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Searching for instant play casinos? These types of casinos allow the player to type in any given address and simply start playing games directly through the site – no other steps required. Most of these gambling sites ask the player to have certain computer components updated, like the Java and Flash plugins, but there are no other additional requirements in addition to those.

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What is an instant play casino?

Instant play casinos are gambling sites with games that you can play without any prior download or external process. These are sites that you can visit on any browser and play all of their games with or without an account. You can decide whether to make a deposit or not once you create an account on an instant play casino.

Instant play casinos are types of no download casinos.

Why & Why Not to Play in an Instant Play Casino

It’s common for players to ask themselves whether they should play in a regular casino or if they should do it in an instant play casino. Since the arguments aren’t always mutually exclusive, some players even prefer to play in various websites at the same time, and those who want to stay in a single place simply choose whichever one they like the most.

However, it’s important to understand the reasons as to why it might be best for you to play in an instant play casino. The advantages that one of these sites brings make it a good option to consider even when you’re not necessarily considering it.

Mac Users

People who own a Mac computer (or a computer that runs anything but Windows) might be better off opting to play in an instant play casino. Most pieces of casino software are specifically designed to run on a Windows OS, which means that there could be trouble when trying to run one of these online casino programs in another computer.

In fact, most Windows-only programs are not even installable in other computers. If you want to play casino games in a non-Windows device, it might be best for you to choose an instant play casino.

Players with Limited Hard Drive Space

Some online casinos require you to download relatively large programs in order to play their games. This could be troublesome for players with limited disk space, and it could even be detrimental if there’s no more room left in their disk drives.

Instant play casinos don’t require any files to be directly downloaded to your computer (they’re as safe as a normal casino, though, so there’s nothing to worry about it). You can play without filling any of your hard drives whenever you want!

Mobile Players

Granted, most modern casinos are offering players the chance to download special apps in order to play games comfortably on their devices. However, not every casino has gotten to release a dedicated mobile app, and this is where instant play casinos have a huge role.

You can simply open your phone’s mobile browser and enter the address of the instant play online casino. Most of these websites are designed to work very well in smartphones, so you should be able to run every casino game there with no issues at all. You should try out the site on mobile before you make a deposit, though – it’s important to see if it will work or not beforehand.

Number of Games

Most instant play online casinos boast a large number of games, and almost every single one of them is compatible with mobile devices. Most top tier casino game developers have created games that can be run directly through your browser and mobile phone, making everything much more accessible for you regardless of where you want to play.

Game Quality

Even though most modern online casinos that are compatible with mobile devices offer quality games, the whole point of downloading dedicated software is to ensure that every game is of the highest quality possible. As such, playing in an instant play casino may not grant you the chance to play the most polished version of a game.

Addiction Warning

It might be best for gambling addicts to stay away from instant play casinos. The temptation of having one of these gambling environments just one click away might be too much for some to take, which could have a negative impact on players that feel the need to be constantly wagering. This isn’t a negative feature of the instant play casinos, but you should still consider it, nonetheless.

Thousands of Slots

Another great advantage of using instant play casinos is that there’s an incredibly large variety of slot games at your disposal. In fact, most mobile instant play casinos mainly offer slots. Other games are also available, but you’ll find more slots than you would in any other average casino.

Instant play casinos are not commonly known for their quality live dealer games, although the online gambling industry does have some exceptions in this regard.

Types of Instant Play Casinos

Every instant play casino may be cataloged into one of two groups. There are the regular desktop instant play casinos, which are specially designed to be used on the screen of a computer, and there are other mobile casinos which are mainly designed to be used on your phone.

Desktop Instant Play Casinos

The games that you can find in a desktop instant play casino look and perform much better in a computer than they do in a phone. In fact, these games are often much better optimized and have more detail, which you’ll need to see on a big screen in order to appreciate better.

However, there are some desktop instant play casinos that are also compatible with mobile devices. You’ll need to read about compatibility on the page of your favorite online casino.

Mobile Instant Play Casinos

Mobile instant play casinos have games that usually run very fast on a computer because they’re optimized to run very well on mobile. Considering that not every mobile phone has a lot of RAM memory to spare, it might be best to choose one of these specialized casinos if you want to gamble on your phone.

Most mobile casinos are usually available for PC play, but it’s not always true the other way around. You must read through the specific rules and requirements of a casino to properly identify where it works best.

Mobile Casinos are widely available in hundreds of countries. Many of the best UK bitcoin casinos can also be accessed on any computer, allowing you to spend your bitcoins in the best casino games from any device that you own, and the same goes for American bitcoin casinos. Your type of preferred currency isn't limiting to download casinos - flash casinos provide all players with a chance to enjoy themselves as thoroughly as possible.

How to Select a Top Tier Instant Play Casino

Every instant play casino has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. As such, it’s important for players to know how to identify a good top tier instant play casino and not fall into the grasp of a below average site. This list comprises the most important aspects to consider when judging the quality of one of these sites, and thus serves as a good way to measure their effectiveness.

Casino Safety

Not every online casino offers the same level of safety when it comes to protecting the data of each user. There’s a system which defines the quality of safety that a casino offers to its players called data encryption. Some casinos offer great levels of data encryption, which makes your personal information very hard to steal.

There are various types of encryption and not every instant play casino uses the same type, but your information will be better protected in casinos that use high-standard SSL encryption are often touted as the most secure. Look for casinos with this type of encryption and you should be all but set.

Notice the Game Providers

An instant play casino works just like any other online casino – the games aren’t made directly by the casino, they are merely published on the site and the instant play casino deals with your transactions, provides bonuses, offers deposits and withdrawals, and helps solve any issues that the player may have.

As such, top-quality game developers are reluctant to offer their games to sites that don’t deserve them. If you see an instant play casino that only offers games from lesser-known developers, it might be better for you to fully avoid creating an account on the site.

On the other hand, if an instant play casino offers games from the best developers on the planet, you probably will enjoy what the casino has to offer. Some of the best developers of online casino games are NetEnt, Yggdrasil, Evolution Gaming, NYX, Endorphina, and Microgaming. If you see their games published in an instant play casino, you can rest assured that the site holds a good reputation.

Look at Bonuses

Here at The Casino Wizard, we always emphasize the importance of reading about the terms and conditions of every bonus. Furthermore, the bonuses are often a reflection of how the casino acts and how good they are with their players. If you want to find a good instant play casino, noticing the quality of their bonuses is a good way to go.

Look for instant play casinos that allow you to use your favorite payment methods in order to obtain bonuses, and make sure that the wagering requirements offered by the site are fair to the player.

If an online casino offers large wagering requirements and a small timeframe in which you can fulfill them, you might be better off moving elsewhere, as the bonuses will rarely hold any real value.

However, if you find a site that offers good odds to the player and low wagering requirements, that often means that the instant play casino cares for the player and wants them to do well on the site. They’ll never give away money for free, but less restrictive casinos are usually regarded much higher by their communities.

Read Opinions

Everything that you read online about a casino will help you determine how good it is. Here at The Casino Wizard we have reviewed a lot of instant play casinos, and it’s important that you take the time to read them. It will help you form your own judgment of a site before committing financially to its services.

You could also take a look at gambling forums to see what other users think about a certain instant play casino. It’s always important to read the thoughts of other players, as some of them have probably used the instant play casino’s games for a long time and they know how to deal with any issues or mishaps.

Check for Licenses

The main thing you’ll want to consider when selecting one of these casinos is how many licenses they hold. If the casino doesn’t hold any respected licenses, you may want to avoid it completely. Some licenses are widely regarded as respected and casinos that hold them usually have top quality customer services and offer good payouts.

Look for casinos that hold licenses in the United Kingdom – the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, otherwise referred to as the UKGC, is the most respected casino license that an online institution can hold.

Licenses from the official gambling commissions of Curacao and Malta often reflect the quality of an instant play casino as well.

Device Compatibility

Apart from the games available on a site, it’s always important to notice if the instant play casino is compatible with your device. Some online casinos require you to use certain devices in order to access them. As such, entering from a Mac computer may not allow the casino plugins to work. It’s important to keep an eye out for the site’s device compatibility before you commit to an instant play casino.

This issue is usually experienced mainly by mobile users. Some mobile devices are simply not compatible with certain websites, and if you intend to use a site from your mobile phone, you should always try it out first before making a deposit via your computer.

How to Play in an Instant Play Casino

The process of playing in an instant play casino tends to be very similar to that of a regular online casino. The first thing you’ll need to do is register an online account after making sure that the casino works in the device that you’re going to use it. It’s always easier to follow the registration steps in a computer, so if you have access to one, we recommend you use it.

Keep in mind that there are hundreds of online instant play casinos, so you’re going to need to make some research if you want to find your ideal wagering place.

We recommend you read some of your own reviews to find one, as those casino features on The Casino Wizard are the most reputable sites in the online casino community.

After creating an account, simply make your first deposit on the site and make sure that you claim any available bonuses. If there are no deposit bonuses available to use, it’s always good to select them before making your first deposit. Some sites might even want you to wager the no deposit cash with your deposit money, which further emphasizes the importance of reading the bonus rules first.

Always check for a Mobile Version button if you’re going to play on mobile – most sites should automatically change to mobile when browsing on a smartphone, but some may require you to manually select the option when first entering the site. It should be either at the top or at the bottom part of the page.

The Importance of Instant Play Casinos

An instant play casino is mainly designed to allow every type of player to gamble wherever they want. If your internet is going slowly and it takes quite a bit of time to download a full casino program, you’d be better of playing in an instant play casino instead. Most modern casinos are opting to offer these services because of how easily accessible they are, and the number of users that they have is growing because of it.

These casinos are often usually referred to as No-Download Casinos as well, give the ease of use that they offer.

The only download that happens in these sites are purely local and stored in your computer’s cache, which means that they’ll be removed from your device as soon as you leave the site. They won’t take up any space and you can freely delete any leftover data at any time.

Modern online casinos have all opted to become instant play or at least have some sort of instant play option in order to allow more people to join their sites without thinking too much about it.

Most of these casinos often offer some good welcome bonuses to further spice up the offer, making them far more attractive to people from all over the world. Some instant play casinos have specialized in offering slots as an exclusive option, as these are the most commonly played type of game in mobile gambling.

However, you’ll also find some very elaborate instant play casinos that allow you to play live dealer games without having to download any software to your device.

The quality of these casinos is often variable, but you’ll be able to come across some awesome no-download casinos that offer tempting bonuses and great games. Check out our list of reviews to help you decide which instant play casino to use!

Last updated  June 19, 2024

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