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Eat your betting money but don’t bet your eating money.- Igor's favorite quote

Igor is TCW’s full stack developer; the man responsible for making the site function as it should. He works with the gamblers side of the site (frontend) as well as with its software (backend), making the clock tick and helping to create the well-oiled machine that the site was always envisioned to be.

As an official member of the team since 2022, it is no coincidence that the site’s design and overall loading times have both improved. His ability to turn problems into opportunities, on a developmental level, make Igor a valuable team member that has surely joined the TCW family for good.

A Much-Needed Helping Hand

No one was surprised to see how well Igor’s contributions got implemented into the Casino Wizard website. His skills  are fantastic, and his ability to make the best of what he has is the main reason why he’s so highly regarded by the other members of the team.

If anyone ever has a problem that seems too technical to fix, they’re sure to quickly ping Igor. He’ll come around, “do his thing”, and the issues will be gone!

A Cog to Bolster Growth

The current state in which you see The Casino Wizard, visually and technically speaking, is mostly thanks to the work that Igor has put into the site. Igor’s contributions are not only technical, either – he’s greatly contributed to the way the team looks at the site, helping it become the best version of itself: the one that you see today!

Last updated  January 26, 2024

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