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You win some. You lose some. - Matt's favorite quote

Matt is a co-founder of The Casino Wizard and a long-time online casino enthusiast. As an marketer, he’s well acquainted with the online world , something that has been reinforced by his constant contribution to multiple blogs covering search and web analytics, but it was his passion for casino games the main reason why Matt decided to launch The Casino Wizard.

Matt’s passion for online gambling has helped the project grow over the years. His ability to seize opportunities has allowed the site to flourish organically, whilst providing the team with an unparalleled level of expertise.

The Passion Behind the Idea

Poker was the main drive for Matt’s passion for online gambling. He’s been a poker fan most of his life, a passion that was fueled by the growing TV presence of the World Series of Poker in the 2000s, and ultimately cultivated thanks to the widespread availability of poker rooms in online casinos across the globe.

The introduction of poker bonuses all but helped make him an even bigger poker geek. He became a bonus hunter and regular visitor to online poker sites, which started in low-limit rooms but has now seen him become a regular in high-stakes tables across the iGaming world.

Know-How and Expertise

Matt’s expertise in the world of online marketing has helped The Casino Wizard become what it is today. His ideas, as well as his ability to know how to implement them together with Klaas’, have paved the way for an era of success. As a gambler and marketing expert, Matt knows what the consumer wants and how to convey it in the right way to truly help those that need it.

It is not only his know-how in online marketing that helps, though. His knowledge of the online casino world has allowed him to provide expert opinions and share them with those who love online gambling as much as he does.

A Drive to Make a Difference

Back when Matt and Klaas first laid out the foundations for The Casino Wizard, it was clear to Matt that the site would need to take a different approach to what the industry usually offers if they were to be successful. This drive to make a difference is what has represented Matt throughout his entire professional life. Influencing change within any industry can only be achieved by someone that is as willing as they are capable – and that’s precisely what Matt brings to the table.

Last updated  November 11, 2022

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