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MaChance Casino Review

The MaChance Casino is a straightforward online casino with not too many features to offer, but with a large selection of games that you’ll be able to enjoy with bonuses and incredible rewards. The site comes with everything needed to fulfill the basic needs of an online gamer, although it lacks a strong bonus program.

We want you to be fully aware of how the MaChance Casino works before you start betting on the site, so we have written this complete MaChance Casino review to help you see how the site is structured.


We’ll be taking a closer look at the fantastic bonus promotions available at the casino, the MaChance bonus program, a large number of world-class games to be found, and every jackpot that is here to be won.

Check out our full MaChance Casino review and discover why this casino may be the one that you’ve been looking for!

What We Loved About the MaChance Casino

There are plenty of reasons why we think that the MaChance Casino is one of the best sites casinos that you can visit, and we want to take a closer look at this fantastic website to see if you share the same opinion as we do.

First, we’re going to tell you two of the things that we loved the most about our MaChance experience. These stood out among the rest and truly helped us turn a blind eye to some of the site’s most negative features, such as the insanely high wagering requirements for bonuses (we’ll go into details about this later).

Rewards Every Day!

The MaChance Casino Bonus Wheel and the daily deposit bonuses available for every player make it possible for you to pick any reward that you want and get properly credited with free cash and free spins every single day that you spend at the MaChance Casino. Rewards are aplenty here – you just need to know where to look for them.

Do keep in mind that the MaChance Bonus Wheel provides you with random prizes. Some days you may not receive the best of rewards, while others may inject your account with a ton of bonus cash and free spins to enjoy. It’s all about luck at the MaChance Casino!

No Loading Times – Instant Pop-Ups

Another fantastic feature that we truly loved about the MaChance Casino was the fact that the site comes with virtually no annoying loading times. You won’t have to wait for pages to load, unlike it does happen in some of the biggest casinos in the world – everything happens on the site’s homepage, except when you decide to open a game and play it.

The fact that the site works with small popups instead of taking you to a new page when you click a link is the main reason why it all works so smoothly and loading times are almost non-existent.

MaChance Casino Games – The Best Casino Games Within Reach

If you’re a fan of quality casino games, then you’re going to love what the MaChance Casino has in store for you. In fact, if there’s one thing to take away from our MaChance review, is that the casino’s game section is the strongest feature of the site.


With almost two thousand slot games to enjoy, fantastic table games all over the casino, and an incredible live dealer section, the MaChance Casino is home to some of the best casino games that the online casino industry has to offer. Where will your MaChance gaming adventure begin?

Slots – Up to 1760 Slots to Enjoy!

This incredible website is home to more than 1700 slot games for you to choose exactly the game that you want to enjoy from the moment that you register and onwards. IF you check out the MaChance Casino game providers, you will notice that the site is home to many of the world’s best game-makers in the industry.


From classic slot games to new titles constantly populating this casino’s gallery, the MaChance Casino is a great place to visit if you’re a fan of video slots.

The only downside of the casino, when taking a look at the site’s gallery, is that there aren’t any of the popular progressive jackpot slots that we’ve all grown to love.

Table Games

We’ve seen some fantastic online casinos host a rather poor selection of table games with just over 20 titles to enjoy, so we didn’t want to get our hopes up when we first opened up the fantastic MaChance Casino.


This was another one of the site’s features that we got to enjoy thoroughly and we loved every second of it. There really are over 70 table games to enjoy, including some of the best variants of classic table games like baccarat and roulette.

If you’re a fan of trying out your luck in different casino table games, you’re going to love your stay at the MaChance Casino. It was one of the best parts of writing our MaChance Casino review!

Tournament Games

Tournament games are not always the same, as the MaChance Casino changes things up to keep its tournaments fresh and constantly updated. The site’s Tournament Games allow you to collect extra points and obtain rewards on site-wide tournaments, allowing players to get even more prizes and making up for the lack of a complete bonus selection on the casino.


These tournaments are not as good as the ones found in other sites such as mBit or Betsson, but they’re still worth checking out!

The MaChance Live Casino – Live Games for Days!

The MaChance Casino may lack a high-quality selection of jackpot games, but it makes up for it thanks to an insane selection of some of the best live casino games that we have ever played. Provided by the best live casino developers in the industry, the MaChance live casino is where we spent most of our time while writing this MaChance Casino review.


The site’s Roulette tables are a blast, with high-roller and low-roller options to spend your money on. Blackjack tables don’t fall behind, as there are also plenty of options for you to choose from.

MaChance Casino Promotions

The MaChance Casino may not host as many promotions as other casinos, but there really is a bit of everything on this site. Starting with a lucrative welcome bonus that adapts to your needs, this casino provides every player with something that they’re after.


Let’s take a look at the four different bonuses found at MaChance and see whether it’s worth claiming them or not.

Your Custom MaChance Welcome Bonus

The MaChance Casino staff have managed to create a couple of different deposit bonuses to suit the needs of every type of player. You can claim a staggering prize that doubles your deposit, or a smaller prize that quadruples your deposit. It’s up to you, and here are the two options:

  • You can deposit $250 and play with $500 (100% up to $500) or…
  • You can deposit $20 and play with $80 (300% match deposit up to $80)

Both bonuses are subjected to the same wagering requirements. Choose the one that adapts to your need, but bear in mind that the smaller bonus is maybe easier to cash out as you’ll get to play with the bonus cash after running out of your own money (if that ever happens, of course).

The MaChance Bonus Wheel

The MaChance Bonus Wheel is a special promotion that packs your account with a random bonus every day. As long as you stay an active member of the casino, the MaChance casino will allow you to spin this fantastic wheel any day of the week.


The only issue with this wheel is that some bonuses are not lucrative at all. It’s difficult to complain when you don’t even need to spend cash to claim them, though!

Cashbacks Wherever You Look

The MaChance Casino also has a fantastic cashback program put in place by the MaChance staff, where the higher-ranked players in the site’s loyalty program will have access to some of the best casino rewards on the internet.

Higher cashback percentages and more cashable money per day will become available as you progress through the site’s ranks. It’s a fun and really rewarding program, but the cashback money is subjected to wagering requirements!

Bonuses on EVERY Deposit!

Even though this is mostly a benefit for those that have been on the casino for a while, the MaChance website makes it possible for players that belong to the loyalty program to get extra cash on every deposit. That’s on top of the standard bonus wheel spins that you get every day on the site, of course.

The higher you manage to climb on the MaChance Casino loyalty program, the better rewards you will be able to unlock. There’s a higher percentage of cash that you can earn with each level that you manage to climb, starting at 0% on the first level and ending with as much as 30% on the site’s last level.

Are High Wagering Requirements Worth It?

It all depends on how much you intend to play at the MaChance Casino. One thing that we learned with our MaChance Casino review is that the site’s wagering requirements make it really difficult for players to withdraw money – even when using our experience cashing out welcome bonuses in other rather non-lenient casinos.

With wagering requirements of 90 times the amount of your bonuses, it’s really difficult to cash out rewards at the casino.

We urge you to either see the bonus as way to enjoy your time at the casino or simply to avoid them altogether. Don’s see the MaChance Casino bonuses as ways to earn a ton of cash or you may end up rather disappointed – and we don’t want that to happen!

MaChance Casino Loyalty Program - The VIP Club

Looking for a fantastic loyalty program capable of rewarding all sorts of players? If so, the MaChance Casino houses a world-class loyalty program that keeps the same format that we’ve grown accustomed to seeing in high-quality casinos.

Among some of our favorite features stands the fantastic MaChance level-based reward system, where every player will be able to fall into one of the site’s categories and get rightfully rewarded for their time and efforts.

Systems such as this one make it possible for low rollers to be rewarded whilst high rollers still get the best rewards on the site. We’ve seen plenty of casinos that cater to high roller and forget about their other players, so it’s good to see that the MaChance Casino hasn’t opted for such an annoying approach.

The MaChance Bonus Table – What You Should Know

As you can see, the MaChance Casino presents every member with a bonus table, where you’ll be able to get a good idea of which rewards you’ll get as you progress through the ranks of the casino.


The main difference between the MaChance loyalty rewards and those you’d expect to find in other websites is that there’s a daily cashback offer based on your loyalty level (ranging from €25 to €100 per day) to an up to 30% bonus on every single deposit made on the site.

The more you play, the better rewarded you’ll be. It’s that simple.

MaChance Casino for Mobile Devices – How Does it Fare?

The MaChance Casino stands as a great mobile casino thanks to the site’s overall quick loading times. You shouldn’t have much of an issue loading anything on a mobile device thanks to how well it all works and how quickly everything loads.

Popups do work a bit differently on mobile phones than they do in the site’s desktop version, but the MaChance mobile version is well and truly recommended – especially if you’re looking to play online slots. 

MaChance Casino Payments and Withdrawals

The MaChance Casino has one of the biggest gaps when it comes to payment and withdrawal methods. The site really offers a bunch of resourceful payment options for you to put your cash in your account in almost any way that you wish, but the MaChance casino withdrawal methods are not nearly as plentiful.

In any case, provided that you have either Skrill or Neteller, you won’t have any issues withdrawing or depositing money into the MaChance Casino regardless of which country you’re visiting the casino from. Those are the best go-to options for getting your money in and out of the site.

Skrill and Neteller Withdrawals at MaChance

One of the biggest downsides of the MaChance Casino is that most of the payment withdrawals that the site is able to process must be done with Skrill or Neteller. Depending on where you live, there’s a really good chance that these are the only two payment options that you’ll see available at the time of a withdrawal.

This is a rule huge disadvantage seeing as how many people prefer other withdrawal options, such as direct payment or even bitcoin transfers, instead of e-wallet withdrawals.

We’re not too sure why the MaChance Casino has opted for this approach, but the fact that this is a major disadvantage for the casino cannot be hidden.

MaChance Casino Customer Support

The MaChance Casino customer support doesn’t give us much to complain about. In fact, we’d say that the site’s customer support is on par with the best player-friendly casinos on the internet.

You have many ways in which you can reach the site’s staff (including a direct phone call), but we recommend you check out the site’s live chat if you want quick response times without having to opt for a long-distance call.

You should receive an answer from the site's customer support staff almost immediately, and they will be quick to forward you to a pertinent staff member should they not be able to resolve the issue that you present them with.

Overall, we feel like the MaChance customer support has been rather kind to us, but we’ve seen friendlier staff in sites such as LeoVegas.

Register Instantly and Play at MaChance Casino!

The MaChance Casino definitely has its own set of pros and cons, and perhaps there are a few more cons than we would’ve liked to see, but it’s still a great casino to recommend to our readers. This site comes packed with a couple of amazing features and a handful of fantastic bonuses that make gamblers rediscover their joy for slot gameplay like no other casino is able to do.

Even though MaChance Casino bonuses come with some rather hefty wagering requirements, we encourage you to not try them out if you don’t want. Still, register on this fantastic website and play slots and the casino’s site-wide tournaments to access the best rewards that MaChance has to offer.

This MaChance Casino review shows you why you should give this fantastic website a try, so be sure to register at the site now and start your journey while you can!

MaChance Casino Pros

  • Slot tournaments
  • Fantastic live casino
  • Great selection of table games

MaChance Casino Cons

  • Insanely high wagering requirements
  • Limited bonus selection

Casino Review by Matt


Matt is co-founder and online marketing expert at The Casino Wizard. He has a master degree in leisure management, and is an online marketing expert for more than 10+ years. He has been a blogger for Frankwatching and Emerce, covering webanalytics and search related topics.  Matt started his iGaming career as a former gaming geek and an online bonus hunter for poker games. Matt is always looking for opportunities for growth and willing to take the risk to push the limits in the iGaming industry.


The MaChance Casino has made it possible for players to claim free spins in two traditional ways. You can either obtain free spins on your first deposit, which is the easiest and only assured way to get them, or you can spin the MaChance Bonus Wheel once per day to try to obtain bonus-free spins. Bear in mind that the rewards obtained via the MaChance Bonus Wheel are random; you cannot choose which bonus comes of it, and it is entirely dependent on your luck.

Since there aren’t many bonuses at the MaChance Casino, they are easily claimed by simply making a qualifying deposit on the site, depending on which bonus is available for you. For example, if you want to claim the MaChance First Deposit bonus, all you need to do is make one deposit on the site after creating your account. The bonus cash and the free spins will be credited shortly after, which means that you won’t even have to enter any bonus codes to get them. The Bonus Wheel is available to be spun once per day.

The MaChance Casino is legit, operated by Play Logia N.V. with a license supplied by the Curacao Government. The site has opted to provide users with some rather hefty wagering requirements for their bonuses, which remains a technical decision on the owners’ part, but it’s still a safe casino that you can visit and play on.

Credit cards and e-wallet services are all widely accepted payment methods at the MaChance Casino, but the fastest way to withdraw your money from the site is to ask the site to provide it via e-wallets (especially Skrill and Neteller). In any case, credit card payments and e-wallet services make up the majority of payment methods available at MaChance.

The MaChance Casino offers a really straightforward loyalty program where you’ll be able to level up your account by collecting points at the casino, and unlock better rewards as your time on the site goes on. One of the main benefits of the MaChance loyalty program is that players will be entitled to receive cashbacks based on how many loyalty points they have managed to collect. As such, the more you play, you will be entitled to get more of your lost money back. But beware: bonus cashbacks are subjected to wagering requirements at MaChance.

The MaChance Casino works fairly well on most mobile devices. The site doesn’t come with many features that could lag your device, so it all comes down to you having a mobile browser in which you visit the casino. You can play most casino games on mobile without issue at the MaChance website. If you have a stable connection, you should be able to play live casino games as well.

The MaChance Casino offers a live casino section that you can access on the site’s home page. It’s listed as one of the game categories of the site under “Live Casino”, and it’s home to a large array of table and contest games that you can easily enjoy. However, do keep in mind that the casino isn’t home to as many live casino games as others. There are just over 70 live casino games to play at the MaChance Casino, so it’s up to you to choose the one that you like the most.

The “Tournament” game category of the MaChance Casino will allow you to participate in different slot games that allow players to participate in the site’s slot tournaments. These tournaments make it possible for you to collect points and surpass other players in the standings, with the best-placed players able to claim some monumental rewards. It’s a way for the MaChance Casino to provide users with extra ways to win, even if the site doesn’t offer a lot of bonuses on its own. They’re fun and, most importantly, they’re often held in slots that aren’t mainstream; you’ll get to try out new games and win extra cash along the way!

The MaChance Bonus Wheel is a special promotion made available by the site in which you’ll be able to spin a random bonus wheel once per day, which will grant you a random bonus that will be instantly credited to your account. Use the MaChance Bonus Wheel by simply visiting the site on a daily basis. You will see the option to spin the wheel almost as soon as you log in, as the site has it as a special pop-up that shows up whenever the wheel is available to all players. Spin it and win random prizes now!

The MaChance Casino has opted to provide players with many bonuses for them to claim, but most of the site’s promotions come with some very hefty wagering requirements. They are high because the casino’s owners have chosen for them to be high, so we recommend you proceed carefully when claiming bonuses on the casino. There are other casinos with lower wagering requirements that you’ll be able to find using our list of top online casinos.

The MaChance Casino offers every player the chance to obtain cashbacks on all of the money that they have lost on the casino. Your standing on the site’s VIP program will ultimately determine how much money you can get as part of a cashback bonus. Every player is entitled to get a cashback on their lost money at the MaChance Casino, though. This site doesn’t limit cashbacks to their high rollers. Just be sure to become a loyal member of MaChance and spend your cash here to get up to $100 on lost cash credited back to your account.


3 MaChance Casino Games to Play with Free Bonus Money

3 MaChance Casino Games to Play with Free Bonus Money

Visit MaChance and play these 3 recommended slots to make the best of your free money and free spins earned at this incredible online casino.

Claim (No) Deposit Free Spins at MaChance Casino

Claim (No) Deposit Free Spins at MaChance Casino

Claim MaChance free spins and earn real cash playing the best slot games on the internet at one of the best casinos out there!

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  • Casino Software Betsoft, Evolution Gaming, iSoftBet, Microgaming, NetEnt, Play'n Go, Pragmatic Play, Yggdrasil Gaming
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  • Languages

    English, Spanish, French, German, Italian

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    Play Logia N.V.

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  • Deposit methods

    EcoPayz, MasterCard, Neteller, Paysafe Card, Visa, Skrill, Bitcoin, Zimpler, Cashlib, Litecoin, Ethereum

  • Withdrawal methods

    Bank Wire Transfer, Neteller, Skrill, Bitcoin

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  • Maximum Withdrawal


  • Withdrawal limit

    €1,500 per week

  • Withdrawal times E-wallets

    24 hours

  • Withdrawal times Credit Cards

    Not Offered

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    Not Offered

  • Withdrawal times Bank Transfers

    3-7 days

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