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Play responsibly

About us

The Casino Wizard was born in 2018 with the sole purpose of redefining the online gambling world by providing top-quality, well-researched, no-nonsense reviews to our readers.

We strive to bring you the best content in the world of online gaming. From reputable reviews to top-quality bonuses, our site is packed with content that will set you on your way to have the adventure of a lifetime as a fan of the gambling world.

We’ve created an environment that can be enjoyed by sports betting fans, live casino enthusiasts, jackpot hunters, slot aficionados, and table-game players alike.

As huge fans of the online casino world ourselves, we determined that biased reviews and deceitful bonuses were some of the main issues that plagued the majority of casino review pages. This led us to create our very own collection of respectable and now-reputable casino reviews to provide our readers with nothing but the truth before they decide where to spend their money online.

Our Mission and Goals

  • To provide players with unbiased reviews so they can make their mind as where they want to spend their money in the best online casinos in the world.
  • To filter out casinos that aren’t up to our quality standards, ensuring our readers a fantastic experience regardless of the casino that they choose to visit on our site.
  • To make players feel welcome at any online casino by showing them the best bonuses offered by each site, whether that is a deposit bonus, a no deposit bonus, or special bonuses and tournaments.

The Casino Wizard Team

The team of consist of marketing, technical, design & copy writing experts with a passion for gambling. This passion combined with our knowledge and experience in the casino industry allows us to provide our readers with top-quality, well-researched, no-nonsense reviews.


Klaas is one of the founders of the Casino Wizard and has been part of the TCW team since the start. Klaas is, together with Matt, the main man in command at TCW. He loves to play at casinos and has visited Las Vegas many times. On every trip he tries to find a casino where he can play roulette, blackjack or slot games. At he's responsible for the long-term strategy, and dealing with the casinos.  He is extremely resourceful for knowing how things operate on all sides of the gaming industry. He's also a skilled writer, and is also an expert author on (online) marketing blogs like and

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Matt is co-founder and online marketing expert at The Casino Wizard. He has a master degree in leisure management, and is an online marketing expert for more than 10+ years. Matt started his iGaming career as a former gaming geek and an online bonus hunter for poker games. Matt is always looking for opportunities for growth and willing to take the risk to push the limits in the iGaming industry.

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Marco holds the title as Chief Content Writer and has a Mass Communications Major with a Specialization in Digital Marketing. He's an experienced casino writer with more than half a decade of gambling-related work on his back. He took a keen interest in gambling as a young adult and started writing expert content for the casino and sports betting niche in 2015. Now, he specializes in online slots, table games, and sports betting – producing well-researched content on all fronts of the iGaming world!

Translator team

Together with a team of translators we make sure we deliver the best casino content in every language available on our website. At the moment our website is shown in English, German and Dutch.

GPWA Approved Portal

The Casino Wizard ( has been granted the GPWA Seal of Approval, which proves that the site operates to the utmost best ethical standards that should be expected from our readers. We strive to bring you the best and most transparent casino content possible, and the GPWA Seal of Approval shows that we hold true to our values at all times.

The site has been fully audited by the GPWA’s Fair Gaming Advocate. As a result, The Casino Wizard is fully compliant with every single one of the following rules:

  • We work independently from any of the gambling sites that we talk about in our articles and on our website in general. We are, by no means, affiliated with any casino mentioned in
  • We respect all copyright standards and remain free of any plagiarism.
  • We do not send spam of any sort to our customers.
  • We do not use dirty SEO techniques to promote our website. As such, we avoid all sorts of dirty practices that include spamming other sites to promote in any shape or form. All content is fully organic.
  • We do not host any pornographic content on our website.
  • We strive to promote the best content possible by complementing our links and promotional piece with useful information for our readers.
  • We act in a professional way regardless of our approach of choice Office

The Casino Wizard team works from many different places across the globe. Our cultural backgrounds might all be different, but our love for online casinos and iGaming is the same. However, our headquarters are located in Zevenbergen, The Netherlands.

Do you feel like there’s anything to improve? Do you have any inquiries, questions, remarks, suggestions, or anything that you’d like to share with us or our team? If so, feel free to send us an email to:

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Je leeftijd dient naar waarheid te worden ingevuld. Je bevestigt hiermee dat je je bewust bent van de risico’s van online kansspelen, en dat je momenteel niet bent uitgesloten van deelname aan kansspelen bij online kansspelaanbieders.