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If you’re looking for gambling statistics, you’ve come to the right place. We have written statistics guides focusing on different demographics and gambling markets, covering as much of the modern online gambling world as research allows.

What do men and women gamble for? How many people gamble online in the world? Is crypto gambling popular among all demographics? Read our statistics content and find out all about the most important aspects of the gambling world, shown in numbers and based on research done -or shared- by trustworthy sources.

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You ask, we deliver. Here, you’ll find updated statistics and relevant information about online gambling and the world’s most popular casino games!

What You’ll Find Here

We’re not only showing you stats that appeal to certain groups. Our statistics content is tailored toward all sorts of casino players, so we’ve done our research to find and deliver the quirkiest, most curious, and most shocking gambling stats on the planet.

From fun facts to statistical analysis of market growth, we feel that our online casino statistics pieces are some of the best that you’ll find online. Let’s take a look at some of the categories that we’re covering in our content:

Worldwide Gambling Statistics & Facts

You’ll be able to find gambling statistics that cover the entirety of the gambling world. Information like how many people gamble across the globe, the number of casinos that are currently operating on the planet, and much more awaits in our worldwide breakdown of the gambling industry.

Our focus is not limited to online casinos, either. Most of our content is tailored to cover as many aspects of gambling as possible, including land-based casinos and the popularity of gambling in all corners of our planet.

Gambling by Demographic

Are you eager to discover how many women gamble in sports when compared to men? Perhaps you’d like to know how many young people gamble across the world? We have sections of specific demographic-related stats that will help you get a better understanding of the type of people that gamble around the world based on things like their age and gender.

Online Casino Statistics

Online gambling stats are very peculiar because, unlike land-based gambling, online gambling sites have a reach that goes far beyond what it would’ve been thought to be possible a mere three decades ago. As such, you’ll notice that the percentage of people involved in online gambling continues to grow as years go by.

As things stand, many of the world’s most popular gambling operators are part of research studies that aim to break down how the industry works and what is its current state. We have compiled the most interesting online casino statistics here, at The Casino Wizard.

Gambling Stats by Country

Gambling is often related to culture, with roots that span centuries. As such, every country has a different number of gamblers and different proportions of problem gamblers based on how many people wager within their territories.

Our guides dig deep into the most important gambling markets in the world. You’ll be able to find specific gambling statistics about Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand, to help you get a better understanding of gambling culture and gambling developments in each of these regions. We’ve also included crucial gambling facts about each country!

Bitcoin Gambling Facts & Cryptocurrency Information

Cryptocurrency has taken a crucial role in the world of online gambling. The constant growth of Bitcoin across the modern iGaming world has allowed many people to keep their gambling to themselves, without having to involve banks and other institutions, with levels of privacy that had never been seen before.

Such importance is heavily reflected in modern online casino statistics. We make sure to touch on the influence of cryptocurrency gambling across the iGaming world, and we deliver up-to-date information about its latest developments. You’ll know how many people gamble online and how many people do so with cryptos!

Future Gambling Predictions

Although it’s impossible to predict the future (if it was possible, we’d be gambling on its outcomes!), it’s fair to make certain assessments about how the industry will develop in the coming years taking into consideration the current state of affairs.

In many of our guides, we touch on many of the scenarios that are expected to happen as the years go by, based on current research and opinions of people that stand out as industry experts. Predicting the future may not be possible, but it is possible to make educated guesses about how it will look.

The Importance of Gambling Statistics

Gambling research helps all sorts of people involved in the gambling industry, as well as organizations that aim to help problem gamblers throughout the world. Gambling statistics are mostly used to:

  • Get a better understanding of the current world of gambling and online gambling
  • Research new Responsible Gambling and player safety tools, based on the current market trends.
  • Help online casino operators develop strategies and tailor their offers to what’s currently popular in the world, which ultimately translates to better overall gambling experiences

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Our statistical breakdown of the gambling world will help you get a much better grasp of the current industry trends. With them, you’ll be able to develop your opinion on how the modern industry is doing, or you could even use our content to help make the gambling world a better place. It’s up to you, but remember: with great power comes great responsibility!