What are the Best Casinos in Germany?

The best German casinos are the ones found on this page, as they allow you to play legally in Germany without having to use any VPNs or worry about breaking any gambling laws.

The sites found on this page are adapted to the new regulations of the German market. You will only have to visit them and choose the bonus that you like to claim before you start playing.

Is It Legal to Gamble Online in Germany?

Online gambling is legal in Germany, but it is heavily restricted by the state. You will most likely find yourself gambling in online slots and table games, but the amount of cash that you can play with is limited as per national laws.

In a similar vein, you will also have to limit the amount of cash that you can spend on the casino, as there’s a maximum of €1,000 that you can deposit every month. This applies to all online casinos in the country.

How We Find the Best German Online Casinos in 2021

We look for certain features that stand out in the iGaming world when looking for the best ever casinos to have graced online German territory. This has allowed us to create a complete list of world-class sites, all of which come with incredible features

German Bonus Offers

If there’s one thing that players in Germany love, that is a quality selection of bonus offers. As such, we have made sure to search for online casinos that come with amazing bonuses ready to be claimed by German players.

Anything from free spin bonuses to free money bonuses is here to be found, together with a selection of top-quality casino tournaments that will allow you to climb on leaderboards and earn amazing prizes in the iGaming world. It’s up to you to decide how much money you’ll end up spending on these sites, but you will be rewarded with twice the amount of your first deposit in most casinos!

Casino Game Availability in Germany

We know how difficult it can be to find the best casino games available in German casinos. As such, we have made a point to only looking for online gambling sites that you can truly rely on while gambling online, which come packed with the best casino games that you can legally play in the country.

As you can imagine, we have excluded live betting and live casinos as a priority when searching for the best gambling site in Germany. Since these games are illegal to be played in the country, we haven’t made them a priority in our search.

Casino Software Providers Germany

One of the main reasons why it’s so easy to find top-quality games in German casinos is because of the wide array of software providers that are willing to distribute games to casinos operating in Germany.

As you might know, the developers of each game can have a say on where they want the games to be played, and the nature of some titles makes them illegal to be played in certain countries.

The Best Games in Online German Casinos

Every German casino listed here at The Casino Wizard boasts collections of games that go over the hundreds. There are rarely any issues introducing games to the German gambling community, and the leniency that can be done makes it very easy for companies to develop new titles and introduce them to almost any online casino operating in Germany.

Most German sites offer a complete selection of game types, sections, and many other features that make their games some of the most complete in the gambling world. It doesn’t matter which type of game you’re looking to play in one of these casinos, you’re almost guaranteed to find it if it exists in any shape or form.

The most popular games in Germany are mostly online casino slots.

German Casino Bonuses and Why You Need to Claim Them

Every site that you can find listed here at The Casino Wizard boasts a selection of bonuses that can be envied by every other online casino. You’ll find everything from regular welcome bonuses to the most amazing loyalty rewards on the internet.

The best offers that you usually find in German casinos are deposit bonuses, with many of these sites willing to match over 100% of your deposit in the form of free cash.

However, free spin bonuses are also quite common in Germany. Sites like LeoVegas offer German players the chance to enjoy hundreds of no deposit bonuses after making a few deposits on the site, while other casinos offer match deposit bonuses that are complemented by a few free spins to go alongside them.

Mobile Casinos in Germany

Germany is one of the countries with the largest number of mobile gamers in the world. The gambling industry has adapted to the needs of modern gamblers and many of the casinos found today have some sort of mobile accessibility available for those who want to use it. However, this is even more important for Germans than for players from other parts of the world.

There’s a large percentage of German gamblers that would rather play from their mobile devices than on their computers, so it’s very important for online casinos to be able to offer mobile services that equal the qualities of their desktop versions.

Play for Free in German Casinos in 2021

You will notice that most of the casinos on this list allow users to experience free play in most of their games. The only games that the iGaming industry tends not to have available for free play are live casino games, but they are now banned to be played in Germany, which means that most games should come with a free play button when visiting most German casinos.

Free play means that you’ll be able to try out the games with fake cash before committing real money to the casino. However, you won’t be able to win real money when using free play mode.

You can win real cash using bonus money when claiming free spin bonuses or free money bonuses, though. They are widely available on each site found on this page!

Security in German Casinos

As you would expect from any top-quality site, most of the German casinos presented in this list offer strong encryption technology. This protects user information against all sorts of attacks and other misdemeanors that might be caused by people trying to harm others. In any case, the level of security is just one of the many reasons why these casinos are rated so highly.

Customer Support for German Players

German players can also be thankful that the customer support of most online casinos in their country is extraordinary. There are two reasons for it. The first one is that most German online casinos offer 24/7 customer support, which allows every type of player to fully enjoy the features of casinos regardless of the time of the day at which they play.

The second reason, which is equally as important, is that casinos that don’t offer 24/7 support tend to operate at a similar time zone as the German players. That means that you’d have to be playing online past midnight to not have access to customer support in a non-24/7 site.

Banking in German Online Casinos

There are many types of payment methods that aren’t allowed to be used within the German gambling community. Your best bet will be to choose options like regular card payments or cryptos. Services like e-wallets are also fair to use.

Keep in mind that the latest gambling regulations introduced in Germany have made it difficult for gamblers to select once-popular payment methods. Prepaid cards used to be among the most effective and most used banking methods in online casinos, but they have been made unavailable to use after the latest changes to the iGaming industry.

You will have to look for banking methods that are legal to be used in Germany as well as available in your online casino of choice. A combination of both may be hard to find when surfing the internet, but all of the casinos on this list allow users to select the most popular payment methods in the country.

Gambling Winnings in German Casino

One of the main advantages of gambling in Germany, and one that didn’t change when the new gambling laws were introduced in 2020, is that German gamblers who end up with a large number of winnings need not pay taxes.

This is one of the main reasons why Germany was always viewed by its citizens as gambling heaven. Sure, you will still need to pay taxes if your main income comes from gambling, but given the latest law changes, it’s almost impossible to make a living with online casino profits thanks to a major lack of large-profit games available in the country.

In any case, if you go lucky and win a jackpot when playing online slots, you will not have to pay any winnings on the cash. All you really need to do is make your regular tax statement as you normally would and forget about any extra payments to the national tax service.

The State of German Gambling – New Gambling Regulations Explained

By the year 2012, online gambling was much more popular than ever in Germany and any adult with economic prowess was able to engage in these activities legally. In today’s Germany, you’ll find a large variety of online casinos that offer every type of casino game imaginable. Almost every new online casino is accepting German players, mainly because of the loose regulations that exist today.

Even though new regulations were introduced in 2020, many worldwide casinos still offer their services to German players and allow them to claim amazing rewards within their platforms. These are all the new regulations summed up for your reading comfort:

  • Live betting is not allowed to be performed in Germany after the latest changes
  • Poker must be played at random online tables and not at tables that players choose based on the stats of their peers
  • The most important change to online slots is that you can no longer place bets that are larger than €1 per spin.
  • You must wait at least 5 seconds between each slot round. This rule is also accompanied by the fact that you can no longer use the autoplay feature in German casino slots.
  • Players must now create accounts that are shared between the casinos of the same provider to prevent multi-play
  • Online casinos that opt to operate in Germany must have better player safety rules, namely an easier way for players to exclude themselves from the casino with an easy-to-find button
  • Every player is limited to a maximum deposit of €1,000 per month
  • All sites that operate in Germany must have German as one of their native languages – especially when it comes to rules that oversee player safety and casino info.
  • All sites that operate in Germany now need to be registered in the EU.

FAQ About Germany Casinos


Can you claim welcome bonuses in Germany?

Yes, some welcome bonuses are tailor-made for German players. Seeing as the country’s authorities have made a huge advance into making Germans play slots with low-stake bets, most German welcome bonuses allow you to earn free spins or cash to spend in reel-based games.

Can you play mobile slots in Germany?

Mobile slots are some of the most played games in Germany. You can play them with online casino apps or via mobile browsers.

Do all online casinos accept German players?

Not all online casinos accept German players. However, there’s a large majority of sites that are allowing German gamblers to register and play, even with the new limitations imposed upon German gamblers. Some casino bonuses may not be available in certain parts, though.

What are the best deposit methods for German players?

Germans should always opt to make deposits using cryptos if they have the chance to do it. These are the less regulated types of currency, which make them very easy to bypass any regulations for which you won’t be getting in trouble for.

Is online gambling legal in Germany?

Online gambling is legal in Germany, albeit fairly limited. You may have to avoid certain types of games and bets, as a German gambler, if you want to avoid getting in trouble. You’ll have to spend most of your time playing online slots in particular.

Can you play all casino games in mobile devices?

Most modern casinos allow you to play in mobile devices. All you need to do is use your mobile browser and get to play all the games that you want. Some sites even come with custom apps that you can download to your phone!

What types of bonuses are available for German players?

German players can claim all sorts of amazing casino bonuses, ranging from basic free spin bonuses to complex welcome bonus packages that fill your account with both free spins and bonus cash!

Do I have to pay taxes on gambling winnings in Germany?

No. Online gambling winnings are not taxable in Germany. With the new restrictions, it has become almost impossible for German players to make a living on gambling income alone, which further emphasizes the lack of a need to tax any winnings.

Do German casinos offer 24/7 customer support?

Not all German casinos offer customer support, but given that most online casinos on this list operate in Europe, you should have access to their customer support if you play during regular hours. Some sites do have 24/7 support, though. You can read that on our reviews.

What deposit methods are available in Germany?

Many online casinos in Germany accept bank transfers and credit card deposits. You can also find some online casinos also accept cryptocurrency, which would be a good method to choose if you live in Germany given the lack of limitations.

How can you withdraw money from a German casino?

You can withdraw money from a German casino using regular banking methods or cryptos if your online casino of choice allows such methods. Prepaid cards and certain types of credit cards cannot be used in German casinos as per the country’s laws.

Take Advantage of the Best German Casinos and Play with Real Money!

If you’re a fan of online casinos and you live in Germany, then any site that you see on this page will bring you more than enough features for you to have a successful iGaming adventure. However, some of these casinos stand out – even when you compare them with the very best sites in the world.

Since we want you to truly play in the best online casinos in the world when living in Germany, we’ve picked out top options for you and listed them here: