Slot Review Guidelines

The team at Casino Wizard has collectively played over 4,000 online slot games since the 1990s. It all started when our co-founder and most experienced iGaming expert, Matt, began trying his luck with various slot games when online casinos first took off. 

Our extensive experience has helped us to develop an effective and continuously improving online slot review process. We've published dozens of slot game reviews based on our expertise to help players learn about a game's key features and what they can expect before playing on their own time.

How We Write Our Slot Reviews

There are several important components to our online slot reviews. To be able to give you a comprehensive evaluation of each game, we always do these five things: 

The Casino Wizard's 5-Step Online Slots Review Process

1. Play at Least 100 Spins 

Playing 100 spins helps us to get a good feel for the game, enabling us to form an opinion on payouts, winning combinations, payline mechanics, and bonus rounds. We invest considerable time in evaluating how these elements fit together and their impact on the overall quality and performance of the slot.

Play at least 100 spins.svg
There are numerous slot mechanics and setups.
We evaluate how everything interacts and how each slot works.

2. Analyze the Bonus Features, Gameplay and Mechanics

 We always analyze the basic bonus features, game mechanics, and special rounds like free spins, multipliers and bonuses - basically everything that contributes to the slot's gameplay experience. On top of that, we always use the feature buy option, if available, to test bonus rounds at least 5 times.

Analyse Bonus Mechanics.svg
We put bonus features to the test to write in-depth game reviews.

3. Explain the Slot’s RTP, Volatility, and Hit Frequency

We’ll give you an in-depth breakdown of these technical features and tell you how they affect the gameplay and overall quality of the slot. We understand how RTP, volatility and hitting frequency can all have a massive impact on a player’s perception of a game, as well as their wallets. By spending a decent amount of time with each slot, we get to know how appropriate they are for different budgets and gaming styles. 

Break Down Technical Features.svg
Some games come with RTP rates of 99% or more. 
We'll tell you how these games work and why their return rates are so big.

4. Provide the Best Bonuses and Rewards You Can Play With

Over the years, we've reviewed and cataloged numerous bonuses that can be applied to the slot games we review. Whenever we don't have any game-specific bonuses to recommend, we'll let you know about other casino promotions that provide free cash that can be used on the specific slot game we're reviewing. Either way, we try our best to ensure you can get the most out of whatever rewards are on the table.

Recommend Available Bonuses.svg
We give bonus alternatives to play the game in question.


5. Compare to Other Games and Suggest Reliable Alternatives

We will provide you with a list of games with similar gameplay and themes based on our knowledge of slots. This will help you diversify your gaming options and find something to suit your preferences.

Offer Alternative Gaming Options.svg
We offer slot alternatives that you may also like

Types of Slots We Review

The world of online slot games is incredibly vast. There are thousands upon thousands of games created by dozens of different game studios located all over the world. It’s almost impossible to review all of them! As such, we tend to be somewhat selective when deciding which games to devote our time to.

Here are the main types of slot games that we review at The Casino Wizard:

  • Popular casino slots or slots created by well-known studios: From Starburst to Book of Dead and anything in between, our focus is to provide in-depth reviews of the internet’s most popular casino slots.
  • Innovative casino slots: Games with unique features always catch our attention. Tumbling Reels with crazy multipliers, cluster wins with free spins, or innovative jackpot games: you’ll find all of that, and much more, within our slot review catalog.
  • Classic casino slots: Who doesn’t love games with a classic feel? You’ll find reviews of games released before 2010, which have stayed relevant through the years and now stand out as classics.
  • Popular online progressive jackpot games: Are you into jackpot hunting? Use our reviews to get the best out of games like Mega Moolah or anything coming from Games Global and other major studios. We analyze the best way to win jackpots, as well as how the bet size might influence your odds of unlocking bonus rounds!

Our collection of slot reviews is constantly expanding, and we are always searching for new slots that are worth reviewing. Our objective is to provide unique and more valuable reviews than anything else out there.

Which Slots Get the Highest Rating?

We give a determined rating to every slot game that we review. It’s not a subjective rating, either; we base our rating on certain features that, in our experience, make gameplay more fun and make the game fairer to the player.

Slots that have the following features tend to receive the best reviews:

Fun, innovative gameplay mechanics 

We think it's important to evaluate features like animations and innovative mechanics. Games that offer a good combination of interesting, enjoyable features, bonus rounds, and betting options are likely to receive a higher rating compared to other casino slots.

juicy fruits slot gameplay
Pragmatic Play's Juicy Fruits slot is a great example of top-tier gameplay

High RTP

It’s essential to separate the RTP of a game from other gameplay mechanics. The Return to Player rate determines how much money can be won, on average, from a casino slot; the higher the RTP, the higher your chances of winning money, as it implies that losing odds are lower. A higher RTP will almost assuredly translate into a better rating.

Slot GameRTP
Book of Dead96.21%
1479 Uncharted Seas98.60%
Mega Moolah88.12%
Sisters of Oz WOWPot92.00%

Worldwide popularity

If players enjoy a game, they're more likely to continue playing it. Therefore, the worldwide popularity of a slot is an important factor for us when reviewing these games. We find that popular slots often tend to be more deserving of a good score.

Multiplatform compatibility

Nowadays, people often prefer to play casino games on mobile devices, but it wouldn’t be wise to leave PC and desktop players out. As such, if a slot is available on multiple platforms, we’re much more likely to give it a better rating.

slot mobile example
Book of Dead is a great mobile slot example

Maximum potential win

Paying attention to a game’s maximum win potential is key to determining how good it is. We always evaluate payout-related features before deciding our final verdict. Some games are designed to be played with small bets, and we don’t punish low max wins in such cases.

In our reviews, we provide insights on each game’s theme and discuss technical aspects such as paylines, maximum and minimum betting rules, and volatility. However, these features are subjective to personal preferences and don't have much of an impact on our verdict.

Marco, Chief Content Writer

Decades of Experience Distilled into Reviews You Can Trust

At Casino Wizard, we prioritize transparency when creating our content. Our goal is to offer comprehensive slot reviews that showcase our expertise and provide you with useful information as a player. We take pride in our knowledge and aim to present it in a way that is easily digestible and beneficial to your general gaming experience.

Are you feeling indecisive about what game to play next? Are you in search of a new game to try out or want to know if a popular game is worth your time and money? The Casino Wizard's slot reviews are here to help you out!