Roulette Facts, Figures, and Statistics for 2024

Roulette Facts, Figures, and Statistics for 2024

Best Roulette Table Odds, Facts & Must-Know Stats to Expand Your Knowledge

Do you want to know more about roulette and the game’s current standing around the world?

We bring you a list of the most relevant roulette wheel odds and stats about the game, where you’ll learn everything about one of the world’s most popular casino games and how some odds work in your favor.

Top Roulette Probabilities, Statistics & Facts

  • Out of all popular roulette versions, French Roulette offers the most favorable odds to the player, with a house edge of just 1.35%.
  • Straight up bets are the riskiest roulette bets, with a 2.70% odds of winning and a payout of 35 to 1.
  • American Roulette (5.26%) and Triple Zero Roulette (7.69%) have a higher house edge than most slots (4.00% on average).
  • Online casinos offer European, American, and French roulette tables to profit from the ignorant. Users should always pick French tables (lowest house edge) if given the chance.
  • Physical deformities may affect the odds of a roulette wheel.

Roulette Table Odds

The most important statistical aspect of the game of roulette is understanding how the basic odds work. This table shows all potential payouts:

Bet Type

How to Win


Odds in %

Straight Up

Bet on a single number




Bet on two adjacent numbers




Bet on three numbers in a row




Bet on 0, 1, 2 or 0, 2, 3




Bet on four adjacent numbers



Basket/5 Number Bet

Bet on 0, 00, 1, 2, 3


13.51% (European)

Line/Double Street

Bet on six numbers in two rows


16.22% (European)


Bet on a vertical column of 12 numbers




Bet on a set of 12 numbers




Bet on numbers 1-18




Bet on numbers 19-36




Bet on even or odd numbers




Bet on red or black numbers



Inside Bet Odds

Inside bets are quite versatile to create, as they allow players to freely use their chips within the roulette table layout to create unique bets with their own preferred odds. These are the most common types of roulette inside bets and their odds:

Inside Bet

Numbers Covered


Odds of Winning


1 number


2.70% (1/37 in European, 1/38 in American)


2 adjacent numbers


5.41% (2/37 in European, 2/38 in American)


3 numbers in a row


8.11% (3/37 in European, 3/38 in American)


4 numbers


10.81% (4/37 in European, 4/38 in American)


0, 1, 2, 3


10.81% (4/37 in European)

Double Street

6 numbers


16.22% (6/37 in European, 6/38 in American)


0, 1, 2 or 0, 2, 3


8.11% (3/37 in European)

There are some numbers that have reached the status of legendary on roulette tables across the globe, to the point where players may think of them as "hot" or "cold". Statistically speaking, though, every number has the same odds of winning you money.

The numbers 17, 7, 23, and 24 are generally chosen by gamblers across the world. Players often think that they win more frequently than others, even though it is impossible to prove when looking at the global stats of roulette.

7 and 17 are popular numbers because of the number 7, deemed a lucky number in many cultures.

On the other hand, 3, 6, 13, and 34 are the numbers people bet on less frequently. Some people will tell you that there's statistical proof that these numbers drop less frequently, but that's impossible to prove and it's highli likely a lie, as all numbers have the same odds of winning and personal bias plays a gigantic role into making people think that some numbers are more or less likely to win.

Roulette Streak Odds

Roulette streaks are the subject of strategies and theories all over the online gambling world – but what are the stats behind the most popular betting streaks that people often base their strategies around? Check them out here!

Color Bet Streak Odds in Roulette

These are the odds of getting the same color multiple times in a row in a game of roulette. Take them into consideration for progressive strategies on 50/50 bets, such as the Martingale system.

These odds consider that you’re playing single-zero roulette:


Odds of getting black or red

Odds in %


1.06 to 1



3.23 to 1



7.69 to 1



16.9 to 1



35.7 to 1



74.4 to 1



154 to 1



318 to 1



654 to 1



1,346 to 1


Dozen Bet Streak Odds in Roulette

Dozen bets pay out more money, but the odds of winning are closer to 1 in 3 than the safer 1 in 2 that you get with a standard red/black or odd/even bet. Let’s take a look at the odds of getting the same dozen a recurring number of times in single-zero roulette:


Odds of getting a dozen consecutively

Odds in %


3.08 to 1



9.48 to 1



29.21 to 1



89.99 to 1



277.17 to 1



853.69 to 1



2629.39 to 1


Betting on the Same Number Twice in a Row

The odds of getting a straight bet on a number right are the lowest in a game of roulette, as there’s only a single outcome that would let you win. These are the odds of the ball stopping in the same pocket multiple times in a row:

Consecutive times that the ball lands on the same number

Double-Zero Roulette

Single-Zero Roulette


2.63% (1 in 38)

2.70% (1 in 37)


0.069% (1 in 1444)

0.073% (1 in 1369)


0.0018% (1 in 54,872)

0.0019% (1 in 50,653)

Roulette Strategies: Odds & Statistics

Roulette strategies are varied, and even though they don’t ensure constant wins, they’re still very popular and used by gamblers from all over the world. Here, we show you the odds of winning when using the most popular roulette strategies in the world.

Martingale & Fibonacci Systems

These are the odds of winning in the two most popular versions of roulette when using the Martingale or the Fibonacci system.

Bet Outcome

Bet Amount

Probability of Winning (%)

Net Profit



48.65% (European) or 47.37% (American)




51.35% (European) or 52.63% (American)




54.05% (European) or 55.26% (American)




56.76% (European) or 57.89% (American)




59.46% (European) or 60.53% (American)




62.16% (European) or 63.16% (American)




64.86% (European) or 65.79% (American)




67.57% (European) or 68.42% (American)




70.27% (European) or 71.05% (American)




48.65% (European) or 47.37% (American)


Notice how the probability of winning is increasing with each loss, even though the odds of getting each color are theoretically the same. This is because, statistically, it isn’t likely for the same color to show up that consistently in a game of roulette.

You can go many rounds in a row without winning and then recoup all of your losses in a single spin of the wheel. This is why many gamblers think of the Martingale system as one of the best roulette strategies.

Key American Roulette Statistics

What’s the state of American Roulette in 2024? Here are some statistics that may surprise you.

  • The chances of winning by betting on the dozen in American Roulette are 31.58%
  • In American Roulette, every bet has a house edge of 5.26% except a top-line bet (5-number bet), which has a house edge of 7.89%
  • The house edge in American Roulette is 5.26% (RTP: 94.74%)
  • The probability of winning with the same number three times in a row is 1 in 50,653
  • A number is likely to repeat itself at least once in 37 spins. However, the odds of a number repeating itself twice in a row is 1 in 1,369
  • A single-number bet has a 2.60% chance of landing you a win on a double-zero roulette table
  • There is an 8.68% chance of winning three times in a row with 50/50 color bets in American Roulette
  • The real odds of a 50/50 Red/Black, Evens/Odds, or Low/High in American Roulette is 47.37%
  • In 2020, Las Vegas Casinos made a profit of $210.8 million with Roulette, the fourth most profitable game of the year

Key European Roulette Statistics

Can European roulette players really earn money? Or is it just a pipe dream? These are some key statistics of European Roulette from around the globe!

  • The house edge in European Roulette is 2.70% (RTP: 97.30%)
  • French Roulette (single-zero with La Partage or En Prison rules) has a house edge of 1.35% (RTP: 98.65%)
  • When playing with the Martingale system and $1,000 as your starting balance, you’ll stay solvent by placing $1 bets unless you hit 10 or 11 losses in a row (depending on table limits), which has a 0.08% chance of occurring
  • Your odds of hitting a single number bet are 2.70% in a single-zero game like French or European roulette
  • Roulette variants like Double Ball or Lightning Roulette use the base layouts of European roulette.
  • Betting on Red/Black, Evens/Odds, or Low/High (the famous “50/50” bets) gives you a 48.65% chance of winning
  • As per a statistical roulette study, a 27-time same-color streak would occur once every 20,735,932 roulette rounds!

Roulette Facts

What is the added value of all roulette numbers? How many variants of roulette are there? Can you beat the casino playing roulette? These are questions we often get. Here are the facts.

  • Roulette dealers are actually called croupiers
  • Roulette is also called “The Devil’s Wheel” or “The Devil’s Game” because the numbers of a wheel add up to 666
  • Some universities use the game of roulette as a means to explain probability
  • Due to state-wide regulations, roulette can only be played with cards in the US State of California. The game is called “California Roulette”
  • Roulette stands for “Little Wheel” in French
  • The ball is always spun in the opposite direction to the wheel
  • Players who bet on 17 are generally seen as novices. The number became a popular bet because of James Bond
  • There is no way to overcome the house edge in roulette. The game is purely statistical and odds cannot be altered. You can place the most favorable bets according to the house edge of each one
  • Odds never change. It doesn’t matter if black has landed 5 times in a row: the odds of red landing in the next spin are still 1 in 37 for American roulette and 1 in 36 for European roulette
  • The perception of randomness is affected when playing roulette, as shown in this paper published by the University of California.

Roulette Incredible Stories

A game with such a rich history is bound to have a fair share of interesting stories to be told. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular roulette stories that are part of the game’s popular culture:

  • Ashley Revell became a roulette legend when he sold everything he owned and went to Vegas. He placed a $135,300 bet on a single spin and went on to win $270,600!
  • The inventor of roulette, Blaise Pascal, was trying to come up with a perpetual motion machine when he designed the original roulette wheel
  • Joseph Jagger was the first man to register a huge win in the Monte Carlo by playing roulette. He won £14,000 in 1875, which would equate to £2,066,820 in 2024 money!
  • It is said that François Blanc made a deal with the Devil to know the secrets of roulette when the game was introduced in the Monte Carlo during the nineteenth century. It’s a lesser-known myth, but it’s another reason why many people call it “The Devil’s Wheel”!

Final thoughts

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