Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses are offers strictly directed towards people who aren’t clients of a casino with the hopes of turning them into clients. As such, most welcome bonuses are meant to encourage people into depositing money into the site, while other welcome bonuses are simply meant to encourage people into creating an account at an online casino.

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BetHard Casino

1st Deposit,Match Deposit,Welcome

100% Up to €100


T&C apply

VideoSlots Casino

Videoslots Casino

1st Deposit,Match Deposit,Welcome

100% Up To €200


T&C apply


1st Deposit,Match Deposit,Welcome

100% up to €200 + 100 FS


T&C apply



1st Deposit,High Roller,Match Deposit,Welcome

150% up to €1500


T&C apply

Betsson Casino

Betsson Casino

1st Deposit,Match Deposit,Welcome

100% up to €100


T&C apply

Casino Superlines

High Roller,Match Deposit,Welcome

400% up to €3000


T&C apply

Casino.com Casino


1st Deposit,Match Deposit,Welcome

100% up to €400 + 200 FS


T&C apply

gowild casino

GoWild Casino

1st Deposit,Match Deposit,Welcome

100% up to €3500


T&C apply

Every Type of Casino Welcome Bonus

Welcome bonuses are very popular, and almost every single online casino offers them in one way or another. In order to differentiate themselves from other competitors, online casinos have resorted to innovative ways to present welcome bonuses to their players, giving way to new types of bonuses across the internet.

Getting into welcome bonuses allows you to get the best out of your online casino experience.

No Deposit Welcome Bonus

No deposit welcome bonuses are rewards that an online casino gives to new players in order to welcome them to the services. As such, they can be presented in various ways, and each of them is subjected to different conditions depending on which casino is offering the bonus.

The conditions of no deposit bonuses tend to be stricter than those you get with a deposit bonus, mainly because no deposit bonuses don’t require the user to pour any cash into their new casino account.

Deposit Welcome Bonus

A deposit welcome bonus is a type of bonus that casinos give to a player during the first deposit (or deposits) that they make into the site. These are often seen as cash match bonuses or free spin bonuses, and they’re also strictly tied to how much money you deposit into your account.

Deposit welcome bonuses tend to be better with each cent that you deposit on the site, as cash bonuses are often a percentage of your deposit. We’ll go into further detail later.

Free Spins Welcome Bonus

Free spins are a bonus that casinos give to players so they can try out their most popular slot games without having to risk their own cash, but while still being able to earn money while playing. As such, free spins are one of the most popular types of welcome bonuses on the online casino community thanks to their profitability as well as their potential to entertain.

Free spins bonuses can be obtained as no deposit bonuses as well as deposit bonuses, but this depends on the policies of each casino.

Cash Match Bonus

A cash match bonus is strictly a type of deposit bonus that aims to match a percentage of the money you deposit into a casino and give it to you as additional funds for your account. Most casinos set a limit as to how much money the bonus matches, though.

For example, some casinos could offer you a 100% cash match bonus going up to €200, meaning that any deposit over €200 would still count as a €200 deposit for the cash match bonus.

Free Play Welcome Bonus

Although free play welcome bonuses aren’t the most common type of bonus, they can be found as no deposit bonuses or deposit bonuses alike. They allow you to play on the casino with free money for a limited amount of time, or with a limited amount of funds. These are the less restrictive and often the most fun bonuses, but these also come with more limitations than the former two.

Understanding Welcome Bonuses – Why do They Exist?

Although at first glance it doesn’t make much sense to fathom a scenario where a casino is willingly giving away free money, it makes far more sense once you understand the transcendence of the decision.

Casinos see welcome bonuses as a safe investment. They are protected by the terms and conditions of the site (which are sometimes very strict), and they’re also making sure that the players get to try out their services. The protection that casinos have often goes as far as limiting the amount any player can win out of the welcome bonus. For example, even if the casinos gifts you €10 and you turn it into €2500, there’s probably a regulation which limits your winnings to €100.

It’s always going to be free money, but you’re far more likely to lose it than to win it – especially with the wagering requirements that casinos put in place most of the time. You’ll often find yourself having to wager your earnings at least 30 times before being able to cash them out of the site.

We know you might be thinking it’s just a scam then, right? Far from it. You get the chance to play games for free (even after making a deposit), while also having the opportunity to make a ton of cash out of the free balance that you get.

Welcome bonuses are about looking at things positively. Of course, a casino wants to lure you into using their services, but they’re also willing to give you a decent amount of money for doing so. It’s a win/win scenario – it doesn’t matter how you look at it.

Obtaining a Welcome Bonus

Welcome bonuses are often very easy to get – particularly because casinos want to encourage new players into signing into the services and not have them struggle on the site if they’re unfamiliar with it. Welcome bonuses are given to new players depending on how the bonus works. Generally, deposit bonuses get activated as soon as you make your first deposit.

However, you need to be aware that bonuses are different in some countries. As such, we’ve listed the most important welcome bonuses for various nations, here:

Furthermore, other offers may also qualify as welcome bonuses but don’t require you to make a deposit. Depending on where you live, you can find them here:

Getting a Deposit Bonus

You’ll often get credited with additional funds to your account as soon as you make your first deposit. The money you’ll get will depend on how much the site is offering. If your online casino is offering you a first deposit bonus of a 100% cash match, that means you’ll get twice the amount of your deposit as soon as you make it.

Deposit bonuses are always given as soon as you make it, or at least most of the time. Some casinos also limit welcome bonuses a bit, and they release the money a day after you’ve made the deposit. It’s important to understand that sometimes cash bonuses are sticky, which means that you’ll never be able to withdraw it from the site, but you’ll be able to withdraw the profits you make from the bonus after you’ve met the site’s conditions.

It’s important that you read the site’s terms and conditions to be fully aware of every requirement that must be fulfilled in order to withdraw your bonus earnings.

Casino Welcome Bonuses Terms & Conditions – The Fine Print

It’s clear that welcome bonuses are not ways for casinos to give out free money to players without expecting something in return. However, there are times where you’ll find yourself getting away with the full rewards of a welcome bonus without having lost a single cent of your own money. This isn’t as common as you think, and casinos have ways of covering their backs against lucky gamblers.

That’s exactly why these casinos put a set of terms and conditions in place to keep people playing by the rules and avoid having their player base cheating to obtain the best of the bonuses multiple times. As such, there are some major guidelines that almost every casino uses, and you should be aware of them before starting to bet your welcome bonus in any online casino.

General Conditions

The general guidelines applied to welcome bonuses are true to both deposit welcome bonuses as well as no deposit welcome bonuses. These are the most basic rules that casinos strictly enforce to avoid people from exploiting bugs in the system, and they’re very similar in most online casinos.

Avoid Using VPNs

The usage of a VPN service is usually considered a serious offense by almost every online casino on the planet. This is mainly because using a VPN allows you to change your IP address, which tricks the casino’s systems into thinking that you’re located in a place that you really aren’t.

It’s a very troublesome practice because casinos use IP addresses as a way to determine which players have already used a welcome bonus before and which haven’t. This means that new accounts opened using an address that hasn’t registered an account before will be entitled to a new welcome bonus, even though online casinos limit bonuses to one per household.

Wagering Requirements

It doesn’t matter whether you’re getting a no deposit bonus or a deposit bonus, you’ll always have to meet a set wagering requirement before you’re able to cash out on your earned winnings. This prevents you from withdrawing the free cash quickly and makes you bet it on the casino, which is the purpose of the bonus in the first place.

You will find different wagering requirements in most welcome bonuses, but you can rest assured that there’ll be wagering requirements in over 90% of the welcome bonuses that you find.

There are also other things that influence wagering requirements. For example, some games count less towards the total percentage of wagering requirements than others. In most cases, slots will always count 100% into the wagering requirements of a welcome bonus than other games like poker, as they have a higher chance of letting the casino keep the profits if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Game Restrictions

Most welcome bonuses are restricted to be used in certain games – particularly when it comes to free spin bonuses. Casinos tend to divert players into playing in games where the house edge is higher, in order to maximize the odds for the casino.

However, these games are usually the best slots that casinos have to offer. Free spin bonuses that restrict you from playing other games are also focused on showing you what’s the best things that casinos have. As such, the games that you play will almost assuredly be the best games that casinos have to offer.

Free cash bonuses are often less limited than free spin bonuses and you might be able to gamble your cash in various games.

No Deposit Welcome Bonus Conditions

There are some specific rules that are usually applied to no deposit bonuses, which don’t have anything to do with deposit welcome bonuses. These rules are just as strictly enforced as the rest, so you’ll have to make sure that you comply with them when using a new casino’s services.

Withdrawal Requirements

The rules of withdrawing money from a no deposit welcome bonuses tend to be far stricter than what you get in a regular deposit welcome bonus. These rules usually prevent you from withdrawing a large amount of money, as online casinos limit how much money you can earn with a bonus (regardless of it being sticky or not).

Most casinos willing to give you a welcome bonus of free spins or free cash without having to make a deposit also ask you to wager the given amount much more times than what you get with a deposit welcome bonus. Some casinos even ask players to gamble their winnings at least 60 times before cashing out on their profits.

Deposit Welcome Bonus Conditions

Although deposit welcome bonuses are usually activated with your first deposit on the site, there are some conditions that apply to the bonus and that you should understand before opting to get it.

Minimum Deposit Conditions

Most online casinos that give away welcome bonuses for your first deposit (or deposits) in their websites will ask you to invest a minimum amount of money on your deposit before the bonus is given. This means that you might not be able to get a welcome bonus if you only deposit €5 on the site, for example. You might need to deposit more cash before earning the bonus.

Finding the Best Welcome Bonuses

Now that you know all the basics about welcome bonuses, it’s important that you understand how to find the best welcome bonuses on the internet. We have a selection of welcome bonuses here at Casino Wizard, but not every bonus might be suited to meet your expectations.


Comparing every bonus that you find with one another is the best way to determine how good they are. It’s important that you take into consideration the wagering requirements of each welcome bonus as well as how much money each online casino is offering.

Bonuses also limit which games you can play with them, which means you might struggle to find a welcome bonus that lets you play your favorite games. If you’re unsure of what to play with your bonus, the best thing you can do is search for a cash match welcome bonus, as these often have much fewer restrictions than free spins and other game-specific bonuses.

Evaluating Conditions

The first thing you must do when you find a welcome bonus that catches your attention is to evaluate the conditions that the bonus has. Some welcome bonuses might not need you to make a first deposit, but you might need to make a future deposit of any given free before you’re able to cash out on your winnings.

Be sure that the conditions put in place by a casino aren’t made to scam players, but instead allow you to make a profit with the bonus.

Some online casinos use these welcome offers as a simple lure, while they know it’s going to be almost impossible for you to make a profit with the welcome bonus. This is a frowned upon practice, and the top casinos avoid it because it gives them a bad reputation. However, desperate new casinos might opt to use it as an attempt to grow their player base.

Game Search

If you’re more interested in trying out the games of a casino and not make a profit out of the welcome bonus, the best thing you can do when searching for one is to consider the limitations of the offer.

You may find offers where casinos only give away €10 or €20, but you’ll be able to sue the cash in any part of the casino. These are the best offers for players looking to try out games. You might even end up making a profit out of it in the short term, but the goal of these bonuses is to show you around the games of an online casino.

Factors to Consider

Welcome bonuses can be very good for some players while others might find them awful. You should evaluate what you want before starting your search for a new welcome bonus, but it’s also important that you understand how much time you can spend playing with the welcome bonus as well as how much money you’re willing to spend to get it.

Deposit Bonuses vs. No Deposit Bonuses

If you’re short on cash or if you simply want to start making a profit out of thin air, the best thing you can do is look for fair no deposit welcome bonuses. Talented gamblers who know their way around an online casino also opt to do this because they know how to turn these bonuses into large sums of cash in the short term.

However, no deposit bonuses come with much more restrictions, so it might be good for you to make a deposit in an online casino if you know you’ll be investing serious time in the site. Deposit bonuses are far more lucrative – they usually come with more free spins, lower wagering requirements, and cash match rewards.

Offer Validity

Most welcome bonuses (particularly no deposit bonuses) are restricted to be used within a certain period of time after you register on the site and apply for the offer. Some casinos give players the chance to play with their free spins or free cash for two weeks. If they fail to meet the wagering requirements and any other bonus conditions, the welcome bonus will be removed from their accounts.

It’s important that you consider how much time you have at your disposal before applying to one of these offers. Welcome bonuses with small timeframes often have higher rewards, but welcome bonuses with larger timeframes allow you to spread your bets throughout various days.

Banking Options

Never underestimate the importance of banking options in an online casino. Experiences gamblers already know this, but if you’re new to the gambling world, it’s important that you check which payment options are available for players before applying for a welcome bonus. You might be stuck with your earnings if you don’t have any way to receive them!

Welcome Bonuses – Friend or Foe

Now that you’ve read everything there is to know about welcome bonuses, it’s time to put everything into perspective and decide what’s good and what’s bad. A gambler might not be entirely convinced of a welcome bonus at first, but there is nothing wrong with them. In fact, they’re one of the best things about starting fresh in a new online casino.

Welcome bonuses give you the chance to earn more money, regardless of your intentions in a casino. If you don’t want to feel pressure when using them, you can grab the cash from a welcome bonus and invest it into games that don’t let you play with free credits to make sure whether you like it before betting real money on it.

These bonuses are great simply because of their versatility. The fact that you can play with real money (even if the bonus is sticky), gives you an edge over playing with your account’s balance without having tried other games before. We know that sometimes the conditions or requirements can be too strict, but always keep in mind that the money or free spins that you’re getting are basically free.

A Way to Make Cash

Sure, welcome bonuses can be easily seen as a way to make money with a simple bonus, but the best thing you can do with them is taking them as lightheartedly as possible. If you like what you’ve seen of the casino once the bonus is over, then it might be best for you to make a deposit if you haven’t made one, or you could start using your deposited cash if you applied for a deposit welcome bonus in the first place.