No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonuses are a fundamental tool used by online casinos to lure new players into trying their services. They’re often the most sought-after type of bonus simply because players don’t need to make a deposit to get free money (or free playtime) on one or many games in a casino. The appeal of these bonuses is far too big to be overlooked, and casinos know this – plenty of no deposit bonuses have been created by casinos around the world, and with a large number of online casinos offering them, there are many variables that need to be considered when applying for a no deposit bonus.

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Types of No Deposit Bonuses

There’s a large variety of online casinos on the planet, with many of them sharing clients and fighting to lure in the same target of people into their sites. Thus, the best casinos always need to come up with innovative ways of getting people into trying out their games and services. One of the best ways to get people into playing is by offering them the chance to win free cash without having to make a deposit first.

Given how different casinos are, the types of no deposit bonuses vary a lot. Two bonuses could often share only one similarity, which is not requiring an original deposit. The rest of the conditions and the type of bonuses are entirely decided by each individual casino.

Bonus Money or Free Account Balance

The first thing that comes to mind when you talk about a no deposit bonus is the chance to wager with money that the casino gives to a player. Thus, bonus cash is the most desired type of no deposit bonus, as it gives players the chance to wager cash in any game they want, in hopes of gaining a profit large enough to comply with the casino’s conditions and requirements.

Free Spins

Free spins are also a great way for casinos to let players try out there slots and any slot game on the site. Free spin bonuses are often awarded to new players by casinos that have a lot of trust in their slot games – this means that any casino willing to give you free spins is probably a good place to visit if you love slot games or any type of slots with progressive jackpots.

Free Play Bonuses

Contrary to bonuses where casinos straight up give you cash, free play bonuses reward players with bonus credits that must be consumed within a certain timeframe. The profits you earn during this timeframe (and using the credits provided by the casino, of course), will most likely need to be wagered before being able to withdraw the funds from your account. It’s a good way to try out what it feels to gamble a ton of cash in an online casino without actually having to do it!


Cashback bonuses are not necessarily given to new players. In fact, they’re often provided to loyal players that have lost some cash in the casino. Cashback bonuses are meant to give players some sense of safety when they gamble money in a casino, as they ensure that you’ll get some money back after you’ve lost it. Some casinos like to offer player 10% of their losses as bonus account balance, for example.

How to Obtain a No Deposit Bonus

The ways in which you can obtain a no deposit bonus all differ according to the conditions of each individual casino. However, there are certain guidelines that tend to be written in stone when it comes to applying for one of these bonuses, and these guidelines have grown to become an industry standard as time has passed. The online gambling industry uses a set of basic methods to give people the chance to earn a no deposit bonus.

Before we dig deeper into these methods, we’d like you to know some of the best no deposit bonuses depending on the country where you’re from. Click on your country’s name to find the best no deposit bonuses available on it!

Promo Codes

Promo codes are the most common methods used by casinos to reward players with no deposit bonuses. Once you register into a gambling site, the casino will send you an email or a notification showing a set of numbers and letters that you’ll need to enter in some specific place on the site. After you do it, your account will be credited with whichever reward the casino is offering.

You can find the best promo codes for the best casinos in the world at The Casino Wizard. Promo codes for Starburst, the best 888 Casino promo codes, and many other world-class offer await!

Contacting Support

Although contacting support isn’t as popular as it was in the past, some casinos ask players to speak to their staff before being rewarded with no deposit bonuses. This helps the casino ensure that the person receiving the bonus is actually a player and not a bot, and it also helps the player get a hold of how the casino’s customer services treat them. It’s a bit more of a tedious process than the other two popular methods, but it does present both parties with a win/win scenario.


Some no deposit bonuses are given to players as soon as they register into a new online casino. These types of offers are the easiest to obtain, as whichever new bonus is offered will be given to you after finishing up the most fundamental process that you have to go through in any gambling site.

Qualifying for a No Deposit Bonus

There are often two types of no deposit bonuses offered by casinos, with each of them having different requirements that must be fulfilled in order to qualify for the offer. These also vary depending on each casino’s conditions, and there might be other categories of no deposit bonuses offered to players, but these two types are mainly what you will encounter online.

New Player Bonuses

No deposit bonuses are most commonly given to new players, as casinos want to let them try their services without having to make a deposit first. They do, however, have the end goal of making new players trust the casino and hopefully fall in love with what they offer, in hopes that they end up making a deposit and becoming regular customers of the site.

Loyal Player Bonuses

No deposit bonuses can also be given to players that have wagered money in the casino before, as casinos want to keep their old customers happy and let them stay hooked to the service of the site. Cashback bonuses are the most common type of loyal player no deposit bonus, but loyal players can also be rewarded with free playtime or even free spins.

Loyal player bonuses are often part of the best loyalty programs on the internet. Check them out if you wish to play in casinos where no deposit rewards are guaranteed.

Country Qualifications

It’s also important to note that no deposit bonuses are completely different depending on the casino that offers them as well as the country at which you’re playing from. That’s why you might see some offers that can be enjoyed by Canadians whilst being blocked for Germans, and vice-versa.

Things You Must Consider When Using a Casino No Deposit Bonus

You should always keep in mind that no sane casino owner on the planet will give you free money without making you work for it. Casinos will always look to make a profit out of every bonus, so if you’re looking to make a ton of money easily, you’ll need a lot of luck to achieve it. It’s not impossible, but there are some restrictions that come with every no deposit bonus and you’ll have to comply with them.

In order to cover their backs, every casino protects themselves from people looking to exploit bonuses by laying down a set of conditions that you must comply with in order to take advantage of the bonus. These conditions change with every casino, must there are some of these that have become common in the industry as they protect any type of casino – regardless of which bonus they give away.

We know that many people like to skip reading the terms and conditions of every site or application that they open, but it’s very important to read every single guideline of a casino before applying for one of these bonuses. Keep in mind that accepting to receive free money makes your account susceptible to the strict enforcement of these rules.

We’ve listed the most important terms and conditions of casino bonuses below, so you can get an idea of what to expect with these offers.

Bonus Availability

Most online casinos give away no deposit bonuses throughout a given period of time. This means that you won’t be able to apply for the bonus if you lose out on the casino’s timeframe. Casinos like to rotate the offers they give to their players, which means you can sometimes find a 20 free spin bonus on any site, but it can be changed to a €10 free play bonus in the next few weeks. It depends entirely on the casino and its policies.

You can often find for how long a bonus is or will be available by visiting any casino’s website and reviewing the bonus terms and conditions. We also have a selection of currently available bonuses here at Casino Wizard.

Residence Requirements

Online casinos are quick to restrict access from certain countries to their no deposit bonuses. They often look for people residing in areas where legal issues aren’t a problem, and in areas where the online casino is fully supported by a country’s jurisdiction. Some countries might be eligible for certain bonuses on the site, but other no deposit bonuses might not be fully supported.

It’s also against the rules of most casinos to bypass these restrictions by using a VPN. If you opt to apply for a no deposit bonus with a VPN and then wager money on the site, the casino might be entitled to confiscate your money and close your account.

Withdrawal Requirements

As we’ve said, casinos are not going to give away a ton of cash for free without keeping their backs covered. Some no deposit bonuses might require you to make a deposit on the site to withdraw your winnings, while other casinos might have you wager whichever amount of money you’ve earned with the no deposit bonus a few times before withdrawing it.

Most no deposit bonuses also have time limitations. You may be asked to wager all of your no deposit bonus money within a given timeframe, and failing to comply with it will end up with the removal of the free funds from your account.

Game Options

Online casinos that give away free spins or currency might restrict where you can use the cash in order to keep you playing the games that they want you to play. Thus, you’ll need to choose your bonuses carefully or you might be stuck playing games that you aren’t interested in. We’ll explain this with further details later.

Winning Limitations

Almost every single no deposit bonus has a restriction in place as to how much money can be earned from it. For example, some casinos might give you the chance to kickstart your account with a no deposit bonus of €10, but you’ll be unable to withdraw over €100 even if you win it with the original bonus of €10. This is done to prevent people from playing for free on the casino for too long if they get a lucky break with the no deposit bonus and earn, for example, €1500 on slots.

Opting Out of a Bonus

Most of the time, you’ll be able to opt out of a no deposit bonus at any given time by simply contacting the casino’s customer support. However, it’s rarely a good call to do it as the bonuses are a one-time occurrence that most casinos are reluctant to give away anew – particularly because of how good they are.

This is, however, one of the conditions that casinos give when rewarding you with a bonus – if you’re unhappy by any chance, you’ll be able to stop using the bonus. We do encourage you to think about leaving the no deposit bonus thoroughly, as you probably won’t be able to use it ever again.

No Deposit Bonuses – Are They Really Free Money?

One of the most repeated questions that we read and get asked is whether no deposit bonuses are actually free money or just a scummy way to lure players into a new casino.

Although there are some casinos that put a lot of restrictions on no deposit bonuses to ensure players never win them, these casinos are frowned upon and most sites in the know about casinos exclude them from their lists. Here at The Casino Wizard we’ve done just that, and that’s why we’ve limited the site to contain information about the most reputable gambling services on the planet alone.

However, no deposit bonuses are not always meant to be seen as free money. In fact, the best thing you can do is simply see them as a way to try out the features of an online casino that catches your eye.

This doesn’t mean you won’t make a profit from the no deposit bonus, though – some sites like to give away players some free cash that they’ll be able to withdraw easily without having to resort to tricking the system.

The best thing you can do to ensure a profit with a no deposit bonus is to look for online casinos with low wagering requirements and as few limitations as possible. This will help you determine whether an offer is worth it or not.

The Best Types of No Deposit Bonuses For You

Considering how many restrictions these bonuses have, it’s important that you research each no deposit bonus thoroughly to make sure you’ll be able to fully enjoy the features offered by each individual bonus. It’s important for you to consider which games you’ll be able to play with a bonus as well, as finding a profitable bonus that won’t let you play your favorite games would be pointless if you don’t have fun.

The process of choosing a good no deposit bonus might seem a bit difficult at first, but with all the information we’ve provided in this article you should be able to follow every necessary step to ensure that your first no deposit bonus is as good as you want it to be.

We recommend our readers to consider every no deposit bonus condition as if it was part of a unit, and not because of its individual benefits. For example, some people just look at the wagering requirements of a bonus and forget about how much money they’re offering – this means you might end up making a profit, but it most likely won’t be higher than €10, and it could still take you a few days to earn it.

Other people completely forget about the terms and conditions and dive straight into the amount of money offered. Some shady casinos might be offering you the chance to start your account with over €150 of free cash, but the wagering requirements or the timeframe in which you must bet all the money could be ridiculously limited. Put everything into a balance before making a final decision.

Game Types and No Deposit Bonuses

Each type of no deposit bonus is tied to a certain type of games. Some casinos offer free no deposit bonuses, often given in the form of free cash, which you can use to gamble on any game of the website. However, most online casinos limit their no deposit bonuses to certain games, which often have a high house edge or are simply the most popular games of the casino, and they want you to try them out.

Free spin bonuses will always have to be redeemed in slot games, as that’s what the free spins are for. However, whichever amount of money you make with the free spins might be wagered in other games of the site, which makes these no deposit bonuses more versatile than any other of their counterparts.

It’s important that you know which types of games you like to play before fishing for a new no deposit bonus. If you love poker or any other live dealer game, then looking for any free-cash no deposit bonus might be your best bet, while slots fans might want to find no deposit bonuses that are given away as free spins or use free cash to bet on slot games.

Consider Timeframes

Looking for a new no deposit bonus to play with means that you’ll also be bound to the rules that the casino enforces. If you’re short on time or you simply want to spend the bonus as quickly as possible, then it’d be okay for you to choose any no deposit bonus with a small timeframe. Some casinos offer very lucrative deals, but you’ll need to complete their conditions in a few days. This is ideal for gamblers with plenty of time in their hands.

However, if you know you’re short on time, you’ll be better off looking for a casino that offers a no deposit bonus with a large timeframe so you can bet the money or the free spins whenever you want. Some online casinos offer the chance to bet the money in a period of over 30 days, although their offers tend to be less lucrative than those with stricter betting timeframes.

Judging Every Condition

Withdrawal conditions can also be detrimental o your enjoyment of an online casino no deposit bonus. If you need to deposit a large sum of money before you’re able to cash out the winnings of a no deposit bonus, you might be better off finding another bonus to keep yourself from losing your own cash.

The key thing about no deposit bonuses is putting everything into a mental balance and judging whether the features offered by a casino are worth it or not. At the end of the day, it’s your opinion what matters, not what we can tell you or what any casino claims that’s best for you.

A Summary of No Deposit Bonuses

As you can see by now, some sites have very lucrative no deposit bonuses while others like to offer users chances that they will most likely fail to capitalize due to very restricting terms and conditions. Sticking to the sites we review on this website or looking for safe and reliable options on your own will be your best bet to find a quality no deposit bonus.

Be sure to select a no deposit bonus that will keep you happy and make you enjoy your time, in the hopes of making a large profit to withdraw it from the site!

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