Free Cash No Deposit Bonuses

Are you searching for a top list with recommended free cash no deposit bonuses? The following list will help you find the best free cash bonuses of 2022, no deposit required! Read our expert review, check the terms and conditions, and claim your favourite free money promotion today!

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Free Cash No Deposit Bonuses

Free Cash No Deposit Bonuses
MaChance Casino
Wagering requirements: 90xb T&C apply Play responsibly
No Deposit bonus
Wagering requirements: 90xb
Best Free Cash Bonus
One Casino
Minimum deposit: €0 Wagering requirements: 25xb T&C apply Play responsibly
No Deposit bonus
Minimum deposit: €0 Wagering requirements: 25xb
Unique Casino
Minimum deposit: €0 Wagering requirements: 150X T&C apply Play responsibly
Minimum deposit: €0 Wagering requirements: 150X
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What is a Free Cash No Deposit Bonus?

A free cash no deposit bonus is a casino bonus that gives you free money without having to make a deposit. You will be able to use the bonus money to play games in the casino, withdraw it to your account, or use your own money to unlock the bonus cash – it all depends on what the giving casino’s rules are.

Types of Free Cash No Deposit Bonuses

Free cash no deposit bonuses tend to be subjected to a series of simple rules that most players should be easily familiar with. However, there are certain types of no deposit money bonuses that will allow you to use your bonus cash differently, so you’re going to have to choose the one that suits your needs the most.

We’ll start with the most common types of bonuses and move on to the less common types.

Restricted Cash

Restricted cash bonuses are the most common bonuses in the iGaming world. Basically, these bonuses allow you to earn some free cash but you will have to use it on the games that an online casino tells you that you can play. This makes it quite limiting for the user as the games are often low RTP slots, but these bonuses are always fun to claim as they provide you with free cash to enjoy.

Restricted cash bonuses tend to allow the player to use the money directly. The cash is often there for the player to spend and not to unlock. These are the most popular casino bonuses in the industry.

Semi-Restricted Cash

What we call semi-restricted bonuses are cash bonuses that you can spend on a selection of casino games, not one in specific. These are also very common in most online casinos, as most sites allow you to spend the bonus cash on a certain type of game (i.e., slots, which are the most common).

If you ever come across a bonus that allows you to spend all cash in slots but not in other games, then you’ll be certain that you’re playing with a semi-restricted bonus.

Unrestricted Free Cash No Deposit Bonus

These bonuses are the rarest of the lot, as most of them come free of any wagering requirements and simply allow players to do as they will with the bonus money.

Unrestricted bonuses tend to be able to be used on games that most other bonuses wouldn’t be able to be spent, such as live dealer games, table games, or even jackpot slots. These bonuses are so uncommon that we truly recommend you to give them a try whenever you come across them.

Here’s Why Should You Claim a Free Cash No Deposit Bonus

We know that some free cash no deposit bonuses may not come with as many lucrative rewards as match deposit bonuses, but there are far more pros than cons when it comes to claiming free cash no deposit bonuses.

Apart from the fantastic authenticity of these bonuses, there are three main reasons why we recommend our readers to claim them:

  • You get the chance to play incredible casino games that you otherwise wouldn’t play with your own money
  • Free cash bonuses allow you to earn real cash without spending any, or just some, of your own
  • These bonuses are often unique opportunities. Letting them slip may signify never getting another one!

How do Free Cash No Deposit Bonuses Work?

Free cash no deposit bonuses work similarly to any other casino bonus that you have claimed in the past. However, there are a few different aspects that they have, which make them a tad more difficult to claim than a regular cash bonus.

These are the two most identifiable aspects of a free cash no deposit bonus, and the factors that make them differ from classic match deposit bonuses:

Game Selection

The number of games in which you can spend free cash no deposit bonuses tends to be far more limited than the selection of titles in which you can spend match deposit bonuses. That is to be expected, though, as online casinos give you these bonuses for you to feel like you have a chance to win real cash for free. The possibility of doing so exists, but it’s small.

These bonuses make it easy for players to enjoy the games that sites want them to play, though, as you can play them with free cash anyway. The game selection might be limited, but these bonuses are great ways for you to try out titles that you would otherwise never play!

Wagering Requirements

The wagering requirements of a free cash bonus tend to be much higher than the ones found in other rewards. That’s part of them being free, and it’s to be expected. You can expect the wagering requirements of these rewards to be at least 50 times the amount of cash received, with the obvious exceptions here and there.

How to Tell which are the Best Free Cash No Deposit Bonuses

It’s quite easy to tell which are the best no deposit bonuses because of their rules, regulations, and restrictions, as well as the casino that gives it away. Here are the most important aspects to consider when claiming a bonus, and the ones that we took into consideration when choosing the ones listed on this page:

  • Low Wagering Requirements – The wagering requirements of a bonus are what makes the offer possible to be withdrawn, so low wagering requirements often translate into a realistic possibility of earning free cash.
  • Long Bonus Timeframes – Having enough time to fulfill the wagering requirements of a bonus is often as important as the bonus quality per se.
  • Loose Spending Restrictions – Another important aspect of a bonus is how free you are to do as you please with the money. The more games you are able to play, the better a bonus is. Simple as!
  • Casino Quality – Last, but not least, the quality of the casino that gives the bonus plays a huge role in determining the quality of the casino bonus per se. We’ve only picked bonuses found in the most reliable and trustworthy online casinos on the internet

Withdraw Free Cash No Deposit Bonus

It may not seem as realistic or logical to think of free cash no deposit bonuses as ways to obtain free cash. After all, online casinos are for-profit places that look to maximize their winnings to the biggest of extents.

That doesn’t mean, however, that you cannot withdraw the free cash obtained with these bonuses.

In fact, it’s quite easy to do it, depending on the number of rules that your online casino of choice sets upon the offer. All you have to do to claim the bonuses and withdraw the money is following the simple list of simple steps:

  1. Claim the bonus
  2. Fulfill the wagering requirements within the given timeframe
  3. Select a valid withdrawal method that you prefer
  4. Get your cash within a week!

Learn Whether You Qualify for a Free Cash No Deposit Bonus

Free cash no deposit bonuses are easy to qualify for, in most cases. Some casinos may make it a tad difficult, but these offers are often part of welcome rewards or packages and they’re quite easy to claim even by newcomers to the iGaming world.

We’re going to tell you the three most common ways in which players qualify for these bonuses so you can get a better idea of how you can claim them.

New Account Bonuses or Welcome Bonuses

These are the most common free cash no deposit bonuses. You can claim them by simply creating a new account on the casino that gives the promotion away. In most cases, all you need to do is register a new account in the casino, but some sites may send you a bonus code to your email and you’ll have to enter the code to activate the reward.

These bonuses are meant to be claimed once, and only once per account. You cannot create multiple accounts to claim the bonuses multiple times or you may end up getting in trouble and getting your cash revoked.

Loyalty Free Cash Bonuses

You can earn some casino bonuses that give you free cash with no deposit required by simply becoming a loyal member of a casino. Loyalty bonuses commonly require no deposit and come with far more lenient wagering requirements than your average casino rewards.

Earning free cash no deposit bonus through loyalty rewards tends to be more difficult than earning match deposit bonuses. In fact, free money loyalty bonuses are among the most coveted offers in an online casino and, thus, are the most difficult to claim.

Ongoing Free Cash Bonuses or Timed Promos

Some casino bonuses are part of ongoing promotions. These bonuses can be claimed multiple times or even claimed once in many different casinos. Timed promotions, on the other hand, can only be obtained once by performing certain actions in an online casino that gives away the promotion.

Ongoing free cash no deposit bonuses are not common, but timed promotions are. You can claim the rewards that you like the most when registering on most websites. If you find an online casino with ongoing free cash no deposit bonus reward, be sure to take full advantage of it!

Short Guide on How to Claim Free Cash No Deposit Bonuses

Thankfully, it is quite easy to claim the best free no deposit bonuses on the planet. Most casinos make it easy for players as they want them to financially commit to their casino accounts in the future, so no deposit bonuses are a great first impression that casinos love to make.

Bonus Codes

Some no deposit bonuses can be claimed after you enter a bonus code in your casino of choice. These are the easiest ones to claim apart from those that you automatically get. All you really need to do is enter a bonus code in the input section (often found in the cashier section of a website) and the bonus money will be yours. It’s as easy as that.

Upon Registration or By Performing Certain Actions

Some bonuses are given to players after they perform certain actions on a website. The most common free cash no deposit bonuses are part of welcome rewards, so all you need to do is create an account in a casino in order to claim them.

Some casinos may require you to enter additional personal information to make sure that you haven’t claimed the offer before and to prevent you from exploiting the bonus multiple times.

Main Differences Between No Deposit Bonuses and Match Deposit Bonuses

Match deposit bonuses and no deposit bonuses may be similar in a lot of aspects, but they can also differ a lot – especially in the “back end” aspect of these rewards. There are three main features that we can point out and even single out from these bonuses, which make them different from one another.


The first thing that you’ll notice when claiming no deposit bonuses is that they are far more restrictive than their deposit counterparts. You’ll be able to spend no deposit bonuses in fewer games than your deposit counterparts, as depositing money signifies a commitment whilst no deposit bonuses can be claimed by virtually anyone.

Wagering Requirements

The wagering requirements of no deposit bonuses are far more demanding than those of a deposit bonus; on average, at least. For example, free cash no deposit bonuses may come with wagering requirements of at least 50 times the amount of cash received, whilst deposit bonuses may allow you to withdraw the cash after wagering it for less than 30 times.

Monetary Reward

The total amount of cash that you will receive with free cash no deposit tends to be far lower than deposit bonuses. Since match deposit bonuses quite literally match an amount of cash that you’ll deposit, no deposit bonuses tend to provide you with up to €10 in free cash in most casinos.

Match deposit bonuses, in some casinos, could match more than €500 in free cash!

Mobile Free Cash No Deposit Bonuses

A lot of these bonuses can be spent on mobile casinos and even claimed on mobile devices. Some are even exclusively made to be claimed on mobile devices, which are what we refer to as “mobile no deposit bonuses”.

In most cases, though, the easiest way to claim one of these bonuses to use it on mobile devices is to get on your computer, choose the offer that you’d like to claim, obtain it directly on your computer, and then use your casino account on mobile to play with the reward.

Free Cash No Deposit Bonuses FAQ

Free cash no deposit bonuses are casino rewards that give you free money without the need to make a prior deposit to claim them. They are likely going to be less rewarding than the rest of the bonuses found in the same casino, but you can count on them being fully free to claim and, therefore, more popular than others.

These bonuses are fair as long as you claim them in legit online casinos. Not all of them are fair, so be sure to read the terms and conditions of the rewards to ensure that you’ll be able to earn real money after spending all of your bonus cash on the site of your preference.

You should always claim free cash bonuses if you have the chance to do so. Keep in mind that not all online casinos make it possible for players to earn these free rewards and not all of them are fair. If you don’t need to make any deposits to claim the cash, then you should always claim them.

Most online casinos allow you to claim free cash no deposit bonuses after creating an account in the sites. As such, you won’t need to make any deposits, but you may need to enter a bonus code to activate the reward.

Not all online casinos offer free cash no deposit bonuses with non-sticky rewards. Some online casinos require you to make a deposit before you can withdraw the cash, whilst other online casinos simply won’t allow you to make any withdrawals no mater how much cash you spend. If a bonus doesn’t allow you to withdraw the money, you will often be able to withdraw the winnings made while using the bonus cash but not the bonus cash itself.

In most cases, you will only be able to play slot games with free cash no deposit bonuses. Some online casinos have much more lenient rules, but your bets bet will be to play online slots with the money. Live dealer games can barely be played with deposit bonuses, so don’t count on using free bonus cash to play them!

No deposit free cash bonuses tend to provide players with fewer cash than regular online casino bonuses. You should expect to claim any amount from €5 to a maximum of €20, with anything above €10 usually considered a fantastic bonus to claim and enjoy. Claim any of the latter that you find.

Most online casinos on the internet allow you to claim deposit bonuses, but free cash no deposit bonuses are far rarer than your average casino bonus. You will have to make sure that your favorite online casinos offer them, should you prioritize these rewards when choosing a casino for the long term.

Most of the best free cash no deposit bonuses found on this page will allow you to spend them in around a week’s period. You will have to read the individual terms and conditions of the offer to verify the timeframe of each bonus, though.

Most no deposit bonuses come with a few strict terms and conditions – especially when it comes to their wagering requirements. Most of these bonuses come with short timeframes and a wagering requirement worth at least 45 to 50 times the amount of money earned with the bonus.

One way or another, you will be able to withdraw cash after playing with a bonus and fulfilling its wagering requirements. Whether that is the bonus cash itself or the profits made with the bonus cash, that depends on the individual rules of your online casino of choice.

Free Cash No Deposit Bonuses Await – Claim the Best Ones in 2022 Now!

Now that you know everything that we’ve taught you about these fantastic bonuses, it’s time for you to go and claim the one that you like the most. All of the bonuses found on this page are among the best on the internet, so pick the one that catches your attention and get those rewards rolling into your casino account.

Remember that most of these bonuses require you to fulfill their rollovers. Get your cash ready and start betting on the most profitable games that each of these casinos has to offer!

Last updated  September 1, 2022

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