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You don’t need to browse more than a few minutes any reputable online casino to read about free spins. Free spins are special bonuses awarded to new or loyal online casino players, which permits users to play slot games for free, without having to wager a cent of their own cash to do it. These bonuses are often given away to new players to get them to try out certain services of the casino, but they can also be given as loyalty prizes to casino veterans, as a reward for their longevity in any given online gambling service.

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Piggy Bang Casino

Free Spins No Deposit,No Deposit,Welcome

55 Free Spins


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Unique Casino

Free Spins No Deposit,No Deposit

10 Free Spins


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N1 Casino

Free Spins No Deposit,No Deposit

20 Free Spins


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Dunder Casino

Dunder Casino

Free Spins No Deposit,No Deposit

20 FS Book of Dead


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mBit Casino

Free Spins No Deposit,No Deposit

50 Free Spins


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Casilando Casino

Free Spins No Deposit,No Deposit

10 Free Spins


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BitStarz Casino

Free Spins No Deposit,No Deposit

20 Free Spins


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Betfair Casino

Free Spins No Deposit,Match Deposit,No Deposit

25 Free Spins


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leovegas casino

LeoVegas Casino

Free Spins No Deposit,No Deposit

50 Free Spins


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21 Casino

Exclusive,Free Spins No Deposit,No Deposit

21 Free Bonus Spins


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Types of Free Spins

The concept of free spins is always the same, regardless of which type of free spins you receive. In the end, you’ll always get free tries at one or various slots in an online casino, but there are many ways in which you can obtain these bonuses. Some casinos even offer all of these ways at once, depending on the promotions that they’re running.

It’s important that you understand how each of these free spins works before diving into the world of casino bonuses.

Deposit Free Spins

Some free spins are awarded to players as soon as they make a deposit in an online casino. Most of the time, online casinos have special promotions available, in which they give away a certain number of free spins along a cash match bonus of various kinds.

Free spins earned through making a deposit in an online casino are often subjected to lighter restrictions than no deposit free spins, which means you might end up with lower wagering requirements or even higher available amounts of money to be cashed out. All of this depends on what the casino is looking to achieve.

Some gambling enterprises are also known for their multiple deposit bonuses, and you can possibly find some companies that offer free spins for your first 4 deposits on the site.

Promotion Free Spins

Online casinos offer the chance for users to earn free spins on specific promotions. You might need to perform certain actions on the website in order to earn your free spins, or maybe you’ll need to make a deposit in your account during a given period of time. This also depends on what the casino wants to achieve with their promotion.

It’s become common for online gambling companies to give away free spins during festive periods of the year to their users. Christmas, Halloween, and Easter are good times of the year for players looking to earn a free spin or two.

No Deposit Free Spins

No deposit free spins are bonuses that you’ll often find as part of welcome bonus packages, or simply bonuses that you get in an online casino after playing there for a given period of time.

No deposit free spins are often subjected to a series of restrictions – particularly those bonuses that come with over 30 no deposit free spins. However, there are also some casinos that love to reward players with no deposit free spins subjected to no wagering requirements. These are often given once in a while, though, and you’ll likely notice that they have winning restrictions put in place.

Game Reward Free Spins

Some slot games might let you earn free spins while playing with real money. These free spins do not come with any gambling requirements per se, but they do need you to be playing with real money if you want to earn them. There are key differences between game reward free spins and other free spin bonuses.

In-Game Free Spins Vs. Free Spin Bonuses

Most slot games give you the chance to earn free spins while you’re playing the game, without actually having to opt for a promotion or any other deposit or no deposit bonus. These free spins are often given to users that manage to spin three or more bonus icons on the slots, which in turn earns them the chance to spin a few other times for free.

In-game free spins can amount to over 20 spins, depending on which symbols you land on the board. The key difference between in-game free spins and free spin bonuses is that the former doesn’t require you to make any deposits nor do they need you to fulfill a set of wagering requirements before cashing out your rewards in-game.

However, you must be wagering with real money in order to obtain in-game free spins, and you’ll also need a bit of luck to get them.

Free spin bonuses, on the other hand, offer you the chance to try various slot games in an online casino while also letting you keep your winnings. All you need to do after you get them is fulfill the wagering requirements and withdraw whichever amount of cash you manage to make with them.


The Real Reason Why Casinos Give Free Spins

Free spins, just like any other casino bonus, have the simple objective of keeping people happy and hooked into an online casino service. As such, online casinos give free spins with the purpose of introducing new players into their slot games, as well as to encourage people to open an account and deposit money on their websites.

Free Spins as Welcome Bonuses

Most online casinos use free spins as a welcome bonus in order to allow new players to place some lighthearted bets into the site’s games without risking their money.

Even if a welcome bonus requires you to make a deposit before you obtain your free spins, you’ll always be able to play with the free spins in various slots without having to risk the cash balance of your account. Free spins are always going to be a win/win scenario for players – it doesn’t matter how you look at it.

Trying Out Different Games

Trying different games with free spins instead of your own money is always going to get the pressure off your shoulders. That’s why free spin bonuses are often given to players and they’re restricted to be used in certain games on the site.

Most online casinos that give away free spins are very confident on the quality of their slot games. Generally, the slots in which you can use your free spins are games with a high house edge, but they’re also some of the most fun games of the site.

Use free spins as an opportunity to try new games with no pressure and deposit more cash to play them once you’re sure that you like them!

Total Value

Another factor that needs to be considered by online gamblers is the value of each free spin. Normally, the free spins that casinos give away have a very low value. This is especially true for no deposit free spins, as you’re technically not paying anything to the casino and they’re giving you a ton of potential money for free.

In order to cover their backs, online casinos tend to place a low wagering value on each free spin. For example, you could be given 200 free spins by an online casino, but each free spin might have a value of €0.10, in contrast to paid spins which could be played at over €50 per spin. It’s always going to be free money, but you’ll also need to wager your own cash if you’re looking to make a large profit with your spins.

Important Things About Free Spins – How Truly Free They Are

Getting money for free will always sound very good, and free spins are a fine example of this. However, it’s smart to be skeptical about it, as you’ll very rarely encounter someone willing to give away a ton of cash to you for free. Thus, free spins always come attached to a certain string of terms and conditions, as well as requirements that must be fulfilled.

Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements are often what gamblers refer to as the “catch” of any free bonus. The free spins that you receive will help you earn a determined amount of cash, and this sum will have to be wagered a few times before you’re able to withdraw your profits – if you indeed manage to make any, that is.

There will always be some cases in which wagering requirements are not in place, but these usually happen when a casino gives away free spins to loyal players as a reward for their longevity or because of the amount of money that they’ve bet in a casino.

Some casinos give away free spins of small value to some players, which might help them earn an easy €10 or €20 and keep it or withdraw it. It’s a cool way to compensate players for their loyalty, but these bonuses are rarely handed out easily.

Wagering Requirement Example

The best way to look at wagering requirements is with an example. Let’s say that a casino gives you 50 free spins for any given reason. With those free spins, you might manage to make €30, but these are subjected to a wagering requirement of x20. You’ll have to wager €600 before withdrawing your winnings.

Time Limitations

Some free spin bonuses are limited to be used within a certain frame of time. For example, some casinos give free spins that can be used for 24 hours tops, and they’ll be removed from your account if you fail to use them within that day.

Other casinos give free spin bonuses on a daily basis. It’s become a common practice to offer players 200 free spin bonuses, for example, spread throughout a span of 20 days. This translates to a total of 10 spins per day, but you don’t have to play them all during the same day you receive them unless the casino explicitly says so.

Be aware of time limitations and consider how much time you have at your disposal before applying for a free spin bonus.

Choosing Which Games to Play with Free Spins

Playing for free will never cease to be fun, but you need to know which games to play in order to maximize your profits. Some casinos like to give away free spins that can be used in any of their slot games – when that happens, you’ll be facing the decision of choosing one out of hundreds of games.

If you’ve already gambled before, then you probably already know which games you prefer. However, if you’re new to gambling or if the casino offering you free spins doesn’t have any games that you’ve played before, it’s wise to do some research at the casinowizard and find out which games are better and which of them give you better odds of winning.

Choosing Games for Their Profitability

Naturally, if you join a new online casino and you’re given free spins, you’ll probably want to make a large profit as soon as possible with your bonus. It’s important that you choose games that offer you the chance to do this, but it’s equally important to be aware of the withdrawal limitations of your free spin bonus.

Say, for example, that you want to play a jackpot game with the free spins that you’re given. If your bonus has an earning limit of €1000, you won’t be able to withdraw more than that even if you manage to win a jackpot.

Thus, it might be best for you to avoid jackpot games when looking for a game to play. Some casinos intentionally restrict you to play jackpot games with free spin bonus, but you’d be better off avoiding them as much as possible.

Choosing Games for Their Theme

Free spins with no game restrictions are far more freely used than free spins bonuses that limit players to a set of 4 or 5 games. As such, with these bonuses, you’ll be able to pick any game that catches your eye over the rest.

Free spins can be used to try out the different games of any gambling site without risking your own cash, so picking a game based on its theme will let you try it out with potentially real money – free of risk.

Choosing Various Games

Another thing that professional gamblers recommend is picking a selection of games to be used with a free spin bonus. It’s always important to rotate between games when gambling and having a handful of games at your disposal lets you do this quickly without having to think about it too much.

Free Spins and Their Importance to Gamblers

Free spins are the most common type of bonus given by online casinos. You’ll find them in all shapes and forms, and every gambler welcomes them with open arms regardless of the wagering requirements attached to them. This does leave room for a question, though: Why are these free spins so popular amongst gamblers?

Casinos benefit greatly from free spins, as they can set the value of each spin and calculate how much money a player could make, and they could also limit how much cash a player can withdraw from the profits of said bonus. Players, however, are also greatly benefitted from free spins. You’ll get to try new games and earn potential cash with little to no initial investment.

Thus, the importance of free spins on the gambling community is massive for all parts involved. Be sure to study all of the terms and conditions that come attached to these bonuses, though – failing to comply with any of them could merit a ban and a full cancelation of your free spin profits.

How To Get Free Spins in Any Casino

As with any casino bonus, there are many ways in which free spins can be obtained. They all depend on how the casino presents the offer, but there are three main methods that can be used in most casinos to obtain your free spins.

Before we tell you those methods, though, let us guide you through the best casinos to claim no deposit free spins all over the world:

Free Spin Codes

Most of the time, when a casino is presented as part of a welcome bonus or as part of a special bonus package, you might need to input a code into the cashier section of the casino to be awarded the free spins in your account.

There are also other ways to obtain the codes. Online gambling companies tend to keep constant touch with their clients via email, and sometimes they send special promotions in the messages. These promotions often contain free spins which are granted upon your account as soon as you enter the promo code on the site.

Be aware that promo codes that are sent by the casino have an expiration date, which means you’d be better off using it as soon as you receive it.

Deposit Bonus Free Spins

Some casinos might offer free spins as deposit bonuses. You may find yourself having to type a bonus code after making a deposit, but sometimes the free spins will be automatically awarded to you as soon as the deposit is made.

Modern companies are opting for this method instead of inputting a code because it simplifies the job for the player, and it encourages them to keep using their bonuses.

Special Free Spins Promotions

Most online casinos give away free spins as part of special promotions that they offer at any given time through the year. It doesn’t necessarily need to be during a holiday, but online casinos do take the chance to offer special promotions while holidays are going on to encourage people into playing.

Sometimes, casinos pick a day of the week and they give away free spins to new players that register during those 24 hours, or they could offer free spins to already registered players willing to make a deposit during the day. The free spins could be awarded to a player depending on how much money they deposit, so players willing to make a large deposit will be better rewarded.