High Roller Casinos

High Roller Casinos are online casinos especially aimed at high rollers, or gamblers that are willing to spend large sums of cash while wagering online. These casinos often involve higher wagering limits, and they usually include some very lucrative welcome bonuses and deposit promotions that are sure to please even the most demanding of gamers. High rollers are the reason why many online casinos thrive, so most of the top online casinos that you see today tend to offer services and promotions that please low rollers and high rollers alike. As such, high roller casinos are often similar to regular online casinos, but the games allow the player to make larger bets and risk more money if they so desire.

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BitStarz Casino

Betsoft, Big Time Gaming, Evolution Gaming, Genesis Gaming and 11 more…

Up to 5 BTC / €500 200 Free Spins


T&C apply


Casumo Casino

Elk Studios, Evolution Gaming, IGT, Microgaming and 6 more…

€300 20 Free Spins


T&C apply


Casino Cruise

Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, NetEnt, Play'n GO and 1 more…

€1000 200 Free Spins


T&C apply


Casino Superlines

Betsoft, Elk Studios, Leander Games, Lightning Box Games and 2 more…

€1000 400% Bonus


T&C apply


Casino Euro

Evolution Gaming, IGT, iSoftBet, Leander Games and 8 more…

€500 100 Free Spins


T&C apply


Caxino Casino

Big Time Gaming, Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, Play'n GO and 2 more…

Up to €200 100 Free Spins


T&C apply


Fruity Casa Casino

Big Time Gaming, Blueprint Gaming, Elk Studios, Evolution Gaming and 7 more…

€100 30 Free Spins


T&C apply



Betsoft, Blueprint Gaming, Elk Studios, Evolution Gaming and 6 more…

€1,050 300 Free Spins


T&C apply


PlayGrand Casino

Betsoft, Big Time Gaming, Blueprint Gaming, Elk Studios and 9 more…

€1000 100 Free Spins


T&C apply


Spinia Casino

Betsoft, Big Time Gaming, Evolution Gaming, Microgaming and 6 more…

€250 50 Free Spins


T&C apply


Slottica Casino

Betsoft, Elk Studios, Evolution Gaming, Microgaming and 5 more…

€200 50 Free Spins


T&C apply



Betsoft, Big Time Gaming, Blueprint Gaming, Elk Studios and 8 more…

€500 50 Free Spins


T&C apply


Spinit Casino

Microgaming, NetEnt, Play'n GO, Quickspin

€1000 200 Free Spins


T&C apply




€1.500 150% Bonus


T&C apply


$8,888 350 Free Spins


T&C apply


Madame Chance Casino

Betsoft, NetEnt, Next Gen Games,

€2400 400% Bonus


T&C apply

Why Play in High Roller Casinos?

High roller casinos aren’t only created for high rollers, contrary to popular belief. In fact, many high rollers casinos are actually made for every player to enjoy. These sorts of websites simply offer special bonuses and promotions tailormade for that gambler who wants to wager large sums of cash. Therefore, it’s only natural that high rollers would prefer to play in one of these sites over any other casino with low limitations and tighter budget restrictions.

Low rollers, however, may also enjoy their time in a high roller casino. Some of the top high roller casinos in the UK and even some of the best high roller casinos in the world are made for every player to enjoy. High roller bonuses can often be appreciated by low rollers as well, given that the minimum deposits and wagers tend to be low in order to appeal to all types of players.

In any case, there are some special benefits that only high roller casinos can offer to players with a large checkbook. If you’re keen to gamble large sums of money, you’ll want to look for the best high roller casino list, such as the one we have here.

Wagering Limits

If you’ve played in online casinos before, you might have noticed how some games are very restrictive in terms of how much money you can place on each wager. This can be quite inconvenient if you’re looking to pour a lot of money on the site, so high rollers are easily put off by these sorts of restrictions. Low rollers don’t really mind them, and if you’ve never gambled large sums of cash before, it’s likely that you haven’t even noticed said rules.

However, when looking to make wagers that exceed a hundred units of currency (be it euros, dollars, or pounds), the limits prove to be quite a restrictive feature that the best high roller casinos don’t usually have. This is one of the main advantages of playing in one of these sites – you’ll be able to place incredibly large wagers and expect a decent sum of cash in return if you manage to win.

High wagering limits are usually accompanied by less restrictive deposit and withdrawal conditions. We’ll go over these two important features later, though. In any case, it’s important to notice that some high roller casinos combine high wagering limits with low withdrawal limits, so it’s good to keep this in check when looking for a new site to play – especially if you want to wager your cash in the best online slots with progressive jackpots!

Game Wagering and Bonus Wagering

The top high roller casinos often feature games made by the best online casino developers in the industry. These games tend to have different restrictions depending on the site, but some games are solely developed to be played with low wagers. The best high roller casinos tend to have variations of these games with less restrictive limits, or might also have games where high wagers are allowed and scrap the low wagering games.

Most of the sites listed in The Casino Wizard as high rollers include welcome packages with over €1000 worth in rewards, and most of the games available are as fun as they get. Be sure to fully take advantage of these offers by depositing the largest sum of cash that you can – you might make a ton of money in return without losing a single penny of your own cash!

Best Online Casino Bonuses

The best high roller casinos will also usually have the best online casino bonuses for players willing to deposit large sums of cash in their accounts. Most of the time, the regular no deposit bonuses of these casinos aren’t too lucrative. In fact, then no deposit bonuses of these sites tend to be directed to the regular low rollers who visit and not to those willing to make large money deposits.

The top high roller casinos in the world are often associated with lucrative deals capable of filling your account with a lot of rewards from the get-go. You could consider a bonus to be a high roller promotion when it exceeds the total amount of €500 or its equivalent in other sorts of currency. If you’re willing to spend hundreds or thousands of euros in an online casino, then you’re most likely a high roller by heart.

Some of the best high roller casino bonuses are divided in multiple deposit promotions, rewarding players with hundreds (or, in some cases, thousands) of euros in rewards by simply making deposits on the casinos. The top high roller bonuses in the world are usually very lenient when it comes to the maximum wagers that you can place with the promotion, but keep in mind that they’re also limited to withdrawal limits in most cases.

Still, some of the best high roller promotions that we have on display here at The Casino Wizard are of the highest quality and will allow players to withdraw unlimited cash in most cases – as long as you can meet the wagering requirements of the bonus, of course.

Bonus Differences

As you can expect, most high roller casino bonuses tend to have some crucial difference between them and other regular online casino bonuses. We’ve listed some of them here, to help you get a better idea of how to know to differentiate between a regular casino bonus and the best high roller bonuses on the planet.

  • High roller bonuses often allow players to make larger bets with the bonus money. Some bonuses may limit players to bet €3, €4, or €5 max per wager, which can be very inconvenient. However, most high roller bonuses scrap that limit and it’s often twice as high for slots, which allows high rollers to fulfill the wagering requirements much quicker than they would with a regular bonus. This is especially important when considering the bonus timeframe limitations – more money means more wagers in the same amount of time, so it’s important to be able to gamble more money to achieve it.
  • The bonuses found in high roller casinos are sometimes more restrictive when it comes to the withdrawal limitations of the offer. For example, some bonuses that only give away up to €100 usually don’t have any winning limitations, meaning that you can earn as much money as possible and withdraw it from the site. However, high roller bonuses usually have a limit depending on how much cash is at stake, in order to prevent the casino from losing thousands of dollars or euros if you win too much. However, most of the best high roller bonuses can be used in progressive jackpot games, unlike most of their regular counterparts. If you happen to win a large jackpot, the high roller casino is almost assuredly going to help you cash out the money of the jackpot on its entirety – even if the amount is larger than a million euros.
  • The top high roller bonuses on the internet are bound to include some amazing match deposit amounts from the get-go. Regular deposit bonuses often give you around 100% of your deposit up to €100, but high roller offers might even grant you a 400% match deposit bonus, going up to hundreds and even thousands of euros per deposit. Some of these examples are listed here at The Casino Wizard. You can find some of the best high roller bonuses, including the top 10 high roller casinos on the planet thanks to our cured list of trustworthy sites.

Less Restrictive Deposits and Withdrawals

High Roller casinos allow players to make larger withdrawals, in most cases. Players who wager on the thousands tend to struggle a lot in casinos that have monthly limits of around €5000, so high roller casinos are specifically designed to aid in the quest for a better casino QoL experience. Most high roller casinos have incredibly large withdrawal limits, with some of them even surpassing the €50k mark per month. It depends on each site’s policies, though.

In any case, withdrawing and depositing money in high roller casinos tends to be one of the most lenient things on the site, alongside the awesome bonuses and promotions that you can find. The best high roller casinos will allow players to make the best out of their time on the site, fully exploit the advantages of the bonuses and reap the rewards of the casino to the max of their abilities.

Most high roller casinos do tend to take a bit longer to send the money to the player’s account, though. This is made as a safety measure, as the sites often verify the funds and the player information to ensure that the deposits and withdrawals are as legal as they can be. It’s highly likely for high roller casinos to ask players for more information when making withdrawals.

Best Casino Loyalty Rewards

The best high roller casinos in the world tend to have some extremely lucrative reward systems for their loyal players. In fact, most high roller casinos offer sections exclusively reserved for those people willing to invest a ton of money in their entertainment, which means that you’ll find high roller tables and tournaments where you can spend significant amounts of cash to play.

Some casinos like to offer recurrent bonuses for players after reaching certain milestones. For example, you might obtain an additional deposit bonus after you’ve wagered €10k on the site. These bonuses are very variable, but high roller casino bonuses tend to involve extremely large sums of cash, which makes them exclusive for people who can afford to pay them.

High roller casinos also use loyalty rewards as a way to differentiate between regular players and high rollers. It’s known that high rollers often like to be recognized given how much cash they play with, and online casinos know this. That’s why you often see promotions that specifically target the wealthy players, while others are directed towards those who want to wager smaller sums of cash.

Types of High Roller Games

One common question that often arises when discussing high roller casinos is how the games work in these sites and how they’re different from their low-roller counterparts. The answer might surprise some – the games are very much the same. In fact, some games have different variations where one version accepts small wagers while the other has a crazy high limit.

In any case, it’s important to know that not every game can be played in high roller casinos. The best high roller casinos on the planet have adapted to include the most popular slots and live dealers’ games on the planet, expanding their player-base further by promising more than what the competition has to offer.

High Roller Slots

High roller slot games are often very similar to the regular slots you find in most online and physical casinos. There’s one giant exception, though – some of these games allow you to bet over €5000 per spin, which is an absolutely insane amount of money, but one that many high rollers are comfortable with. In fact, this sum is almost exactly why many people love high roller casinos – they allow players to decide how much they want to bet and how much they can potentially win.

You’ll find high roller games to be developed by some of the finest minds in the online gaming industry. NetEnt and Microgaming are known for their top quality high roller products, and many other online casino game developers are also focusing their efforts in the creation of these games to please the large player-base of high rollers on the planet.

In any case, high roller slots tend to allow low rollers to participate as well. The minimum wagers are often higher than what you find in regular low roller slots, but with some games starting at €5 per spin, it’s still a good place to participate if you want to wager sums that exceed a couple of euros of value.

High Roller Blackjack

There’s a reason why blackjack is so popular – the game allows players who know how to get around the game to make large sums of money and profit handsomely from their gambles. You can even make a ton of cash by playing blackjack in a regular low roller casino, so it’s only natural for high rollers to look for high roller casinos where blackjack is allowed to be played.

As such, high roller blackjack is one of the most popular games in these sorts of sites. In most cases, you’ll find that high roller casinos offer even better rewards than land-based companies, which makes online gambling an even more attractive option for those who are looking to play table games.

Most high roller casinos have a wide selection of live dealer blackjack games available, as well as roulette and other sorts of incredible table games with ridiculously high limits. You’ll find yourself immersed in the site in no time – just be sure to bring enough money with you, as you’ll be tempted to make those large wagers when you see how lenient the sites are!

High Roller Roulette

Another very type of popular high roller game (and one of the best high roller games on the planet) is the traditional roulette and some of its variants. If you’ve visited a regular online casino before, it’s likely that you’ve noticed that the roulette tables have some strict limits when it comes to how much you can wager. High roller roulette will allow players to spend thousands of euros in cash if they so desire.

You might not find online roulette to be as lenient with its wagers as the traditional land-based roulette games, but it’s always good to know that you’re playing from the comfort of your own home. Look for high roller casinos with leave dealer roulette if you want to feel like you’re actually visiting a land-based casino without having to stand up from your chair!

High Roller Poker

When it comes to high roller poker, videopoker is not the only option to choose from. Many high roller casinos (including the best high roller casinos in the world) have special tables set for their high roller to play in. Many high rollers like to join their fellow high-stakes gamblers in these bets, and you’ll be able to play in high roller casinos using your money against theirs.

High stakes poker tables are very common in land-based casinos, but not every online site has them available for their players. The top high roller casinos in the UK and the best high roller casinos in the world do tend to have these tables open at all times, and you can find players willing to bet thousands of dollars and euros per hand. If you love poker and its variations, then high roller poker is the one for your needs!

Things to Keep in Mind in High Roller Casinos

Participating in these casinos sounds good, mainly because you’re bound to make a large profit if you play your cards right. However, you shouldn’t go playing around blindly with your money – even if you have a lot of it to spare. This list will serve as a way to guide you when visiting a high roller casino. Take care of yourself when gambling, as these sites can be dangerous if you don’t play right!

Losing Too Much Cash

It’s almost a given that high roller casinos involve the player investing a lot of cash in each gamble. This could lead to the player making a lot of money in return for their investment, but it could also make them vulnerable to losing large sums of cash. It’s important that you set limits for yourself when wagering in a high roller casino – especially when the stakes of the game are very high.

This is even more important if you’re playing in a live table with other players. You might feel tempted to keep going in order to beat your rivals, but it’s important to know when to stop or you could lose a lot of money in a short amount of time.

Selecting Your Games

Know which games to play with your money. High roller casinos have a large selection of slots, but some developers like to make games with better house edge than others. Investigate your casino and know which providers make the fairest games so you can choose the one that benefits you the most. These are also the most likely games to net you a sweet profit, so choose carefully!

Playing in the Right Casinos

It’s natural for players to read about an awesome bonus and jump straight to claim the offer. This is hardly the smart choice, though. Some high roller casinos with dubious reputations tend to lure players by promising ridiculous rewards in exchange for hefty deposit amounts. It’s important that you stick to the best high roller casinos when wagering with a lot of money so you avoid scams and impossible offers.

The high roller casino available in The Casino Wizard have all survived the test of time and their reputation has remained intact through their existence. The bonuses that we present here are exclusively made by the best of the best!