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Our list of the best Ethereum casinos aims to bring you the safest, fully licensed ETH casinos on the internet. Learn all you need to know about Ethereum casinos and discover the magic of next-level crypto gambling right on this page!

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Ethereum Casinos

Ethereum Casinos
Best Bitcoin Casino 2022 1 mBit Casino Logo
Up to Free 5 BTC + 300 Free Spins
Minimum deposit: 0.0001 BTC Wagering requirements: 40xb T&C apply Play responsibly
Up to Free 5 BTC + 300 Free Spins
Minimum deposit: 0.0001 BTC Wagering requirements: 40xb
Players' Choice Casino 2 BitStarz Casino Logo
100% up to $/€500 / 5 BTC + 180 Free Spins
Minimum deposit: €20 Wagering requirements: 40xb T&C apply Play responsibly
100% up to $/€500 / 5 BTC + 180 Free Spins
Minimum deposit: €20 Wagering requirements: 40xb
3 7Bit Casino Logo
Up to $/€500 (or 5 BTC) + 100 Spins
Minimum deposit: 0.005 BTC Wagering requirements: 40x T&C apply Play responsibly
Up to $/€500 (or 5 BTC) + 100 Spins
Minimum deposit: 0.005 BTC Wagering requirements: 40x
Best Crypto Casino 2022 4 FortuneJack Casino Logo
Up to 6BTC or $1,200
Wagering requirements: 30xb T&C apply Play responsibly
Up to 6BTC or $1,200
Wagering requirements: 30xb
5 King Billy Casino Logo
Up to €2,500 + 250 Free Spins
Minimum deposit: €10 Wagering requirements: x30b T&C apply Play responsibly
Up to €2,500 + 250 Free Spins
Minimum deposit: €10 Wagering requirements: x30b
6 Katsubet Casino Logo
100% up to $/€500 + 100 Free Spins
Show bonus code
Minimum deposit: €10 Wagering requirements: 45xb T&C apply Play responsibly
100% up to $/€500 + 100 Free Spins
Show bonus code
Minimum deposit: €10 Wagering requirements: 45xb
7 Coinslotty Casino Logo
10 Free Spins No Deposit Bonus
Minimum deposit: 0.01 USDT Wagering requirements: 50xb T&C apply Play responsibly
10 Free Spins No Deposit Bonus
Minimum deposit: 0.01 USDT Wagering requirements: 50xb
8 Cloudbet Casino Logo
100% Up to 5 BTC for New Players
Minimum deposit: 0.001 BTC Wagering requirements: Offer Uses Bonus Points T&C apply Play responsibly
100% Up to 5 BTC for New Players
Minimum deposit: 0.001 BTC Wagering requirements: Offer Uses Bonus Points
9 Red Dog Casino Logo
225% Up to $12,250 on 1st Deposit
Show bonus code
Minimum deposit: $10 Wagering requirements: 30xb+d T&C apply Play responsibly
225% Up to $12,250 on 1st Deposit
Show bonus code
Minimum deposit: $10 Wagering requirements: 30xb+d
10 Casitsu Casino Logo
Up to €1,000 + 25 Free Spins
Show bonus code
Wagering requirements: 30xb T&C apply Play responsibly
Up to €1,000 + 25 Free Spins
Show bonus code
Wagering requirements: 30xb
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The Best Ethereum Casinos in 2022 – What We Expect to See

Ethereum is, arguably, the second-biggest cryptocurrency in the world, with its peak not being nearly as high as bitcoin but still providing users with the chance to manipulate a ton of money that makes Ether very worthwhile crypto. That’s why many online casinos that offer bitcoin also tend to accept Ethereum as a payment and withdrawal method.

The best Ether casinos in the world, which also tend to stand as the best cryptocurrency casinos that the iGaming world has in store for you, tend to follow a few simple guidelines that make them the best casinos that this year has to offer. We’ll be exploiting these guidelines and features on this page!

How to Start Gambling with Ethereum in 2022

Even though many people think that crypto gambling can be a bit troublesome or hard to get into, that couldn’t really be farther from the truth. Getting to play with cryptos is as easy as it gets, and you only need to follow a few simple steps in order to make the best of your time as a crypto gambler.

In order to begin wagering with Ethereum, all you’ll need is to:

1. Buy the Coin

First things first: if you want to wager with Ethereum, you’re going to need to buy some. You can do this quite easily if you already have a crypto wallet, but if you don’t, you may want to get one first. These online casinos open a virtual wallet for you to store your money, but you cannot freely access it. You need to transfer money to it.

2. Get a Cryptocurrency Wallet

As we said, if you don’t have a cryptocurrency wallet, you’ll need to get one. We won’t be making any recommendations as to which one to get as it all depends on what you’re looking for (some wallet services are also trading apps, so we’ll leave the decision making to you).

Make sure you get an app that properly suits your needs and you’ll be good to go to start wagering with Ethereum.

3. Create an Account in an Ethereum Casino

Once you’re sure that you can make deposits in Ethereum, you’ll want to open an account on any casino that we’ve listed on this page, like mBit or the 7BitCasino.

You can also make deposits with bitcoins or even regular money in some of these casinos, and then withdraw your cash in ETH. It’s really that easy!

4. Deposit Your Cryptos and Play!

Now that you have full access to your Ethereum and you’ve made sure to create your account on the casino that you’ve chosen to visit, here comes the easy part: now, all you have to do is choose to make a deposit and transfer your Ethereum to your online casino account and you’ll be set to play the best games in the industry using your cryptos.

You can also use your bank-regulated currency in order to deposit money in some of these casinos, if that’s what you choose to do.

A Quick Guide on How to Obtain Ethereum

If you’re still unsure of how to obtain Ether currency, we have come here with 3 quick ways that will ensure you a top-quality Ethereum casino experience by allowing you to quickly get your hands on some of the world’s most popular cryptos. These are the three main and legal ways in which you can get the coin:

Mine Your Own Cryptos

The most common way to get your hands on Ethereum is to mine it. Cryptocurrency mining can be a daunting task for your computer and you’ll need quite a specialized set up in order to take full advantage of it, but a proper setup will get you sorted for the best iGaming crypto experience on the planet.

Buy them in Exchanges

You can also visit exchanges if you wish to use your money to buy Ethereum directly without having to mine it. There are thousands of online casino exchanges that you can use, which are fully reliable and regulated. All you need is to make sure that you visit a safe one and you’ll be good to go.

Trade Them for Other Cryptos

You can also use your other cryptos, should you own them, and trade them for Ethereum. Some online casinos will exchange the coins themselves, but the safest way to get your hands on ETH with other cryptos is to visit crypto exchanges and trading your own cryptos for people willing to sell their ETH.

Exploring Ethereum & Crypto Casinos – A Unique Experience

Why do so many gamblers opt to play in Ethereum and crypto casinos in general? The answer is quite simple: cryptocurrency is a type of currency that has become extremely popular in recent years. Not only that, but cryptocurrency payments and withdrawals guarantee the fastest processing times in the iGaming industry.

Safe and secure payments, instant transactions, volatile money, and the chance to claim even more lucrative bonuses than you can in regular casinos are just some of the reasons why Ethereum casinos are among the most popular in the world!

Features of Ethereum Casinos that Make Us Love Them

Ethereum Casinos are not the same as other online casinos. In fact, bitcoin casinos and crypto casinos, in general, tend to be incredible and stand out in many different ways from the norm. We have compiled a list of Ethereum casino features that we truly believe that makes them stand out, so read them and see why these sites are so popular to be visited in the iGaming world:

Variety of Games to be Played with Ethereum

You can always visit a regular online casino, play with your money, withdraw it, and then turn it into bitcoins or Ethereum by purchasing them in exchange. However, we believe that process to be tedious and quite unnecessary having access to so many incredible casinos that allow you to wager your cryptos directly.

You can play directly with your cryptos in the best casino games if you visit an Ethereum Casino!

Unique Crypto Games

Some games that you’ll find on these sites are exclusive to cryptocurrency casinos. Of course, some of these games might not be as good as other industry greats like Starburst or Book of Dead, but it’s always good that you’ll be counting on some variety and on something that differs from the norm in these fantastic online casinos.

World-Class Ethereum Bonuses

There’s one major difference that makes Ethereum casinos stand out from the rest: the bonuses that these casinos have in store for you are something else. If you dare claim a bonus with Ethereum, Bitcoin, Doge, or Lithium in many of these casinos, you will have the chance to obtain ridiculously large sums of money that could very well be worth more than €20,000 with a single deposit.

Wagering requirements will be hefty, of course, but there’s a good chance that you end up with a ton of cash for free if you dare visit some of these incredible online casinos.

Exclusive Promotions and Ethereum Casino Tournaments

Apart from the bonuses that you can claim upon depositing money in these online casinos, you will also have the chance to participate in tournaments that will allow you to earn extra cash by obtaining a good place on the leaderboards.

Sites like BitStarz and mBit tend to offer regular tournaments with cryptocurrency prizes for you to earn as you participate in them!

Payment & Withdrawal Methods in Ethereum Casinos

As you can imagine, it’s natural for Ethereum casinos to process payments in various types of currencies – even though they are expected to work with Ether in general.

There are many ways in which you can make deposits in crypto casinos, with some of them offering the same number of choices that you can expect to find in regular online sites. Here are the most common payment methods found in ETH casinos:

Regular Ethereum Transfers to Crypto Wallets

Naturally, the most common way in which you can get your account packed with ETH is to simply deposit your own Ether to your casino account. Online casino accounts in crypto casinos will open up a virtual wallet in which you can make your deposit, which will be the one at which you need to send the money if you want to play with it.

It’s easy and rather straightforward. It happens in an instant, too, so be sure to make the best of these quick payments and withdrawals.

Bitcoin Payments or Other Cryptos

The wallet that your account gets assigned can also be used to make deposits in other cryptos. Ethereum casinos are very rarely only accepting ETH as payment, so you can count on these sites to also process payments in Doge, Lithium, Bitcoin, and other popular cryptos like Bitcoin Cash.

It all depends on what type of crypto you would rather pay on – these casinos provide you with the options to choose what you like the most.

Regular Bank Transfers

Not all cryptocurrency casinos allow users to pay in regular money, but some of them though. You can make deposits like you would in any other online casino.

However, keep in mind that bonuses and promotions claimed with regular money and not with cryptos will have lower payouts and prizes than they would if you pay in cryptos. These online casinos will always look to encourage users to spend bitcoins instead of regular cash!

This is Why You Need to Play in Provably Fair Ethereum Casinos

Provably Fair is a company that provides a special software algorithm that can be analyzed to ensure that online casino games are fair for the player even when the house has an edge. Make sure that your online casino of choice is provably fair and you will be food to go!

Fair Gaming Guaranteed

Online casinos with provably fair will always be the ones that we recommend to our players. You need to know that the site isn’t scamming you out of your money, and there’s no better way to do it than with Provably Fair protocols.

Checking Ethereum Casino Safety Before Playing

We always recommend our readers, who are keen to wager with cryptos, to make sure that the casino in which they are going to play is packed with proper safety protocols. The sites that we have listed here ensure player safety, but not all crypto casinos are equally reliable. You may want to avoid playing in online casinos with low reputations if you truly want to have an experience like the one that we’re describing here.

Always ensure that your Ethereum casino of choice is properly licensed by any of the world’s leading gambling authorities, as well as properly protected with SSL encryption to keep your personal data and payment information safe. Getting your cryptos stolen can be quite an issue and we don’t want that to happen to you!

Ethereum Casino FAQ

Ethereum casinos are online casinos that permit players to spend Ethereum coins as a means to wager and play games. They offer bonuses in Ethereum, as well as payouts and withdrawals using the popular cryptocurrency.

Ethereum casinos tend to accept bitcoins and other cryptos as payment methods as well. They are often the same.

Some people are more prone to wager with Ethereum for the simple fact that they use bitcoins as a means to save money, given that the bitcoin tends to be far less volatile than ETH. It all comes down to personal preference, though.

Legit Ethereum casinos are safe and provide players with a platform to enjoy any casino game that they want using their own cryptocurrency.

Ethereum casinos are very versatile and provide gamblers with the chance to play with all sorts of currencies that range from cryptos to regular casino cash, including Ethereum itself. These sites allow you to make a deposit and play however you want in your favorite online casinos, claim bonuses or play with your cash, and even participate in tournaments. Ethereum casinos are some of the best to visit if you’re looking for versatility and variety in any casino that you’re looking to play on.

You can obtain Ethereum by purchasing it with your real money in crypto exchanges, trading it for other cryptos in the same exchanges that we just mentioned, or by mining it just like you would do to obtain any other crypto.

Ethereum mining is possible and it’s one of the top most mined cryptocurrencies in the world. You can mine Ethereum and then visit these casinos to earn real money in return.

Most crypto casinos and Ethereum casinos allow you to play and spend other types of cryptos other than Ethereum. As such, you can use the money that you earn to make withdrawals in bitcoin and even in real money if that’s what you want. These casinos give you the chance to handle money in any preferable way.

The vast majority of Ethereum casinos come with live dealer sections, but not all crypto casinos support live dealer gambling. Visit sites that do if you want to try out the magic of live casinos from your home.

Ethereum casino games work like any other casino game, which means that you can freely spend your ETH to play casino games on mobile devices. It’s up to you to decide what to do with the cash, but you’re free to use it as you see fit!

Every Ethereum casino that is properly regulated and provides users with top-quality bonuses is one that you need to visit. We recommend you pay a visit to any of the Ethereum casinos that we have listed on this page if you want to ensure a safe gambling experience using your cryptos.

Some Ethereum casinos allow you to claim amazing bonuses that will allow you to earn real money using your ETH. You can always play in these online casinos and earn Ethereum to then exchange it for real money, so you will always be able to use ETH bonuses to earn real cash.

Ethereum casinos work like any other online casino, which means that they offer free spin bonuses for users to claim and do what they will with the money. You can earn free spins that generate ETH after you spend them!

It’s better to play with Ethereum than with cash if you’re visiting a cryptocurrency gambling site. That’s because Ethereum casinos are among the best when it comes to providing you with crypto bonuses; rewards that you will be missing out on if you decide to use real money instead of the powerful crypto. If you ever have the chance to play with Ethereum in any online casino that you’re visiting, make sure to take it and get those rewards rolling as soon as you can.

Ethereum bonuses and crypto bonuses tend to be some of the most lucrative offers in the iGaming world, which puts them as some of the most profitable bonuses that you can claim. Ethereum bonuses are really good and we recommend you claim any that you find in any casino listed on this page.

Visit the Best Ethereum Gambling Sites and Win HUGE Prizes!

Ethereum casinos are extremely popular and will provide you with everything you need to make a killing in rewards from the minute you create your account and onwards. We have given you all of the information needed to kickstart a journey in any of these online casinos, so now it all comes down to which one you like the most.

Visit your favorite Ethereum casinos and ensure a journey of a lifetime for yourself in a top-quality casino that will allow you to freely spend your cryptos and get duly rewarded as a consequence!

Last updated  September 13, 2022

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