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One Casino Review

The One Casino might be the one for you, as it’s just been recently established (early in 2017) and it’s one of the newcomers of the online casino industry. With rewards aplenty and hundreds of bonuses awaiting, this is one of the best online casinos in which you can start your life as an online gambler with a lot of rewards and luck.

9.2 / 10
Sign up process
Game selection
Fees & payout speed
Customer support

Pros & Cons

  • €10 free no deposit bonus
  • Live chat always accessible
  • Extremely fair wagering requirements
  • Top selection of games
  • Live Chat Not 24 Hours Available
  • Not too many bonuses

Video: One Casino Review in 30 seconds

The One Casino has quickly grown to become one of the biggest names amongst newcomers in the online casino industry. It still hasn’t had enough time to make a huge reputation for itself, but it has already shown just how much they care about players and how awesome their rewards are. Even though the site is fairly new, the company that owns it has already managed to obtain a gambling license from the Maltese gambling commission, one of the toughest licenses to get in the world. This isn’t just a casino with a license in Curacao – the One Casino is reputable enough to hold a license from one of the world’s most prestigious gambling associations.

Our Overview of Our Experience at One Casino

One Casino provides a good level of immersion in the games that they offer, and as it's rated as one of the best online casinos in the world, the only thing that we can truly complain about is that the loading times are not as good as they are in other sites, but once the game is all set up to be played, you won't struggle at all to do so unless your device isn't up to the task.

The site itself doesn't feel heavy at all, but it would be far more enjoyable if the return button for every game was a bit more accessible. It doesn't feel as natural to have to click the "back" button on your browser every time that you're done playing a game. If you're a fan of slots like we are, then you're going to be going back and forth a lot, which can be quite inconvenient when the button is not accessible.

One Casino Casino Games

In any case, we loved the fact that the One Casino gave us a €10 bonus just by registering on the site. You need to provide a phone number to complete the registration process, though, and we found that registering here isn't as quick as it is in other casinos. In any case, the process ends up being completely worth it, as bonuses are just something else at the One Casino.

Game variety and game quality are also two of the features that didn't leave us down, with plenty of games in their catalog and many of them being absolutely exclusive to the One Casino. Overall, the site is easy to browse and doesn't feel heavy, although the way it's structured will have you scrolling down for a while. We think it might be the one for us - but is it the one casino for you?

The One Casino Identity - What Makes this Site Great

There is one key aspect about the one casino that makes us love it more than some of its competitors. The site owners are pretty open about what they want to achieve, which can be seen in the "About" section of the casino. They seem to be set on striving to be the best, and their promises are not just words: the One Casino really seems to be packed with some of the best features that the industry has to offer, offering players the chance to enjoy exclusive bonuses and rewards like no other casino can give them.

One Casino identity

Features – What to Expect?

The One Casino is a website where you can find everything that you want from an online casino. Everything ranging from the finest deposit bonuses to the best online casino games, the One Casino has everything that you need to spend a fine afternoon gambling at home or on the go. The website is clean and feels very interactive, as you’ll be able to click on almost anything and move anywhere you want with just a few clicks.

With a special bingo section and live dealer games of all sorts, the One Casino is a great place to fulfill the needs of a gambler in despair of trying out plenty of games at once. It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for – if an online casino claims to offer it, chances are that you’ll find it at the amazing One Casino. If you don't believe it yet, check out why its Book of Dead free spins are ranked as one of the best bonuses on the site.

One Casino home games

It has to be said that the One Casino has one of the best designs that we’ve seen from any site. Animated transitions feel very natural and they look amazing onscreen. The site has plenty of animated banners that let you feel like everything is alive, which makes it much more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Menus are aplenty and you’ll always know which jackpot games are paying the most cash thanks to the banner that constantly displays prices on the platform. Design-wise, the site has the same level of quality as most of its games. You won’t be disappointed unless you have ridiculously high standards – and even then, you’ll struggle to find anything that you don’t like about One Casino. 

One Casino Games – A Catalog to Behold

The site doesn’t have as many slots as other online casinos that have been around for longer than One Casino, but if there’s one thing that you can enjoy here is exclusivity – the site has a total of 40 exclusive slots that you can’t play anywhere else on the internet.

With exclusive rights to these games, One Casino has entered the online casino market offering more than many other of its competitors. Even if you don’t happen to like any of the games that the site has to offer as exclusive titles, you can also rejoice in the fact that there are over 300 different slot titles that you can play and wager your money as freely as you want.

One Casino all games

You can even browse the special sections that the One Casino has to offer so you can check out every single game in the most comprehensive way possible. The site actually lets you filter out its massive selection of games by categories, and you can even go further than just looking for slots. You can see which titles have been recently added, for example, so you can enjoy the latest additions to the site over anything else. or stick to playing the best One Casino games.

Try out Bingo Jockey as soon as you join the casino's premises, though; we know you won't regret it. It's a unique experience that can only be found at the One Casino. The one issue that we've found with the One Casino is that everything resets to the way it was once you back. For example, let's say that you were browsing the "exclusive games" that the site has to offer, and you decided that you wanted to try out "Diamonds". Well, once you're done and go back, the "exclusive games" won't be there anymore, and you'll get redirected to the main page. This isn't too much of an issue, but it's annoying if you're looking to fully explore the site's catalog whilst playing some of the games in the meantime. 

Exclusive Games at the One Casino - How They Fare Against the Rest

One of the main selling points of the One Casino is the number of exclusive games that the site offers to players. None of these games can be found in other online casinos, as One is developing them together with some of the most prominent casino game providers on the planet. Exclusivity is only a privilege when the games are of a high level of quality, so how do One Casino games fare? Are they good? These are our top picks of One Casino titles and our experiences with each of them!

Diamonds Slot

Diamonds is The One Casino's most advertised game, as it will show as soon as you open their "exclusive games" section as the biggest one on the lot. We wondered why this game was so highly rated by the casino, so we decided to give it a test run and see what it had to offer.

We were pleasantly surprised to see that, apart from being a game with a very high jackpot, you could also be one of the lucky ones to earn great rewards while attempting to win the jackpot itself. We got lucky and got some juicy rewards in half an hour of gameplay, and we have to say, it's hard to get bored while playing Diamonds.

One Casino diamonds

The game offers plenty of variants, and there are four types of bets that you can place. The total jackpot that you can win also differs depending on how much money you're willing to pay per spin! The maximum bet sits at €20, and each different bet gives you different multipliers. There are a total of 9 paylines, which isn't much, so you'll spend some rounds empty-handed. You can expect to receive some juicy rewards at the end of the day, nonetheless. Our total profit for this game wasn't too big, but we didn't manage to net any huge wins anyway.

Had we had a bit more luck with the jackpot rounds, it would've been a different story - and we were pretty close, to be fair! If you like traditional slots with a twist, Diamonds might be your favorite slot at the One Casino. Check it out! 

Galaxy Slot

Galaxy is a slot with 25 paylines and 5 reels, with somewhat high volatility that saw us lose €200 at first before winning €500 later in just a couple of spins. The game is super cool, even though it moves a bit slow, but 25 paylines make it one of the most profitable exclusive titles that the One Casino has in store for players. In general, the overall feel that the game wishes to accomplish is certainly done successfully, although the music itself is a bit too tedious and we ended up muting it after 10 minutes of playing it.

One Casino galaxy

The game gives us wilds, scatters, and some absolutely lovely symbols. As it is exclusive to the One Casino, you'll have to pay this site a visit and register if you wish to win big here. We just wish that this game had a quick play feature like Book of Ra, because a session of Galaxy can feel very tedious given the slow movement of each reel when you spin it. In terms of profits, though, you won't ever hear us complain about this fantastic game. Not many slots can net you €300 in profit in a short gambling session, but Galaxy does! 

Exclusive Table Games at One Casino

Apart from the great selection of online slots that the One Casino has as exclusive titles to the site, they have also developed some fantastic table games with a similar feel. This is actually the first and most important part of our table game experience - roulette, blackjack, and poker made us feel like we were in "the same" online casino, which enhanced our experience far more than we would've expected at first. Table games demand more resources from the site, and the ones offered at the One Casino aren't an exception to this often general rule.

They take longer to load than slots, but that's because of their more "3D" interface. It's the same thing that happens with most roulette games. The graphics aren't anything out of the ordinary, but it does bring you back the vibe of playing computer games in the 90s, so it feels pretty great to play them on a computer browser.

You can win big at the site's roulette offered as exclusive in the One Casino is the European version, and all of its traditional bets are available to be placed. All of the games share similar music themes as well as table designs. The buttons are also designed equally on all exclusive table games at One Casino. If you're a fan of European roulette, give the one found here a try.

One Casino table games

However, it has to be said that the poker table was the one we found the most fun. The game is super fast-paced and you can play many hands in one minute (if you can think quickly as well, that is!). You might be able to walk away with quite a good profit if you play your cards wisely. Poker consists of the traditional Ante bet that you place when playing Hold'Em against a dealer, plus the classic Call, Turn, and River bets.

Casino Wizard Tip: You can learn how to get better at Poker on our site! The odds of this poker game are similar to what you can expect to find in other sites, but the look and feel of the game adapt very well to what the One Casino is going for.

One Casino blackjack poker

As weird as it might sound, most of the games that they offer as exclusive titles seem to be in the same vein in terms of graphics, even if the theme of each game is different. If you want to play Texas Hold'Em against a dealer and you haven't found a good casino to do it yet, go on and visit this site. It's the One for you!

The One Casino Live Dealer Section

The site has one of the best live dealer casinos that we’ve tried so far. They offer plenty of options to choose from, including the best baccarat tables, poker tables, roulette games, and more. What’s even better is that the website has a special section where you can visit to wager even more cash than normal in their High Roller category. As such, people who want to join the One Casino to wager a ton of cash can visit the high roller section of their live casino and meet the best dealers that the website has to offer.

One Casino live casino games

You can then wager large sums of cash in hopes to receive the best rewards and prices that the One Casino has to offer. One thing that makes the One Casino have the edge over other sites is the fact that the live dealer casino also has a game show section where you can bet your cash on the internet’s best interactive game shows. This unique approach to live dealer casinos is one to behold and makes the One Casino a site worth paying a visit to.  

One Casino Bonuses – The Best Casino Bonus Rewards in One Place

Another amazing aspect of the One Casino is that you can claim all types of bonuses on the site.

One Casino bonuses

The staff at the One Casino made sure to offer different options to every player, so you’ll find your favorite bonuses at the site without a single shadow of a doubt. Some promotions at the One Casino aren't as lucrative as others found on websites like Uptown Aces or Jackpot City, but they’re still worth your time - the site actually has always been known to hold some extremely lucrative casino bonuses

One Casino €10 Free Play Bonus + Match Deposit Bonus

The first thing you’ll get when visiting the One Casino is the chance to earn free play money alongside an awesome match deposit bonus which is only valid on your first deposit. Both of these offers are part of the One Casino welcome bonus, one of our favorite welcome bonuses so far. The site offers exactly what players want in free play cash and promotions.

One Casino Welcome Package

Astonishingly, you only need to wager the €10 a total of 25 times before you can cash out the winnings. That’s one of the lowest wagering requirements that we’ve seen from a welcome bonus, and with the chance to add a hefty match deposit fee to that number, the One Casino offers one of the best welcome bonus promotions that we’ve reviewed on this website. The match deposit bonus gives you 100% of your first deposit on the site, so be sure to make a deposit of at least €100 to get the best out of this one-time promotion.

How to claim the no deposit bonus at the One Casino, you ask? Don't worry, we got your back! Just follow these simple steps and the money will be given to you instantly:

  • Create a new account at the One Casino if you don't have one
  • You will need a phone number and an email address to verify your account
  • Once your account is verified, you will be given €10 to play the best games on the site for free

The money is subjected to an incredibly low wagering requirement of just 25 times, which is the lowest we've ever seen for a free money bonus. That's basically free money, whichever way you look at it. If you want to get your first deposit doubled, simply follow these steps:

  • Once your account is verified and created, head straight to the One Casino menu on the left, where your profile should show
  • Select the option to make a deposit on the site
  • Use any valid payment method
  • Activate your bonus before making the deposit
  • Get credited with twice the amount of cash that you deposit at first, with no extra cost and with low wagering requirements!

Weekly Deposit Bonuses

If you don’t think that the One Casino welcome bonus is enough to suit your needs, then check out the site’s weekly deposit bonus offers. They continuously aim to create new promotions for every player to enjoy, with the chance to get more and better offers as time goes by. The One Casino sends you email offers every week to let you know of the latest promotions on the site.

You can also check out the notification wall on your casino webpage profile to see if there are any new promotions available to be claimed. The site should have at least one new promotion per week, so if you’re one of those players who love to wager money on a weekly basis, this casino might have exactly what it takes to keep you happy for a long time. How to get weekly bonuses at One Casino:

  • Log in daily to your profile at the casino
  • Open the menu on the left side of your screen (the three bars at the top)
  • Click on Promotions
  • Choose whichever one shows up (if any) and claim those rewards!

One Casino Cashback Offers

You can get a 10% cashback of your money if you’ve lost most of it after a streak of bad luck. The One Casino ensures that every player has the chance to recover some of their money even after they’ve lost it all on the site. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to not have withdrawn more than 25% of your latest deposit if you wish to qualify for the cashback offers available on the site. The cashback is available once per week, starting at the first hour of every Friday. You should get your cashback rewards by then, should you qualify to obtain them.

  • You will get cashback rewards only once per week
  • You'll know if you're eligible to claim a cashback offer if you receive an email notifying you of it
  • You must claim any cashback rewards within 24 hours of receiving the email or you'll lose them entirely!

Email Offers and Other Bonuses

The One Casino sends you special promotions to your email at least once a week. In fact, if you’re a fan of using free cash on a gambling website, you’ll love what the One Casino has in store for you. The website offers you weekly no deposit bonuses in the UK and other parts of the world alongside free money and free spin bonuses that you can claim as soon as you receive the email with the promotion.

You don’t even need to belong to the exclusive services of the Club One VIP club, you just need to be a member of the site and you’ll instantly qualify to receive the best bonuses on the internet. Not only will the Club One provide you with world-class no deposit bonuses for Britain, but it will also grant them to players from all over the world.

Yes, this also means you can claim no deposit bonuses for Aussies! The bonuses that you can get on the email that the website sends are fully random. You could get some great rewards like regular no deposit bonuses or even other deposit bonus offers to compliment whichever the site is offering at the moment. You can even get free spins or free cash directly, depending on your luck! 

One Casino Software

The One Casino doesn’t have a lot of game providers, but two of the biggest names in the industry are sure to supply the site with most of its games. You can play the best Net Ent and Evo Gaming titles here at the One Casino! They are also the main developers of their exclusive games, so you can rest assured that the site’s games are not short on quality.

One Casino

Other than these two industry giants, the One Casino is also provided by two other smaller companies known to make some very high-quality titles in Quickspin and Thunderkick. Their games are not as awesome as the ones made by the previous two companies that we mentioned, but they’re worth trying out as well! 

Play Bingo Jockey at the One Casino

If you're a fan of bingo, then you should pay a visit to the One Casino and check out how fantastic their bingo section is. What's so innovative about their bingo that others don't have, you ask? Well, they have a special section of jockey bets, which means that it's a combination between casino games and horse racing. That's right - the One Casino is the only place on the internet where you'll be able to play such an odd yet fascinating combination of games! You basically purchase bingo cards before the race starts and then play as if it was regular bingo.

You simply have to select a horse tour where you want to play, and get down to business! The site has various rooms (as you can see in the image below, and each room is a different race). Options are aplenty and innovation is a certainty when playing bingo jockey , and you even get €10 to play for free when you first register!

One Casino bingo jockey

The game even comes with customization features, as you get to create your own jockey and watch him race in real-time against other players. You may choose a variety of different avatars, colors, helmets, and many more features to keep yourself looking unique and stand out in an ocean of other users. What's different between this and regular bingo?

Well, not only will you be able to see how others are doing as it's represented in the horse race above your bingo cards, you'll also be able to place side bets while playing! Do you think someone's going to take the first spot and you wish to bet some cash on them? Granted! Place a side bet on the player and watch your betslip to make sure that you're on the right track.

The entire layout of the menus, the avatar customization, and the game features are really well presented. It's a unique game at the One Casino that shows, once again, that this site is looking to offer something different and fresh in an ocean of repetitive titles and games that aren't as appealing as they were a few years ago. 

Club One – The One Casino VIP Club

Entering the Club One isn’t difficult at all, and benefits are aplenty. The Club One is the One Casino’s VIP platform which is available to every player that signs up for the site. You’ll be able to accumulate points that you can later trade for better rewards and other awesome features on the site.

The Club One offers six different tiers from which you’ll have to move accordingly depending on how much cash you spend on the website. You’ll be able to use your status as a member of the club to boost your rewards on every game on the site. As such, you’ll be able to try out some of the best promotions and boost your earnings by using the status that you earn by simply playing on the One Casino. Each time you reach a new rank, you’ll be granted a “New Status” bonus which will make your profits go through the roof.

One Casino club one

Keep in mind that the next time you reach a status that you had already earned before, the site won’t give you the “New” bonus and you’ll only receive the basic rewards. In any case, it’s great to see more and more online casinos giving away bonuses to loyal players, and the One Casino is surely leading the way with their awesome rewards. You’ll need to constantly earn new points if you wish to keep your status as high as possible.

The points that you get as loyalty rewards get consumed with each month that passes, so earning constant points and playing on the website is the only way in which you’ll be able to maintain your status and claim the best rewards that they have in store for you. Each tier has better rewards than the previous one, and reaching the Supreme tier is sure going to fill your account with more rewards than you can ever imagine. Go straight ahead and join the One Club to get the best casino bonus rewards!  

Security – Is It Safe to Gamble Here?

The One Casino, even though it’s a fairly new website, has made sure to create an environment in which no player will feel danger when playing on it. The site makes sure to keep people’s data as safe as possible with powerful SSL encryption tools that make sure no one can access your information when gambling online. One Casino has the best casino security on the internet, as many other online sites have shown that SSL is the way to go when it comes to keeping data from hackers and attackers. SSL Encryption makes your information stay on the side of the server and it codes it so even if someone has access to it, it’s impossible for them to know who you are and where you’re connecting from. As such, the One Casino is able to offer its users a safe environment run and maintained by the world’s leading software developers and companies.

Their live casino section, which is as appealing as any other on the internet, is maintained by the staff at Evo Gaming, one of the largest and most veteran online casino developers on the planet. On top of all of that, the One Casino is also fully in favor of the Responsible Gambling movement to protect players from their own addiction. Furthermore, should you happen to encounter any issues while gambling on the One Casino, you’ll be able to contact the website’s staff via email or using the site’s built-in chat support option. You can even contact them via phone if you’d rather have your problems solved even quicker.

Payments and Withdrawals

The One Casino might not have all the deposit and withdrawal methods that you like to see on an online casino, but the options are still aplenty and you should be able to find a method that suits your needs. The One Casino has chosen against operating with cryptocurrency, so you won’t be able to place wagers using bitcoins or any other sort of crypto.

Withdrawals and deposits can’t be made with cryptos either because of company policies. It’s much harder to get licenses for a casino that operates with cryptos, and the One Casino has chosen the traditional way in offering players access to many games that can be played with euros.

One Casino payments

In any case, you’ll still be able to make deposits and withdrawals using traditional credit cards and even by wire transfer. It’s up to you to decide which method makes you feel the most comfortable while wagering online. Just be aware that all methods are heavily regulated and your money will be safe alongside your personal information and credit card data. You won’t be able to use PayPal as a deposit or withdrawal method, but you’ll be able to use prepaid cards should you own an account on the service. This is the closest you’ll get to eWallets alongside Skrill.

ne Casino doesn’t seem to offer Neteller services, but that might be due to change in the near future – keep an eye out for it! The website mainly works with euros, so you might need to exchange your money using your bank’s services before being able to make a deposit or withdrawal on the site. Extra fees may apply for this.

One Casino Mobile Gambling – Play Wherever You Go

One thing that many online casinos are caring for by the day is the incorporation of mobile compatibility to most of the games on their site. Since casinos are not the ones responsible for developing their own games, casino game developers have also made sure to create mobile-compatible titles which can then be added to the catalog of most sites.

This feature is so well-developed that this site is thought to be one of the many world-class British mobile casinos. Being such a new casino, One Casino is sure to offer a large variety of games that can be accessed using any mobile device that you might own.

One Casino welcome bonus

If you’re one of those players who value the fact of playing on the go, then One Casino is sure to offer exactly what you need. They might not have the most varied selection of games, but you’ll be able to play all titles on any mobile device that you own. Every single one of the 40 exclusive slots that this site has in store for you are able to be played on any mobile device.

The owners of the website pride themselves on the fact that the casino can be accessed on any tablet regardless of who made it. iPads and Samsung tablets can access the website thanks to its multi-platform compatibility. Furthermore, the site is also developed to work on the world’s most popular OS’s. It doesn’t matter if you own a Mac laptop or a Windows computer, you’ll be able to play the websites’ games without having to struggle with compatibility configuration. Android and iPhone users will be able to boot up their phone’s browsers and play every single game that the site has to offer as well!

Conclusion: A New And Trustworthy Gambling Partner

The One Casino might be a relatively new website, but the owners have made sure to create one of the best newcomers in the gambling industry that one could’ve wished for. The number of features available to new players and the addition of titles that can’t be found anywhere else on the internet make this site appealing as it is friendly to all sorts of players.

he One Club is one of the best VIP schemes that we’ve reviewed on this website, so if you’re planning to become a permanent and active member of a new online casino, there is hardly going to be a better option than the massive One Casino. Loyalty points are easy to accumulate and, with low wagering requirements, the site is sure to make loyal players feel as special as possible.

With over 300 titles available and a live casino section that no other casino in the world could not envy, the One Casino is the best online casino for new players to start gambling on. Bonuses are aplenty, wagering requirements are low, and rewards are amazing. There’s nothing that you can hate about the One Casino, and many things that you’ll grow to love.

Frequently asked questions

You can contact One Casino staff via live chat or by messaging them at [email protected]

Cashout speed varies depending on the chosen payment method. In general, One Casino takes up to 4 days to get the money to the withdrawal method chosen.

Some One Casino games come with a below-average RTP. Starburst comes with an RTP of 94.05%, whilst Book of Dead offers an RTP of 94.25%.

One Casino offers some of the most popular slots in the industry. It specializes in Play'N Go slots like Book of Dead, but it doesn't leave behind legendary titles like Starburst and Midas Golden Touch.

One Casino is a legit gambling website operated in Malta. It hosts games by top-quality game providers and offers fair bonus terms for its promotions.

There's a common problem when trying to withdraw money from your One Casino account, which often happens to most players. There might be a popup that shows the message "Amount in Game&" whenever you try to make a withdrawal from the website. This happens when you try to withdraw any given amount of money that is currently in play in a game. For example, if the last time that you were playing roulette you made a bet and forgot to take the money out of the game, then chances are that the money got stuck there and you won't be able to withdraw it. You need to access the game and either finish what you were doing or close it altogether.

Last updated  September 13, 2022

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