Editorial Guidelines

Perfection may be impossible to achieve, but The Casino Wizard team aims to create reviews that are as close to perfection as possible, so we can provide our readers with the iGaming crème de la crème. To do that, we are guided by a set of principles that team members have set for themselves, which help shape The Casino Wizard content into what it is today.

Our Core Principles

The Casino Wizard team sets a very high standard for the work done on the site. The aforementioned principles that form part of the way we view online gambling ultimately become the very editorial guidelines that we always follow.


There is a clear focus on quality above quantity in everything we do. Our aim is not to bombard you with random information that will contribute to nothing; we want to provide you with relevant content that you’ll be able to use to shape the way you approach an online casino and decide which sites to visit.

Acknowledgment of Experience

Every member of our team has spent their fair share of time gambling online, but that doesn’t mean that we think that what we do is infallible to errors. As such, to produce the very best casino content in the industry, we keep our eyes peeled for what other veterans have to say about a specific casino. We highly value experienced player opinions and we often talk about them in our content.


The growing practice of focusing on promoting casinos just because they offer higher affiliate fees is something that The Casino Wizard team frowns upon. Our goal is to produce accurate content, no matter how harsh the truth is.

Freshness & Relevancy

The online gambling industry is in a constant state of change. We don’t want our content to feel outdated, which is why we always update our reviews as we keep track of everything that happens in the iGaming world, as well as what changes are made to the casinos that we’ve reviewed.

Why Our Reviews Stand-Out

In a world that seems to be overloaded with online casino reviewers, we’ve managed to become a go-to source of reliable content that gamblers worldwide can trust. Our goal, however, isn’t only to grow ourselves – we want to help you cultivate invaluable casino knowledge that will allow you to form judgments of your own.

We achieve that by following three crucial editorial guidelines that define who we are and why our reviews are the best that you can find:

·         Focus on the Negatives: We’re not here to sugarcoat an aspect of a casino if the site falls short in a certain area. We’re going to tell you exactly what an online casino lacks, why we think it could be better or, if it comes to that, we’ll tell you why you may be better off avoiding it. Our reviews always provide you with alternative gambling sites with high-reliability scores.

·         Fully Original Content: Our team is formed by industry experts and, as such, we don’t rewrite the same information that you’ll find in other casinos. We invite you to compare our reviews to others – you will instantly notice that our content is fully original and written directly by our team of experts. Organic reviews are a key part of TCW experience.

·         Unbiased Reviews: Although we are an affiliate site and you may think that a conflict of interest could arise, this is something that we’ve taken into consideration as we’ve continued to grow and it is actually part of the reason why our content is top of the line. We treat all sites equally, as trustworthiness and player experience go above any potential benefit that we may see.

Features of The Casino Wizard’s Top-Rated Sites

Creating a casino review can sometimes be an extenuating process, as there’s far more to it than what you see. The reviews that you read are the end product of an exhausting and thorough process of analysis that takes into consideration multiple aspects of an online casino, all of which we do our best to test to their fullest in our quest to create the ultimate casino review.

Licensing & External Safety Checks

An online casino is as trustworthy as its license. We always take into consideration whether the gambling site that we’re visiting has a gambling license and how reliable it is. You’ll notice that sites that hold licenses from the United Kingdom, Malta, and Curacao are the most common on our site; such jurisdictions are known to offer the world’s most reliable gambling licenses because of how strict their review processes are.

Presence of Reliable Game Providers

Some companies stand out for the quality and reliability of their games. We take their presence into consideration when reviewing a new casino. When we see names like Pragmatic Play, Play’N Go, NetEnt, and Evolution, we already know that the casino’s games will be among the best in the industry. We still check game RTP, however, to see how the casino deals with their top games’ return rates.

Selection of Top Games

Even though a casino’s software providers serve as a clear indicator of quality, we still check the selection of top games that an online casino offers and we make sure that the best titles of each company are present in the casino in question. It’s great to see that the casino has Microgaming and NetEnt games, but we check for the presence of titles like Starburst and Mega Moolah to be sure that their libraries are as complete as their top providers suggest.

Bonus Variety

Some online casinos offer nothing but a few bonuses, but the variety and quality of bonuses play a huge part in the overall player experience in a casino. We may recommend online casinos that offer two or three reliable bonuses over online casinos that offer 20+ promotions with highly unfair bonus terms.

Reliable Among Players

The way an online casino is perceived among its players serves as the most important way to determine how worthwhile the site is. As we said before, we like to form our own opinions, but we value veteran player feedback quite highly. Thanks to our experience, we also know which player reviews are not legit so we can ignore them when creating our content.

Fair Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions define how fair an online casino is towards its players. We read them so you don’t have to, and we tell you all about the most important rules that are set in place for bonuses and that could potentially hinder your experience at the site if you don’t know them.

Ease-Of-Use and User Interface

Not all online casinos are easy to browse. Some sites like to overload their main pages with plenty of features, which make them annoying and hinder UX. We take into consideration how well an online casino performs before giving out a rating, and how easily each of its sections can be accessed.

Multi-Device Compatibility

Playing on mobile devices has become a crucial aspect of the online gambling world. We always test online casinos on a mobile device to give our readers a feel of how good the casino is at loading on mobile. With our reviews, you’ll find the best mobile casinos in the industry.

Payment Methods & Withdrawal Times

The reliability, safety, and variety of payment methods define how pleasant the experience will be for the player at the most crucial point of their casino stay: when their money is involved. Casinos that offer payment methods accepted worldwide, as well as casinos that let users withdraw their money with low pending times, are among the best in the industry.

Site-Wide Features

To us, an online casino goes way beyond the basic offer of slots and a handful of table games that some gambling sites seem to be settling for. We take into consideration how complete an online casino is before we rate it. The presence of a sportsbook and a complete live casino play a huge part in what we think of an online gambling website, and whether or not we recommend it to our readers.

Loyalty & Vip Schemes

Casino rewards often go beyond what you see in plain sight. We take into consideration whether an online casino offers loyalty rewards and we dive deep into its VIP program to find out exactly what they are. We can’t reach the last level of the loyalty program of every casino that we review, but we do our best to find out precisely what each program offers and share that information with you.

A Site You Can Trust

As you can see, we don’t take things lightly around these parts. We know that there are plenty of online reviewers out there, which is why we’ve upped our standards to make sure that what we do is miles above what others are doing.

Before our site came to be, we were frustrated with the way reviewers approached casino reviews by simply inorganically boosting the score of sites that paid them the most money. Our strong commitment to avoiding such practice is what makes The Casino Wizard a site that you can trust.