook’s Revenge if you happen to land 5 red mask symbols before anyone else on the site does. You will need to take a screenshot of your feat and send it to the BitStarz casino to confirm that you’ve indeed won. Then, you’ll get double the amount of winnings that you originally managed to make!

    BitStarz Table Wars

    Table Wars is one of the newest promotions on the BitStarz casino, and it’s basically a version of Slot Wars but exclusively made for those who love to play table games. As such, you will need to collect points by playing table games during the week. The more points you earn, the better rewards you get at the end of the week. If you’re a fan of table games and that’s where you spend most of your time in an online casino, forget Slot Wars and give this one a try!

    BitStarz Last Man Standing

    The Last Man Standing Battle Royale is a very long tournament where the winner is set to get a ton of money, but you need to be on your toes to see when it will start over. Usually, many players get eliminated and you’ll have to wait until the next tournament starts to begin again. Sometimes these tournaments can take over one year to finish if the last few players are hard fighters, but it’s a true battle royale where the winner gets it all. Play daily and win rewards based on your consistency!


    BitStarz Casino Games – The Best Games to Play with Bitcoins

    With a broad array of games from various suppliers like NetEnt, SoftSwiss, and Betsoft; BetStarz online casino additionally comes with bonuses that will keep you coming back for more and more! Other software providers for BetStarz casino include Amatic Industries, Edorphina, Evolution Gaming, NYX, iSoftBet, EGT, Ezugi, Pocketdice, Asia Gaming, Booming Games, Belatra, Spinomenal, and Habanero amongst others.

    The game collection at BitStarz casino incorporates several video and 3D slots, table games not to mention the action packed section of live casino. BitStarz casino games load instantly and run flawlessly on your browser without necessarily the need of downloading any unique software as is the case with some casinos.

    BitStarz casino does not only provide you with abundant games but also ensures its games are also interesting, diverse and exciting. The more than 800 games come in different genres, styles, and types as follows:

    Enjoy the Best Slots at BitStarz

    As usual, given that they are the most popular online gaming variation, slots are the most abundant at BitStarz online casino. In fact, on entering the casino lobby, you are likely to find the variety of slots offered almost overwhelming. But no need to worry! You can easily sort them by the provider or essentially in alphabetical order and find your favorite game effortlessly within seconds.

    Among the most popular slot games on the site you will find some of the world’s most popular online titles, such as Starburst (everyone’s favorite!), Gonzo’s Quest, Sugar Pop, Fruit Zen, and many others. What matters is that the BitStarz casino is one of the best places where you can play online slots with your Bitcoins!

    There’s also a plenty of choices for table game enthusiasts at BitStarz Casino. You won’t fall short on options regarding table games and how much you can earn with them on the casino, thanks to the high wagering limits allowed here. There are plenty of variations of poker, and you’ll also be able to come across black jack, roulette, and many other traditional casino games (all of which can be played with Bitcoins and other types of cryptos, of course).

    If you’re a fan of table games, have no doubt that BitStarz is ready to take over the world of online table gambling with the new gaming tools that Yggdrasil has provided to their online casinos.

    Check BitStarz Games

    BitStarz Table Games – How We Fared Playing Them

    The table games at the BitStarz casino work very similarly to the other games on the site. You simply open whichever game you like (they have a special table game section where you can browse them) and get down to business. The game will open up in the same window that you’re on (you won’t be redirected anywhere) and you can play freely. Once you get tired of the game that you’re playing, you can close the game on the X and you will be able to continue browsing exactly where you were before you opened the game.

    The BitStarz casino might not offer the same powerful multi-play interface that you can find in the N1 Casino, but the quality of the browsing experience doesn’t fall behind thanks to the smooth transitions between games and the rest of the site itself. In fact, the site transitions so smoothly that opening a game actually causes a small redirect, but you barely notice it thanks to how quickly the site loads.

    We tried our luck at many of the table games offered at the BitStarz casino and it’s safe to say that we had a ton of fun. They have everything from traditional roulette and casino hold’em to variants of traditional games as well as sic bo. Our best experience on the site came at the hands of the Casino Hold’em game, though.

    This traditional variant of “against the house” poker that the BitStarz casino offers is extremely fun to play, although it doesn’t allow you to place three bets but it rather focuses on your first hand then deals straight to the river, should you choose to raise. There are no checks, so the poker is super fast-paced and extremely fun to play.

    We were able to make a very decent profit in just under half an hour of playtime, and we’re sure that you’ll be able to make an even bigger profit with your knowledge of the game. In any case, this version of poker has the same rules as the regular hold’em with the only exception that it heads straight to the river after the first bet is placed. You only have the chance to double your bet once you see your hand.

    If you’re a fan of blackjack, then by all means, we encourage you to give their traditional blackjack a shot. It’s extremely fun to play and one of the best blackjack games that we’ve tried so far. The games are super fast-paced and it comes with all of the main features that you would expect any blackjack game to have. Splits, stands, and doubles can be done as quickly as possible and the animations hardly delay the gameplay.

    You can also use their traditional blackjack game to play with just a little bit of cash (in case you’re not up to spending a ton of money – bets start at €0.50 each!) or you could go as high as €100 per round if you want. It’s up to you to decide how much money you want to bet and how much money you’ll win!

    BitStarz Poker Games – Everything You Love About It at Your Grasp

    Poker players can find a decent scope of virtual poker variations at BitStarz casino. From typical classics Texas Hold’em to Betsoft’s Pai Gow, there is a variety of options for the individuals with the right skills needed to win this game. The other poker amusements are provided by SoftSwiss and incorporate Oasis Poker, Trey Poker Pair Up, Caribbean, and Let It Ride.

    BitStarz online casino has added video poker to its extensive collection of titles and fanatics of this quick-paced game will find several superb selections from Betsoft and SoftSwiss. The selection of Videopoker games might not be as extensive as it is in other sites, but the games that you’ll find are sure to please you if you’re looking for quality above quantity.

    Of course, you can always head to the live casino to play live poker, but the poker selection of their Table Game section where you play against the house is as fantastic as it gets. The number of games and their variants are plentiful, and if there was one game that we could recommend you to play, that would be Trey Poker.

    Trey Poker at BitStarz – Fast-Paced Poker for The Speedy Gambler

    Trey Poker is a new variant of poker that you can find at the BitStarz casino, in which you only have three cards in your hand and the dealer doesn’t deal any cards on the table. Instead, you have to have a better hand than the dealer if you want to best them. It’s a super fast-paced version of poker where luck plays a huge part and you’ll end up winning with a lot of high cards, as you’ll see.

    We find Trey Poker to be one of the best games that you can play if you’re a poker enthusiast but you still want to have a ton of fun playing poker but you either lack the time or you feel a bit burnt out of traditional Omaha or Hold’em. You can actually see it as a combination of both types of poker. It’s a very fun game mode and a variant that you’ll be able to try with bitcoins at the BitStarz Casino.

    BitStarz Live Casino – A Live Casino for the Bitcoin Enthusiast

    Every single Live Game at BitStarz casino is powered by Ezugi, Evolution, and NetEnt online gaming providers.

    Through trailblazing technology and HD cameras, players can enjoy an incredibly authentic real time gaming on BitStarz really superb live casino. It entails video streaming on your computer or mobile device. The live dealer games offered at BitStarz casino include various versions of traditional casino games suchas baccarat, blackjack and roulette, as well as many other popualr games such as Keno. It’s up to yo uto decide what you want to play!

    Mobile Gaming at BitStarz Casino

    All of Bitstarz Casino’s games are intended to work equivalently across all gadgets. This implies players can play on their PCs, cellphones, and tablets and get a similar gaming experience on either of the devices. The games run smoothly & flawlessly without a lag at all. You don’t have to worry about downloading an app, as the BitStarz casino is fully compatible with all devices via browser!

    BitStarz Casino Deposit Methods

    In spite of the fact that BitStarz casino centers on Bitcoin payments (BTC), it also acknowledges & accepts fiat currencies like USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD, SEK, NOK, and RUB. In this regard, real money play with BitStarz casino is thus so easy and convenient for players from all regions of the world. Deposits and withdraws are equally fast and reliable. There are plenty of deposit options for you to choose from, which means that your preferred method is highly likely to be found in this awesome casino.

    Check BitStarz Live Casino

    BitStarz Payout Speed

    This casino takes pride on the fact that payouts via Bitcoin are excecuted almost as promptly as humanly possible. You’ll have access to your money sooner than in almost any other online casino, as you would expect from a Bitcoin entity such as this one. However, if you want to play on the BitStarz casino with real money, you can still access your money within a week.

    Customer Support

    Customer support and satisfaction is a top priority at BitStarz Casino. There’s a convenient & helpful live chat function which is accessible any time of the day to have all your issues sorted in minutes. The support personnel additionally work each day of the week, even on public holidays, so inquiries are normally addressed immediately. You can also send an email for any assistance.

    Security and Fair Play

    Despite the fact that bitcoin is intrinsically more secure than conventional banking systems, Bitstarz Casino still uses the state-of-the-art SSL encryption to shield its players from losing their records or getting their personal data stolen. The innovation works by obfuscating sensitive points of interest (e.g. passwords), making them undecipherable.

    In terms of fairness, BitStarz allows every one of its players to witness by his/her own eyes each time they play that they’re part of a fair game. This is because at the end of the game players have the opportunity to verify that the game was random. A step by step guide for doing this can be found on the Bitstarz site by clicking “Help”, then “Pr­ova­bil­ity­”.

    Restricted Countries

    Bitstarz Casino does not approve players from the United Kingdom and the United States. Players from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Austria, Hungary, Macedonia, Mauritius, Montenegro, Slovenia, Albania, Kosovo and Serbia are welcome at the gambling site although they can’t claim any promotions at all.

    Conclusion: The Best Place to Wager your Bitcoins!

    Regardless of whether it’s about stand out visuals on its site or an extremely expansive cluster of online and mobile games, BitStarz casino is exemplary paradigmatic. And indeed, with the capacity to pick both digital and fiat currencies, we can only expect Bitsarz casino to create even stronger waves along the online casino ecosystem.

    So, if you are looking for a top-quality Bitcoin casino please consider BitStarz as one of your first ports of call. It does not only feature many great games on offer but also enjoys a stellar reputation and therefore there shouldn’t be anything to stop you!

    In addition to, there’s also a stimulating and wide-ranging bonus offer you just can’t afford to miss out on!


    BitStarz Casino FAQ

    BitStarz Casino NEWS

    Casilando Casino BONUSES

    Casilando Casino Pros

    • Wide collection of progressives
    • Match bonus opportunities
    • E-mail and live chat support
    • SSL encryption technology
    • Proven fair play by independent auditors

    Casilando Casino Cons

    • Restriction to many countries including U.S.
    • Free spins only for selected games
    • Maximum withdrawals limited for non-depositing players
    • No phone support

    Casilando Casino Details

    Deposit & Withdrawals

    • Maximum WithdrawalNo maximum withdrawal
    • Withdrawal limitNot Stated
    • Withdrawal limitNot Stated

    Contact information

    • Live ChatNo

    Casilando Casino Review

    Updated August 2019

    As a brand new addition to the casino industry in 2017, Casilando Casino offers a diverse casino opportunities and gaming experience. It is managed by Imperium Network Solutions Limited and operated by Caddell Limited NV.  As a fun casino website for the kings and queens of casino games, this site is designed as a safe and secure gaming platform, thanks to a license given by the UK Gambling Commission.

    Play at Casilando

    The site is also validated by the Curacao e-Gaming, and comes with a certification from GAMCARE, which clearly suggests that this casino is all serious when it comes to complying with the requirements of the law. Also, the casino boosts security and fairness with its SSL encryption technology and Random Number Generator (RNG) audited by independent auditors. The casino supports 13 payment options which can be used by gamers for deposits and withdrawals.

    When it comes to games, players and members of Casilando Casino can count on slots, live casino and even jackpot games. With the massive jackpots, wide selection of casino games, Casilando proves to be the new hub of entertaining and exciting casino gaming experience.

    Casilando Casino Games – Slots and Awesome Titles

    The casino game selection at Casilando is quite impressive and majority of these are video slots. The rest of the selection includes live casino games, table games and video poker. It is a complete real life experience a player can have. The portfolio of games at Casilando is most promising, thanks to the diversity of developers such as NetEnt and Microgaming.

    Check Casilando Games

    Among the top slot choices, players can fully enjoy casino experience with Full Moon Romance, Dragon Born, Queen of Riches, Danger High Voltage, Vikings of the Fortune, and Lucky Bakery. Live casino are in a lively and friendly gaming environment so players can go for the Live Roulette, Live Baccarat, Three Card Poker, Casino Hold’em, Ultimate Texas Hold’em and Live Blackjack. There is a limited selection when it comes to table games at Casilando, but they are certainly worth a try.

    You can choose from the Odd One In, Sharp Shooter, and the Six Shooter. Poker games are also made available though it comes in only two options such as the Jacks or Better Poker and the Aces & Heights Poker. Additionally, Casilando offers scratch cards, bingo and virtual games, making it a bit ahead of other casinos online.

    Top titles for scratch cards are Irish Eyes 2, Genie Wild, and Oil Mania. The casino provides the Reely Bingo for bingo game enthusiasts as well.  The mobile version of Casilando is directly accessible on their website, but games are available on smaller screens. Games are playable on both iOS and Android mobile devices so you can play it regardless of your location.

    Casilando Casino Bonus Offers and Promotions

    Upon registration with the casino, new players are given the chance to enjoy exclusive bonuses. After a player signs up an account, he will be entitled for 10 free spins. With a promise to treat each player like kings and queens, the casino gives this free spins to kick start a great adventure. Free spins can be played in selected games including the Joker Pro, Pyramid: Quest for Immortality, Steam Tower, Starburst, and Fruit Shop.

    Terms and conditions for this welcome bonus can be located at the Promotional Terms and Conditions Section of the casino website. The second exclusive offer at Casilando is when you make your first deposit. A 100% bonus up to €300 real money will be rewarded, in addition to 90 free spins.

    To claim this bonus, a player needs to wager 35 times before he can make withdrawals. The validity of this bonus is only 90 days so it is important to meet the wagering requirements and withdraw funds before the bonus gets forfeited. The minimum initial deposit to qualify for this welcome offer is €10.

    At Casilando, players can enjoy its Thursday Getaway available only during Thursdays. This bonus offer allows players to enjoy free spins and deposit bonuses. Players can get 50% deposit bonus up to €250 on Thursdays. It comes along with 20 free spins which make it more interesting.

    Once a friend gets introduced to the casino, signs up and deposit €20, then the one who referred gets a referral bonus. €10 bonus will be credited instantly once the referred player signs up. However, family members are not included from this bonus. To qualify for the refer a friend bonus, you have to make at least €20 deposit.

    Get Casilando Bonuses

    Casilando Casino Deposit Methods

    When it comes to depositing funds, Casilando Casino offers its members with a diverse list of deposit options. No deposit fee is charged regardless of the preferred method. This list of deposit options accepted by Casilando include Maestro, Paysafe Card, Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, and Skrill.

    Casilando Casino Security and Fair Play

    The casino treats every player with care and concern. Thus, it ensures that all information may it be personal or financial are kept secured and confidential. The casino offers secure transactions in accordance with the Data Protection legislation. With strong commitment to provide entertaining and enjoyable gaming experience, the casino ensures that all games are played fair. To prove its fairness, independent audits are conducted on a regular basis so players can be free from doubts and hesitations.

    Casilando Casino software

    The casino is powered by impressive casino games from software giants including Microgaming, NetEnt, 1x2Gaming, Blueprint Gaming, Evolution Gaming, Nyx Interactive, Aristocrat, Genesis Gaming, Quickspin, Leander Games, Amaya (Chartwell), Ezugi, Thunderkick, Games Warehouse, 2 By 2 Gaming, Elk Studios, Multicommerce Game Studio, Lightning Box, and StakeLogic. All games are surely enjoyable and worth your money.

    Casilando Casino Loyalty Program – Everything You’ve Ever Dreamed Of

    The casino also offers VIP Loyalty Program to loyal players devoted to playing with the casino. Loyalty points need to be accumulated to qualify for this program. Loyalty points of 500 will be automatically granted to your account once you made initial deposit minimum of €10. Then these loyalty points can be used to play favorite casino games. They can also be exchanged for real cash. For every 250 points accumulated by the player, €10 bonus will be given.

    Once the player has collected at least 1,250 loyalty points, its money equivalent is €5. Each game type has corresponding loyalty points which players need to watch out. Slots and scratchcards gain 2 loyalty points. Bingo games and video poker comes in 1 loyalty point. Blackjack gets 0.50 loyalty points while roulette takes 0.25 loyalty points. Collecting points at Casilando is never that difficult so players should keep on playing. The casino rewards players who share their gaming experience while playing at the casino with its Refer a Friend promotion.

    Earn Casilando Loyalty Points

    Casilando Casino Jackpot – The Best Games, The Biggest Rewards

    The casino offers massive jackpots with its jackpot games. What’s good about this casino is the top display showing the jackpot prizes for each game. Each jackpot changes from time to time. Top titles include The Naked Gun, Lotsaloot Jackpot, Diamond Jackpot, Cash Splash, Top Cat and Winstar. This casino regularly updates the amount of jackpots that can be won on the casino, courtesy of the jackpot games. And on an average day, the massive jackpots can amount to more than €10 million.

    Casilando Casino Payment Methods

    Casilando supports most commonly used currencies in online casino so there will be no problem when it comes to payment.  Casilando accepts all sorts of currencies as payments, and they also allow players to withdraw cash in every type of currency available in the site..

    Players can deposit funds directly to their account through variety of payment methods. You’ll find everything from traditional credit cards to some of the world’s leading e-wallets and card services.

    Casilando Casino Payout Speed

    With a number of withdrawal methods, the casino ensures faster payouts. It only takes 24 hours pending time which means shorter waiting period for players to withdraw their winnings. Processing time up to the completion time for each transaction may take up to five days. Minimum withdrawal is €30 and there is no limit. This means players can withdraw any amount they want. Players can transact using credit card and debit cards, e-wallets and bank wire transfer.

    Casilando Casino Support & Contact

    Casilando Casino is owned and managed by Imperium Network Solutions Limited. As a company managed by Imperium and owned by Caddell Limited, customers can count on a complete customer service.

    If there is anything that goes out of the line, immediate contact with the casino’s customer service is always possible through various channels. First option is through its live chat support, though it is not available 24/7. Besides live chat, players can also communicate with the support team through the official e-mail address of the casino. Another way is to go to the Promotional Terms and Conditions of the casino where you can find few important information necessary before you sign up and play with Casilando.

    Conclusion: A VIP Program That Will Leave You in Awe

    Casilando is an online casino that serves its clients with a combination of modern casino site, ongoing casino bonuses, excellent customer support and diverse casino games. This casino appeals to all levels of players and budgets. The casino games are quite impressive since they came from top-notch gaming software developers. Whether you are playing Casilando Casino using your iPhone or any other Android device, the site works smoothly and directly in your browser with its great features.

    Don’t let these offers pass you by; sign up now at Casilando Casino and 100% bonus, up to €300 with 90 free spins will be yours in an instant.


    Casilando Casino FAQ