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Meet the Casino Wizard

To ensure that you can always trust the information you find on The Casino Wizard, we’ve collected a team of industry experts and writers. Collectively, we have decades of experience in the iGaming sector. Our individual backgrounds and experiences ensure that we have the right people to cover any and all aspects of online gambling.

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Our Crew of Wizards

These are the people that make the magic happen

Co-founder The Casino WizardKlaas
Co-founder The Casino WizardMatt
Chief Content WriterMarco
Wizard of Technology (CTO)Igor
Office DogYuki

Where It All Started

The Casino Wizard was born in 2017, as a product of Matt and Klaas’ vision to revolutionize the way casino reviews are seen and to change the public’s perception that trustworthy reviewers are difficult to find. Years later, a site that was originally born as nothing but an idea has managed to become an online gambler’s dream: a place where they can learn the truth about online casinos, find out the best and most reliable bonuses, discover the current industry trends and most important, to thoroughly educate our audience on responsible gambling.

As a small but extremely cohesive group of people, The Casino Wizard’s team manages to balance out hard work with comradery. Every member of the team loves to gamble online and brings unique ideas to the table, which help shape the website into a better version of itself as days come to pass.

After all, there’s no better way to create a unique casino content database than by combining the expertise of people from all different backgrounds, who are friends first, and co-workers second!

The Team - 2

Our mission

Our mission - 1

To provide unbiased, trustworthy and data-driven gambling reviews.

Our mission - 2

To offer the best bonuses (and necessary insights) from our expert reviewers.

Our mission - 3

To advocate for fair, safe, and responsible play.

The Casino Wizard Story

A chronology of key events in historical context


The Birth of an Idea

Every great story has a beginning. This one started in a small town in Breda, the Netherlands. After having a vision to revolutionize the way casino reviews are seen, we registered the ‘Casino Wizard’ in 2017 and embarked on our mission to provide gambliers with the best possible casino reviews. 


Launch of Thecasinowizard.com

We are trilled to announce the launch of our new website: Thecasinowizard.com. The site starts with 10 casino reviews.



The website is launched in German language to provide a better user experience to our German visitors.


25 Casino Reviews Published

We are celebrating our first 25 casino reviews. WOO HOO!


Interview with Sigma

We were interviewed by Sigma as for our white-hat SEO approach and focus on quality casino content. In the same year Klaas was interviewed by Great.com to share his journey in the casino industry and his challenges along the way.


Launch of the Casino Wizard in the Netherlands

Late 2021 new regulations come into effect and several international and national players get a license to enter the lucrative Dutch market. We launch the Casino Wizard in Dutch and review the best online casinos that get a license from the KSA.


50 Casino Reviews Live

We already reviewed 50 casinos on our site. YEAH!


Launch of the Casino Wizard in Chile

With Spanish as a big languague and with Chile being an interesting country in Latin-America, we launch the Casino Wizard in Chile.


Launching the new Casino Wizard

2022 marks the launch of the new Casino Wizard design, and further internationalization and professionalization.


100 Casino Reviews Live

We have already assessed 100 casinos on our website. AWESOME!


Hitting New Records!

Achieving record-breaking numbers monthly with surges in visitors, registrations, and FTDs. Let's maintain this momentum, delivering top-notch bonuses to elevate your gaming experience daily!

The Importance of Responsible Gambling to The Casino Wizard

The Casino Wizard team is made up of people who gamble online, so we are very much aware of the dangers of gambling and how addictive it can be. Our dedication to Responsible Gaming is unwavering, and we exclusively feature legally licensed companies, prioritizing the utmost safety and security for players.

To us, it is of utmost importance to find online licensed casinos that also follow Responsible Gambling protocols and offer all the necessary features that a player requires to keep themselves safe. Gambling should be fun, so please read our Responsible Gambling guide before you start to play.

GPWA Approved Portal

The Casino Wizard (www.thecasinowizard.com) has been granted the GPWA Seal of Approval, which proves that the site operates to the utmost best ethical standards that should be expected from our readers. We strive to bring you the best and most transparent casino content possible, and the GPWA Seal of Approval shows that we hold true to our values at all times.

  • We work independently of any of the gambling sites that we talk about in our articles and on our website in general. We are, by no means, affiliated with any casino mentioned in thecasinowizard.com.
  • We respect all copyright standards and remain free of any plagiarism.
  • We do not send spam of any sort to our customers.
  • We do not use dirty SEO techniques to promote our website. As such, we avoid all sorts of dirty practices that include spamming other sites to promote thecasinowizard.com in any shape or form. All content is fully organic.
  • We do not host any pornographic content on our website.
  • We strive to promote the best content possible by complementing our links and promotional piece with useful information for our readers.
  • We act in a professional way regardless of our approach of choice.

Press About The Casino Wizard

The Casino Wizard's influence in the online gaming industry hasn't gone unnoticed. We have been asked to appear in multiple outlets across the last few years, where Matt and Klaas, the founders of TCW, have given interviews and appeared in multiple publications.

Here are some of the most important ones:

Our core values

<h3>Transparency</h3><p>Everything that we write and publish, no matter how or where, has one goal: to be as transparent, clear, and unbiased as possible.</p>


Everything that we write and publish, no matter how or where, has one goal: to be as transparent, clear, and unbiased as possible.

<h3>Responsibility</h3><p>With a commitment to player well-being, we guide our audience to enjoy the thrill responsibly, fostering a safe and enjoyable gaming environment.</p>


With a commitment to player well-being, we guide our audience to enjoy the thrill responsibly, fostering a safe and enjoyable gaming environment.

<h3>Accuracy</h3><p>Our team of experts ensure that all reviews and information provided are fact-checked and up-to-date.</p>


Our team of experts ensure that all reviews and information provided are fact-checked and up-to-date.

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