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You can't win the game, if you don't even play it - Klaas's favorite quote

Who’s Klaas?

As co-founder of The Casino Wizard and the man responsible for incorporating new casinos into the website, Klaas has the biggest gambling experience out of every member of the team. As an avid traveler, he’s been to Las Vegas on multiple occasions, which makes him a very keen-eyed person when it comes to finding quality casinos, both online and land-based.

His experience in the gambling industry goes far beyond simply visiting casinos, though. Among the team, he has a reputation for knowing “when to strike”, always knowing which games to play as he hunts to claim the biggest available prizes – especially when it comes to any version of roulette.

What Does Klaas Do for The Casino Wizard?

Klaas’ expertise has proven to be crucial in shaping the current TCW structure. As an avid player himself, he knows what people want when they visit online casinos.

His job serves as the backbone for The Casino Wizard’s work, as he takes charge in key roles like:

  • Writing in-depth and thoroughly-researched casino reviews
  • Looking for casino bonuses and assessing their quality based on his experience
  • Writing, tweaking, and improving the site’s poker & blackjack strategy guides
  • Sharing information about game RTP and changes made to return rates in online casinos
  • Planning for future additions to The Casino Wizard to enhance reader QoL

Know-How & Expertise

Klaas has proven, time and time again, to be a key member of The Casino Wizard’s team by being great at translating his expertise into his content. His gambling resume includes the following:

  •  Gambling in Las Vegas Casinos like Caesar’s Palace and the MGM Grand
  •  More than ten years of online gambling experience
  • 15 years of gambling in sports, having played in many land-based and physical gambling establishments
  •  Playing in online poker rooms since the early days of PokerStars in the early 2000s
  • Being an avid fan of casino bonuses since 2012, when he claimed his first casino reward – the first one of more than 100 bonuses that he’s claimed since then!

Klaas has also been interviewed by Great.com and SiGMA, where he’s shared his thoughts on what The Casino Wizard is all about.

Education & Studies

Klaas is a Master of Science in Business Administration at the Erasmus University, Rotterdam School of Management. He has been a frequent casino player for over fifteen years, having tested hundreds of casinos since he first started playing and before The Casino Wizard made its debut.

Chances are that you’ll come across Klaas in any of the world’s top iGaming summits, where he’s a regular visitor.

He frequents SiGMA Conferences in Western and Eastern Europe, and he’s an ever-present attendant to iGB Live! events.

The Embodiment of a Gaming Enthusiast

Klaas, in his many journeys, has managed to see many faces of the gambling world. He’s gotten used to trying new slot games in land-based and online casinos alike, but his passion for the game of blackjack has been fueled by his burning desire to visit as many poker rooms as possible.

Every time he walks across the doorway of a new casino, he’ll have his eyes set on the establishment’s “21” tables.

You can’t leave behind his love for poker, either. In fact, it’s all but common for Klaas to bump into Matt in their favorite poker casinos!

Knowledgeable on Every Front

Being successful in the gambling industry is always a challenge, but Klaas’ ability to make the best of any situation helps him know how to make the right decision – even when presented with a stressful situation.

His resourcefulness is as helpful in business as it is in his personal life, and his drive to succeed is all but a fantastic addition to such ability to make the calls when the pressure is on.

Last updated  August 31, 2023

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